Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 9

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSFabio: “I call it being cool.”

Ah Fabio. You’re awesome.

Fabio continues to crack me up…in the best possible way.. every single episode. More on Fabio and “being cool” later…

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Survivor is you truly never know what is going to happen next. For the reward challenge, we did a random draw and ended up with all men on one team and all women on the other. To make it even more dramatic the challenge was the most physical of the season. The women had very little chance simply due to strength. The “stick crossing” and the “brick wall” at the finish was extremely tough to get through. We never anticipated an “all men vs. all women” challenge but that’s just how it played out.

I was very impressed with the women. Jane was completely spent by the time the challenge was over because she gave everything she had. Remember they have been eating very little for nearly a month. They are already severely depleted. To then be tested with one of the biggest obstacle courses we’ve ever done was a major challenge. The women really gave a huge effort and made it much closer than any of us predicted.

Another fun aspect of hosting Survivor is that you are living in the moment along with the contestants. After the challenge was over, I was very moved by the effort of the women. Purple Kelly was crying she was so hungry and Jane was barely standing. So I took the opportunity to give the men a chance to step up and say “I’m gonna give up my spot on the reward to one of the women.”

The reason you ask this question is that regardless of the answer, it is guaranteed to reveal something that will move the story forward. In this case, none of the men were willing to give up a spot to any of the women. Fine. I don’t blame them for the decision. But their answer gave us a story. What this showed everybody was despite any alliances this was an individual game. It’s a small moment but it registered with everybody and will live inside their brains as this game continues to progress. Survivor-is-an-individual-game. Never forget that.

Another surprise from the reward challenge was Chase choosing to back the women. It was a very revealing move and definitely raised a few eyebrows. He let the guys know that he is pulling for the women, which means he probably has an alliance with a few of them. In addition, not being with all the guys on the reward challenge removes you even further from the men. That move could haunt Chase for a long time. You could argue it was a bit of a lose-lose, as no matter which side he chose the other might be upset, but in this case I think choosing the guys would have done less overall damage.

If Brenda represents “every woman,” then Brenda is giving a free class on what women look for in men. Her comment about Chase…

Brenda: “Chase is like a little baby who is always going ‘wah, wah, wah.’”

…said it all.

Women want a guy with some balls. Balls! Come on, Chase. Where are they? Your balls, that is. Women don’t like wishy-washy. Chase is wishy-washy.

Brenda is in charge of this game. She says it’s her and Sash together but it’s not. It’s her. Not Sash. If you remember, when Brenda asked Sash what his plan was, Sash said, “My plan is your plan.” There ya go. Brenda is in charge. Don’t misunderstand – Sash is a very good player. He is great at looking out for himself and that simple little strategy is how Sandra Diaz won this game twice… by looking out for herself and nobody else.

At this point in the game, the immunity challenges are really pressure filled. Everybody wants it and depending on where the alliances stand in each episode, a few absolutely need it. Tonight, Jane needed it, Chase needed it and Marty clearly needed it.

Memory Challenges always seem so easy when you’re sitting at home with your bag of Doritos and a Diet Coke. It’s kinda like watching Jeopardy. The answers are always so much easier from the couch. Okay that’s a lie. I could Tivo Jeopardy, watch it twice and still struggle to come up with the answers on the third viewing. But you get my point. It’s much more difficult to do these types of challenges when you’re actually out there with all the distractions, such as cameras and crew. You’re tired, you’re hungry. It’s hard to hold even the smallest thought in your head.

Whenever we do a challenge like this, I always ask the challenge guys to prepare lots of extra rounds because I am always afraid everybody will get every one of them right. In reality it never seems to go more than a few rounds. Pressure.

These types of challenges also tend to show whose mind is the sharpest. If you watched Marty during this challenge he kept running the list in his head, you could see him saying the words to himself over and over and over. It was clearly a pretty effective strategy, but in the end he lost to another very sharp mind – Brenda.

Benry and Fabio hanging in the shade, talking Survivor strategy. It was almost like a trailer for a new comedy:

Benry: You and I should just lay low… play stupid.
Fabio: I know dude, I hate playing stupid so much… but it’s like the smartest thing to do right now.
Benry: It’s easy.
Fabio: It’s… real easy.

Come on! That’s brilliant. That’s yet another beautiful element of reality shows. People forget the cameras are there, they stop thinking about what they are saying and they get so depleted that can’t even monitor what they are saying. Put those elements together and you end up with moments that wouldn’t be half as funny if you wrote them in a script.

Naonka deserves a special achievement award for still being in this game. That alone is one of the most most amazing achievements this season, maybe ever. She stole Fabio’s socks, she stole flour, she stole food, she tackled a woman with one leg, she yells at everybody whenever she’s in a bad mood and is one of the most despised contestants to ever play Survivor…but she is still in the game. Not only is she still in the game but she has a hidden immunity idol. In case there was any doubt, I am so happy Naonka is still in this game. In order to have a good season you need big polarizing characters like Naonka. Love her or hate her, she is a gift from the reality gods.

It’s so easy to backseat drive. I do it all the time. Every day. “Monday morning quarterbacking” is one of the great American pastimes. And while I do it every day, I hate it when people do it to me about something I did or said.

Case in point: It was the second episode of the first season of Survivor. We had just finished tribal council and Mark Burnett, the Executive Producer of the show, came up to me and started to make a suggestion about a different way I could have asked a question. To be clear, as EP he is fully entitled to not only suggest but to firmly encourage me to do something differently. But being a new host of a new show with a format that had never been done before, I was overly sensitive to being “back seat” driven during Tribal Council. I sensed that he was about to criticize the way I ran tribal and my brain (ego) quickly foresaw a problem. If he said something that made me think he was second-guessing me, how would that impact the way I’d run Tribal Council from there on out? So I stopped him and said something to the effect of “You can’t second guess me. I need to know you believe in me or I’ll never be able to fully run tribal council with confidence.” In hindsight, it was probably a major overreaction on my part but to his credit, Mark never said another word.

I’m sure there have been many times when he wished I might have asked a different question or handled something differently but he never lets on and in doing so, he instilled a confidence in me that has helped me do my job for 21 seasons over 11 years.

But like I said, that doesn’t stop me from doing it! Especially with Marty.

I’ve given Marty a hard time the entire season but I’m the first to admit, I’m really bummed he is gone. Marty is a story starter and a story finisher. He’s a good interview. He’s confident enough, even cocky enough to believe he is the best player in the game. He is willing to make big moves and say outrageous statements.

Marty is a pretty good player of Survivor but with a bit of tweaking I believe Marty could be a great player.

If Marty made a mistake it was in not seeing that maybe his best option would have been to just “back off.” Pushing to get Jane voted out seemed to me to be a personal agenda as opposed to a truly “big picture” strategic play.

I could be wrong, I’m not inside his head. I am merely backseat driving as I do every week in these blogs. I think his ego got too involved. If Marty played again I think he would play a better game. I’m sure he learned a lot.

I too have learned a lot from Survivor and one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that in any negotiation (and Survivor is a 39-day negotiation) the less you talk and the more you listen the better off you will be. Marty should have listened more.

So is that advice for future Survivors… or simply lippy “Thursday morning quarterbacking?” You decide.

SURVIVOR MEMORABILIA HEADS UP: I’ve opened up my personal stash of Survivor memorabilia and it will be up for auction immediately following this season’s live finale. I found some great items such as:
a. My “oversized” shirts and shorts from our first season, Survivor: Pulau Tiga. (Talk about a great Halloween costume!)
b. The rice tin that Tina pulled from the raging river in Survivor: Australia.
c. The pot they used to boil their water in Survivor: Australia
d. The original buffs from Survivor: All-Stars.
c. Some original Q/A cards from Survivor: Africa.

I’ll have all the details as we get closer to the finale.

See ya next week.

Oh, be sure to check out several treats in the video player below, including: an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, my personal pick for the best Survivor Tribal Council ever, and Dalton Ross’s pre-game interview with Marty. And don’t miss Dalton’s ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ recap: Open Warfare.

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  • Steph

    Great blog, Jeff!

    Although I think there was more to Jud’s “cool/stupid” speech than just being funny. I think it proved he’s actually playing the game and being much more than a comic-relief. Right now, I place him in the top 3 contendor slots for winning it all.

    I’m glad Marty is gone, although he made good points against Jane- if they let her go to far, she’ll win. I don’t quite like her, she’s no different than Marty, in my opinion.

    Then there’s Sash and Brenda…I truly hope their cockiness does them in.

    As for Chase’s move during the reward challenge- that was incredibly stupid. No one would have said anything had he picked the men, but he had to go for the women and it was because of Brenda and Jane. Honestly, I think Jud is playing the game with far more intelligence than Chase.

    • Probst4ever

      According to Wikipedia, human short term memory is 7 +- 2 objects, so Jane and Naonka scored at the ‘goldfish’ level.
      There wasn’t much Marty could do, because none of the men aligned with him three steps earlier. A quiet game only works if you’re lucky, or you played smart early on.

      • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Does anyone have an idea of what happens next week? The preview was interesting.

      • anonymous

        I’m betting somethign happens to the camp.

      • Sue

        Probably what little food they had – has red ants all over it or unedible. they were looking down and it seemed to be where they kept food.

      • wtf

        does any1 have a guess for what happened to shock them at the end of the show?
        I say Naonka took a dump in the rice bowl

      • JG

        I think there chickens get killed by being attacked by an animal or drowned because why would a few of the girls say that want to cry and it even effects the men?

      • SuperDan

        Marty’s problems started way back in his original tribe when he gleefully voted out his strongest teammates and crowed about running the game — forgetting that if you don’t make it to the merge with numbers on your side you are usually in serious trouble. I think Jeff gives the guy way too much credit. His delusions of grandeur and his stubborn nature (“I wouldn’t change a thing.”) guarantee that he’ll never be more than a loud-mouthed middle-of-the-pack player. Some people just don’t have good social skills.

    • Couchtime With Jill

      I agree, I think Fabio’s comment revealed that he knows how to back down and bite his tongue. He’s not ruffling feathers the way Jane, Chase, Marty and NaOnka have been.

      • Lee

        But Fabio didn’t do that. It’s one thing to say something and another thing to actually do it. If he was going to “lay low” and “play stupid” as he proposed to do, then why did he get into an argument with Nay? Is that laying low? Is that playing stupid? Fabio doesn’t know anything.

      • Steph

        @ Lee, everyone knows Jud and NaOnka mutually dislike each other, so it really affects no one other than themselves.
        And here’s something most here do not know- Jud said he voted for NaOnka in the first TC for La Flor (hence why it’s no surprise they continue to argue) when in reality he voted for Brenda- a vote Brenda thought came from Kelly B.

      • Lynn M

        @Lee When you’re hungry and tired and around someone like NaOnka, it is entirely understandable that he blew. He knows no one else cares unless they keep nipping at each other in camp. Then it could be a problem for both of them as everyone has frayed nerves.

        Fabio won’t win this. He’s too flaky to garner the respect necessary to win.Brenda needs to keep her eye out for the boy’s club. She could easily lose by getting the male-female ratio too much out of whack. Barring Purple Kelly becoming a force, only Brenda has a chance of making it to the win on the girl’s side. Their is no way Jane is going to the end and Na Onka is the person you want to go up against because everyone dislikes her at some level.

      • wtf

        fabio is a nice guy and all that, but he’s the definition of a mimbo. fabio trying to play dumb? its awesome, u cant make that $hit up

      • Drew

        I am with Lee on this one. I do not think Fabio has been in character this whole time. He had no reason to interfere in tribal when Marty and NaOnka were going at it. That is definitely not laying low.
        Another thing with Chase is that it sucks for him that he had to pick sides. No one wants to be that guy. He was put in a lose lose situation.

      • SuperDan

        Yeah, I don’t see Jud getting the million. Even if he somehow made it to the end (highly unlikely, even in a three-man final), he seems like the sort of guy who would pull an Amanda and completely fold in the final tribal when asked to make a case for himself.

        You know who you have to look out for? Dan. Dude is not on anyone’s radar even though (or at this point, because) he can barely stand up. He could get close to the final and might end up as a good bring-along if a more hated player like NaOnka is already out or someone needs to fill out that third spot.

    • TorontoTom

      DANGER, DANGER – there are SPOILERS posted below by someone named MOOSE. (This season is bad enough but it would be even worse if I knew results…)

      • Squid

        Thank you for the heads up!!

      • Cindy

        Thank you, thank you! I’m stopping now, lest I see something in my periphal vision.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Moose is a spoiler jacka$$! Karma will come calling soon.

      • D


      • LP

        Thank you for the warning :)

      • Robert

        Thanks for the heads up. Moose…you’re an A-hole. I look forward to reading these comments and now I can’t.

    • SurvivorJunkie

      I think it was a brilliant move by Chase, even if done more from chivalary than strategy. If Chase makes the final two or three, he should remind every woman on the jury of his support to them. Brenda, whom I love to watch and hope wins, does not represent ‘every woman’. Most women do not look like Brenda and don’t have the luxury of men doing their bidding. The other woman appreciate Chase’s support and would give him their vote if he makes the finals. The men would never give CHase a vote just because he chose them. Also, the men were right not to give up their reward to the women…I had flashbacks of Erik giving up his immunity idol to the women…and they still voted him out!

      • RCB

        I agree that Chase made a brilliant move. The women were happy with him, while the men were just happy with the reward. It was a win-win for Chase.

      • Daina

        THANK YOU!! My immediate reaction to the “Brenda is every woman” statement was ORLY? Not me.

        I am glad, however, that the editors didn’t give the boot away. I was convinced based on the Sprint ‘who do you think made a big move’ question, which showed Marty as one of the three, that Marty would be safe. Pleasantly surprised when he got voted out, because frankly, I’ve found him extremely overbearing and unaware from the get-go. Kind of like my boss. But that’s another story. Wonder if I could try and get HIM on Survivor just to get him out of my hair….? ;)

    • nlsas

      I think something happens to the chickens…

    • jesus christ 9214

      fabio the winner

    • jesus christ 9214

      fabio is the best winner ever.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      JEFF – If you read your blog comments: I know Mark Burnett likes to do all star- survivor. It’s ok once in a while. Last seasons all-star was simply amazing. However I must warn you that if they start to have too many it will ruin the show. The apprentice used to be one of the best shows until they started changing the format Martha Stewart, in LA, and celebrity apprentice. Don’t fix what is not broken. Survivor is meant to be played with total strangers, that is the whole beauty of the game. Once you throw in Celebrities like Jimmy Johnson or having too many all star seasons thats when ratings will start to drop. It’s ok to have an all-star after 7 or 8 seasons, but we just had one last season.

  • Theresa

    I can’t believe Naonka is still there either. I loved your reactions to her during tribal council.



      • ShotgunSamurai

        Thanks I will stop reading now!

      • redriding

        Damn! Iv been so careful trying to not read these spoilers but not today :-(
        Without spoiling it for the rest of you…Im really shocked at the spoiler! wow if its true! I didnt think this season had this in it to be honest!
        Dont miss next week’s episode is all Il say!

      • Trina

        Well I happened to read the damn spoiler as well. Damn it. I agree with redriding – DONT MISS NEXT WEEK!

        Also a writer called Boo has said that the spoiler Moose is none other than Naonka. Yiykes if its true. I wldnt put it past that crazy woman.

        Im sorry to see marty leave :-(

      • Sean

        My Random Thoughts:

        – In the opening segment, The Voice of The Blue Shirt warned us that “the feud between Jane and Marty has reached critical mass.” Look, I understand that these two are throwing barbs back and forth (Marty a little more aggressively), but up until this point, hasn’t it all really been just verbal? Is “critical mass” really the right term? It’s not really the Hatfields vs. The McCoys. I think the more appropriate voice-over of what is reaching critical mass would be Naonka vs. sanity, or Purple Kelly vs. the ability to speak.

        – Marty said “It’s just frustrating to play a game with people, some people, that are just stupid.” Let’s analyze Marty’s game play so far this season: a) he orchestrated the ousting of Jimmy Johnson, the sole force that could have kept his team united, b) he orchestrated the ousting of Jimmy T., who was admittedly unbearable, but could have helped in challenges (if only someone would give him a shot!), c) he did both of those things while protecting Dan, a liability instead of an advantage, d) he targeted the Southern Old Lady for his verbal attacks, and e) HE GAVE HIS DAMN IMMUNITY IDOL AWAY FOR NO REASON. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this game who, based on facts alone, has been stupider than Marty himself. And I say that begrudgingly, as he was my pick to win the game.

        After you’re done here at EW, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at

      • Al

        Thanks: what’s up with Jeff’s blog? Why are spoiler spoilers trollling over here? Guess I’ll quit reading the comments.

      • Unspoiled so far

        Thanks, I won’t read any further (nor do I watch the CBS previews for Survivor the following week – they can be just as “spoiling”)

      • Nick

        THANK YOU to whoever posted “Proceed With Caution”! You are the BEST.

        Stop posting spoilers guys. What’s the point of even watching the show if you know everything!?

      • Lynn M

        Yeah, I got caught by it too. Soem people are just jerks. He probably thinks its funny and has the mental capacity of a two year old.

        Still, I’m going to watch. The spoiler doesn’t tell the whole story that the video will.

      • cmlaywer

        Don’t worry about Moose. He doesn’t know anything. He says the camp will burn down, when we all know it will really be red ants in the food. Is he the same “spoiler” who promised us that Naonka was going to quit two weeks ago? Don’t believe the “spoilers.”

    • LEE

      She Has No Shame, That Means She Has No Integrity, Stealing Socks, Food, Etc,

    • TV_Pete

      I think NaOnka is there for 2 reasons:

      1) Her alliance with Brenda, one of the most powerful players in the game.

      2) She is not likable. Brenda, and perhaps everyone else, may not want NaOnka near them or their food, but they would love to face off against her in the finale (just like Russell). I think NaOnka is playing to win $100,000 (2nd place).

      • anonymous

        Or third – with no votes if there are 3.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Here is the difference between Russell and AnnoyOnka. Russell was in control of the game and he took who he wanted to the end. AnnoyOnka is annoying, a B***, she steals. She is not in control of the game, but will make it to the end because whoever is in control Bash (Brenda and Sash) will want her at the end because of her beautiful qualities. It’s an easy win against her. If Rusell couldn’t win and he was in control, certainly Annoyonka has no shot at all. On another note, Jeff, you are still the best, however your comments in the game can sometimes change the outcome. I thought it was not fair that you mentioned Brenda and Marty are not best of friend. Marty already had a taget on his back, but by making these comments can sway people to vote differently. I don’t mind that Marty is gone, because it was a matter of time. He screwed up and was not a great game player. I still don’t get what Jill’s problem was with him. As far as Brenda and Sash, they seem too afraid to make decisions without each other. I hope next season, we will see better players.

      • Jeff Probst

        Don’t worry, we’ve learned to never cast douchebags who do things like lameass magic tricks in their audition videos or claim to be the best player who has never played the game. Kids birthday party magicians and oxymorons need not apply.

      • Daina

        BestPlayerblahblahblahLookAtMe: if you think any comments made at tribal council sway someone’s vote, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. Everyone going into tribal council knows exactly who they’re voting for before any of the back and forth happens, and they’re not about to change it just because someone it being an @$$.

        and Jeff? Oh snap! <3

      • Duude

        Comment was made at Immunity challenge.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay


    • starbbycat

      Hey Jeff – have to agree with you about the favorite tribal council – when I am bored I go back and watch that same tribal – it breaks me up EvErYtImE – sooooo good!

    • Saga

      We can be thankful na-oinka is not part of our life. I say let her get final 3 and then boot her off. Lol. No 100k for that socially inept sow!

  • DC

    Oh no… seems like Jeff is giving us a heads-up that we’ll see Marty again… perhaps on an all-star season?

    • Lil Tuts

      Season 24 is a regular All-Stars season and you can guarantee that Marty and probably Brenda will be on there.

      • MCS

        if the rumors are true and russell hantz is really going to be in it, i wont be watching. Appearing in 3 out of 4 consecutive series is just far too many. If i wanted to watch a balding short man on tv i would rather watch danny devito.

      • redriding

        Good for us if Marty is brought back. Yay! He was so good. Too bad he caught a bad break this time. Netx time he will be prepared for all scenarios. That’s probably what he’s learnt this season.
        Brenda is also great!
        I will be hoping for Fabio as well!

      • subarcticjoe

        what planet are you on… Marty sucks

      • anonymous

        I’d think if they brought new allstars (instead of rehashing a lot of old ones), they may add Fabio and NaOnka as well as Marty and Brenda. For different reasons, these are the standout personalities that remain this season.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Marty & Jane are different sides of the same coin. Both have an ego that controlled their game. Marty’s general cockiness & Jane’s “southern superiority” complex have/will ruin the game for them.

    • JOHN

      Marty can’t control his mouth.

      • Jeff Probst

        John cant control his mouth

      • wendy

        At least Marty is interesting and upfront about who he is. I was sad he went because I enjoyed watching him and how open he is. I don’t know why he’s painted out to be some big villian. There are alot of cocky men in the world, he’s not alone in that. At least he showed respect to Jane by complimenting her game play. Jane on the otherhand is a nasty old hag who made a venomous personal attack on Marty’s fatherhood. What a disgusting old woman. She should be ashamed of herself to sink so low. If only there was a huge mirror on the island for her to take a good look at herself in so she can see that SHE is in fact the ‘evil’ one. Jane is the most unpleasant thing on Survivor. I hope Fabio wins because he’s just so genuine. He deserves to win after all the crap he’s put up with from Naonka. As long as Jane and Naonka do not make it to the finals, there is justice in this world.

  • Nyla

    It is what it is. Naonka said it all last night when she said that’s who she is. Sadly we are seeing her authentic self. Too bad she has the same characteristics as a crackhead.

    Glad Marty is gone and that he didn’t see it coming. His Jane is a threat mantra was grating.

  • MCS

    Marty might have even be able to slip by this tribal council if he hadnt been so vocal in trying to get his plan in motion. his own arrogance got him voted out. Brenda also needs to watch herself, because like all cocky people, it usually gets the better of them. As a sidenote, I really doubt NaOnka’s ‘this is who i am’ speech. No one is like that, Survivor has probably just worn her down.

    • Ian

      MANY people are like that, unfortunately. She’s as genuine a nasty assclown as anyone.

  • Scottie

    lol at everyone’s strategy this season being “Hope Brenda and Sash take me to the final 3″

    Srsly, is anyone ever going to do anything to counter the dominant alliance?

    In saying that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season and have no idea why it’s so hated. Awesome moments, great characters, (some) good strategy and AWESOME challenge. Easily the best challenge we’ve had in seasons.

    • Matt

      Yeah that’s getting old. It’s not going to last. Marty is gone. People are going to start looking around. It’s been 3 straight episodes of attack marty.

    • Preston

      I agree completely. It’s been a while since the challenges have been so good!

    • CaptainStimpy

      I have to agree that this season has had some of the most creative challenges in awhile.

    • I Like To Watch

      I don’t miss the puzzles!

  • Yusra

    Im totally bummed out that Marty is gone :-( He was one of the few redeeming players left in the game alongside fabio, brenda and sash.

    I mean the rest of them read like a who’s who of human crap! Naonka, Jane, dan, holly, benry, kelly, chase! seriously what kind of players are these. Lame as hell…

    Also I dont get all the fuss about Jane. I actually find her to be supremely unlikeable. She is like a Tina Wesson wannabe but not half as charming or smart. Her only gameplay so far has been equal to child’s play. Get marty out! fine great accomplished. Now what you going to do you boring boring woman!

    Im going to totally bid for the memorabilia. Im going for the all-stars buffs for sure. Iv been forever hoping…just for a piece of good old hottie Boston Rob :-)
    Do you know which one’s which in the buffs. Yay! So excited!

    • Geronimo Jackson

      I am so happy that others see JAne the same way I do. I have no idea where people got the idea that is, as I’ve seen postee elsewhere, a hero. She is more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I’ve been thinking it since the episode where she was crouching over the fish she was hording for herself earlier in the season.

      • Go Figure

        The woman is a back woods snob! If you got past the fifth grade she thinks she is better than you!

      • anonymous

        At first I liked, but her rants about Marty were childish. Still I do admire her work ethic and the fact that she won an immunity. She does remind me of Mammy Yokum from Lil Abner more than Gollum.

      • Carla in Houston

        I was thinking more the Crypt Keeper!

      • Dan

        I’m looking forward to the TC when Jane gets voted out and it is a complete surprise to her. She’s only of value until all the other older players have been voted out, then she’s a goner.

      • jazzed

        Totally Gollum… too funny!

      • wendy

        So funny Geronimo. Except Gollum is actually likeable. Jane is putrid.

  • Eric Cartminez

    Disappointed to see Marty go, but it was a long time coming. Dude was a target every week and somehow managed to get by. I agree, he is a good candidate to play this game again. Also agree, he should have kept his mouth shut more.
    Naturally we don’t get to see everything that takes place, but I would have loved to have seen how Brenda and Sash came to the final decision to out Marty. For dramas sake, you guys only let us see the conversation up to the point where it seemed like they had settled on Jane, which made perfect strategic sense. Would love to know how the decision was flipped. Guessing Brenda had the final say.
    Have to give it up for Naonka too. She is putting herself right in the final. Whether it is genius strategy or just Nay being Nay remains to be seen. But I can certainly see her on the final day saying, “Look ya’all, I played you. I caused chaos so that everyone would want to take me to the final, and here I am. Vote for me because I played the fool and it worked.” She would get my vote. (as of now)
    Another great episode and another great blog!

    • Spoiler Alert!

      Moose is on the loose. Spoiler below!

    • Blair

      I would think Marty was a more imminent threat and needed to go before Jane.

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I like Marty. He is fun to watch, because of his personality. He also tries very hard. However, he does not deserve a 2nd chance. He is not an all-star player. He screwed up big time, several times. He actually thought he did a good job. Although, I enjoy watching him, I don’ want to see him in an all-star game. In fact if they should have an all-star game in a few years. Next season is way too soon. They just had one last season.

  • Lalaland

    Wow. First time Jeff talked about Kelly Purple in his blog.

  • Luvin Survivor

    Love U Jeff!! Laughing about watching Jeopardy twice & still getting the answers wrong. I miss Marty already. He was a fun one to watch! LMAO when he was shaking his groove thang back to his seat at Tribal. Speaking of Tribal…that was a rewind & play again. I laughed so much I couldn’t hear what was going on. Nay!! Wow…you are still there! I guess if hunger doesn’t get in the way of peoples brain cells, it is a smart move to bring her to the end! Not playing that HHI. Couldn’t believe the confidence. Poor Chase. Blinded by Booty. He lives in the next town from me. I should find him & smack him! lol And Jane. She’s looking a little worn. I would too!! Fabio… Funny dude. And like i said last week. Fabio, Benry & Kelly…Laying low or more like Who are they?? Can’t wait to see next week. I’m guessing Monkeys destroyed their camp or Marty ran back stoled everything & then went to the Ponderosa!! hahaha Revenge!! :)

  • Lillian

    Marty would have been perfect for Redemption Island…Let’s hope Jeff followed through with his feelings & got him on there…It would have/will be a great layer of what a “Redemptive” player is…Not only celebrated All-Stars get 3rd chances, but lower-finishing notables who are not quite finished yet, and no, I don’t know Marty…

    • Skyler

      I agree Marty would be a good person to bring back. He had a lot of screen time and was a very polarizing player.

  • Raos

    Ya what is Naonka still doing there!?!?!? Also what is Dan still doing there?!?!?! and Kelly purple!?!?!? oh and also Jeff probst favorite Jane!?!?!
    They all suck!

    I am rooting for Fabio now that Marty is gone. He seems to be the only one to have any sense if you ask me. I mean he’s the only one who stands up to Naonka…

    • Linda

      True.. the longer this goes on the better I like Fabio.

  • Linda

    I will never understand why Survivor contestants behave as badly as they do. Would NaOnka still be employed to teach children if she behaved as she does on Survivor? Probably not. And yet she’s not able to control her mouth and lack of morals right from the git-go. Must be something about Nicaragua, eh?

    • Moose

      Because they are starving and tired maybe?

      • Booo

        Hi people. The Moose who types spoilers in this forum is Naonka. Bring on the hatred.

        Got ya you little dirt squirrel!

      • MCS

        Hahah booo you gave me such a good laugh. Im gonna keep ”dirty little squirrel” line for later.

      • MCS

        Or rather, ”little dirt squirrel”.

      • Lillian

        NaOnka doesn’t get up this early…She teaches the afternoon class “Conflict Resolution Through Athletics & Theft” at the Inglewood Y (T/Th).

      • Yasmin

        Looks like Naonka has taken on at least two names on this comment board: “moose” and “Lillian”. Now that she’s been called out, there’s nothing stopping her from assuming other identities.

  • CouchCritic

    So far this is the least interesting dynamic. Naonka may be brazen, Fabio is a space case and Marty was an arrogant egomaniac, but beyond that this group ha not really sparked anything for me yet. Possibly a Russell Hanz hangover? All I have to say is that if my child was a student in Naonka’s class, I would be pulling her out of that school. Naonka’s corrupt morals, ability to verbally beat people cruelly and her lack of conscience show her to be a truly despicable sub human.

    • Sophia

      Oh please. “Russell Hanz hangover” Russell almost ruined two seasons and I’m glad we’re finally free of him. Nicaragua feels much fresher, even if the cast is somewhat unlikable.

  • JD

    Does anyone really believe that it just happened to turn out that it was men vs. women challenge??? Really! How about where Jeff says “The women really gave a huge effort and made it much closer than any of us predicted”. So when did “any of us” predict this??

    • jane

      I do think it just happened to be men vs. women. I dont think they (the producers) would have had any trouble saying “its man vs. women for this challenge.” They do things like that all the time on this show. As for the “prediction,” we are told all the time how much is edited for TV so we already know there is a lot of time between when the teams are chosen & when they start the challenge. I imagine something like this, “what??? women vs. men???? Are you kidding me?!! The guys are totally going to win.” aaaand there’s your prediction.

    • athenix

      Imagine the teams

      Predict the outcome after teams were chosen

      • Skyler

        This cracked me up. Thank you for stating the obvious.

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