Daniel Radcliffe on 'The Simpsons': 'Harry Potter' star pokes fun at 'Twilight'

When pop culture phenomenons collide: On The Simpsons‘ annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode — which aired last night, bringing relief of all us still dealing with Halloween withdrawal — Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe voiced a vampire character named Edmund, who, naturally, closely resembled a certain Twilight hero, even if his green eyes weren’t so golden. (And even if he couldn’t quite convince Lisa to transform into a fellow immortal being: “Eight forever? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I can’t spend eternity using kids’ scissors. They barely cut anything!”) But there wasn’t just a two-part pop culture collision on The Simpsons last night — Radcliffe, and The Simpsons‘ writer room, also managed to work in a reference to Tommy Wiseau’s great cult masterpiece, The Room. (Or was it a Rebel Without a Cause reference? I choose to believe the former, since the scene involved a character named “Lisa.” But perhaps that’s because I’m on my third scotchka. Not really.) My mind is so blown, it’s as if I was sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off! Click the jump to see the clip:

Oh, Edmund’s dad. Didn’t you know that three’s a crowd? Sadly for the Twilight vamp, his courtship with the beautiful Lisa was short-lived, thanks to Homer’s dangerously high cholesterol level:

Did you catch the episode last night, PopWatchers?

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  • Jackie

    I’m a ‘Twilight’ fan (the books, not the movies), and I thought the ‘Treehouse of Horror’ parody was AMAZING! Daniel is hilarious, as he’s proven over time.

    • Liz Lemon

      DanRad is hilarious! I loved him in Extras and on this episode of the Simpsons. He seriously needs to do more comedy. He’s a natural.

  • California

    I loved the monsters in The Office open!!

  • Page

    I loved the Office opening for this episode. And The Simpsons once again brought their best stuff for halloween.

    • darclyte

      I thought that last year the Simpsons had their best season in many, many years…except for the Treehouse episode. Swap this one with that for the Season DVD Box Set and you’d have a winner.

  • lol!!

    i loved it when daniel said “die fatso!!” i laughed so hard the entire time :)

  • Jennifer

    The way the line was delivered made me think “Rebel Without a Cause”

    • Manni

      Me too.

      • BP

        Why is it spelled wrong on the clip title?

  • Lisa Simpson

    I thought it was a mediocre Treehouse, not one of their best. Yes, there were some laughs, but a lot of it was a bit stale.

    • BC

      Agreed. The one with Marge and Homer on the boat was a throwaway.

    • Cameron

      I thought it was one of the best Treehouse, these past years were really bad but I really liked this one, especially the vampire part was very fitting, both because of Halloween and the current vampire saturation. Plus having Radcliffe giving the voice was a genius choice!

    • Marge

      Maybe you didn’t understad all the great references they did to several movies, there weren’t only Twilight ones. Kudos to Daniel Radcliffe for having the humor of playing the vampire, it shows he doesn’t take himself too serious which is great, with all the senseless comparisons people did these past years between the 2 franchises. Other actors should learn a few things from this classy young man.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I understood, Mom – um, Marge. I loved the Jumaji take, thought the Dead Calm parody didn’t quite work, and thought the Twilight parody had its moments (Millhouse turning into a poodle) but was an easy target. My favorite part was Maggie’s Clockwork Orange moment. I don’t know what any of it was supposed to do with Daniel being a classy young man, since that has nothing to do with whether the show was funny or not.

    • Peter

      Not great, but the best in quite a few years. I rewatch the whole bunch every October, so I know.

  • The Jackal

    Funny how each week you don’t see much Simpson articles, yet when they have a Twilight reference in the show, now there is two on EW’s front page.

    • The Devil

      Whoa there. Not a fan of Twilight or the Simpsons (the last ten years of it) so I feel I’m impartial in this fight. But The Jackal, that’s simply not true. One, The Simpsons has been on hiatus until last night (hence, it’s finally being mentioned); and two, when it is on I always see a blog here and there about upcoming guest stars on The Simpsons. Sure, Twilight gets more coverage at the moment, but that’s because the Simpsons really isn’t as hot or groundbreaking as it used to be.

    • Tony

      the only articles you see on the Simpsons is they way they make their intros.

    • John

      I don’t think it’s so much about Twilight but about Dan Radcliffe. If he wouldn’t have put the voice this wouldn’t have been even news. So thank him and his great sense of humor. :)

      • Mary

        I thought this segment was great – especially because it was DanRad doing the voice.

      • Lynn

        ^ This. I don’t care that it was a Twilight parody. I watched it because of D-Rad. I’d’ve watched it if he was guest-voicing, even if it wasn’t for a Halloween episode.

      • Liz Lemon

        Same here. I watched it because of the D-man. :D

  • robsten in rio

    im a fan of twilight(movies, not books, HA) and i thought it was not great. Homer talking about how mentioning frankenstein is “SOMEHOW RACIST.” was the best twilight related line

  • Anya

    Shouldn’t they have shown this last Sunday since it was Halloween?

    • marcbjr2

      MLB World Series was on so they contractually couldn’t

    • Buffy Freak

      Treehouse of Horror has aired the week after Halloween almost every year for the past 10+ years due to the World Series.

      • Peter

        Except last year, when it aired early and I missed it. Caught the rerun last night, though.

  • briannagunter

    They always show it after Halloween, at least in the past decade. This is just how their scheduling with FOX works.

  • julie

    My husband is really the Simpson fan of the house, but I haven’t laughed as hard at anything I’ve seen on TV recently as I did when Milhouse turned into a poodle.

    • MD

      we were munching on snacks and all of it nearly came out of our mouths when that happened – it was the best part of the episode.

    • JFWilder

      Yeah…I was eating spicy Chinese…laughed a hot pepper right out my nose. I don’t recommend anyone else does that.

    • Webi

      Had us on the floor too.

    • dr zoid

      I feel cheated, because I already knew it was coming (they showed it on a commercial). Still hilarious though.

  • Michael

    The Simpsons hasn’t been funny for years. Stop flogging a dead horse.

    • Melanie

      So’s your face!

    • Tim

      That’s what she said.

  • Lo

    Love the scotchka reference from the Room where Lisa ties Johnny’s scarf around her head. That movie is ridic

    • Kate

      “It’s tearing me apart!!” You haven’t seen The Room til you’ve seen the Rifftrax version. Oh man.

  • Bob in San Diego

    Really one of the better THH in a while. I really liked the Dead Calm short too. I can understand people who haven’t seen the Nicole Kidman thriller wouldn’t like it, but I personally thought it was a ground rule double.

    • California

      Totally agree. I loved it. That was a good movie too. Anyone who hasn’t seen, check it out!!

    • Liz Lemon

      I hated that movie. She killed the dog. :(

  • Liz

    This may have been my favorite “Treehouse of Horror” episode yet. Loved the Clockwork Orange reference with Maggie and the satanic jumanji segment :)

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