TV Insiders podcast: Maks from 'DWTS' talks smack, Brenda from 'Survivor' discusses her shocking exit, and we tell you why 'Grey's Anatomy' is back!

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If you thought Maksim Chmerkovskiy was upset about not making the final three on Dancing With the Stars…well, you were right! Brandy’s butt-slapping partner called in for our latest edition of the TV Insiders podcast to discuss not making the finals (“This is bulls—“), his reaction to a verbal confrontation with a certain female judge (“Screw Carrie Ann”) and whether he was, in fact, wearing a thong during his week 8 waltz  (you’ll have to listen to find out!). You have to hear it to believe it…and even then you still may not believe it. But Maks isn’t the only reality standout calling this week. The self-proclaimed king — not queen, mind you — of Survivor: Nicaragua, Brenda Lowe, also phoned in to defend not only her refusal to scramble for votes, but also the woman who backstabbed her: NaOnka. And if scripted fare is more your thing, Jennifer Armstrong joins Michael Slezak, Annie Barrett and yours truly to discuss why Grey’s Anatomy has again attained must-watch status after a rocky couple of seasons. It’s the most action-packed episode of the TV Insiders yet! You can download all the madness straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic right here and right now. Plus, if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. Okay, prepare yourself for Maks and Brenda unleashed…

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  • tracy bluth

    I’m probably not the best person to judge (I’ve only seen episodes when Fringe was on hiatus because my roommate watches it) and I don’t want to offend it’s fans, but….if this is a “good” season of Grey’s Anatomy I’d hate to see what a “bad” season looks like.

    • Joe

      Lol, I agree. My GF is hardcore into Grey’s and I can’t stand it. It’s such a crappy show… As for DWTS… seems the audience is composed solely of Green Party supporters, Bristol is fat, slow, and most relevantly… can’t dance. I guess talent competitions aren’t about talent after all… So sickening that she feels she needs to educate the world on sex yet she can’t keep her own legs closed… Not to mention she’s exploiting her failures to the max by banking cash. what a hypocrite sack of sh!t…

      • anga

        Correction – you mean Tea Party supporters.

      • IamLandru

        Watch out Joe, George Bush is coming to get you. All your failures in life can be blamed on “W”. It’s not your fault. It’s that conspiracy run by wittle Bristol Palin and her mommie, the evil disicple of George Bush. You’re such a moron you don’t even know your politcal parties. Oh and by the way, she’s just made more money in self promotion in the last month than you’ll make in the next 20 years. Help me messiah, give me everything I deserve so I don’t have to work.

      • Pedro

        IamLandru, I find it really interesting how you mock the idea of blaming George Bush for anything, when the right wing base started screaming that we needed to change government about two minutes into Obama’s presidency. The whole Tea Party movement is a sham, built on some really hilariously misguided principles. When Obama took over, it’s not like he single-handedly destroyed the economy. That’s not something that happens overnight, not sure if you’re aware of that. He inherited this entire mess. No matter what he did, our economy was screwed. The right wing wants to scapegoat him, and tragically, there is a huge segment of America that is dumb enough to believe it.

      • Nan

        Yeah–definitely Tea Party, not Green Party. Just a hunch, but I don’t think Ralph Nader is a big Bristol fan.

      • UGH patrol

        Ignorant, hateful and money grubbing!
        You are the same as the baggers. Palin, the baggers and you will all be a memory that is forgotten soon. Thank God. This country is in the toilet because of people like you

      • Fred

        I didn’t see anyone mention Bush until your post…maybe you should just move on already and stop living in the past.

      • ceejay

        DWTS…. all very true, plus, Brandy and Jennifer should never have been on the show in the first place, because, of their prior dancing experience (especially Jennifer). Kyle is the only one of that group that deserves to win, not that I even care anymore, since I no longer watch. IMHO, the show jumped the shark this season.

      • Mick

        You all are such followers and hypocrites. You preach tolerance, then you hate on someone because of their background/political affiliation/weight/whatever. Ignorant, hateful and money grubbing – wow, that’s not a generalization…and it’s certainly not hateful sounding, like the phrase tea baggers. Oh, and the reason Bush was mentioned is b/c he’s been constantly brought up and blamed for everything that’s happened in the last two years. I’d love to move on.

      • O-My

        1) I guess every former drunk, junkie, and smoker should also stop warning others about the mistakes that they’ve made in lives. ???

        2) Every televised competition show IS a popularity contest. ALWAYS has been ALWAYS will be. Get a clue genius.

        3)Where was all this hatred for KELLY OSBOURNE??? She’s a junkie no talent who would have NEVER been on DWTS if not for her famous father. And she certainly got plenty of votes from Ozzy fans and sympathy votes because she’s such a kook.

        4) Liberals are the most closed minded and hateful people in this country. That’s sadly obvious. Talk about being a HYPOCRITE!

      • Storm

        O-YEAH, O-My..We are the most close-minded people in the country. Get a life. WE are not the one who have created signs that say ” By Ballot or By Bullet take back America” , forced Obama to humbly say I cant were my birth-certificate on my forehead, went to war impulsively with our surplus blaming ALL Iraqis for 9/11 then killing more than 4,000 of our own civilians. Have some stupid so called news Channel that does nothing but talk trash and pick apart a President because he is a Democrat and Black.

      • RTJA

        Why is she a hypocrite? THat piece of garbage Levi Johnson was her only boyfriend she ever had, and she thought she was in love, and I assure you he pressured her into having sex. People make mistakes and learn from them, as she has! Your rant makes no sense? She had no talent whatsoever, and has really improved on the show. I bet you don’t even watch the show? She is a very nice and sweet person, and Maks and his partner were kinda bitchy and he arrogant and rude! Hmmm… maybe that’s why they were voted off?

      • Mimi


        It’s not a popularity contest because you and the rest of the tea baggers appear to be fixin’ the vote. Most of us non-tea baggers have given up on DWTS because of the fraudulent casting of Bristol.

        And as to Ms. Osborne’s casting, did you know that she’s been the host for two seasons of Project Runway in the UK — starting more than 3 years ago so no recent thing? Or that she’s on a new program called Fashion Police. And of course she was on the Osbourne reality program for years — before DWTS, Bristol had NO claim to fame other than being the high-school dropout, teenage mom sponging off the taxpayers and her 1/2 term quitter Mommy.

      • j. brent

        I think it’s hilarious that people are actually bagging on Bristol for getting pregnant outside of “marriage” when most of the dancers and celebrities on the show are and have done the same. You’re entitled to your opinions of course, but can you try to sound intelligent and logical. You’re sounding like Bristols status has cause you to have a psychotic break and you’ve come unhinged.

      • Jorge

        I completely agree with Joe regarding Bristol. He said it all and couldn’t have said it better especially the part about her preaching abstinence. This is just a phony way for Bristol to make money. She will be in bed with the first guy who is interested.

      • ashley

        Joe, agree with you 100% Bristol is a terrible dancer, she’s embarrasing to watch. So many posters on conservative sites are bragging how they are cheating at voting. I don’t know why that is anything to brag about. Cheating is cheating. It’s wrong. I’m so disappointed in the show. So many good dancers voted off and the worse one, Bristol, remains. I’m not going to watch it anymore. I’m glad Maks spoke up, he has the guts to say what’s true.

    • Michelle

      ITA tracy…Private Practice is the best it’s ever been…but Grey’s is ‘eh’ at best.

    • Rush

      Can we please be done with hospital/doctor shows?

    • Scotty J

      @Tracy Its a better season than last season but not as great as past seasons, but the last season 2hour. finale was awesome

    • Mel

      Wow… there is a lot of HATE here. How is this behavior (here in these comments) different from Bullying? You don’t get your way, so you resort to insults, mud slinging, dissing, and name calling? How mature and intelligent the Democrat party is… and so perfect too. LMAO

      • John

        There were insults and name calling coming from both sides. Your post was a sneaky way to insult people while pretending to be above it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just speak to each other civilly regardless of our lables?

      • Sarah

        Comments sections are always full of crazy people.

  • Trish


    • Aggie

      Maks is amazing! He’s the best part of DWTS. Great interview.

      • love

        i love maks. he is part of the reason i watch dancing with the stars. (he is so damn hot) but i feel these comments he keeps making might put his job in jeopardy..

      • Sandi

        Maks may be part of the reason Brandy is gone. He was soo much of a rude spiled brat a couple of weeks ago, I think he hurt her voting base. No one votes for brats and Brandy already tended towards the tantrum he made this much worse.
        Did no one tell him this is a popularity contest?
        I switched from Voting Brandy after his attacks on Carrie Anne. Kyle or Jennifer are my favorites.. but I don’t fault Bristol she shows up.. she works hard she improves.. She doesn’t complain about the judging. Maks attitude is a negative for his partner.

      • steph

        @Sandi – when I was still watching DWTS (the inclusions of both Kate Gosselin & Bristol Palin have made me not watch the past two seasons), I sent a couple of votes for Maks’s partner simply because she was with Maks. I wanted to watch him longer – he’s so dang hot. I enjoy his cocky attitude.

      • Al

        Maks is great and so is his a**!

      • O-My

        Maks is an @SSHOLE just like Brandy said. His constant bickering with Carrianne is what cost them votes. Brandy has lost all of her warmth that was there in the days of her Moesha tv show. I guess she isn’t a good enough actress to have faked it. Cry Baby!

      • Elie

        I enjoyed the dance where Maks wore those leather pants – but people have to look past the fog of their Bristol hatred and think about what went wrong for Brandy. I think first as a dancer she was so much like Jennifer that their voting block was split – but while Derek smiled, listened and kept his mouth shut Maks had to argue and look mad – people who have come home from a long stressed out day at work do not want to watch whining or griping or arguing or sour grapes. Shut up and dance!

    • It’s a fact

      Honestly – this has been the worse season of Dancing with less than a “Star”. Really think conspiracy is a little overboard but why is it that a once famous singer that caused the death of a couple because of texting while driving is off the competition but the girl who is famous for being ‘knocked-up’ or the so called Teen Mom syndrome is still on. Think on it – could it be ABC has an agenda????

      • It’s not a fact

        “once famous singer that caused the death of a couple because of texting”
        Harsh words for someone the police, after their investigation did not file criminal charges against, but you somehow saw everything, even an extra person’s death.

      • Carl

        Actually, the police didn’t rule the accident wasn’t Brandy’s fault, they just felt they didn’t have enough evidence to prove negligence. However, Brandy is paying settlements and several lawsuits are pending. And Brandy can’t feel too badly about it because TMZ has photographed her recently talking on the phone while driving. Sick stuff.

      • @ Carl

        So whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The lady that died tested positive for weed and she stopped short before Brandy hit her car. It’s not so black and white. And settling a civil suit is not admission of guilt. This is the land of frivolous lawsuits. Once people see the dollars, they sue automatically and sometimes you have to settle.

      • The Dancer

        The fact that you cannot state the facts right show you are ful of ****. She was not texting and it was NOT a couple who died, it was a woman. Brandy was exonerated…

      • Hey Now!!!!!

        When you run into the back of another car it’s always your fault!!! According to a guy in a car behind Brandy she immediately jumped out of her car yelling, “It’s my fault”!!!! She gave both of the lady’s
        children that she killed 300 grand each. She offered the woman’s husband 1.2 million. If she thought she was innocent I doubt she would have been willing to shell out almost 2 million. I could be wrong.

      • lml

        Well there is no criminal aspect of getting knocked up vs killing two people. You hurt yourself as opposed to death. What kind of comparison is that?

      • teresa

        Getting knocked up and rear ending someone in a car are accidents. Neither one was intended. But there are consequences for both and Brandi and Bristol are paying for those consequences. Bristol is really on the show because someone is trying to keep the Palin name alive and well so that we never forget. I have tried to forget and move on but that family is everywhere. I don’t fault Bristol, she’s a nice girl and hard worker. but she’s on the show for one reason, her mother.

    • Lucy

      ugly pic of him tho

    • Tyla

      WORD. At least someone involved in that show actually still cares about dancing. I’m sad that none of the original pros made it to the finale. It’s all of the younger kids.

  • Ann

    Maks rocks! He’s right about the show and the way this season is turning out.

    • mama

      Agreed, Ann. Maks knows what he is talking about. No way Carrie Ann has a 10th of the dancing knowledge that Maks does.

      • Ann

        Yeah.. I think Maks feels cheated because at this point viewers must know that Bristol had an unfair Sarah Palin, fan base advantage. No one really stood a chance from the get go. I just Hope Kyle can pull through and win the whole thing. Kyle winning would restore DWTS back to sanity.

      • kikipania

        agreed again Ann and how did Carrie Ann get to be a judge ?? I can’t stand her and her ass kissing ways. I’ll bet she couldn’t dance her way out of a wet paper beg these days!

  • Tallina

    I am sad for Maks but his partner was not fun to watch, period. She got great scores but people obviously didn’t like her that much. People who liked Bristol were voting this season, they probably haven’t voted for anybody other seasons. What is everybody’s deal? It isn’t that hard to understand.

    • Anna

      She isn’t the best dancer, her has a technique is not consistent, she has a terrible personality, she complains about how much she wants to go home, she is a narcissist(“untouched and real” because she has no talent to make something of herself that she relies on mummy and getting knocked up to be famous), she has no stage presence, she is not funny. I don’t understand why anyone has to watch the show if they are not votting based on preformance. May be the should rename the show knocked up with the “teen activist”. People say she has improved, but how much. Wasn’t it last week she had that terrible samba? And if someone gets their personal best at the olympics but come in 7th, they don’t get the medal. They get recognition but the best gets medal. This is just another example of America celebrating mediocrity. God forbid we judge people on actual talent.

      • Here & There

        DWTS is not the Olympics. It’s a popularity contest. Half the final score is based on popularity. Deal with it.

      • Tarchannon

        Actually, it’s a dance contest, not another nation for the conservative cattle to also ruin.

      • @ Here @ There

        Why exactly is she popular? That the big question. It’s certainly not her dancing or her personality.

      • pattycupcake

        that’s what the problem is. i think the public has been super fair to her and i did admire that she put herself out there with no prior work in show business or dancing background. BUT the thing is, when you get through to the final week (!) just based on your family, that just seems unfair and it can ruin a show where you’re supposed to vote based on where you think the person actually belongs in scoring. If she wins, it’ll be the first time someone won just because of their family and that doesn’t seem right. yeah, she has improved but not enough to win the whole thing. the people who have won in the past and were non-dancers at the start, were actually pretty good at the end and had killer onstage personalities to boot. this is just weird and ruins the show. i’m really sorry that it’s come down to bristol palin and her mom’s followers feeling that this is about people not being fair to them, because i think people have been super fair. but there’s a difference between being fair and wanting someone to win a prize they just don’t deserve.

      • Tyla

        The ironic thing is that Mama Palin slammed AI in her book for giving untalented people a forum to continue their delusions of grandeur, and then there’s her daughter, delusions of grandeur on full display. She preaches patriotism and then gives up a public office to become a well paid TV star. Hypocritical family, the whole lot of them.

      • tvfan1969

        Anna I so agree with you when you said “And if someone gets their personal best at the olympics but come in 7th, they don’t get the medal. They get recognition but the best gets medal. This is just another example of America celebrating mediocrity. God forbid we judge people on actual talent.” So true, I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Dee

      Brandy was a heck of a lot more fun to watch than Bristol!! She was good -Bristol was not!

    • Eddiehaskell

      The voting has been unfair. All the Bristol supporters have been using fake emails for vote and that has been how Bristol has stayed in so long. There are people bragging about voting 300 votes for her.

      • John

        The voting has been unfair. All the Bristol supporters have been using fake emails for vote and that has been how Bristol has stayed in so long. There are people bragging about voting 300 votes for her.

        And is anyone surprised at the above?? Isn’t that typical of Republican voting, didn’t they win a election that way, duh people

      • Ann

        Sadly, John, you have a point. I just wish they (Palins) hadn’t brought that to an entertainment show.

      • lesliemd

        I’m also tired of people saying what a sweet girl Bristol is. Don’t forget she and her sister were involved in that dust-up on Facebook after Willow called a classmate a f••••t. Sweet, my ass. Has she forgottent there are a few gay people on DWTS? I bet they aren’t happy about that.

        Most of all, I hope and pray the Producers end these political choices for contestants. Especially since they’re all Republicans. This is very polarizing to many members of their aidience who are feeling a bit ostracized.

        If there’s another politically connected contestant next season – no matter WHAT party – I am done with DWTS. The voting can’t be overcome when its being rigged.

      • mark

        @ John, actually Democrats are historically the party that gets elections rigged in their favor. Its very likely JFK won in 1960 because of voter fraud, and we all know how Al Franken stole the Minnesota Senate recount in 2008. For those who insist that the voting is rigged, I suggest you read what the show’s producer said in an article on this very website, refuting every claim you are making.

    • Heidi

      Brandy has been serious, dedicated…maybe not so much fun soundbites but I’m sure they did have alot of fun off camera. The camera (or editing) only captures what it wants to.
      Maks is dead on. Bristol had every right to be on the show, and I remember her saying ‘good for her, let her have her moment’ a few weeks back…but like him I am shocked she kept getting votes as it got to the end! Based on performance and dancing she should not be in the finals and it would kill the show were she to come out in front of Kyle or Jennifer.
      I hope Maks returns, he’s a great partner who really supported and stuck up for Brandy. I loved him with Erin too.

  • BrendaIsMyHero

    Brenda Lowe-nage.
    fierce conniving king brenda is made for an all-stars season.
    she better be back soon to prove herself against the best and win this game. she had the game in the bag until naonka flipped and holly, who I loved this week finally started thinking smart. Chase and Sash are idiots and have no chance at winning especially after betraying their alliance.
    Naonka has no chance and neither do Purple Kelly or Dan. And I think Benry is unlikely unless he ends up with two of the above in the final 3. The winner this season is a toss-up between Jane (challenge beast but totally unlikable hag), Holly (started the game psychotic but slowly becoming one of my faves) and Fabio who is very likable and very deserving of winning and also he hasn’t really rubbed any of the jury members the wrong way and has a lot of fan support. He and Holly probably have the best edits right now, with him edging her out slightly. Wish Brenda was still there though to take down the competition.
    Fierce black widow appreciation <3

    • O-My

      How can she be an All-Star when she didn’t even come CLOSE to winning??? Maybe she could be on an All-Too STUPID to do what it takes to win edition.

      • deedee


      • wino

        umm, boston rob was selected as an allstar and he wasnt’ close to winning in Marquesas. An allstar is a personable, dynamic force…its not just about who made it to the top. there are a lot of bland, coat taliling players that have finished strong, yet I dont consider them an all star caliber.

  • Ann

    Ego…nothing but ego destroyed Brenda..also includes Marty…some of it is good…but she felt she was above the fray and the results tell her otherwise…good riddance…she always looked like she had that evil streak…hey it’s a game ..loyalty is nothing but temporary in the game of Survivor…….if you all check out the Ponderosa on the CBS website to watch the jury members …it is hilarious because both Brenda and Marty think they are better than the rest…but look whose in the game and who isn’t…

  • Sarah

    For the love of all humanity people! This is an entertainment show, quit your pitiful “it’s not fair” mentality. I have never voted for anyone in this show. This is entertainment, I enjoy watching the dance on the show. Quit getting so overly-anxious about “who wins”. There are children going to sleep hungry tonight, now that is something to be upset about. Get some perspective America.

    • Dee

      Mama Grizzly — is that you? Aren’t you too busy saving all the hungry children in the world to post a comment on such an inconsequential matter?!

      • Carly

        Mama Grizzly is busy thinking of ways to pimp out the rest of her children

    • Tarchannon

      I have lots of perspective: I’m watching the conservative cattle of the nation ruin more things every week. It’s not popularity at work, but willful manipulation.

      • Sarah

        you want to talk manipulation? pathetic, govt. run healthcare shoved down your throat is manipulation not some tv “vote” show – It’s your OBAMA-nation ruining this country. The real people want their government back and they are getting it – go cry some more.

      • mark

        If you actually follow politics you know that the Democratic Party is basically a coalition of special interest groups, like unions minority groups. Republicans are more likely to be small business owners or independent people who want the government to leave them alone. Obviously this means that Democratic voters are far more likely to be the “cattle” type voters Tarchannon mentioned.

    • lakeside176

      DWTS is competition/contest show. The votes should be for the best dancers, not who has improved the most.

  • Regina George

    Ugh. Stop trying to make this podcast happen, EW, IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Every time I click a link and you guys trick me and lead me to this crap, I throw a BF and leave.

    • steph

      it’s like fetch.

    • amanda

      agree, agree, agree! I would watch a video (like idolatry) but not listen to a podcast.
      I mean, seriously. I refuse to click on the podcast but I am reading the comments. what does that tell you about my hate of the podcast?

      • another amanda

        Same here. Reading comments; not listening to podcast. Wishing TVD wasn’t a repeat and I got a recap instead of this tripe. Sad Friday.

        Nice name.

      • Tyla

        Yeah, it’s always a “oh man, it’s just audio…do I WANT to listen…I wish it was a video..” situation.

    • imho

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! If I want to listen to something, I’ll watch TV. I log on to read the news.

      • jj

        agreed. these people think just bc you have the ability to use a technology, you should. but the truth is, most writers are not broadcast journalists for a reason. and i want to read facts not watch people think they are being all cool and/or cute with their comments.

    • Liz

      Agree! I am not going to sit and listen to my computer for 24 minutes or more considering how many times it has to stop and rebuffer its self. A Podcast is taking the lazy way out of not having to write an article with all the information.

    • Matt

      Agreed. Every time I open a page that tries to make me download a podcast (or even watch a video), I leave. Give me good ol’ text, please.

    • Tarchannon

      Consuming the podcast takes too long: I can read the bullet points in seconds without downloading anything.

  • Judith Roseta

    DWTS used to be a show about DANCING. This season is a new low. The show is chock full of backstage blather, Bruno’s freakish alliterative sexual innuendo, and a zillion commercials. When I bother to watch anymore I fast forward through EVERYTHING but the actual dancing. (Got that Sponsors? You don’t think I’m the only one doing that do you?) I can watch a 2 hour broadcast in 17 minutes or less. The popularity contest aspect has ruined what was once a fun and uplifting show. I’ll stick with shows like Top Chef that are judged by actual professionals. So long….

  • cj

    DWTS has reached a new low. The judges give Bristol Brandi Audrina the same scores. A gorilla suit? How humiliating for the real dancers. The was who have dine more than just get pregnant. How is she even a star. Her crazy mother is out hunting and watching bears humping…is thus the next President? Scary.

    • Sandi

      I think the Gorilla suit was the idea of the real dancer on the team.. Getting tired of the hate for one girl. Ya know of it was the single mom of Nancy Pelosi you would be all about her tryinig new things and taking on challenges..but since you hate the mom you make irrational attacks on the kid.. that is pretty sad.

      • another amanda

        Don’t care who her mommy may be, she’s vapid and talentless on the dance floor. No matter who her mommy is, she is still a grown woman and subject to criticism when she has a child as a teenager, broke with the baby’s father immediately thereafter, and now calls herself an activist. It is the very definition of hypocrisy, and I’m sorry your Tea-colored glasses can’t see that.

      • Here & There

        Hear, hear!

      • UGH patrol

        You would not find Pelosi or her Daughter any where near here. The fact you have to mention them is about your small mind. There is no comparison. Pelosi is an educated accomplished woman and Palin is not.

      • Minutiae

        Nancy Pelosi is such a nutjob that members of her own party wanted her to step down from leadership. And why is it hypocrisy for Bristol to talk about abstinence? Does that mean that all the ex-druggie junkies out there can’t tell teens to stay away from drugs? You bleeding hearts are something else. You’re worse judgmental hypocrites than the ones you accuse.

      • Sandi

        Both are educated and both are accomplished Women. The fact that you pretend or have been brainwashed that Palin is not pretty much makes anything else you think suspect. Most people who hate Palin think she said things that only Tina Fey said. And have no clue what she did as Governor, they live off sound bites. At least Palin can at times poke fun at herself and take the jokes and attacks and have fun with them. I pretty much realized Pelosi had issues when she carried that Giant Gavel through a protest, a very Marie Antoinette moment if I ever saw one. It makes me sick that if I vote democrat for some issues.. I end up supporting people like her who have really made liberals look bad. I am not voting for Palin, but I did take the time to read about her and she has more in common with me as a mom than Pelosi does. When I see people attacking her and her kids it just makes me think I can’t be a liberal anymore.. so I have started calling myself an independent. I may want better healthcare for people and fair pay, but I also don’t want my kids handed a debt, and I have friends that need work, and these new Democrats that took over a few years ago seem to be all about politics and telling their supporters that HATEING other Americans is a good thing. Makes me sick can’t vote for either party anymore. Tired of the blind hate here too.

      • Tarchannon

        Minutiae – Actually, liberals – due to the nature of liberalism – rarely agree on anything. Pelosi – whom I pretty much loathe – was handily reelected minority leader on the first vote. The scumbaggery you really want to point out is the utter betrayal and backstabbing that the Republicans are currently doing to remove their own national party chair.

      • sjcb

        Nope. If Nancy’s daughter danced like Bristol and made it this far, the White House would have been burned to the ground by now, and Sarah Palin would be on every channel demanding justice for “the real Americans”.

  • Meggy

    love maks!

    • Ann

      Me too. I have a feeling we saw the last of him on DWTS :(

  • Cee

    The little boys/teens are voting for Bristol. It’s that simple, kids in that age group like to call/text into shows.

    • Ann

      The girl wasn’t popular in high school and is a bit too old too have tween fans. The tween fans are probably voting for Kyle since his show is based on the tween demographic. After watching the show since its inception, the only way a contestant who is such a mediocre dance stays on is with a crazy fan base (Osmonds, Palin). That is the simple truth.

  • lori

    ok…1st of all people spend way to much time giving a crap about these “star”reality shows…but its up to the voters to move ahead the contestants and it doesnt say who can vote and who cant…i give Bristol credit she shows up and does what she needs to do with no dancing background….Jennifer Grey was in a movie called Dirty dancing so i think she knew how to dance going into this and so did Brandy..These rants are the same every season for every show like this….It may not be fair who wins in the end but thats the way it is…ask Adam Lambert or Christ Daughtry from Idol both of them should have won but didnt…move on.This is tv think there is more stressing problems to get upset about then is it fair who wins the disco ball.

    • Heidi

      I was really disgusted to hear (read actually) bristol and willow twittering hateful messages to anyone who didn’t watch their mom’s show or said it was silly. Bristol has a huge potty mouth, but they portray her as this sweet underdoog. She’s two faced and it drives me nuts when editors don’t show the reality of a person. Read her facebook conversation – the media made alot of willow using homophobic language but Bristol was bullying people, making fun of their lives, sharing personal info that was less than flattering about those she knew, and swearing like a sailor. I wish that conversation had surfaced BEFORE this vote, so Brandy could be in the finals. ugh

  • Childeofdarkness

    I don’t think Maks is the reason Brandy is gone. We got the “TEEN MOMS” Palin fans, and most of Alaska voting for the NO talent (isn’t someone’s 15 minutes up already)”STAR” which I use loosely Palin chick! Seriously, this show lost an cred it had a while back. She isn’t a “STAR!” she isn’t good She should of been gone long ago… but alas she will take the trophy home and I am sick of hearing about this on EVERY station. Maks will have a career where ever he goes. He’s an amazing dancer and that show stinks now so.. Wish ya luck Maks!! Oh if there is a god, either Kyle or Jennifer will win.. but…

  • PS from Elizabeth

    Maks’ rant = best way to start my Friday

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