Fox's 'Million Dollar Money Drop': It'll suck you in

Kevin-PollackImage Credit: Michael Caulfield/Getty ImagesRemember how you got sucked into Deal or No Deal that time, and your sister’s husband came home and saw you and your sibling sitting nervously on the couch and made fun of you, but then when you told him what was happening, and he sat down, too? Well, prepare to feel that same inescapable pull (for at least one night), when Fox premieres its new game show Million Dollar Money Drop on Dec. 20. (It will air the next three night as well.) This time, the show gives a team of two contestants $1 million upfront and all they have to do to keep it is correctly answer seven multiple-choice questions (and tolerate host Kevin Pollack’s William Shatner impressions). How does it work? According to Fox, “Once the question is revealed, the duo must debate and decide the answer(s) on which they will risk all of their money. Are they confident enough to place all of their money on one answer? Or will the relentless pressure cause them play it safe and spread their money across a few answers?” The network’s sample question:

According to the Lenox Report, which of these is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish?
A. Mashed Potatoes
B. Green Bean Casserole
C. Cranberry Sauce
D. Candied Yams

Is that a trick question? Isn’t cranberry sauce more like a garnish than a side? LET THE BICKERING BEGIN! 

“When time is up,” Fox says, “and they have allocated all of their money, the team must step up to the drop to find out if their choices were right or wrong. In a dramatic reveal [read: after a commercial], the duo sees any cash placed on wrong answers disappear through the money drop below. Will they move on to the next question with their money still on the table, or will they lose it forever?”

Let’s assume Fox properly screens their contestants so we don’t have to worry about anyone committing suicide after losing $1 million. This sounds fairly addictive, right? It’s smart to premiere it over the holidays when families are together (and watching TV so they have something to talk about). You’ll want to argue amongst yourselves at home.

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  • orville

    Gotta be mashed potatoes. I know too many people who *despise* the other three.

    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it’s green bean casserole.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Yeah, I’ve got my money (though not all $1 million) on green bean casserole.

        orville has a good point in that mashed potatoes seems like the safe choice, but green bean casserole seems more specific to Thanksgiving. (And whether you eat it or not, it’s ALWAYS there.)

      • Karate Pants

        Uh, D. Stuffing/Dressing. What kind of poll was this???

      • Mr. Holloway


        I’m guessing stuffing wasn’t on there because it would’ve been too easy?

      • Karate Pants

        I suppose. Fine then, C. And it IS a side (the way I eat it anyway)!

      • Angie Perkins

        It’s the mashed taters but it should be Candied Yams.

    • Tim Lade

      What the frak is green bean casserole? That is absoloutly not on the menu of a Canadian Thanksgiving.

      • Karate Pants

        What the frak is Canadian Thanksgiving?

      • Tee Hee

        Canadian Thanksgiving is the day that we all give thanks that we have more land than the U.S., but only one tenth the population.

      • Milea

        What is frak?

      • Marge

        Canada may have more land, but all of it is north of the United States and way colder!!

  • the other Anne

    Green bean casserole. You can’t find French’s fried onions in the store two days before Thanksgiving. I love me some green bean casserole. On Thanksgiving day.

  • Alexandria

    Another show format adapted from British television — in this case, the “Million Pound Drop.” It’s somewhat entertaining, you can check out clips on Youtube.

  • Jon

    I wonder if this is a “make good” for Pollak after the fiasco that was his previous Fox game show back in January.
    Whatever the reason, I’m glad to see him getting lucrative work as I enjoy his stand-up and his podcast. I hope this means more KPCS into the future!

    • Scott

      I agree. After “Our Little Genius” was cancelled, FOX probably wanted to give Pollak the game show fame that was conveniently pulled from beneath his feet.

  • Mark

    British version of this is addictive viewing so should be good!

  • cass

    So did someone really commit suicide after losing $1 million on another show – deal or no deal or millionaire?

  • Alex

    Snappy title.

    The original version, The Million Pound Drop, is brilliant I think, I can’t help but feel like it might lose some of it’s charm by being pre-recorded, the British version goes out live.

    • Joshua

      I agree. Some of the questions on the UK pertain to events going on as the show goes to air or things that happened earlier that day. But as long as the American version stays as exciting as the UK one, I will be watching. :)

  • Mr Anonymous

    It’s obviously mashed potatoes.

  • The Doctor

    This show is going to be a joke. They can’t even get their facts right then they’ll penalize you for it. A couple lost £300,000 for betting on the correct answer only to be told they were wrong.
    Yeah, this will be a great show.

  • Michelle

    MILLION POUND DROP! Its the original UK version, and its sooo addicting. So glad its coming to America, but it needs a better host.

    • david

      no i like the original one i dont think they should get another one he is better than the one they mght pick out to be the new host…

  • shakeya henderson

    Im happy fox has a new show that’s about to have me glued to my couch.once again fox five has made my year I can’t wait to watch it maybe one day ill be on the show Who knows but I would like to say thank you fox 5 for the entertainment that I’m about to enjoy very soon.

  • shakeya henderson

    And another thing I would like to say that the side dish has to be cranberry sauce it taste so good With stuffing I’m telling you please try it you would love it.

  • Christina

    Mashed potatoes # 1.

  • darreyell chambers

    How can I be on the show?

  • Derrick Carter

    How can I obtain a entry form?

    • gerald bates

      My wife and I would like to become contestants on million dollar money drop. How do you sign up?

    • Lucy Eyongdip

      Love this show, but how do we (my husband and I)become contestants?

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