George W. Bush thoroughly entertaining on Leno

George W. Bush continues his media tour supporting his memoir Decision Points. Last night, he stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you missed it, watch the interview below. It’d been 10 years since Bush sat down with Leno, who began by thanking him for all the material. Did the late-night jabs ever hurt his feelings, Leno asked? “I hate to tell you… I don’t want to hurt your feelings but… I was asleep,” Bush said. Leno used the time wisely: Having Bush, who’s refused to critique President Obama, at least comment on who is the better dancer. Bush gave it to Obama, but I think he was just being polite: Those moves he busted at a malaria awareness event — “I created awareness for malaria,” he joked of the news footage — were brilliant. Leno busted out another video of Bush trying to open a closed door in China. “That’s the definition of a man without an exit strategy,” Bush cracked. We also saw a photo of Bush and the Secret Service trying to keep Barney Bush, his Scottish Terrier, from killing the turkey he was about to pardon on Thanksgiving.

While Bush made other jokes about his father, his mother, the stupid things he did before quitting drinking in 1986 (like asking an older woman at a dinner party what sex was like at 50), and his desire to become a grandfather, the conversation did have its serious moments. Bush talked about 9/11, and the disappointments of his presidency (not finding Osama bin Laden, weapons of mass destruction). He also mentioned a few things he would’ve done differently, if given the option: He wouldn’t stand in front of a Mission Accomplished sign on an aircraft carrier, nor would he fly over the damage of Hurricane Katrina in an airplane and have a photograph released giving the impression he didn’t care about the citizens below. He also would’ve been “less blunt,” and maybe not have used the phrase “dead or alive” in reference to capturing bin Laden.

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  • Karate Pants

    I was unaware that NBC hosted a round table summit of the country’s supervillians.

    • Judo Thong

      Now THAT’S funny!

    • LOL

      Drunken mass killers are funny?

      • D

        But for some reason Liberals fawn over Obama who continues Bush’s war of aggression.

      • Rich

        Excellent point. Since Republicans are suddenly wanting to balance the budget, they should be more than happy to pull all the troops out and cut defense spending by billions.

      • D

        But that will never happen Rich, Obama loves killing Muslims too much.

      • bluepoint

        I thought Obama was muslim…teabaggers are so confusing

      • John M.

        Bluepoint, Obama is NOT a Muslim. A Muslim wouldn’t eat a hot dog and name 2 women to the Supreme Court like Obama has done.

    • Caiti

      oh shush. He was funny, of good nature, and refused to say anything bad about your Lord and Savior, Obama. Lighten Up.

      • Jeff

        I voted for Obama and do not see him as savior. I’m realistic. Bush can badmouth him and I wouldn’t care. I would like to see Bush hit with some actual questions. Hopefully he’ll show up on Letterman.

    • etm

      Bush has less going on behind his eyes than a Kardashian sister!

  • Skip182

    ever notice how lenos guests are always waaaay funnier than him?

    • Ever notice that Leno lets the GUEST ALONE shine in the spotlight, instead of someone like Conan who likes to share the spotlight with his guest?

      • Jeremy DC

        That’s just completely not true. Leno makes fun of his guests and he’s not even funny when he does it. Letterman makes fun of guests but he’s at least funny when he does it. Ferguson doesn’t even seem to interview, he likes to have fun conversations. Conan knows when to let his guest be funny and knows when he needs to step in and do it himself. Even though I’m not a big fan of Fallon’s, I have to say he lets his guests shine and gives them extraordiary amounts of praise whether they deserve it or not.

  • AJ

    A great, humble man. Well-missed after the arrogance and cluelessness of the current occupant of 1600 Penna.

    • bb

      Just die already.

    • SOS

      Now THAT’S funny.

    • jp

      You’re being sarcastic, right?

      • AJ

        Um, the narcissist in chief is clueless to everything and thinks he’s president of “the world.” Bush admits errors, loves the country and makes tough decisions. read his book, nitwit. YOU live as you do because of HIM and our military. What do you do for the country on a daily basis? NOTHING, I guarantee.

      • Karate Pants

        No, we live as we do because of our the brave, selfless men and women who serve to protect our country and ensure freedom. The deaths of 4,427 of those solider’s are on George W. Bush’s hands, 4,228 of them since ninny-in-chief stood in front of that ridiculous “Mission Accomplished” sign.

      • D

        How many have died since Obama took office Karate Pants? Because if Bush has to answer for 4,228 then Obama sure as hell better answer for every single life that he has taken by continuing Bush’s war.

      • Karate Pants

        Since Obama’s inauguration, nearly two years ago? 199.

      • Karate Pants

        And in your own words, this IS Bush’s war.

      • Sara

        All presidents make tough decisions. 0.o It’s sort of in the job description, and you don’t run for the office if you don’t love your country. Let’s not let your distaste for the party you don’t belong to override your common sense, ok?

      • Karate Pants

        Sure, Sara. As long as you don’t let your naive indifference override YOUR common sense.

      • D

        Right you are Karate Pants, Bush started the war and Obama made a conscious decision to continue it. He is responsible for those lost lives and should face the same charges as a war criminal.

      • Angelo

        OK, I’m an Obama supporter, but Since Obama wasn’t inreteaagud until Jan. 21st, do you realistically think his administration was responsible for the inflection in the curve, that he had the impact to began slowing the rate of job loss? These measures are lagging indicators. Maybe, one could argue that the election in Nov. sparked a change, but I really don’t see how one can imply cause and effect here by using the colors associated with a sitting administration, there is an implied correlation and cause-and-effect relationship. You just cannot make that assumption. I’d suggest that one read John Paulos and his books for further info on how statistics can be used to prove a story for anyone’s particular point of view.

    • wichitahusker

      Couldn’t agree more, AJ. And as time continues to march on, so do more and more Americans.

      • SLT

        I’m with you AJ. At least W. waited till after he was out of office to make the rounds to every late night, reality and talk show out there.

      • Al

        Lefties will never admit that Bush has more class in his little finger than Obama has total. Bush never acted like he wanted the trappings of the office more than the job itself, which is what we have now, a president who acts like it’s killing him to have to do actual presidential stuff, rather than golfing or dicking around at some restaurant or another or hosting a party or going on cool talk shows. Bush — whether you like it or not — acted MUCH more like a president than what we’re seeing now, and even if you disagree with his policies, that counts for a lot.

    • bluepoint

      A great strategerist

    • etm

      humble, indeed

  • Leithen

    I find I have to be reminded that Leno’s still on.

  • mel

    At least something was entertaining on Leno.

  • bb

    Only in 2010Dumerica can we laugh along with a war criminal.

    • D

      You mean Obama who continues to perpetrate a war of aggression against the peaceful Muslim people?

      • Ry

        peaceful Muslim people???Oh my god, do we really have people that dumb in AMerica? 18000 terror attacks since 9-11!!!! The American left is the enemy within. War of aggression???Oh yes, 9-11 was an inside job. Go watch more Olbermann and Moore but stop voting.

      • Skip182

        the “enemy withing” is the 24 hour news agencies. fox news and msnbc cause people like you to freak out because they brainwash you with propaganda that is not based in reality.

  • Judo Thong

    Next week on The Tonight Show: Tina Fey and some rape victims.

  • joblo

    Great segment, Mr President.

  • AJ

    POS lib haters wishing death to a man that kept you safe from terrorists. You forgot 9/11. Shame on you. Rot in hell. Obama is a disaster!!!

    • Thomas

      I guess Obama is even better than Bush. Terrorist attacks under Obama – 0. Terrorist attacks under Bush – 1.

      • Lila

        Moron. The reason we don’t have terrorist attacks these days is because of Bush.

      • Sara

        What about the hundreds of years before Bush was President when we didn’t have terrorist attacks, Lila? Was he preventing terrorism as a gleam in his parents’ eyes? To give him full credit is a disservice to the multitude of people who work to keep our country safe in ways we can’t imagine, regardless of their particular party affiliation.

      • annie

        Sara, The World Trade Center was bombed in 1993. I believe that would be classified as a terrorist attack.

      • etm

        Wow, Lila, you are so stupid. Bush knew something like 9/11 was in the works and chose to ignore the intelligence reports.

      • pastafarian

        @Lisa: and the reason I don’t get attacked in my sleep by tigers is because of the tiger repellant I bought online.

  • Gon

    After 8 years entertaining the rest of the world, he is now entertaining his own country.

  • Comedywrap

    This interview was a puff piece. This was a complete waste of time. Pres. Bush ought to do Charlie Rose.

  • AJ

    In the mind of these schmucks, EVERY president is a war criminal. We were attacked. We fought back fairly and legally. How do you sleep at night with such hatred for your country. I’m sure you’rew also wealthy and live on the coasts. Sometimes I wonder why we fight for the rights of left wing traitors.

  • alex

    Ok, that was very entertaining. don’t like the man’s politics, but i’m interested in reading the book

  • Jenna

    I thought he was funny. So he wasn’t a good president but he’s not a terrible person. I thought he was likeable and amusing in the interview.

    • AJ

      fair enough

      this is a war to save liberalism. it’s be nice to have so-called liberals on board against people who slit the throats of gays, women, children, minorities and abhor ‘liberal’ values…yet somehow conservatives are fighting this war …makes no sense. it’s why as we grow and mature we move right and away from the party of defeat, retreat and betrayal

      • Mari

        Mmhhh ok data surely rstreeenps the reality but there is a bias in the potential perception:- This graph wants to make you believe that Obama’s administration is doing better than Bush’s administration concerning the labour market.- This is clearly false, because job loss itself is not correlated with the decisions of those two leaders but rather with the impact of the crisis on a specific timeframe and the decisions of the companies according to this same timeframe. – What I would like to see is the impact of president Obama’s decisions and policies to drive job CREATION, which are currently unexisting. This is where a correlation may exist, in my opinion.

    • Anne

      I like the Bushes much more as ex-Presidents than as actual presidents. His dad was like starched white bread when he was in office, but watching interviews with him and Barbara now always crack me up. “W” seems to be going the same way.

    • Katja

      I agree. I may not have agreed with or liked many of his decisions, but I believe he tried his best and did what he thought was best, just as Obama is doing now. I honestly think they’re both good people. And I really enjoyed the interview.

  • Mike

    Oh yea, the president who actually liked America and its populace. Obama has made Bush look so good. How dumb I was to vote for that idiot. White guilt. I will vote GOP in 2012. What a mess the Dems are.

    • John M.

      Even if Sarah is the nom?

      • Al

        She’s unelectable. I pray she doesn’t run, because, regardless of whether she could even do the job, her name is too ruined to be taken seriously. The left-wing media did its job well. And don’t tell me I’m wrong, because I work in the left-wing media and saw it work with my own eyes.

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