The 'relatable' 'Bama Belles' heads to TLC. But do we want to see relatable TV?

TLC is taking its cameras down south to follow a group of women in rural Dothan, Ala. Read the full post.

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    First of all I would like to say that I live in Florala, Al. Which is a true definition of a rural community with 0 Walmarts, 1 doctor, 1 dentist and a Piggly Wiggly. We have to drive at least 30 mins in any direction for any type of shopping or entertainment of any kind. Dothan is going out of town for us and we have way more class than these women. I’m all for the Bravo “Real” Housewives because they are entertaining and much better actresses. Although its true that many southern men and some women like to spend their time hunting and fishing that isn’t all we do. We also like shopping, visiting the beach frequently, and spending quality time with family and friends. These women are a very poor portrayal of a “southern belle”. My husband and I have a hundred head of cow and never have I fed one of them with my mouth. Southern belles have respect for God and their marriages and would never cheat on their husbands…..and most certainly wouldn’t air it on TV. And in the words of Miranda Lambert “We’re just like you ONLY PRETTIER”.

  • Ginger

    Good Lord people, it says the show is about those five women and their lives, nowhere in the description did it say, this show is supposed to represent the entire population of southern women. Get over it, in every great state there are many walks of life, no group is better than the other. It is a show for kicks and giggles, if you don’t like it, turn the channel, get of your high and mighty horse and applaud these girls for having a dream and attaining it!

    • Real Rural houswives of Alabama

      The show is called Bama Belles… That is the description.

  • Cassie

    This show sucks big time! I watched about 5 minutes of it and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it won’t be picked up for a fourth show, much less a second season! It seems like no one has anything nice to say about this show, as well. Well, except the people that know that Amy gal! Those ladies say that people think southern ladies are ignorant? They make themselves look ignorant x5! Please do us all a favor and take this piece of crap off of TLC and put something better on!

  • Lawrence

    Oh my Lord – have you seen the size of amy’s chin? How many chins does this belle have?

  • jerrianna

    It is interesting that one of the women says that the biggest misconception is that southern women are ignorant. The women on this show are making southern women look absolutely stupid. This is not a good thing.

  • sweetashoney

    So far I’m enjoying the show,you have three womem protrayed as being good,one outsider and one bully. How much better can a show get.I was raised in Florida and now have lived in South Carolina for the past thirty years and I agree I have never known of anyone let a cow eat somthing out of their mouth. I have although heard of lawnmower racing, I just have never seen it in person. At least their not mudd bogging! I guess the reason they call it a rural area is because they don’t live right in the middle of the city, it looks like their home are out in the country.

  • Z Saltzman

    I have lived in al since I was 5. I have lived in small towns and big cities in al. I have never been to a lawnmover race and don’t know anyone who has. Southern women are smart, hardworking, and strong but we are not hicks. I am afraid the show stereotypes women as ignorant, petty, and man hungry

  • Jess

    I was born and raised in the wiregrass area but now live in Michigan. I just wanted to thank these women for giving people up here another reason to make fun of where in from. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed by no means of where I’m from but when people form their own opinions about you by just hearing your accent, you really want to add fuel to the fire by doing this show?!?! This show is just horrible. I personally don’t know any of these women but if I were to get on tv and “act” the way they are, my mother would show me some “southern discipline” of her own. In the desciption of the show, it may not have said that it’s supposed to represent all southern women but that is exactly what some people will think, that all southern women act like this. I really don’t know what else to say besides bravo TLC for making southern women look bad.

  • Buffy

    I grew up in Mobile, Alabama & lived there for 18 years before heading for college. After graduating from college in Tuscaloosa, I lived in Birmingham for almost 14 years before moving to Virginia. None of these “ladies” is anything like women I’ve known throughout the state. I mean who has heard of a lawnmower race ? I thought they had to be joking. Well, let’s just say these ladies are certainly not members of the “ladies who lunch” crowd but that is obvious to most!
    There’s nothing wrong with this “element” or “crowd”, but people should be aware & those who have knowledge of true southern ladies recognize these women are certainly not typical. The Junior League of Dothan isn’t putting these ladies in the provisional class!!

    • CJ

      Well said, I left out the “educated, Junior League, country club lunch” series of my post. Thank you!!

  • Vader

    I seem to be noticing a common thread now. It seems that everyone that is “friends” with Amie Pollard (or any other member of this show) seems to thins this show is great, and oh so wonderful, and how it shows the struggles these women go through. Yet everyone else who does not have some perceived personal stake in this show all seem to call it bad, horrid, an insult to the south and southern women. Letters to the editor have been written asking to have this show pulled, more and more people are coming on this and other posting boards standing in unison asking this show to be killed due to the depiction it portrays of the south. This is not only limited to the Dothan area. People from Mississippi, Mobile, Birmingham, Florida, and all over the southern region are all saying they feel insulted by this show. Is this a coincidence? Or is it a telling fact of the quality of the content and depictions of what TLC has decided to air as their next reality show?

    • CJ

      I agree. And not the mention, it seems as though they want to depict them as uneducated. When in acutality, most Southern “Belles” this day and time are very educated with lawyer and medical degrees. It is just a given that a true Southern Belle would have an education.

  • CJ

    Seriously? I thought the ghetto freaks on the “Real Housewives of ATL” were bad…but come on!!! I was been born and raised in the South. Atlanta to be exact and neither show is accurate to the actual lives of REAL Southern women. I have NEVER in my life been to or ever even heard of “lawnmower” racing nor have I ever HAD to kiss a cow to be Southern. Sure we ride 4whlrs and jetskis, but NO respectable Southern Belle is going to hunt or fish…true Southern Belles, would wait for the deer or catfish to get to the house then we’d throw a huge party or fish fry with all our friends and family. Hunting for our food? pffttt charight…more like calling a caterer…we plan parties, we decorate, we shop and we socialize…we dont hunt, fish or chew chewing tobacco!! Bama Belles only makes “Jana’s” Mother in law look completely right in her assumption that Southerners are ignorant. TLC needs to find TRUE Southern Belles for a show that is authentic in it’s depiction. I’ve been to Dothan many times on our way to Panama City and it is a lot less sophisticated than we are, but please, cow kissing and lawnmower racing? Melissa seems like a total “Miss Alabama” to me. She is exactly what a sorority sister from Auburn or Alabama would be like. Jana is really the ONLY one of them that depicts a true Southern Belle. Val, come on TLC, seriously? Dakota? I’ve known chicks like her FROM Alabama, probably why we here in GA make jokes about woman from Bama. Im just saying, if it looks ignorant, talks ignorant and acts ignorant, well then it probably is ignorant.And Aimee? I’m thinking that her motto in life is “Whoever has the most toys when they die, wins”..TLC? If you wanted the correct way to show off some Southern Belles, you missed the mark. But then again I think what you wanted was one of those shows that just hook you because its so outlandish. Come to the ATL, we have Southern Belle Drama with CLASS.

    • CRAF

      I am a southern belle and i love to hunt and fish , I think u need to back up before u try to making all southern Belles like u. I guess we have many different types of them , So step off!!!!!And don`t put me in your category either.

      • CRAF

        Oh and ATL, you don`t have half the class as ALABAMA . your house wives of ATL show that. We see just how you are. All talk.!!!!Atleast these girls are not trying to be something they are not. ATL wives are a joke.

  • Mary

    Hey Vader-you shouldn’t spread rumors. The show is not being pulled…It has one more episode. They (TLC) are already in talks w/the girls about season 2. Please don’t talk about things you don’t have a clue about. Also, they have had people from all across the country…including Canada that are loving the show. If you would like to race a 65mph lawn-mower w/no brakes…which is so redneck :)…then you should head to wicksburg. Really, people. This show is not redneck. I am not ashamed of the show-I am ashamed of the people that slam the looks of others…talking about Amie’s neck? You guys are ruthless & rude. Even if the show doesn’t get a season 2…These girls still go paychecks & you didn’t :)

  • Mdavis

    THIS IS THE MOST EMBARRASSING SHOW THAT HAS EVER COME OUT OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA. Racing lawn movers is not a typical southern tradition. I live in North Alabama and have never seen anyone do this. This show is trash and I would appreciate if these women would stop making our state appear even more ignorant than we already do. They just want to be on tv. There are many move aspects of the south that could be put on tv. Come on TLC you can do better than this.

  • david morris

    I love how CJ from Atlanta is so superior to people from Alabama. I mean isn’t Atlanta in GEORGIA? Come on. You sound snobby enough to be on the ATL Housewives show.

  • ashley

    I’m from Canada, so no previous exposure to the south but I am just loving this show! I really hope it gets picked up and we get more episodes. I love the women on it, they are so different than the women of OC, NYC, etc. I’m so tired of hearing housewives drone on about the importance of fancy jewellery and how much money their husbands make. Bama Belles is relatable and the women are so endearing– except dakota lol but every show needs conflict

    • AEW

      Hello Ashley. Thanks for the kind words, we only wish your first exposure to the women of the South had actually had a little more intelligence behind it. Please understand not all of the wonderful women in this region act this way. Not all of them feel it is important to buy $150.00 jeans, openly swoon (even in front of their husbands) when a good looking man walks by or even carry on like “bitches in heat” as one of them described their “friend” in the second episode. We are home to some of the finest women in the world. I only wish you could see it for real, and not in a made up way. You are correct, these women are nowhere near the caliber of those on the other “Real Housewives” series and for that we are grateful. This show has not taken us and our region so far into the bowels of television hell that we are damaged forever, it just would have been more refreshing to see the women being a little more believable and lot less acting. But hey, it’s television right.

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