'Survivor': Jeff Probst picks his favorite Tribal Council ever

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Jeff Probst is a snuff-o-holic. He’s been snuffing since the summer of 2000. He’s snuffed from Africa to Aitutaki. But that’s what happens when you get paid to snuff torches, and Probst has now snuffed over 300 of them (with yet another one coming tonight on Survivor: Nicaragua). Tribal Council is his snuffing ground, and it got us thinking: With all the super-dramatic Tribal Councils Probst has seen up close and personal over the past 10 years, what stands as his ultimate favorite? I have to say, he chose quite a doozy, and the one that ranks as my personal fave as well. To see Probst’s pick, just check out the video player after the jump, and then stay tuned to also see his selections for the best Survivor challenge and maroonings ever. Do you agree with his choices? If not, then what are your favorites? Hit the message boards and let us know.
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    Hey Dalton, why no castoff interviews this season? (except for that Cowboy guy you love so much)


      Oh and thanks for posting old material again, not working to hard this season I guess.

    • donknottz

      More Budget Cuts Apparently. First they cut the video survivor talk to print and now they have gotten rid of it all together. Sad when Tv Guide.com is outdoing you.

  • KC

    No Probst = No Survivor

  • Liz

    Jeff Probst is the best host for this show. He is so enthusiastic een after all these years.

    • albertkitten

      AGREED! I call Phil from Amazing Race Probst-Wannabe!
      P.S. I want to eat chowder out of Probst’s dimples!

  • SLB

    Seriously, who the h*ll remembers tribal councils from all the past seasons.

    • NAI

      Anyone who has half a memory.

  • Sabrina

    Can someone say which one this is? I can’t watch video at work…

    • Jordan

      It’s fan vs favorites, where Erik gives up the immunity necklace.

      Totally agree with Jeff. Nothing will ever top this.

      • albertkitten

        Although, James going home with 2 Idols is a close second! (not so much tribal, as post-tribal, but still…)

      • Roland

        Nope – favorite had to be Marquesas when the 5 “have-nots” led by Paschal and Neleh banded together and voted out John, the leader of a four-group alliance then picked off the remaining 3 one by one. Classic!

      • Al

        Couldn’t even watch it, it makes me too uncomfortable for someone to be that stupid.

  • Rondo

    Has to be stupid Tyson changing his vote and the look when he got himself voted out. How could anyone not love that?!

  • TonyRo

    Good one, but are we forgetting the fake immunity idol? That was awesome.

    • D

      Yes. That was great!

  • Zach

    My favourite is still the one in Fan vs Fav where Ozzy got voted out, both because I never really liked Ozzy, and nothing will ever top the facial expression from Eliza as she is freaking out as his torch is snuffed! She remains one of my favourites!

    “It can’t be the idol…”
    “Why not??’

    • Ciara

      hahahahahaha I KNOW RIGHT!! And Jason was like, no that’s the idol! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Potential

    In addition to being a snuff-o-holic, I also hear Jeff is a muff-o-holic.

  • ryan

    My favorite marrooning wil always be Pearl Islands when they were in the village and Rupert stole the shoes. It was hilarious and what a great season.

    • silverrose

      tottaly agree with you. that is the only marrooning iv ever been able to remember.

      • Katfox

        me too – i commented down below. my favorite all time – not particularly the shoes (although i loved that), but their jumping off the boat. LOL

  • Juneau

    This is probably an all time favorite, but I was screaming when Randy played a fake HII and got voted out in Gabon. The look on his face when Jeff said it was fake was priceless and Sugar laughing hysterically was what he deserved after being suck a jerk to everyone.

    • Katfox

      Oh yeah! That was totally priceless – couldn’t stop laughing!

    • albertkitten

      i’d forgotten that! good call, Juneau!

    • tiana

      hahahaa that was sooooooo funny i was roaring with laughter

      • Keith

        I’ll also vote for that one from Gabon – because it had two great moments before the idol was played. Sugar’s “You’ll die alone, loser” and Crystal yelling her commentary where everyone can hear…

  • Chad

    The best was in All Stars when Parvati pulled out the TWO hidden immunity idols and passed them around. And Russell was just shocked. So great!

    • tm

      I agree! That is the first one I thought of, I can’t see any other players ever topping a bold, risky and blind-siding move like that. TWICE.

    • Yoyo

      Erik giving up immunity and being voted out was my first pick, and this one when Parvati (successfully) gave away two idols was my 2nd pick.

      • Shanghai kate

        Absutely agree: 1) Erik & 2) Parv!! 3) Amanda w/ her idol. Great acting!! Love Survivor.

    • Jessica

      YES!! That’s the one! So many greats but that tops my list!

    • sparklingchic

      it wasnt all stars- its heroes vs villains

    • roger

      that one was definately my guess. i mean i think tribal councils overall have gotten more dramatic as season’s gone on because of new twist.. i think the one in cook islands where they had to vote someone right after was a pretty good one also

    • Zach

      I was thinking that too…to be honest, Parvati was a part of all the best tribals. Also the one where Russell voted off Tyson; it was Erik Part 2. And Daniele’s self-destruction last season. As for the non-Parvati tribals, there was many great Russell moments in his first season. When he flipped the scientist (and Shambo, of course) and took out archenemy Laura’s best friend.

  • Minutiae

    Really, Jeff? Five sets of breasts? What a sexist thing to say.

    • Cynthia

      I was just coming on here to say the same thing! Just gross. My love for Jeff Probst just diminished enormously!

    • Anne

      Dalton, I love you, man, but you’ve got to check your language at times. Some things you should just keep off the record between you and Dalton. And no need to comment on Eric getting laid either. Other than that, I have to say that I knew that was the tribal council you were going to pick!

    • AK

      Seriously! Jeff makes sexist comments all the time in his blog posts too. It’s really disappointing, because I love him as a host.

      • erin

        Wow, you skirts sure do get upset easily.

    • goffy

      c’mon it was the best way to describe the situation. the women used their ‘natural assets’ in order for him to give it up. they exploited a man’s need to be loved by the opposite sex….he wouldnt have said boobs if it were a different reason!

  • ns

    This is the easy winner. But I also want to say a nice word about the tribal council in Vanuatu (Season 9) when Ami’s alliance got blindsided. Eliza was a controversial player, but I will always love her for the classic acting job she pulled off there, with her sad little face.

  • Aaron

    “Five sets of breasts”…REALLY, Probst?

    • MCP

      Jeff, comments like that reflect badly not just on you but on all men. You should have said he had four vag!nas pointing at him.

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