Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 10

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSPeople often ask me “Hey Probst! What keeps you interested in the show after 21 seasons?”

Well, I’m guessing it’s the same thing that keeps you guys interested — human nature. At its core that’s what Survivor is really all about, isn’t it? Our nature as humans and how we behave in different situations?

Holly is a great example. Five days into the show and she wanted to quit; 22 days later not only is she still around, but she could win. What changed? Her behavior. After nearly losing her mind, she rallied. She gained a lot of respect and now is considered a threat to go to the end.

Brenda is another fascinating case study of human behavior. More on her later..

Tonight, the gold star goes to Naonka and Fabio for instigating and following through with a big move.

Let’s just be clear about this idol in Sash’s pocket. (I’m referring to the immunity idol… just to be really clear.) Sash isn’t going to use that idol to save anybody but himself. No chance. Listen up future players: If you don’t have the idol in your possession when you walk in to tribal council, it is very unlikely you will have it in your hand when I ask for it. Yes it has happened on rare occasions, as when Parvati had a bag full of idols, but in most situations, the idol will be used to save the person who possesses it.

This was old school Survivor. Barrels, planks and rope. Very few rules. A group of people forced to work together and get creative. I love challenges like this. Generally speaking they don’t favor anybody, they’re easy to follow, easy to judge and they reward teamwork.

My favorite moment in the reward challenge was Benry’s “ceremonial losers backflip.” Again, another fascinating moment for my little brain to comprehend. You just lost but you still have enough energy, sense of humor, and lack of concern to do a back flip. Then again, maybe if I could do a back flip I’d have done one too!

Yes, it really happened. While they were away at the reward challenge, back at camp their fire started to grow, and evidently it caught part of the temporary structure they had made to protect the fire from the rain.

It’s one of those great moments that make reality shows so unpredictable. It was just pure luck that the entire camp did not burn down. The juxtaposition of five people enjoying their reward by “pigging out” and volcano surfing while the other five were dealing with a disastrous situation back at camp was wonderful. Does that mean I’m some form of sadist? Or just a competent television producer? Maybe they’re just one in the same?

Love it. The immunity challenge was another very simple but very effective challenge. “Hang on for as long as you can.” At first glance you would guess that someone like Benry or Chase would be in it at the end. And they were. But so was Jane. The oldest woman in the game and the frailest of all the Survivors left. Okay, I’m excluding Dan.

The reason Jane did so well? It was will power. Pure will power. Once again, Jane surprised everybody and outlasted people a third of her age and two guys who were clearly much stronger.

For a moment Jane wanted to quit. The reason I encouraged Jane to stay in the challenge was because I hate to see anybody “give up.” I love when people surprise themselves by doing better than they thought they could. She’s been through hard times in life. She knows what she is capable of and she believes it. She just needed a little reminder. But at the end of the day…encouragement only goes so far. I can encourage people but I can’t do the challenge for them.

As I was saying earlier. Another fascinating case study of human nature. She’s very bright, strikingly beautiful, and owns her own business. She has a lot going for her in life. On Survivor she has been doing a fantastic job at managing relationships and forging alliances. She was really in a very strong position in this game.

But when things turned against her and she was forced to “scramble,” she wouldn’t do it. I was truly surprised that she never did. I believe the quote was “The last thing I want to do is start scrambling. It just shows that you are desperate.”

Uh… yeah. You’re desperate. Nothing wrong with feeling desperate in a million dollar game. You should feel desperate when you believe you are about to be voted out. That’s a very rational thought. Nobody is going to look at you sideways for feeling desperate when more than half the tribe is threatening to vote for you. Desperation is often a temporary condition on Survivor. It isn’t always fatal. Lots of people have been in trouble, aka “desperate” on Survivor, made desperate moves in response, and as a result survived the vote and ended up making it to the end. Some of them even won! That’s the game. You assess and reassess every moment of every day.

It’s a beautiful and vicious cycle. Even when you feel “comfortable” you know you’re not necessarily “safe,” and when you’re truly not safe, which makes you feel “desperate” and so you make a move to try and feel comfortable again. It’s why most Survivors need therapy when the game is over!

I wonder if Brenda even cares that she was voted out. I wondered it that night. I still wonder now. Could it be that Brenda is so used to things going her way that she doesn’t know how to scramble? Maybe that’s the answer to the riddle. Maybe that is one skill that Brenda has never tested. It’s a bummer she’s gone but proves once again that in order to win this game, you have to want to win and you have to be willing to make a move… even if it means acknowledging you’re desperate.

Like her or not, Naonka is playing the game. She’s a fair weather participant for sure, but when she wants to play she is a pot stirrer. Marty would be proud. Naonka could win if she ends up in the final with Purple Kelly. Even then she would need to pray.

Fabio is also starting to turn it on. Last week he was laying back, playing “cool.” This week he was part of a very big move taking out a major power player. I think Fabio is really starting to figure out this game.

Lurking in the shade is Jane. If things keep going the way they are, people may forget Jane is even in the game. If Jane gets to the end she would very likely be a millionaire.

The Redeemer is Holly. I’m usually a pretty good gauge of what the audience is feeling and I think a lot of you are starting to like Holly and have forgotten about those first five days.

The “no chance” is Dan. I just can’t see a scenario in which Dan could win this game.

The other “no chance” is Purple Kelly. Sweet young woman. I like her. But she hasn’t earned it and unless she really turns it on, her best finish is to make herself a great person to take to the end because she can’t win.

Sash is “in trouble.” He’s going to have to work hard to stay alive now that his partner is gone. If he can do it, he could make a strong case that he deserves to win. Otherwise he could be gone soon.

Benry is a “long shot.” He could make it to the end based on physical abilities but at this point he doesn’t have a strong enough case to win it.

The wildcard is Chase. Chase is likable enough to win this game and wishy-washy enough to screw it all up for himself and somebody else. Being in an alliance with Chase is risky.

Did I forget anybody?

See ya next week.

Oh, be sure to check out several treats in the video player below, including: an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, Dalton Ross’s pre-game interview with Brenda, and my pick for favorite Survivor location ever. And don’t miss Dalton’s Survivor recap: Brenda Feels the Heat.

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  • Am

    Great blog Jeff. Also, it was good to see this season has finally started.

    Chase and his gut need a reality check.

    • SurvivorJunkie

      Disagree. Chase is very loyal in an alliance. An alliance with Naonka is the bigger risk; she’s very unpredictable. Based on editing, it was Holly who instigated the ouster of Brenda. Jane and, amazingly, Naonka helped push it through. Fabio didn’t play a huge part, just tagged along. I like Fabio and he may get to the finals playing dumb, but he’d better take a dumber player, i.e, Purple Kelly, with him.

      • Probst4ever

        Holly gets the award for biggest turnaround, definitely. She’s thinking logically? She knew that Naonka wanted to prove herself somehow? Wow. I was sure that Brenda was going to the end. Insecure people can form strong coalitions. Temporarily, anyways. Now that they don’t have Brenda to be afraid of they will be unpredictable.
        It occurred to me, there has to be video somewhere of Jeff trying out all these different challenges after the players leave. I imagine him and Mark Burnett climbing on those barrels.

      • Jean Guy Levesque

        Again another dumb Blonde brings new meaning to “DUMB BLONDE”. Purple Kelly, great rack no brains. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wtf

        If chase was loyal, he wouldnt have flipped on benda at the last second. Chase is made of jello

    • ally

      Jeff, I am totally surprised that you credit Naonka and Fabio. It was totally Holly, then Jane. Then all it took was a few people switching sides – bold move to switch, but they did not initiate the move. Brenda’s being in charge reminded me of Boston Rob – but his tribemates weren’t smart enough to see him playing them. These guys finally showed some smarts.

      • KM

        I agree, Ally. Also would like to ask Jeff to look up the definition of “frail”. Jane is NOT weak and delicate, easily damaged or broken.

      • dougp

        Jeff has seen a lot more of how it went down than we did.

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        KM- I wrote my observation of last episode before I read Jeff’s blog. I also mentioned the same word regarding Jane – Frail. She appears “frail”. However she has shown and proven that she is not. In fact she is just the opposite. She is a tough strong woman.

      • Eolra

        Well, Holly and Jane trying to get Brenda off is not really a “big move” at this point – they were never on her side in the first place. Though it was Jane and Holly who may have orchastrated it, the actual “move” was made by NaOnka and Fabio, who were in her alliance.

      • SuperDan

        “These guys finally showed some smarts.”

        Huh? Brenda simply fell into the classic Survivor trap. She got control, she got cocky, she wasn’t very shy about letting everyone know she thought she was running the game. Even this set of dopes could see that she considered them all her pawns, because she all but told them so. I think Jeff is spot on. Brenda’s a pretty girl and it seems like she’s been able to use that to pretty much get her way in life — up til now. What I’d like to know is what Purple Kelly is up to all day at camp. What was with the random Benry vote? I get that she’s out of the loop, but I figured she’d at least vote in line with either Brenda or Sash. WTH?

      • Skyler

        @Eolra: I didn’t realize Fabio was in Brenda’s alliance. I got the impression he was a wild card player, not really in anyone’s alliance until he teamed up with Marty. I do like him a lot; I hope the others don’t notice how well he’s flying under the radar and put a target on his back.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I am the best player to never play, and this is my take on this week’s episode. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I find it very ironic that you would think that the guy with the biggest muscles out there, Dan would be kicking butt on all the physical challenges. Do you see how buff this guy is? Instead he has been performing on the level of a frail old woman. And Jane, who looks like a frail old woman, all scrawny, bony and old, would be kicking butt on all the physical challenges? Are my eyes deceiving me? She beat out everyone, including the muscle men, on a tough physical challenge. I don’t care for Jane that much, she acted too much of a baby when Marty was around, and I don’t care for her game play, however you have to give credit where credit is do. She is one of the toughest physical players to ever play the game. If before the season we saw a picture of both huge muscle Dan and scrawny old woman Jane, and were asked who will be outperforming on physical challenges and who would be performing like an old woman? We would all laugh and say that is the dumbest and most obvious answer. And we would all be wrong! Now for Chase, I hope he does not make it to the end. He has no clue how to play. He plays as if he is in love with Brenda. He even realized himself that he has been playing with his heart and not his head. And Brenda given all the information from Chase should have scrambled a bit. It was beneath her to do that? Well I guess it was beneath her to win a million bucks. Sorry she is not a great player! Yes, she was expecting Sash to play the idol for her, but you still need a back up plan. I loved watching her face and smile when she was expecting the idol from Sash! And when he turned his face away, it was classic!

      • Paula

        Perfect assessment…agree totally…could not have said it better…and yes to see Brenda’s face at the end…do youremember her saying that how everyone needed to know their places…well does she ever know her place now!!!!!!!!!!

      • nomoretrolls

        Strength is in important factor in challenges like the one last night, but you also have to figure in a few other factors such as weight. A strong woman is supporting considerably less weight in a challenge like this which somewhat evens out the difficulty of the challenge.

      • wtf

        after your post last week, id say your opinion doesnt count

      • TorontoTom

        When Brenda realized that she was the target and yet still acted clam and indifferent, I assumed that Sash was giving her the hidden idol. Up until now, she seemed like a Parvati type of player – thinking ahead, guaging the opponents, making moves to keep herself in the game. But, after all the bravado and “I’m the KING” nonsense, she went out pretty easily. No attempt to save herself? It’s “beneath her”?!? What a disappointment. She is no Parvati, that’s for sure. I’m still just stunned that she made NO move to save herself. Hope Sash goes next.

      • Joe

        No More Trolls,
        You are EXACTLY right about Jane’s weight being a BIG factor. Bestplayer has no clue…did you see Jane last week, she couldn’t get past the obstacles, out of breath, falling down. Bestplayer…do you really think Jane can outrun Benry, or is stronger than him?! Get a clue. She’s light, and has some upper body strength. For her size, yes, she’s stronger than most of them. This was not a physical challenge, just like those challenges when you have to hold your arm up the longest.

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        I am the best player 2 never play and yes I know it all. So Joe and anyone else that wants to challenge my knowledge, you are wasting your time. As far as Jane, I am not a fan of hers, but she does deserve credit. Yes, we all know weight of a person is factored in, but it was still a physical challenge. I am not going to argue anymore with these idiots like Joe that do not have a clue!

      • captain obvious

        I dont know if Brenda was really expecting Sash to give her the idol, that couldve been creative editing.

      • Skyler

        @BestPlayer: Dude, I try to be as cordial as possible in comments and not get into tiffs with anyone, but — NO, you don’t know it all. I find your “best player never to play” stuff really tiresome. You’re such a viewer commenting on a TV show you enjoy, like everybody else in these forums. Your insights aren’t any better than what other posters offer. And if I see the business about the magic tricks audition video one more time I will vom.

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Skyler or Joe or whoever you are, we are not interested in your pointless comments!

      • Dexter

        I thought Brenda’s decision not to scramble was actually very clever. Intuitive players should have perceived that her sense of calm was irrational in any circumstance other than her having access to an idol and planning to use it. She was basically calling their bluff in the same way that Rupert dropped a rock into his pocket and waltzed back into camp causing Russell to freak out in Heroes v Villians. In this case it didn’t work but only because the group wasn’t smart enough to pick up on her signals and vote for sash instead. As Fabio said sometimes being dumb is the smartest thing you can do.

        Sash passed up his chance to make his big move this week by not giving brenda the idol. An idol can only take you through so many challenges.

        Jane actually won this challenge because Chase was disqualified for placing his hand above the knot in the rope, though it was edited out . That is not to say she isn’t performing extremely well in endurance challenges though.

        A smart player would have begun twisting their rope early in the challenge. The torsional strain causes the rope to buckle which would have effectively shortened the rope, reducing the angle of the hang later in the challenge.

        I’d love to need to see more people using their intelligence to hack challenges like amanda did in the final four of China when she started stacking the chinese bowls upside down to lower the centre of gravity or when Kenny started stacking dominoes from the far end so he only had to make one pass through the trip wires, instead of two.

        This season is proving to be totally unpredictable. Holly wins points for recognising that brenda’s alliance was about to gain majority and rallying the right people.

        If there was one thing that I would chance about survivor it is the way people say “I don’t trust chase” when they really mean “my best interests are not in chase’s best interests”. This game is not really about trust because at the final tribal everyone screws everyone anyway. You don’t have to trust your alliance if your interests are mutual. The person at the bottom of the totem pole always gets blamed for flipping when in reality people who makes themselves overly popular with jury members are equally responsible for their own demise.

      • Skyler

        @BestPlayer:Joe & I are not the same person. Technically, any comment any poster makes on this board is pointless as none of us affect the game’s outcome. But, hey, it’s fun anyways. I’m just suggesting you lighten up a bit.

      • Lauren

        @captain obvious-
        She wasn’t really expecting Sash to give the idol to her. I saw an interview with her when she explains that. She was just hoping he might have at the last minute.

    • Kerrie Morris

      When are they going to up the prize to the winner of survivor to 2 million dollars or more!!!

  • rmsrmsrms

    1) Why did Brenda blame Naonka so much, wasn’t it Jane and Holly who spearheaded Brenda’s removal???

    2) I hope Jane does not put too much of a target on her back by winning too many immunity challenges . . . on the other hand, Marty warned against Jane last week, so she may need immunity to stay in the game.

    • Quexinos

      I don’t think Brenda knew that Holy was the one who started it. not sure why Naonka took the blame though. IMO it’d be something you’d want to blame on someone else but… oh well.

      • Elizabeth

        Because Nay was her closest alli (besides Sash. She trusted her more than anyone else, and Nay flipped on her. I’d probably blame her too if I was in the position. Nay could have stopped the whole plan, but instead, she went with it.


        ***To Joe***
        Joe, Joe, Joe, I hardly know ya but I already think you are a bigot. Holding your body weight up by holding onto a rope is NOT a physical challenge? You are so wrong. Go watch again. Look at the grimaces on their faces…it was very hard physically. Go try the challenge yourself. Tie a rope to a door knob and see how long you can hang on…once again, men like you dismiss the abilities of women. Tsk. Tsk. Evolve already.

      • Tim222

        I think Brenda got so upset with NaOnka because she thought that NaOnka was under her control. Ultimately, NaOnka just contradicted Brenda’s self image of someone who can command others simply by being who she is, and she didn’t like that.

      • Michael

        I honestly just think Brenda’s ego took a hard hit by getting played by Nay (and she knew it).

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        MELOVEJANE- I am a man and I agree with you 100 percent! Joe is an idiot. Jane deserves credit she is a tough strong woman. I am not a fan of her game play but she’s great in challeges. Dan on the other hand is pathetic all around

      • Wendy

        Brenda saw Naonka as a friend. She wouldn’t have cared if it was someone else scrambling to get rid of her. It’s a loyalty issue and anyone else would feel the same if they were betrayed by someone they thought were a friend. Naonka was mouthing off telling people that Brenda was sneaky and she had to go. Naonka played a big part in getting rid of Brenda. She even convinced Fabio, who she apparently hates, to vote for Brenda. I like Brenda but disappointed she was so complacent at the end.

    • musica1

      I think Naonka was just the loudest person talking about voting Brenda off, and didn’t she also come to Brenda herself and tell her about it?

    • laini

      When she blamed NaOnka she was talking about someone in her alliance betraying her. She knew that the other folks didn’t like her but she totally trusted Nay (big mistake). That’s why she blamed her.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Brenda blamed the nayohka the ghetto biotch because she backstabbed her. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CapnCanuck

        Vive la Canada and die QueerBec

    • anonymous

      If you think about it, even if Nay had tried to stop it and had not switched, Holly still would either have had the votes to send Brenda home or at least force a tie: Holly had Jane, Dan, Benry, Fabio and herself against Sash, Nay, Brenda and Chase (and purple Kelly only if someone had told her).

    • Marilyn

      I think Brenda played it very smart, but obviously trusted the wrong people. She knew scrambling would have done her no good at this point. She was playing the game by trusting her alliance and knowing that the alliance had 2 immunity idols. Her back-up plan was genius. Sash is the idiot for not going along with it. He is going to be targetted for having the idol and once he plays it, he will be gone next. He has not shown strength in challenges, but he has shown he cannot be trusted. If he had given Brenda the idol, Naonka and her idol would be gone also. The playing field would be somewhat levelled and Sash, Brenda and Chase could have turned someone to them next week. The only mistake Brenda made was not telling Kelly what was going on. She still thought Benry was a target. Kelly and Dan will probably go to the end, if the eventual winner realizes that going against either of them is a guaranteed million


        Marilyn, Compare Parvati and Brenda. Both are beautiful women who are used to getting their way with their good looks. Here is the difference. Parvati flirted with men she clearly didn’t like just to get them into her alliance. Brenda wouldn’t “stoop” to that level so she got voted out. Brenda was playing the game like she plays her real life — being too good to flirt with Chase. Sad for her. She couldn’t separate game play from real life. She should have coddled Chase and held him close, flattered NaOnka to keep her close, whatever she needed to do to stay in the game. But she was too good for the game — and thus too good for the million dollar prize. Brenda is a C minus player. NaOnka outwitted Brenda. That says a lot about Brenda.

      • D

        Completely agree with Marilyn and MELOVEJANE. The word for Brenda was arrogant.

      • Tim222

        I doubt others will hold it against Sash for not giving up his idol, regardless of his perceived relationship with Brenda. If others know he voted for her, on the other hand, well, maybe.

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Sorry- giving the idol to Brenda would have been a dumb move! You guys do not have a clue!

      • Bobbie

        @MELOVEJANE – Brenda didn’t flirt with or use her wiles on Chase? She had him played the first day in, planned to use his foolish ardor to further herself in the game, and said as much. Why do you think she counted on him, along with Sash, to save her bacon?

        Bottom line for Brenda? Live by the sword, and you’ll die by it, too.

        BTW, me love Jane, too. :)

  • TVWatcher

    Great recap — it really shows how the rest of the game is full of wild cards. Who knows how this will end, but there are definitely people who WON’T win, like Dan and Purple Kelly because they haven’t really done anything.

    Brenda should have at least tried to sway people — she should have said Sash has the idol, so try to flush it out.

    • SpoilerDan

      Sure YOU know how it will end! ALL male finale…even Dan makes final 4… haha!! Go Fabio!!

      • Jean Guy Levesque

        I want to see Fabio and Purple Kelly at the finals. Two DUMB BLONDES giving a speech, that would be sooo funny. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Skyler

        @Jean: Purple Kelly may be a dumb blonde, but Fabio certainly isn’t.


        So Dan and Fabio make the final four? Then who are the other two men who make the final four? Chase? Sash? Benry? Name names.

      • And

        Oh please.. I don’t want to hear Purple Kelly ever speak again. What the hell did she mumble last night. Like, IDK, OMG, REALLY……CLUELESS!!!!!

      • Tim222

        Dan in the final four… Ha ha… Dan’s just hanging out. Go Dan!

      • Skyler

        @Tim222: Yes, Dan is definiely just chilling. He may be a pathetic competitor, but at least he seems to be enjoying himself. I guess since he’s already wealthy he considers Survivor a “theme vacation.”

    • TorontoTom

      People who do nothing make it to the final – some even win (Sandra 2X) I could see Dan and Purple Kelly as a fitting final 2 for this drab season. Just the two of them sitting there at the final Tribal Council, the jury too disinterested to even ask questions, Probst daydreaming, CBS screaming “Go to commercial” every 5 minutes.

      • SteveK

        Great post! Right on target for this sadly cast season.


        Stop the Sandra hating. CLEARLY Sandra played under the radar as a strategy and she masterfully manipulated Russell to vote out Roach Coach and others. You’re just blinded by thinking that big bulky muscles should always win. You’re stuck in the dark ages. Turn on the lights and open your eyes. Sandra and women are great players. You just can’t admit strength when women play. Sad for you.

      • Pat

        Sandra was an outstanding player – the best of the best. Get over it.

      • lolwut

        Excuse me? Did I get that right? Sandra did nothing? She stirred so much shit up in both PI and HvV and masterfully stayed under the radar and adapted if things didn’t go her way. If that’s what you define as doing nothing, then I’d like to know what your definition of doing something is.

      • KC

        It’s a travesty that Sandra won not once but twice.

      • Chris

        MELOVEJANE, that argument of yours supporting Sandra’s ‘strategy’ is patently ridiculous, particularly during the Heroes vs. Villains season. She tried three times to vote Russell off and failed every time. If the complete game was being weighed at the final voting, unstead of the game’s peculiar nature of causing people to ‘survive to the popularity contest’.

        Parvati owned everybody that season, being far more worthy than either Sandra or Russell. She won multiple immunity challenges, orchestrated one of the greatest blindside moves of all time, and even kept Russell wrapped around her finger, for all his bluster. And this while getting the bullseye on her head early in the game.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I think everyone knows that Sash has the idol.

  • Rusty

    Great job Jeffy! You’re a fabulous host. I still miss Jimmy J. (sigh)

  • MCS

    Brenda is a fool for being too proud to even scramble. I would vote her out for NOT scrambling – it shows arrogance more than anything. Survivor isnt a game of pride. As Jeff said, no one will judge you for trying to stay in it.

    • Skyler

      Absolutely. Her pride was her downfall. I guess she didn’t want the money badly enough?

    • anonymous

      That’s the big difference between her and Parvati. Parvati would have scrambled.

      • the minister

        Sure, Pavarti would have scrambled like a fighter pilot. But the real difference is: Pavarti wouldn’t have *needed* to scramble.

    • Juneau

      I agree with Jeff. I think she didn’t know HOW to scramble and stay in the game.

  • jack hart

    great blog … i wished that brenda scrambled more, would have loved 2 see her at the end. jane is a warrior (brings a smile 2 my face)

  • Big Daddy

    Great episode. Many weeks you may not like someone, then they turn it on, and you can see them going all the way. But not Naonka…

  • redriding

    I hate Jane!

    • Chris

      Jane is an amazing example of a tough, strong-willed SURVIVOR. I love how she is physically kicking the a$$e$ of these young, strong guys. If she is there at the end of the game, she will go home with the million dollars. Like her or not, she is playing a great game!

      • Skyler

        She is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. Marty’s words seemed especially prophetic this week lol

      • Naomi

        Hanging on in an endurance contest is NOT kicking the strong giys a$$es. She weighs much less, so the strength to muscle ratio was in her favor as long as she could maintain her grip. Have you seen her in ACTUAL physical challenges? Like the obstacle course last week?? She was TERRIBLE and could barely finish.

      • JANE is an EVIL TROLL

        Firstly, its fine if hag Jane admits to being a deceitful vindictive person. What I think annoys ppl is that the old douchebag goes on and on about her morals and how she is this angel from north carolina who has had a hard life. She wanted to vote out brenda. The woman just saved you last week you villian yourself. Check out some of Brenda’s exit interviews. She says Jane did a lot of mean things to ppl like standing in the way of the fire so she cannot get the warmth etc etc…so its not just us folk saying it.
        Brenda has gone out of her way to be just in her interviews and she’s given credit to everyone. So its not like a random mean statement she’s made cause she was outplayed.

        I hope jane makes it to the end and is beaten black n blue by whoever she’s sitting next to. That shld tech her something about karma

    • Al

      I love Jane. She’s a tough old bird and has a will of iron.

      • greta

        It’s so funny that everyone thinks she is so old. She is only 56 – looks at least 70. Too much sun my dear.


        **TO Naomi***
        (My eyes are rolling…) Dear God, Naomi, how much crack are you smoking? Hanging on to thta rope is very difficult! Try it yourself. Tie a rope to a doorknob and try to stay up — see how hard it is. If your theory of weight being key was correct, Sash and Brenda would be in the final three of this challenge instead of the two big heavy guys — Chase and Benry…and look how well Dan did — and you saw his big muscles and chest. You just can’t admit that Jane is physically powerful. She has upper body strength. She also won the other challenge with upper body strength. Sure, she failed on the obstacle course, she doesn’t have that kind of stamina…she has a different upper body physical strength…just accept it and applaud it instead of putting down down Jane. You sound like Marty.

      • Jane is awesome

        Of course she didn’t do well on that oversized obstacle course – she’s 56, for God’s sake! That was a challenge where her age really showed through, she just doesn’t have that kind of stamina. However, on the other challenges she’s shown that she has incredible upper body strength, fantastic focus and extremely strong willpower. She is a true challenge contender.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Jane has “southern elitism” syndrom. Deluded old bat (if you consider 56, going on 80, old).

    • lorelei

      A bitter old crone

      • Kris

        Bitter how? I think a lot of you don’t like her because she’s a tough old Southern girl…and a lot of you elitist coasters hate people like that.

      • Skyler

        @Kris: As a coaster who lived in the South, your comment is very judgmental and without merit. I don’t like Jane because she made many outrageous, personal comments about Marty (such as that he’s evil & a poor parent).

      • Matt

        Not to mention she just coerced with a thief to remove a person who helped her in the past. Sounds like an honest country girl to me. Bleck.

      • Me

        @Kris – she also hated on Marty for telling the truth and giving his opinion that she (Jane) was a big threat. He did nothing wrong, but for some reason she thought so and targeted him.

      • cc

        I agree with you Kris! “Skyler” – Jane made no more ‘outrageous, personal comments’ about Marty or anyone for that fact, than others have. Its a game. A personal game. It gets personal. Big deal.

      • Trina

        Jane sucks people. Get over yourselves. She’s an evil vindictive person. I dont care if she won an immunity. That’s besides the point. I hate her little pity me attitude. So what if she has been thro a lot. She’s like a million years old. Everyone of the those survivors have been throu/or will go through a tough time at some pint before they reach Jane’s age of a 100.

        Also this isnt a charity show, this is survivor. If you want charity, thats a different show honey.

        I cant belive she turned on Brenda after Brenda saved her butt last week. She’s going and telling Naonka she dosent like to deal with villians. Yeah Right! Look into your soul you old hag! She’s very irriting big time. I cant stand her.

      • DumbSeason

        Jane is a two faced, evil, “poor me’er”. She bad mouthed Marty (not a Marty fan either) and said vile and hateful things about him after the merge cause he did not “align” with her & instead aligned with Jill. She also bad mouthed Jill, who did nothing to her, to any one who would listen on the young tribe, playing the ‘victim’ card. Marty & Jill never did anything to warrant such a vicious attack from Jane, at least nothing that was aired. Jane has been playing the victim & Marty caught on, that is why she went on the offensive.


      Why do you hate Jane? I love her. She has stamina. She tried hard. She thinks. She works hard. What’s not to like?

      • the minister

        If you ever rewatch the season–not that you should 8)–do a real character studey. Jane’s tough & pretty charming, but she’s also ethically challenge & spiteful.

      • the minister

        study* challenged* … man this site needs an edit function.

    • SurSuperFan

      That is because you are a worthless youth.

  • Willowbysam

    Another week of Dan. UggHH! Atleast the editors are not giving him much air time. When that stuff happens it kinda makes me angry. Why waste time on dead weight. Why put Dan on the show when there are millions of people out there far more interesting. I would be far more interesting and I hate camping and the outdoors.

    • Soap On A Rope

      It’s a good thing that Dan was not at the camp when it caught on fire. He moves so slow that he might have been burnt badly by the fire and had to be evacuated. He moves slower than a sloth.

      • ROY P.

        You’re too funny. LOL

  • old john

    The real wild card left is that Na has an idol that I think only Brenda knew about. The preview shows here making everyone mad next week. I can see them all agreeing to vote out Na, her pulling out the idol and going all “in your face” to the person her one vote takes out.

    • allobidallo

      I’m surprised that no one picked up on the fact that Brenda’s vote for NaOnka had a picture of the immunity necklace, with an arrow pointing to it. Hopefully one of the castaways saw that and will start thinking that “Hmm, maybe Naonka has an idol.”

      • Skyler

        I thought the picture looked like a set of keys….

      • Snsetblaze

        Chase knows she has the idol and most of the others suspect.

      • Django

        Wow! I thought it was a keyring also and was wondering WTF!?!

      • KC

        I thought it was keys too! Now I want to go back and see Na’s reaction.

      • snowdogsurvivor

        The HII is “key shaped”. Duh…Brenda’s drawing was the key on the rope – ie…HII…I’m sure they got the message, other than maybe poor clueless purple Kelly..WOW…they girl is really DUMB!

    • nomoretrolls

      Everyone knows about Naonka’s idol. Remember Marty’s big plan last week was designed to flush it.

  • conrad

    talk about being desperate. no matter how she denies it, brenda was desperate (at the end) to hint on her vote, naonka’s possession of the hidden immunity. (though, it might not have caught on by the rest)

    if sash survives to the final 3 (or 2), chance are, he should be able to pull it off as the lone survivor. brenda’s downfall (in part) was her overconfidence in herself, neglecting to notice sash’s shaddy side (EVEN after his freudian slip).

    • MCS

      I think he would have a problem winning jury votes just cause he seems a bit shady – unless he goes with someone like Naonka, in which case he wont have a problem.

      • Skyler

        Agreed. Holly said Sash is a back-stabber because he voted against Marty. He already has a “shady rep.”

  • Carl

    Now that Brenda is gone, my interest in this season has dropped by about 1000%

    • SurSuperFan

      Carl, That is because you were watching with the little head.

      • D

        Wow-1000% is some major shrinkage!!

  • bh

    Poor Jeff cannot get his mind off Parvati. I think he mentions her every week.

    • Beth

      A lot of us can’t get our mind off Parvati. She was gorgeous and an amazing player.

      • davey

        favorite Survivor of all-time for me :)

      • Arnie

        Best player ever, smart and totally hot! Parvati Shallow!

    • John the Israeli

      After all, she is one of the smartest players strategically and socially. And one of the hottest too.

    • Kiwi

      I AGREE!!! I just read every week to see if he is going to mention her name!

      • Kiwi2

        you stole my name, b*tch! ;b

  • Agingdiscoqueen

    My favorite part of the reward challenge? When Jeff said “Dan is hurt!”. And how was that moment in time different from any other? Did he suddenly grow a third knee and blow that one out too? Loved it! Brenda scrambled. She just waited until TC to do it. I wondered too if she cared that she was voted out, but then I also wonder if she would’ve cared that she stayed. Sometimes it seemed like there was just nothing going on in her. Jane and Fabio all the way! Jane is a groovy old chick and Fabio is a complete doofus…the perfect pair!

    • TOS

      My favorite moment was when Jeff narrated what Brenda was trying, then said “That’ll work….for a minute” so dryly that I laughed out loud.

  • stephen

    why sash didnot give brenda the idol.he abandoned his best ally.
    stupid move.
    now he’s in big trouble!

    • MCS

      Not really. No one on the show has any alliances really. Chase and Jane broke up this week. Sash and Brenda broke up this week. Naonka and Brenda broke up. There pretty much is no one.

      • Anna

        Too true. It’s like everyone is playing the Sandra Diaz Twine edition of “So Long As It’s Not Me, Survivor”. I cannot remember ever watching a season of Survivor where just about every Tribal ended with the near unanimous evictions that we’ve been seeing among this group of Survivors. There are not mavericks, there is very little to no independant thought, just an attitude of a shoulder shrug and a “Hey, as long as it’s not me, I’m in”. Pitiful. You’d think being on Survivor they’d want to aspire to being something more than play doh just sitting around waiting to be molded.

      • Skyler

        @Anna: Completely agree. I enjoyed last night’s episode, but TC has been predictable all season. No surprises. No “epic tribals” like the past several seasons. We all knew Brenda was going at the very beginning :(

    • Al

      He gives Brenda the idol and then he’s voted out next week. If Brenda had shown the least interest in “scrambling” maybe he would have given it to her, but she couldn’t or wouldn’t even come up with a plan.

      • Chris

        An excellent point about Brenda not even asking (or begging, if it came to that) for that idol. I guess it was beneath her to win $1 million dollars.

        People seem to forget that Parvati (there’s that name again) had the bullseye on her head almost immediately last season, and didn’t hesitate at all in scrambling to create a strategy that would counter any moves to oust her.

    • dh

      not only than but sash and the rest [minus purple kelly] voted for brenda!

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Smart move! You abandon a sinking ship, you don’t sink with it. 1.He would have been more of a target the following week if he gave it away. 2. If he gave it away and he is targeted, he will have nothing to save him. 3. He needed to show that he was not with her. I could go on, but as you see it was his only move. The only way you give away an idol is if it benefits yourself, which 90 percent of the time it does not.

      • davey

        Unless you’re Parvati and you can come up with another plan immediately to blindside EVERYONE – including your own alliance :)

      • Tim222

        Agree totally. Brenda was always perceived as the head of the snake. By some careful prior votes, Sash didn’t upset too many people. Every move you make has a cost, but I think it was very wise of him to keep the idol.

    • Karl

      He didn’t have the numbers, so in the end it would’ve been a waste. If the numbers were more like 5-5 or 6-4, then sure. But at 7-3 or 8-2, what would’ve been the point of saving her? As someone said, better to abandon ship than sink with it.

      • Serge

        It could have been 6-4 if one of them had filled in Purple Kelly, then next time they’d just have to get one person to flip to have the numbers on their side again.

      • Michael

        I think not giving Brenda the Idol will be the move that cost Sash a million dollars. If he makes it to the finals, I bet Brenda will try to sway the jury against him. And I bet she will try and sway the jury against Chase (if he makes it to the end) for being so wishy-washy.

    • KC

      Why would he give her the idol? He knew the majority was against brenda, so if he did that he was basically going against the majority AND giving away his safety net.

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