Teri Hatcher visits 'Smallville': Who is the best Lois Lane?

louis-laneImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABC; Jack Rowand/The CWTonight, Teri Hatcher guest stars as Lois Lane’s mother on Smallville. Hatcher, of course, played Lois herself in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Hatcher isn’t the first former Lois to swing by Smallville: Margot Kidder appeared on the show back in 2004. Add in Erica Durance, who’s been playing the dynamo lady reporter on the show for six years, and Smallville has officially featured only the finest Lois Lanes of the last three decades. But who is your favorite?

Personally, I’m a total Kidder loyalist. The character is typically played as a tireless workaholic, but Kidder added an element of gleeful obsessiveness. That’s especially true in Superman 2, where Kidder has one of the single funniest scenes in any superhero movie. (She chainsmokes through an extended explanation about the medical benefits of orange juice.) I also have a soft spot for Dana Delany, who voiced Lois in various animated series. Much as I love Superman Returns, though, I’ve mostly blocked out the Kate Bosworth scenes from my mind. Let’s just be kind and say she was too young for the role. Although I’d love to hear an argument from Bosworth fans. (Anyone?) Vote in the poll below to decide who is the fairest/coolest Lois of them all!

I’m hoping Rachel McAdams plays Lois Lane in the new Superman. Tell me I’m wrong on Twitter @EWDarrenFranich

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  • Summer

    I really liked Dana Delaney in the role, but Erica Durance was the one actress who made me fall in love with Lois Lane after Margot Kidder made me dislike the character.

    • Sylvia

      I agree, Erica Durance is the best ever Lois Lane in my opinion.

      • phuongthuy8488

        I really liked Dana Delaney in the role, but Erica Durance was the one actress who made me fall in love with Lois Lane after Margot Kidder made me dislike the character.

    • Natasha

      OMG, are you ME? I felt the same way about Margot!Lois, but Erica is the first to make me girlcrush on Lois Lane.

    • Keira

      Totally agree! Margot Kidder kind of made me hate the character with her slightly spazzy acting, but I really love Erica Durance as Lois. She does an awesome job!

    • Bea

      I always thought Margot was too old, not pretty enough and very annoying.

  • iva

    Erica Durance made me fall for the character and see Smallville in particular as more then just a WB show based on pleasure delay. I never saw the Teri Hatcher series though. From my current perspective, she could not be better then Erica so no point there really

    • Kate

      Erica Durance is my favorite portrayl of Lois to date. I sincerely love her Lois Lane. But I also have a special place in my heart for all the women listed particularly Teri and Margot and Dana. I honestly wish this poll didn’t exist. All of these women are wonderful and pitting them against each other just creates an opportunity for people to be nasty.

  • JRWolfe

    Would be nice if Smallville brought on Noel Neill for an episode.

  • marty

    This is just way too difficult! Dana was incredible, but Erica and Teri are both incredible in their own right. All in all I think some really incredible women have played the role and have each done a excellent job in putting their own spin on the character.

    • Mary

      I don’t really feel the need to choose. Erica is my favorite right now. I think she has brought new soul to this role and I love her for it. But I will always love Teri and Dana and Margot.

  • Daniel

    In order: Margot Kidder, Terri Hatcher, Noel Neil, Dana Delaney, Erica Durance, Kate Bosworth. Amused that Smallville asked Terri Hatcher to appear as Lois’ mother. Terri recently posted pictures of herself without make-up showing she does need to use botox, and Erica Durance is so heavily botoxed it’s ridiculous. Her face has issues moving.

    Anyway, my vote is for Margo!

    • Daniel

      Edit < Terri does NOT need to use. Just for clarification.

      • Michael

        How did I know fans of certain other Smallville characters and actresses would use this as an excuse to spout vile abuse at Erica. Pathetic.

      • Jessica

        You mean Lana and Chloe’s fans? Since Lois’ fans are so perfect and they never insult, right? Right.

      • Lauren

        You are right, that’s seriously ironic. Terri Hatcher is not even that much older than Erica Durance. I just don’t like Erica’s version of Lois. The version is such poor role model for young women and an iconic character.

        Margot Kidder FTW!!

      • Myra

        It’s a rare day when you see a Lois Lane fan insulting Allison Mack on a person level. Chloe Sullivan fans however don’t show that same respect to Erica Durance. As we’ve just seen here, AM fans will use any excuse to bash ED on a personal level because they are jealous that Erica is playing Lois Lane and Allison is playing some second-rate character. That’s all just tough luck. AM fans don’t need to be so catty and childish about it. Every single article about Erica has to take a low blow to her appearance or age. It’s so misogynistic. But then again, AM/Chloe fans are the epitome of self-loathing misogynistic fans which is why that legendary commercial makes me laugh. The people behind it wouldn’t know how to be a legendary woman if their life depended on it. lol

      • Mary

        I felt sad the minute I saw this poll because I knew that the minute it went up bitter, nasty fans would insult Erica personally on it…just as they’ve been doing for the last 7 year. It’s sadder than I can express. It’s very rare that I ever see nasty comments like this directed at the REAL actresses on Smallville from other fans. Characters? Sure. The real people who play them? No. The Lois fansites forbid that kind of behavior. You get banned if you even try. Erica is a beautiful, lovely woman. She has put up with more shameful SHAMEFUL behavior from horrible people in this fandom than everyone else combined. I wish ALL the women involved with this show the best of luck. All of the women involved with this show: and that includes Erica, Allison, Kristin and Cassidy all have more class than the nasty people who have constantly treated Erica so poorly over the years.

      • Jessica

        Just because someone dislikes Erica, it doesn’t mean they’re instantly either Lana or Chloe fan. There are a lot of viewers who aren’t shippers, or just casual viewers who simply don’t like either Erica or her portrayal. Erica herself has made some not so graceful comments about the Lana/Chloe fans, so I can understand why some people would go to the personal level. I don’t condone it at all but I understand what’s that like when one’s bitter about the direction of the show, and on top of that you have the actress portraying your least favorite character mocking you, i.e. ‘I win, neeneer-neeneer’ comments. And if there were less people generalizing about certain parts of fandom, maybe there would be less wars and insults all around. And even if Lois fans are not to be blamed about insulting Allison so much, they are constantly insulting her fans. Like you just did with your ‘I laugh at their legendary commercial, they wouldn’t know what legendary woman is’, etc. To them, their favorite character is legendary and their favorite. Not everyone likes the same thing, we’re all different. And Lois fans throw hissy fits as soon as someone mentions they don’t like the character, but it’s perfect fine to insult other fanbases? That’s hypocritical.

        That being said, I don’t condone bashing the actors who are just doing their job, not at all, as I’m sure you’re probably going to say I do. I respect all of them and I respect and like all the characters on the show, as everyone has contributed to making this show great. The fans can be nutty and vile, yes, but a few people making comments doesn’t give anyone any rights to generalize the entire fandom over it. If more people would understand that, there wouldn’t be as much bad blood among the fanbases as there is.

      • Mary

        Jessica, your comment was just as bad as everything else on here. You “understand” why people bash? You may as well as condone it. If you are against actor bashing then just say so. Instead, you added fuel to the fire. Those comments from Erica were clearly a joke. She has been NOTHING but gracious even to the fans who have treated her like crap. Last year, she was asked point blank about the other characters fans in TVguide (in a very inappropriate way) and she said that she understood and sympathsized with the fans who wanted Clark with someone else. She was over the top kind and supportive. And people still bashed her. The bottom line is that it’s WRONG to make personal attacks on people. Allison Mack has said some things that have rubbed me the wrong way over the years in interviews. Does that give me the right to bash her repeatedly on boardS? No. And I wouldn’t. All of these actors are human and I understand that. Your comment makes you just as bad as everyone else.

      • Kate

        Jessica, you can claim to just be a casual viewer all you want. I’ve never seen those kinds of comments come from anyone but a bitter shipper. Casual viewers don’t waste their times saying mean things about actresses on message boards. Clearly, you are not neutral. If you were, you would have reminded people not to generalize and tried to keep the peace. Instead, you added fuel to the fire.

      • hypocrite

        Jessica, there was a better way for you to express that you were against actor bashing/fan baiting than by participating in it yourself. Accusing Erica of “mocking” fans (which is not what she did) makes you just as bad as the others. If you wanted to prove that you were neutral then you failed.

      • Yasmin

        Erica’s awesome, as is Allison, Cassidy and Kristin their absolute sweethearts. They all play different roles on the show with their grace and style. Love them!

      • Josh

        Since when is noticing the obvious an “attack”? If you don’t like the fact someone mentions Erica Durance’s use of botox, maybe you should take that up with Erica? She is the one who felt the need to do it. It gets noticed & commented on. It’s part of the business.
        Yeah, I vote Terri. She looks good naturally & seems proud of it.

      • Erin

        “Jessica, you can claim to just be a casual viewer all you want. I’ve never seen those kinds of comments come from anyone but a bitter shipper.”

        Ah hold on, generalisation much? I am what you would probably call a casual fan. Haven’t watched the show for maybe 2-3 seasons now, was quite fond of it but IMO it had gone on for long enough and I kinda got over it as too many other shows in my busy TV scehedule took precedence. I wasn’t a shipper in the slightest but shock horror, wasn’t a fan of the Smallville version of Lois either.

        So I totally get what Jessica was saying concerning the overt sterotyping. One thing I don’t miss about Smallville is the crazy fans, they were enough to put me off. I don’t really don’t get or like when someone has to denigrate another actor or character just to prop up their fave? Or the accusation that if someone doesn’t like or likes another character, they must be a fan or non fan of the other because apparently everything comes down to Chloe vs Lois? Seriously people, it’s time to leave the school playground.

    • Myra

      Erica Durance is the BEST Lois Lane. Hands down. But Teri Hatcher is the SECOND BEST. Having them both together tonight is amazing!

    • Fe_Rosa

      Hum.. so you chose who is the best Lois Lane because of skin? Pleaseeeeeeee… this has to be a joke!
      What “botox” have to do with act? Seriosly, I´m done!!!!

    • Lyle

      What in the bloody hell does this have to do with who’s the best Lois Lane, or is some pathetic way of making yourself feel better? Really, just say who’s your best Lois Lane and get on with it. I think folks just like to say meaningless crap sounds like the Smallville fandom to me. (Ah don’t kill me Smallville fans but just sayin…)

  • byu

    Margot all the way. There is no substitute.

    • Stacie

      No duh!

  • Erum

    I also loved Dana Delaney in the animated series. Until Durance, she was my favorite. Now, Durance is my absolute favorite, with DD second and then Hatcher and Kidder. I, too, have blocked out Bosworth’s version. *shudder*

  • wino

    ive watched all the superman movies (original and new), and followed Lois & Clark, but I really think Erica Durance is THE best portrayal of this character. its her acting, her beauty and most importantly her charm AND chemistry with her leading actor. She’s pretty bad a$$ if you ask me.

  • JML

    Ultimately i chose Margot Kidder as my favorite just because I grew up with her being Lois Lane, but this in no way detracts the other ladies that have portrayed Lois Lane. Except for Kate Bosworth, she was so wrong for the part, in my opinion she did not exude the spunky characteristic of Lois Lane and in fact made that character a bore.

  • mark in nyc

    I hated Erica Durance as Lois Lane for so long…she was just so plastic (inmore ways then one). but I have to admitt that this season she has really done a great job.
    Still Margot Kidder all the way…and as long as it is ntoed that Kate Bosworth was one of the top things wrong with Superman Returns, all is right.

    • kat

      ITA! When she first joined the cast, I was so disappointed. I felt she was not suited for the coveted Lois Lane. But years later, I think she has really come in to her own. This season in particular has been really good for her.
      (Oh, and I don’t even recognize that Kate Bosworth was Lois… to me, she’s just some chick in that Superman reboot… shame on the casting in that one.)

  • Craig

    Erica Durance. She’s so spunky. Her and Tom have better chemistry than any previous Clark and Lois coupling, imo.

  • rich

    Teri hatcher to me is the ultimate lois lane, i think she really represented the modern woman while still remaining true to the character and also she was the sexiest Lois

  • Brain

    Erica Sucks!

    • mayiya

      You need a BRAIN… Stupid! =P

    • Allison

      Hi Lana and Chloe fan! xD you need to be more creative … you need a brain!!

    • k

      Chloe sucks more. /See what I did there? Lol

    • Lyle

      The question is who’s the best Lois Lane? Really is it that hard… Oh boy.

  • JonnyT

    Margot Kidder remains the best for me. Teri Hatcher was quite good, as was Noel Neill. But for me, Margot Kidder brought her own unique style that no one has been able to match since.

  • Josie

    I have a soft spot for Hatcher’s Lois. I used to watch that show all the time when I was a youngin’

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