'Dancing With the Stars': Week 8 is liiiiiiiive!

Eight i’s for eight weeks, duh. Welcome back, DANCMSTRs, to Week 8 of Dancing With the Stars‘ season 11. Will Jennifer Grey (pictured, right) avoid Brandy’s wickedly delicious side eye long enough to get her entire hand around the COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY? Will something make Carrie Ann cry? Will I pass out within the first hour if I play the Take A Sip Every Time Brooke Burke Asks ‘How Do You Feel?’ drinking game? So many rhetorical questions; so few answers; so much time left to go in this episode. I better hold onto my sequined hat and settle down.

[Update: The settling worked. Week 8 performance recap is liiiiiiiive!]

Be sure to click through today’s ‘DWTS': Which couple wore it better? photo gallery to get you through the commercial breaks. My favorite battle was Pink Comet in the Glitz Galaxy (Kelly Osbourne) vs. Peaches ‘N’ Cream Barbie (Bristol Palin). It’s so important to vote!

Discuss the DWTS performances here and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week below.

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  • avab

    Ha! Annie, we’ll be comatose if we play that ‘take a sip’ game. Hello fellow DNCMSTRS Duranmom, Coolwhiplite,Orville …

    • orville

      Hic….no kidding!….hic…

      • Colleen

        I would also include, along with “How do you feel?”: Everytime Brooke makes a mistake (see: “Maks you’ve been to the final twice” “Actually Brooke, I’ve been the finals three times, thanks.” and when she adds points incorrectly. BEST GAME EVER!

      • avab

        Lol!Jesus juice!

      • gg

        EEk Brooke! she is almost as bad as the women host season 1….What happened to Samantha Harris???

    • CoolWhipLite

      I think I’ll just be drunk on my usual Monday night excitement…. ;D

    • A

      Brooke repeated EXACTLY what Tom said right after he said it. It was somethnig alon the lines of “I have a feeling this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing Insta Dance.” Originality, Brooke?

      • A

        Oh,and Hidden Gem:
        Bongos Guy wiping his nose and suddenly realizing he was on camera. And ECL looking cheery!

    • fizzy

      And if she says “max out your votes now!” ONE MORE TIME….

  • avab

    Lacey’s dress make her seem huge. The tulle, the pleats/ruching…too much.

    • CoolWhipLite

      She kinda looks like an old-fashioned Madame Alexander doll. I had an Irish-themed one that looked just like her!

      • sarah d

        Lay off Lacey, her body is slammin’.

    • Amen

      Her costumes have NOT been kind to Lacey’s behind this season.

      • MLM

        Neither have her rehearsal clothes. Another awful pair of gray sweatpants tonight. And, why wear a tank top with a bare midriff if you are planning to throw the Mrs Roper sweater over it? Could we do a cross-over show with DWTS and What not to Wear?

      • Mr. Furley

        Mrs. Roper wore a shawl, darling.

    • Camera Adds 1000 Pounds, Srlsy.

      I’ve always thought Lacey looked rather, ehem, large on screen, but I was in the audience last week for the 200th show (floor seats!) and she was actually pretty thin! Same with Kelly Osbourne, those tight close ups on her face do not do her justice!

    • @avab

      I would hate to take a look at you.

      • duranmom

        No need to be nasty — Lacey’s been addicted to tulle this season and it makes her look bigger than she is. She’s got a great body, she should show it off more!

    • Karen

      I can’t make up my mind about Lacey. I think the green fabric just randomly hanging on top of the tulle kept me from concentrating on the dance. Her second number was something else. Her legs looked fantastic with the clever cut of the skirt. Not sure about the gray snowflake applique right over her ahhh, upper leg area. Nevertheless, I was transfixed. Her workout attire does not flatter the thigh and derriere. I think she could give Maks some competition in a butt shake contest.

    • amylovesnewwave

      Hidden Gem has to be her fug jive costume. I can’t be the only one who noticed how her floral appliques made her, um, natural beauty shine down there.

  • avab

    The redhead sitting behind Kyle’s folks is a dead ringer for Chelsea Clinton.

    • duranmom

      I saw that — YES!

    • gigi

      Co-sign! I thought that was her too!

    • Karen

      @avab I thought so too. I even did a stop screen to be sure.

  • Whitney

    Surely Bruno’s maniacal laugh (after threatening low scores for the Insta-Dance) was worth a gem!

  • Laura

    that “mystery” cd had kyle & lacey’s name on it. why make them choose it out of the bowl?

    • orville

      Ha! Good point! I love the mysterious (and non-sensical) ritual of this show.

    • LAG Award Winner

      Saw that too. HOWEVER, no Sharpied CD !!! Does DWTS’s production team read Hidden Gems?

      • avab

        They increased the CD budget.

      • Annie Barrett

        They do.

    • Aggie

      It’s not a bowl, it’s a mirrorball! This is what the show is all about.

      • Lisa Simpson

        It’s a small moon of Planet Mirrorballus that fell from its orbit so that it could serve its master planet.

      • gigi


      • Kaye

        Picking their CD out of a mirrorball was the ultimate nod to the stardust of of Planet Mirrorballus!

    • caryn

      It had to match their style of dance so my guess (hope?) is that all of the cds they had to choose from had their name on it so the right style of music would go into their grouping.

  • avab

    Attention all:Jennifer’s knee is hurting.

    • Beverley

      I almost think it would be more like breaking news if her knee wasn’t hurting. But then what would she have to complain about.

      • Suz

        I agree – complaines to much!
        Seems to do good when she has the attention from family!

      • LoRo1

        But at least she didn’t cry this week!

    • Karen

      I feel for Jennifer. I was practically holding my breath during the first dance (quickstep?)worried that the knee would fail. Sometimes the pre-dance packages ruin the dance.

  • orville

    Yay, Joel Grey! I was hoping to see a lot more of him this season. I love him!

  • Lisa Simpson

    Kyle’s blurred out practice shirt was a very obvious hidden gem.

    • duranmom

      But what does the shirt actually say???

  • orville

    There’s a woman in the audience behind Carrie Ann who is the spitting image of Patricia Richardson.



      • orville

        Tim Allen’s tv-wife from “Home Improvement.”

      • IAMSOBZ


    • Al

      I thought the person behind Carrie Ann (on the right) looked like a low-rent Phyllis Diller.

  • CoolWhipLite

    Is that a very thin Lorenzo Lamas in the crowd?

    And I spotted Louis van Intensite in the front row next to Marg Cho.

    • Lorie

      I was wondering the same thing! I thought “Whoa! Lorenzo’s lost alot of weight.”

      • duranmom

        And his hair looked incredibly dark. Or was he not getting any love from the lighting people?


    Here I am in Los Angeles counting the hours until DWTS goes on.

    I can’t believe what a motley crew is still competing. Even Kelly Monaco could win this season. Maybe I’ll just watch “Pawn Stars” and read the DWTS recap tomorrow.

  • Julia

    Any chance Jennifer’s song is Time of My Life?

    • Roma

      We were thinking the same thing here, LOL, she’ll get a Dirty Dancing tune so we can all get teary eyed again. But I think a great hidden gem this week was Jennifer’s dress in the Insta-Dance; it looked like she ripped it off Anna’s first dance that evening.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Oops, the judges realized that they were on camera after Jen and Derek got their music. Time to smile and clap!

  • SK

    Why do the CDs the pairs are “randomly” picking out of the Mirror Ball bowl have their names printed on them?

    • Karikata

      SK, I was thinking the same thing. That’s so silly. It wouldn’t make sense anyway to randomly pick the song, the style of the dance wouldn’t match the music!

    • dally

      There was only a single cd in the mirror ball bowl, when each team picked. It wasn’t random.

    • Donyale

      From my understanding each couple had a different insta dance. So they had CD’s for each couple to pic from so they would not get a song that was good for the cha cha and they had a waltz. Also, the live singers had to have an idea on what they would have to sing live.

      • ledonatella

        that was my understanding too…each team had a few songs to choose from in the mirror ball just for them to pick from

  • iggy

    HG: The instant dance container behind Brooke makes it looke like she is wearing a Disco Ball Jet Pack!

    • DebbsJo

      We thought it made her look like “Igor the Dance Helper”

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