PBS edits Tina Fey joke about Sarah Palin. Your move, Liz Lemon.

Tina Fey’s joke about Sarah Palin and conservative female politicians was edited by PBS during Sunday’s broadcast of the Mark Twain Prize ceremony. While accepting the prestigious comedy award, Fey said, “And, you know, politics aside, the success of Sarah Palin and women like her is good for all women — except, of course, those who will end up, you know, like, paying for their own rape kit ‘n’ stuff. But for everybody else, it’s a win-win. Unless you’re a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years — whatever. But for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us. Unless you believe in evolution. You know what? Actually, I take it back. The whole thing’s a disaster.” The entire unedited video can be viewed below (on PBS’s official web site), and the crucial remarks begin at the 12:30 mark:

A PBS executive told the Washington Post that the decision to edit Palin had nothing to do with politics and was rather a matter of keeping the broadcast on schedule. “We had zero problems with anything she said,” said executive producer Peter Kaminsky, who said the ceremony had run 19 minutes too long. “We snipped from everyone.”

To that, I can only say: Really? Politics had nothing to do with PBS cutting the acceptance speech of the ceremony’s honoree? Reeeeally? Fey spoke for 12 minutes and 40 seconds, and the 30-second cut they had to make to keep the broadcast on time just so happened to be the bit about Sarah Palin, rape kits, and evolution? Reeeeally? Time constraints? Not a Republican congress that wants to squash PBS’ federal funding? Reeeeally?

A representative for Fey said that the actress had no comment at this time, but here’s hoping that this sad, ironic episode finds its way into 30 Rock.

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  • Lynny

    Ouch, PBS. Prepare to be skewered.

    • TV_Pete

      They chose to edit the most controversial and politicized portion of a speech.

      I don’t think Tina Fey suggesting that Palin or Republicans support Rape. I don’t know that Palin does not support Evolution, but she does support Creation. Most people do. She may be open to a more liberal translation to Creation (if you look at Evolution it happens in the same order as identified in Genesis).

      • David T

        Have you ever listen to Palin talk about evolution versus creationism? She emphasizes ‘theory’ when talking about evolution, while says that since creationism is listed in the Bible, that is scientific proof of its existence. She cut funding for rape kits when mayor I believe. Fey never said that Republicans support rape, but Palin cut paying for kits to take evidence if they were raped. Why don’t you get more info before you spout off…

      • DAvid T you are ignorant

        Palin did not cut funding.. you really beleive that crap when it is spoon fed. The rule to ask for insurance companies to pay for forensic kits was in place before Palin was mayor and she has not record on the rule either way as it was never an issue until years later when Democrats used RAPE to explioit women’s emotions and trick ignorant men into repeating the same lie Fey just did.

      • Karen

        Um, I don’t think most people believe in creation.

      • Becks

        HOWEVER – there’s the theory that we could thank PBS for their “censorship” move…I’m fairly sure that this will get a lot more publicity now. Not that many people would have watched the show live and now the other media outlets will jump all over the PBS move to cut a political joke, thus giving the whole issue far more focus in the general media.

      • CC

        I love the ‘Sarah Palin Rape Kit Debunkers.’ They just hate how uninformed Mrs. Palin really is and they REALLY hate to admit it. The policy changed on her watch. Plain and simple. You’re just believing any right-wing nut job bloggers you want. You are the one who’s spoon-fed, buddy.

      • Russ

        Earth to TV_Pete — See Robert Schlesinger’s US News & World Report blog (2/2009) where he analyzed results of a Gallup poll showing that 25% of Americans reject evolution. That would mean 75% accept it. And that would mean your post is somewhere between a lie and being misleading. Don’t print your opinion as facts.

      • David T

        Nice move ignorant, can’t even use your first name? Its proven that the policy changed on her watch. Would you ask someone’s insurance company to pay to collect evidence from a shooting scene? should we make a victim pay an officer investigating a burglary?

      • Person Who Talks

        Oh @Karen, the majority of the world does very much believe that some sort of higher power was involved in the intentional creation of the universe. I’m not trying to endorse any particular religion here, but Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Socrates, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Loius Paschal, JFK, Paul McCartney, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, William Shakeshpeare, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Jefferson, hell even John Lennon, all believe(d) in a benevolent higher power of sorts that created the universe. For you to come along and think that you’re smarter than them is just sad.

      • Person Who Talks

        Oh and I totally forgot to mention MLK jr., another awesome guy who believed in a higher power! For the record, I’m not trying to defend Palin or Fey (I’m not a fan of Palin, and Fey, though entertaining and usually intelligent, didn’t really have much class when she made this comment), I’m simply trying to point out the ridiculous hubris behind Karen’s comment.

      • Chuck

        So… because Palin and MLK jr. believe(d) in “a higher power” or creationism that means most people believe in it too? I didnt realize that Palin controlled all females brains and MLK jr controlled all male brains. You learn something new everyday.

      • Maybe you should read that Bible

        If you actually read Genesis, there are two different creation orders. Genesis 1 has earth, light, sky, land, plants, day/night, water animals and birds, then land creatures, then man and woman. Genesis 2:4 lists it differently. Earth and heavens (but no plants or rain). Then Adam. Then a garden with plants. Then animals. Eve last.

        Which one is the creation story?

        To me, God could have used any order He wanted (even evolution) and it is fine with me.

      • Ashley S

        Sarah Palin is in idiot and a disgrace to women everywhere. When i see her and christine odonnell i want to vomit. please dont fall victim to this we will end up in another bush era.

      • Person Who Talks

        @Chuck: There are 6 billion people in this world, and yes, the majority of them believe in some sort of higher power; to say otherwise would be absurd. I’m not saying that atheists don’t exist (because obviously they do) and that there aren’t plenty of them (because there are) or that they’re bad people (because I know several atheists, and most of them are good people). But do you and Karen have some magical piece of knowledge that makes you smarter than Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Socrates, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Louis Paschal, JFK, Paul McCartney, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, John Lennon, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr. and the majority of this earth’s population? Now, once again, I’m not trying to endorse one religion over the other (unless said religion is the Westboro Baptist Nutjobs, in which case, any church but that), but atheism never made much sense to me…you want proof of “God”? Look around you! The world is a beautiful place! Do you have someone you love? A wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, lover, anything of the like? If so, take a look at them…how does he/she make you feel? Can you seriously look at him/her, see how perfect he/she is, how perfect it is that out of all the people in the world, you two found each other, and tell me that there is no higher power of any sort at work here? There is love coursing through our veins; everything happens for a reason, and if you don’t see it, then you’re just not looking hard enough.

      • Lete

        Whether or not most people believe in creation is irrelevant. It’s a made up story that when you think about it sounds just as ridiculous as every creation story out there (from Native American, to African, to Eastern religions).

      • Person Who Talks

        @Lete: So what, the notion that the universe just appeared out of nowhere, with absolutely no purpose, doesn’t sound ridiculous to you? I’m not asking you to take creation stories literally, that would be absolutely absurd. But have an open mind man! Don’t think that you know all that there is to know…I certainly don’t know everything, and I’m not up on a soap box saying that everyone who doesn’t believe exactly what I believe is a f*cking moron, I’m just saying that often times, aethiests are just as closed minded a regilious fanatics.

      • Person Who Talks

        And @Lete: once again, did I ever endorse one particular religion? No. Do I literally believe that some all-powerful man in the sky created the world out nothing in 6 days? Of course not! But I find it just as hard to believe that the creation of the universe, and all that is in it, was some happy accident. I find it hard to believe that I was some accident, that the people whom I love, and my meeting of them, was just an accident, that you serve no purpose, that we all are here because of happenstance. I mean think about it, if there wasn’t some sort of benevolent force looking over us in some manner, mankind would have destroyed itself already!

      • D.B.

        Religion is retarded.

      • Steve

        -> Person who talks,

        So, because you don’t like the fact it’s an accident you choose to ignore evidence and go with some fairy tale to make you feel better?
        How’s Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy treating you… there’s no difference.

      • Douglas

        “Most People”, and ALL intelligent people, know that Creationism is a crock of bull.

      • Douglas

        Oh “Person Who Talks,” you chose the right screen name. You certainly would never be mistaken for “Person Who Thinks”.

      • therealdbuck

        Why can’t people understand that maybe God created evolution. THEY BOTH EXIST!

    • Chandler02

      VERY bad choice to edit the guest of honor’s speech!

      • anonymous

        Agreed. If they wanted to keep it on time, couldn’t PBS have cut Jennifer Hudson? I like her but just having a song in the middle was sort of wierd and out of place since the rest of the show was comedy. Yes, Jane Krakowski and Jimmy Fallon sang but they were comedic songs (Muffin Top has been a running 30 Rock gag).

    • JJax

      Could it POSSIBLY be that PBS just didn’t want to get too political??? If we are making up stories that they have an agenda we should at least leave the slight possibility that they simply didn’t want to run the chance of possibly offending some people in their audience. They might agree with Tina on the subject but made a judgement call- and based on the comments made, it obviously back-fired.

      • Strepsi

        J Jax, there is only one possible solution to your post: If an organization does not want to “offend” people, it SHOULD NOT HAVE A MARK TWAIN AWARD FOR HUMOR.

  • LoveBug68

    Censorship from the right. Smaller government is their mantra but they want to control everything. I hate hypocrits more then anything – and those teabaggers are hypocrits.

    • LoveBug68

      hypocrites! LOL

      But then again the right did “tap” McCain to be their leader two years ago and the man is the biggest hypocrite!

      • Zombie Jesus

        Even McCain’s wife Cindy disagrees with John McCain. HIS OWN WIFE! After the election he just became a mess, and he just folds to whatever tide his political party is leaning towards.

        Example: When he told Newsweek he never considered himself a maverick.

        I LOL’d at that one for days

      • Umm But McCain agrees with Obama

        Get a clue.. Obama could end DADT with a single swipe of his pen. And he hasn’t he has actually argued opposite gay republicans who sued and got it struck down.. he did this even as we no know there was a report saying removing DADT won’t be an issue. There is what Obama says and what he does.. he’ll say anything to any group.. but he is short on keeping promises

      • annoyed

        Um, your comment is not right. The justice department always defends laws that come in front of the court, regardless of whether the sitting president agrees with them. That’s just SOP.

        Obama wants the ban to be lifted by congress, not by the swipe of his pen. It’s politics, but to say that he supports a law that he is against is just plain wrong.

      • UncleWalty

        no, Obama can’t end DADT by himself. About all he can really do is set the terms of it’s enforcement, and that only by an executive order, which would be rescinded as soon as the Republicans take the White House (which, let us pray, is not until they get a firm grasp on reality).

        and yes, he could order the AG to challenge the constitutionality of the law in court. Worst move he could possibly make, which is why he won’t do it.

    • Get a clue

      The right didn’t edit it.. PBS has no right on staff so your comment is stupid. I totally support Tina Fey’s right to be revolting. BTW.. Nancy Pelosi was good for all women.. Unless they wanted to be born, not aborted. Or wanted to keep their family farm in areas of California being ruined to save small fish.. or if they wanted to get their kids out of a violent DC school with the Voucher program Obama canceled.. but otherwise if being born, or protecting your kids is not an issue Nancy was really good for women. See it works both ways.. PBS edited for time in a way that protected Fey from being seen as rude idiot.. thanks EW for keeping us informed.

      • Cara

        Ugh. You need to “get a clue”.

      • Cara why hate.

        PBS clealy thought the sensative nature of RAPE as a joke and politcal foil was something they wanted to put on air. Given that it was based on a lie created in the last election it was good of them to try to keep Fey from looking like an idiot.

      • LoveBug68

        PBS does have conservatives on their board – appointed by George Bush.

        Yes, all children should be born. However once you are born we will not give a crap about you. Repubs, save the fetus, abandon the child. Its a great slogan!

      • Chandler02

        Saying that PBS doesn’t have anyone on the right working for them shows just how far you will go to ignore facts. Yikes.

      • UGH patrol

        Bush Supporter is one of the folks that runs PBS

      • AnnaMossity

        Instead of the government handing out vouchers to “get… kids out of a violent D.C. school,” thereby abandoning those left behind to the vagaries of fate, how about we work to make the school system BETTER?!

      • Bonilla


  • Marie

    There was a reason why I didn’t like PBS….such hypocrites…

  • Amanda Kiwinerd

    It has nothing to do with Palin or conservatism. It’s just that RAPE JOKES AREN’T FUNNY, TINA FEY!!!!

    • tim

      Scroll up and re-read, Amanda. It wasn’t a rape joke.

      • Tim get a clue

        Tim it takes a guy to not understand what the word rape means..
        What is offensive is Fey exploiting RAPE as for humor and poltical gain when whole “Rape Kit thing” is a red herring as Palin had nothing to do with the policy to ask insurance companies to pay for the kits. it was there before she was mayor and was never an issue brought up.. until years latter when the left needed a fake reason to hate Sara.. so really using RAPE to attack a woman politician is about as slimy as it gets.. but lefies always USE peopel to get thier way.. then under Da bus with them

      • Shawn

        I normally hate people that do this, but Jesus, check your spelling.
        Poltical? Latter? Sara? Lefies? Peopel? Thier?
        This is EW, not a Tea Party Rally. Have some standards and act like you’ve been there before.

      • Mel

        I’m a woman and I didn’t take offense to the joke and didn’t think it was a “rape” joke in that sense. Don’t be ragging on Tim because you have some other issue.

    • JDWurl

      Sarah, is that you?

      • KariVery

        Um, who needs a fake reason to hate Palin when she supplies so many real reasons!

    • Zombie Jesus

      It may have been a joke but it is also 100% true.

      So maybe instead of being shocked and appalled that a COMEDIAN said an outlandish joke, perhaps we should look at the source for that material.

      • Asst Reg Mang

        Sweet Zombie Jesus!

      • lesliemd

        To Tim-get-a-clue: before you bash eveyone about the rape KIT (noy just rapr) portion of her speech, I hope you’re aware that when Palin was mayor of Wasilla, they charged rape victims to examine them for rape evidence. Thus, rape victims were doubly victimized.

        You’re right about it not being a joke – and Palin and Wasilla should be ashamed for that. At least the state of Alaska banned that practice statewide. Don’t blame Tina Fey for stating a fact.

    • Wottadoosh

      It has nothing to do with your intellect. It’s just that YOU COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT AMANDA KIWINERD!!!!!”

    • E

      Rape isn’t funny, and I believe Tina is on record as saying so. But I think here she’s using humor to call attention to an uncomfortable truth, not make fun of rape.

      • Lemon

        I get a feeling the Amanda doesn’t get sarcasm, also maybe be a troll . . .

      • @E

        The truth is the “rape kit” issue was manufactured by the left to exploit women’s emotions against a woman. Palin had nothing to do with the policy it was there before she was Mayor and there are no indications it was even discussed or noticed until leftist attach dogs added it to the other sick rumors they used to trash a woman they didn’t like, Democrats love all the “special” groups they create until its time to toss them under the bus

      • Skip182

        lol, she’s a momma grizzly and cares about women but lets that happen. nice lady.

      • Shawn

        Attach dogs are the worst! You try to shake them off but they’re just latched on so tight.

      • UGH patrol

        It is a fact that under Sarah Palin’s administration, Wasilla cut funds that had previously paid for the medical exams and began charging victims or their health insurers the $500 to $1200 fees.

      • AnnaMossity

        “@e” What, exactly, is an “attach dog?” Do they have some sort of octopus-like suckers on their feet, that they use to latch on to their victims? Are they anything like ATTACK dogs? I’ll say it again: There’s really NO need for people to invent reasons to be disgusted by Ma Palin.

    • TruthHurts


      Amanda’s Head

      • Andy Barker


    • DT

      George Carlin will disagree with you. I’m going to go with George Carlin on this one.

    • sara

      I think what Amanda meant was anything to do with rape isn’t funny. Tina Fey and the rest of Hollywood need to get off their high horses and stop pretending like they are superior. And Tina, you aren’t that funny.

      • Anit Yef

        she’s not pretending, she just is superior to you. get over it.

    • Shawn

      Prison rape jokes are funny! Those people have it coming!

    • Redhead

      It wasn’t a rape joke and it was very funny. You might try reading it or listening to it before you make a stupid comment.

    • Lisa

      Amanda, I hate rape jokes as well. I really, really, really, really hate them. While Tina Fey did use the word, which is sensitive to many of us, she didn’t make a joke about rape. She poignantly brought attention to a bizarre problem; is it better for women to elect female politicians, or is it better for women to elect politicians of any gender who care about our rights? I understand that sometimes the word itself can be offensive, and I understand that it offended you, but I’d like to suggest that there is a bit of a difference between her comment and “rape jokes.” I’m not saying we have to agree, but I do think both points are valid.

  • angeljake


  • jodipo

    SHE WASNT MAKING A JOKE ABOUT RAPE AMANDA KIWINERD. How obtuse are you that you didnt get that? Or maybe you are a conservative woman and think women who survive rape should pay for those kids and be forced to carry the children of the rapist?

    • clueless >> jodipo

      @jodipo you need to get educated. Palin never created teh rape kit rule. She has no record on it. Not even sure she knew it was a rule. It is an emotional exploitation issue created by the left. The rule was eneacted before Palin was Mayor and there is no record that anyone ever brought it up so there is no record of her being for it or against it.. it was part of oppostion research.. so Democrats could manipulate women into hatting a woman who was effective. It was a slime attack and Fey is Ignorant and clearly uniformed to bring it up this many years later.

      • KariVery

        Is it just me, or do all these people say the same phrase over and over “…. before Palin was mayor… lefts making it up to bash her….” sounds like Fox News sound bites to me.

      • Shawn

        It’s because it’s all the same person. You can tell by the terrible spelling.

      • AnnaMossity

        I hate it when Democrats manipulate women into HATTING other people; It should be left up to the individual what they want to wear on their head!!

      • Kathy

        Anna…I think I love you! LOL!

    • Ricky

      It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of susinnhe.

  • Al

    When Tina Fey tries to look feminine, she just ends up looking more like a man.

    • Wottadoosh

      When you try to be funny, you just end up looking like a tool.

      • David T

        First of all, TIna Fey is hot….second of all, what does how she look like have anything to do with whether she is funny, or right? I mean, Rush Limbaugh looks like a deflated baloon but I laugh at nearly everything he says…..

      • Wottadoosh

        You talking to me? I was talking to Al. It looks like you are giving Amanda Kiwinerd a run for her money in missing the point.

    • powerpoultry

      Too right, Al. Fey beginning to look like Maddow.

    • jodipo

      so… does that mean Sarah Palin looks like a man?

  • jsf

    What’s with all the paranoia? There’s not a conspiracy everywhere you look. Sometimes, it is just editing for time….

    • Lynny

      So why didn’t they edit out some of the other speakers and let the actual recipient have her entire speech broadcast. That just seems like common sense.

      • jsf

        paranoid much?

    • sara

      jsf – clueless much?

      • jsf

        care much?

  • powerpoultry

    Who cares about Tina Fey? We are sick of hearing about Tina Fey, and we cannot bear to look at her silly mug.

    • Jason

      It must suck to be wrong all the time, but I bet you’re used to it.

    • Anit Yef

      I think she’s a fantastic chick. I dig her stuff, my powerful winged friend.

    • BlackIrish4094

      When you say we do you mean you and the other personalities that occupy your skull?

    • Louise

      Let me guess who you aren’t sick of? A certain compulsive winker who drops her consonants? Hmmmm? Just a guess.

    • Mel

      speak for yourself, buddy.

    • UGH

      Fey’s got the best publicist on the planet. How else could such a mediocre talent get all of these accolades? You can tell the world of comedy has grinded to a screaching halt whenever she’s toted as being so great.

      • MattyB

        I guess you miss the golden age of Adam Sandler & the Wayans Brothers. The classics. And now here we are stuck with intelligent, meaningful comedy. Tragic.

  • Joseph

    Tina Fey gives free speech a bad image. There is this ridiculous assumption that if you censor stupid people’s comments (like Tina’s) that democracy will be compromised. Apparently many people in this country need not just a statue of liberty to give them this right of freedom where their actions show they have taken this for granted, they need a statue o responsibility. The fact is this country became strong mostly because it was “good” not just free. There are lots of free people walking around losing their freedom because of their stupidity. We are more worried about freedom then morality.

    • TruthHurts

      Funny thing about “morality” — even by their own twisted standards, conservatives usually end up being the least scrupulous of individuals. The more loudly a right-winger thumps on that bible, the more likely he or she is hiding something.

      • Joseph

        not even religous

    • Lemon

      I don’t think you understand the point of free speech Joseph b/c I can’t censor your stupid comments . . .

    • Luddite

      What? Did Sarah Palin teach you how to construct a paragraph?

    • Anit Yef

      Who’s morality, Joe? Yours?

      No thanks!

      I like my freedom of choice there as well.

      Hate her all you want, but to call Tina Fey stupid…. well, that just kinda makes YOU seem a bit daft. Tell me, wise one, how would a stupid person be able to write humor?

  • mccliza

    “Not a Republican congress that wants to squash PBS’ federal funding?” Well, probably not, since a). the congress won’t be Republican ’til January, and b). if they wanted to squash the funding, it’s more likely they would LET the offensive jokes fly (and I’m not saying they were) and try to use that as evidence the network is biased or inappropriate.

  • shirleyA

    So she can mimic Sarah Palin?
    Isn’t she amazing? Let all give this creative woman a standing ovation!

    • sara

      gee, somehow I get the feeling you wouldn’t recognize creativity if it smacked you in the face.

    • greg

      tina was clever/ funny way before the 2008 campaign in which she imitated a candidate. give credit where credit is due, please

  • Joseph

    Tina Fey whose just a self centered actress/ comedian compared to Sarah Palin who was a Governor and presidential candidate even if he wasn’t perfect is more valuable then some actress/comedian who uses her brain to tell trashy jokes.

    • TruthHurts

      Sarah Palin is a reality TV show attention whore who quit her term as governor to make a quick buck off gullible people. Her fanbase is as credible as those of people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

      • sara


      • Actually

        Leftist attack dogs tied up the Governors Office and tried to bankrupt the Palins with a series of unjustified ethics charges. She left partially because staying ment the state was spending all its time dealing with political operatives. Oddly if the left had just talked issues and let the campaign run its course she would be a has been. But for some reason they hate conservative women so attack them at crude personal levels and make them into heros for the right and even for independents and create a visual of hate that turns people off the left. There is a reason more Americans support the Teaparty then call themselvs liberal.. its because no one wants to be seen as one of those loud, kool-aid drinking haters that have taken over the base of the Democrat party

      • TruthHurts

        “But for some reason they hate conservative women so attack them at crude personal levels”
        As exhibited on this site, the true experts at attacking women on superficial bounds are right-wing males.

        The tea party is quite popular — but then so are reality TV shows. Guess what? Neither one is going to help this country with the problems it faces.


        Nicely said.

    • jodipo

      hmmm, judging by your misuse of the word “whose” I would guess you are a tea bagger

      • Joseph

        no not even close. whose cares!

      • TV_Pete

        Why are so many liberals opposed to oral sex, using it as an epithet?

        Or are they specifying that male homosexual oral sex is objectionable and that is why they are using this term to describe supporters of the fiscally conservative policies?

    • Steve

      Palin was NOT a presidential candidate.

    • Rebecca

      She quit!! She left the people of Alaska hanging because she a)didn’t want anymore ethics violations and b) so she could make $$$.

  • Trig

    I disagree completely.. Rape can be funny when done tastefully

    • Trig

      Argh.. I meant RAPE JOKES!.. RAPE JOKES!

      • Dani C

        this! LMFAO!!!

    • Fine Example

      You or are fine example why most of America wants nothing to do with the left anymore. It has stopped being about helping people and had become a as hateful as the KKK

  • Joseph

    takes a lot more guts to run for Governor, Vice President than tell low class jokes for low class people that like to hear them

    • Bobby’s Robot

      It wasn’t Palin’s guts – it was her lust for fame, money and power.

    • Louise

      She was also gutsy enough to quit said governorship before the first term. What a bold leadership decision!

    • Lemon

      question, how much “guts” does it take to quit the office of Governor or to get chosen to run for Vice President?? Someone can run for office all they want, but it’s what you do when you are in office that proves whether or not you have guts . . .

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