Canada's 'Jersey Shore' will either save civilization or destroy it

Fellow Americans, if you think our country has problems, I urge you to watch the extended preview for Lake Shore, a Toronto-based reality series that explicitly imitates Jersey Shore but turns up the boozy-sexy insanity and the caveman-like racial sensitivity. The eight cast members are all described by their ethnicity: “The Turk,” “The Jew,” “The Albanian,” etc. But this is Canada, so surely everyone will come together peacefully to break down stereotypes, right? Wrong, PopWatchers … wrong wrong wrong! Joey, “The Italian,” points out that his cap proudly advertises “#1 Wop.” “The Vietnamese” housemate is nicknamed “Annie Mei,” and I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Karolina, “The Pole,” officially enters the Hall of Shame with this bit of non sequitur Hiter-youthism: “I’m not racist. I hate everybody equally. Especially the Jewish people.” (Crap, I threw up again!)

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the video below. I recommend drinking out of a water bottle while you watch, just so you can do a spit-take.

To play devil’s advocate for a moment, there is something bracingly upfront about Lake Shore. Jersey Shore quickly transmogrified from a semi-realistic depiction of youth culture into a game show where prizes include drunken hook-ups and a slot in C-list celebrity reality shows. It’s difficult to imagine MTV allowing anything like Karolina’s comment on the air — the few genuinely offensive things that actually get by the censors are repudiated instantly. And especially since Lake Shore situates itself in a multi-ethnic perspective, it’s possible to argue that this is a sort of victory for humanity: Finally, idiots of every race and creed can pour Grey Goose down each others’ throats!

But honestly, this looks more like the Ethnicity Circus, where ridiculousness and stupidity are things to be valued. Downtown D (“The Albanian”) says of one housemate, “You can be gay, as long as you don’t get anywhere near me.” The housemate he’s talking about, Salem, is a focal point of the house conversation — he apparently claims to be heterosexual, but everyone in the house thinks he’s closeted. Somehow, I don’t foresee deep discussions about human sexuality in the Lake Shore future. (I do see lots of girl-on-girl makeout action, though.) Yeesh, one of the housemates, Robyn, actually gets motorboated in her audition.

Lake Shore feels like what happens when a nerd tries to imitate a popular doucheboat: it’s ruder, cruder, and just plain grodier than Jersey Shore. PopWatchers, is this the end of Western Civilization as we know it? Is there some good that can come from all this insanity? Is Jersey Shore now our number-one cultural export? (They love it in Japan!)

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  • H

    I don’t get what Annie Mei means. I don’t get the slur.

    • ericalina


      • dubmcmovies

        anime… ya know, like cartoons?

      • srp

        It’s “anime”, like the Japanese cartoons

    • Gre


    • ericalina

      hahah i like yours better!!! duh!

    • reddog

      Anni Mei = Anime

  • nich

    Yeah Canadians can be jackasses too, who knew?

    • Tico

      How is this any less cerebral than The Three Stooges? Morons need entertainment, too.

  • Quirky

    The one thing that always unites us Canadians is our sharen hatred of Toronto.

    • Jaymii

      I like the video game lifestyle the people there live.

    • Mallory

      and by hatred you mean jealousy :p

    • Tracy Murray

      I am Canadian and I like Toronto , though I’m from Edmonton , but that is a different story .

    • Cath

      hahaha so true :)

    • Katie G

      I’m Canadian – from Ottawa – I have never heard of this show before! And…I’m so ashamed. These people are just plain gross

    • Chris

      @Quirky: You mean the 2% of the population. It usually is like that. The smallest always scream the loudest. I’m from NYC and I love Toronto. I always don’t get why “some” people who have self-issues try to say “all” hate Toronto. My friend explained to me that it’s their inferiority complex.

  • jillyro

    Embarassed to be Canadian :(

  • babou

    The one good thing is that Canadians rarely watch their own Canadian shows!! So in no time at all this crap (thankfully), be cancelled.

    • ani

      but you have degrassi! (not sarcasm, i genuinely love the show)

      • Teresa

        Degrassi is a very rare exception

      • lefty

        and life with derek?

      • ….

        You guys have Ryan Reynolds…Enough said…..

  • Daniel

    It’s “The Turk” who makes the Hitler youth comment, not “The Pole” (an unfortunate homonym for this reality show).

    • Agree

      Right. EW needs to edit their post.

  • They have a Canadian version of Jersey Shore?

    Jesus, that show’s spreading like venereal disease isn’t it?

    • jasper

      most original comment. ever.

  • Joe R

    Bring back Falcon Beach!

  • anonymous

    Motorboated? Huh?

    • Krystal

      face in boobies making the brrrr motor boat sound

      • Templar

        Reference Charlie Harper.

    • Justin

      I love that they found Robyn, the real-life version of Artemis from It’s Always Sunny.

      • Dave


  • canuck1975

    My favourite memory of Salem is seeing him one day in ladies’ gladiator sandals and short shorts.

    Just sayin’.

  • Karate Pants

    Ohhh…so awful. I don’t see how this is supposed to remind me of Jersey Shore. Melting pot of ignorant, slutty, horrible people. Lost me at around the 7:06 mark.

  • jerzeegirl

    Looks like Real World meets Jersey Shore @ Cutthroat Island Revenge II.

  • cam

    now that we know the truth, that Canadians are just as scummy as American’s, will they drop the, “we’re morally superior” pretense?

  • Mallory

    this looks really lame, there are way cooler people from lakeshore. I guess they just have better things to do than be a on a tv show

  • TorontoJim

    I don’t watch Jersey Shore…won’t watch this either……

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