'Wheel of Fortune' contestant makes an impressive solve -- with one letter!

Twenty-seven letters. No ‘R.’ One ‘L.’ Would you be willing to take a stab at solving that Wheel of Fortune puzzle? Probably not. (Especially when people make mistakes like this.) But on Friday, Wheel contestant Caitlin Burke had a particularly good feeling about the puzzle in front of her and decided to solve, much to the shock of host Pat Sajak and the audience. Take a look after the jump.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is this not the greatest wordsmithing feat you’ve ever seen on the Wheel? My game show-loving self rejoices at her epic puzzle solving skills.

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  • Sandi

    My question is – if she KNEW what the phrase was – why not select a “g” or “t” (3 of each in the puzzle) and got more $$ than with just one “L”?

    • HD

      I was thinking the same thing!

      • Ally

        It could also land on a bankrupt if she was trying to round up cash by saying all the letters. I think she wanted the prize more. But I think she had to have seen his card or something! There’s no way!

      • @Ally

        That makes no sense.

    • LizL

      Because it could have been I’ll or I’ve. So by picking the l, it narrows it down.

      • susela

        But she was still taking a big chance: it could have been “I’ve got a good feeling about this” or “about that.”

      • Peter

        Yes, but at that point in the round, she had a good chance of it coming back around if she got it wrong. There was a Carribbean trip on the line for the solver, so she watned to get it ASAP.

      • gerritv

        Smells crooked to me – like a producer’s hint so contestants don’t look stupid that was memorized and just spat out there like verbal diarrhea or Tourettes of the tongue.

    • elr

      That’s what I would have done. Sometimes these contestants are so stupid.

    • Keebler

      ‘L’ Eliminated the first word as being I’ll and which paved the way to knowing that it is the only ‘L’

      • KarlHall

        Yeah “I’ve” and “Feeling” is more telling than an “I’ll”. She’s smart.

    • Sarah

      She didn’t know what it was until she guessed the “L” and saw where it was located. Duh.

      • Rock Golf

        Bingo! When the first word was _’__ she probably took it to be I’LL. So she guessed “L” to get the two letters. When that failed the only common word left that fit _’__ was I’VE. That was followed by a 3-letter word and a 1-letter word, so she worked out that I’VE GOT A… were the first three words. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of common phrases. Since the next word was 4 letters instead of 3 she went with “GOOD” instead of “BAD”.

        It was a very good guess and clever, but not really miraculous. (Having said all that would I have got it? No.)

    • MB

      She knew it was a prize puzzle and so took the chance. She won the game and was night’s champion.

    • Peter

      She didn’t know what the phrase was. She knew the first word was “I’ll” or “I’ve”. Once she knew it wasn’t I’ll, she could take a reasonable stab at the rest.

    • Cantare

      I’ve never been on Wheel of Fortune, but I was on Jeopardy. Until you’ve been there, you can’t imagine how different it is on the set from sitting on your couch. There’s a lot more going on, the pressure is pretty intense, and it’s hard to keep focused, relaxed and rational. And so things that seem pretty obvious in front of the television just don’t occur to you there. The Jeopardy staff told us our show was going to be the fastest 22 minutes of our lives, and they were right. (I didn’t win, by the way – I came in second.)

      • Not Moby

        Impressive! I’m a pretty good sitting-on-the-couch Jeopardy player, but for some reason I stink at Wheel of Fortune–a game that seems to have been designed for idiots. It’s my biggest shame.

    • Geronimo Jackson

      There is always the chance she would have gone bankrupt after putting a bunch of letters on the board; losing everything and possibly giving it away.

      • Sarah

        Plus it was a prize puzzle, so she wanted to solve it ASAP.

    • Obvious Man Says

      Sounds to me as though Robert Redford finally has his sequel to Quiz Show……

    • LW6776

      Because it was a prize puzzle duh!

  • dusty

    I solved once with no letters…true story.

    • John

      Me too. Of course I wouldn’t actually solve it if I was on the show. That would be stupid. Run up your money first.

      • Peter

        But then you risk losing it, and in this case, whoever solved it won a vacation. So her goal was to solve quickly and get the prize. Her prizes by the end totaled over $50K, so she’s fine.

    • stik59

      Me Too – “Bart & Lisa Simpson” my wife punched me in the stomach for it, she thought I cheated

    • mantarayleonard

      We’ll all assume those didn’t include any verbs or plural nouns.

    • Lisa Simpson

      When I’m at my mom’s house, we play a game where we guess the final jeopardy question/answer just from the category. I’ve actually managed to guess it right a couple of times.

      I know that if I ever got on a game show, I’d have total brain melt and wouldn’t even be able to say my own name correctly.

      • Kelly

        I did that too! The category was “American History” and as a total goof I yelled out “Ben Franklin!”, and sure enough, I was right. True story.

      • Garbyguy

        I do this too! I’ve gotten it a couple of times. I have also guessed right with no/one letter in the puzzle. I agree with earlier posters that it’s unusual but not cause for an investigation.

    • Steve

      No letters, with my eyes closed.

    • Paul Pena

      There are probably 100,000 possibilities for the letters given in that puzzle. But she’ pretty cute and there are alot of lonely producers out there. I’m just sayin….

  • John

    It took me about a minute to figure it out when looking at the blank board, but I would never had the hutspah to guess on the actual show.

  • puzzled

    I saw that and they had a different contestent (someone who was not on the show at all) do the final puzzle – the bonus round. It was weird – like they replaced the “big winner” (the amazing puzzle-solver) with a completely different person at the end of the show – an Vanna was wearing a different gown! Very strange…

    • susela

      Uh, no, it was the same woman. And she won $35,000 for solving the final puzzle” “baby koala.”

      • puzzled

        on our broadcast it was different. We even rewound on the dvr to be sure – maybe something glitchy happened in our area?

    • hob

      It was the same girl at the end, don’t know how you got that confused. But at the very end, they had a taped tribute to their announcer that had died, that was when Vanna was wearing a different gown. Maybe you started cocktail hour a little early, lol.

  • Tom

    One time I guessed “anesthesiology” correctly without any letters turned over. Surprised the heck out of me when I was right.

  • The Jackal

    LOL…and out come all the “i got it without letters” stories. Got to love the “one-uppers”

    • Rambam


  • The Jackal

    True story, I once scored four touchdowns for Polk High.

    • The Jackal

      In one game even.

      • Sal Fundy

        I once scored 5 touchdowns in one game and tore down the goal posts without assistance.

      • Chris

        I scored 6 touchdowns in that same game, tore down the goalposts, mixed the gatorade, and made out with all of the hot cheerleaders from both schools. On the field while the crowd cheered me on.

      • @Chris

        I did all that while I was in an iron lung.

      • Um, this one time…

        I scored 18 touchdowns in one game, a complete shut out against the top ranked team in the country, nailed all the players while in the mascot’s uniform and broadcasted it on the the local public access channel. Then I made an adult movie with the other team’s coach, and used it to blackmail him out of a million dollars which I used to buy Super Bowl rings on EBay so I can wear them to pick up chicks at the bar when I tell them all about my NFL career.

      • branch

        I tore down the goal posts without touching them.

      • Chris

        I scored 19 touchdowns in a game, shut out the top ranked team, killed all the players in the mascot’s uniform using my mind, and broadcast it on CNN. Then I made the adult movie with the coach AND his wife, made his mom watch, blackmailed him for 2 million dollars, got the Super Bowl rings AND a waterslide, and picked up the chicks talking about my NFL Career and the time I beat up Brock Lesnar with a slinky.

      • Chris

        And I did that in an iron lung and a back brace.

      • Rock Golf

        You lads had it easy! When I was a boy I had to take on the Dallas Cowboys by myself! Without equipment!


        But I lost in overtime so the story has a sad ending.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Been there, done that. Uphill, both ways, in snow. In an iron lung, back brace, and full body cast.

      • Broken Stapler

        I did all of that last night.

      • Caramia

        Actually, Rock Golf, that might not be that hard this year.

      • the other Anne

        Caramia, two point conversion!

      • Blind Armless Elderly Nuns…

        Could beat the Dallas Cowboys this year.

    • Al

      Yeah, and I once had all kinds of hot women, until the red-headed spandex monster invaded my life.

      • Mike C.

        I was the water boy for my neighbor’s kid in pee-wee football. Top that suckers!

  • heej

    “santa fe train”

  • gah

    it was super easy!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Listen, unless you got a video of you solving a puzzle without any letters nobody cares what you think you did. Pretty pathetic you feel the need to come brag about it. Does your life really that validation to it?

    • JFWilder

      For those of us without video access at work, it would have been NICE to put something in as to what the puzzle actually says. Idiot writer.

      • @JFWilder

        Simmer down now. It says “I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This”.

    • Mike

      Who invited THIS bitch to the party?

    • Dusty

      yes..i just so happened to have a video camera filming me when that happened Rolo…wasnt bragging just sharing…no validation..wasnt trying to be competitive..go drink some antifreeze.

    • Dusty

      one time i set rolo on fire and laughed for about 15 mins.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I remember that….it was right after I got done banging your wife for an hour.

      • Dusty

        i guess thats only fair after the threesome i had with your wife and mother :)

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I’m all healed now, how about your wife’s vagina? I know it was wrecked after I was done with it.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        So I come back with a wife joke and come right back with one yourself. Very original and witty.

      • Dusty

        no i one upped you…like your original problem…since im the guy who ones ups everybody i guess. and my wife said it healed just fine after being stuck by your needled ck

  • peter griffin

    I’ll take a Z, a 4, a Q, another Q, a third Q, and a Batman symbol..
    Is it alex karras in Webster?

    • JJ

      LOL! Thanks for reminding me of that!

  • heej

    I solved final jeopardy before the question was asked.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      That’s nothing, I once correctly answered every single question on the board.

      • Rock Golf

        Big deal. In Jeopardy!, there are no questions on the board. Only answers.

    • cici217

      Ha ha ha good one!

  • BC

    She solved it with such little money in the bank because it was a prize puzzle, she got a $7,000 trip for solving the puzzle. In those rounds it is tough to accumulate $7,000 in cash, so she made the right decision to solve with the little amount of money she had in front of her.

  • jack

    Oh yeah??? well I guessed all the PowerBall numbers correctly TWO minutes after the drawing…so there *sticks out tongue*

  • DorisTheFunkasaurus

    Aren’t there 26 letters in the alphabet, not 27?

    • DorisTheCounter

      Yes… And?

      It is referring to the number of letters in the puzzle not in the alphabet.

    • Peter

      Yes, there are. In the puzzle, however, there are 27.

    • ericalina

      yes and there is also an “r” in the alphabet, so the sentence following “27 letters” makes no sense in the context you think it has. try reading comprehension, folks. it’s an amazing skill.

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