Vote in our Under-appreciated Entertainers of the Year Bracket Game: Round 1, Day 1!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-AImage Credit: Claire Folger; Frank Masi; Rankin; Valerie PhillipsYou love our Bracket Games! You want to have, like, 10,000 of their babies, all of whom may turn out to be Psycho Killers or Sexy Beasts. Or both! This month, in anticipation for our annual Entertainers of the Year print issue, we’ll be looking at some of the more under-appreciated all-star entertainers. Not unappreciated by YOU — you nominated ‘em! (Movies, Music, TV, and Reality TV.) Just under-appreciated by the box office, TV ratings, Emmy voters, album sales charts, etc. Basically: people who need more money. Ugh, as if.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-BImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Mike Yarish/AMC; Frank Micelotta/Fox; Carol Kaelson/ABC via Getty ImagesUp first, we have actors Pete Postlethwaite (The Town) vs. Karl Urban (Red) in the Movies category; Swedish pop fairy Robyn vs. American folk-rock singer Lissie in Music; Fringe‘s John Noble vs. Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser in TV, and So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley vs. the Dancing With the Stars band in Reality TV. Check out the entire bracket of 64 competitors here (click the image to zoom in), then vote in round 1 of our polls!

Attention: In order to fight for her favorite in the reality category, Annie Barrett has hijacked the bottom of this post! She and the Society of Hidden Gem Hunters proudly present: Six beloved members of the Dancing With the Stars Band!

Princess Sparkle!

Prince Shimmer!

Enthusiastic Chimes Lady and Under-Enthusiastic Bongo Gentleman!

Thoroughly Professional Violinist!

Impeccably Manicured Trumpeter!

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  • tvgirl48

    Jared Padalecki for Supernatural, but not Jensen Ackles? I guess maybe because Jensen gets recognition from everyone but the professional critics for being an excellent actor? Because I love Jared, but the better actor on that show is Jensen, in my opinion.

    • mary q contrary

      Way hotter, too

      • Casey

        Oh hells yeah. Love Jared, but Jensen…UNF.

      • Sal

        Sam girl here, but Jensen is the better actor. Sad but true.

      • amj

        I love Sam but I am definitely a Dean girl through and through!

      • JBD

        Best 4: Jared P., Ray LaMontagne, Kieran Culkin, and then the ever lovely Cat D.

    • Ebony

      Actually, I think Misha Collins should be on the list. I love him as Castiel. The character is underused so far this season, but the episodes Castiel have been in, Misha has done a wonderful job making the screen time count.

      • amj

        Agree! Love Castiel.

      • Casey

        Agreed. Misha is just fabulous with the little he gets. I adore Cas.

      • Tajah


      • Kerry Ann

        here here… I concure

      • Linda H

        Here’s hoping they get more into the war Castiel is fighting in Heaven as the season goes on. More Castiel please.

      • sarah h

        Yes love Misha. Castiel is a great character.

    • Melody

      They are both great, but I have to say that in the last couple years Jensen has been AMAZING! Fantastic actor.

    • MMT

      ITA…no Jensen that’s just crazy!!! But I’ll take any recognition for Supernatural that I can get. The most under-appreciated show on TV hands down.

    • Julia

      Jared is the one mentioned because Jensen always gets all the praise and is, in fact, appreciated by fans and critics alike. Jared rarely gets any credit and is in the shadow of his more popular co-star, even though he’s no slouch himself. Jensen is probably going to be nominated in something else, like best actor.

      • Tyla

        Jensen’s never been nominated for an Emmy. To me, that’s underappreciated.

    • sarah h

      Jensen: better AND hotter! I think Jared does a good job, but Jensen is outstanding. Plus Jared really needs a decent haircut and some good skin care.

    • tad

      Read these comments and you see why Padalecki is unappreciated, all gals scream about is how hot Ackles is.
      Don’t get me wrong Ackles is a strong and talented actor, but even he gets more notice 4 his looks than his acting talent half the time ..and their is inordinately more favoritism 4 him him because he is a pretty guy.. which is sad, if these comments were more about his talent and less for his looks I’d agree but that Padalecki is not half bad, let him shine *sometimes* people forgodsakes, yall can’t even let him have this.
      a nod for being under appreciated without bring Ackles and Collins in it….that’s why he gets my vote.

      • tad

        oh yeah i stopped watching the show becauseof all this lopsidedness, i liked the 1st 3 seasons and quit after that.

      • Amanda

        Tad, and Julia from a couple posts above, thank you for setting the record straight. Compared to Jensen, Jared is severely underappreciated by critics and fans alike, and as you said, all you have to do to see the latter half of that is look at many of these comments. Sad thing is, both acting-wise and looks-wise, the underappreciation is uncalled for. Jared is a beautiful, talented individual who deserves his fair share of love and praise as well, and I very much hope he wins this poll.

      • Sunny

        I agree with both of you, Tad and Amanda. Jensen is fawned over by the majority of the fans — not without reason, but it’s to the point where it’s visibly more in favor of him than Jared — and it extends to every possible aspect of Supernatural. Even in a poll like this, where the comments themselves just further the point of Jared being under-appreciated, Jensen is still what the fans (and yes, I’m generalizing for the sake of simplicity) focus the majority of their attention on.

        The point of the poll was whether Jared Padalecki was more under-appreciated than James Roday. Jensen didn’t factor into the equation because on the whole, he is more appreciated by fans and critics.

        Most of all, though, I’d just like to see somebody who is very much against Jared and who thinks he is a bad actor to make a solid argument against him.

    • Olives

      I agree! The show itself doesn’t get enough recognition. And then on the show I think Jared gets more recognition because he has been in more movies.

  • noelbelle

    Honestly, I’ve heard that Dancing with the Stars band butcher so many songs I don’t know how anyone could vote in support of that.

    • Casey

      Ahaha! Good point, and oh so true. They just kill some songs dead.

    • Lisa Simpson

      You miss the point. They are awesome in their awfulness. And they have Enthusiastic Chimes Lady!

    • Sara

      Exactly! They murder every sing they do.

    • bootsycolumbia

      That band is the sole reason why I’ve never been able to sit through an entire episode of DWTS. Their awfulness isn’t awesome, it’s just awful.

    • anya

      As if their singing isn’t bad enough, sometimes they even mess the lyrics up. They are kind of laughably horrible though.

  • mary q contrary

    If Cat Deeley doesn’t win Reality TV I’m moving to Canada.

    • mary q contrary

      On that note, I’d love to see Brandon Flowers or The Avett Brothers for music, Peter Krause or Jesse Plemons for tv, and Jennifer Lawrence for movies. Please and thank you.

      • tracy bluth

        I’d also love to see Brandon Flowers win. I don’t like too many of today’s top 40 artists but I’ve always loved The Killers.

      • Karate Pants

        I love Brandon Flowers, but I really don’t think he could be considered “Underappreciated”, he’s so popular and well-known.

    • Kat from Canada

      haha!! as long as that means we don’t have to vote for our host of SYTYCD. Leah is no where close to the level of amazingness that is Cat Deeley!

  • Mr. Holloway

    I don’t watch “Fringe”, but I lot of people I respect tell me that it’s great and that Noble is great in it.

    Putting him against my boy Pete Campbell in the first round is just cruel!

    • Casey

      It’s true. John Noble is beyond amazing as Walter/nate. I don’t watch Mad Men, so I can’t say anything about Vincent Kartheiser. But John Noble FTW!

      • Alice

        For those who don’t know of the greatness of Pete Campbell, go directly to youtube and watch the scene where Peggy tells him about their baby. Tears!

      • Karate Pants

        Yeah! My nominee, Pete “B!tchface” Campbell made it! PLEASE vote for him, this is the only win he’ll likely ever take home (though he deserves so much more).

      • Karate Pants

        Auughh! VK is trailing terribly and I can’t spend all morning stuffing the ballot box due to meetings! Wake up, friends of Dick Whitman and Mad Men maniacs! There is much work to do!

      • tickles

        I still have issues from when Vincent was Connor. (Angel’s son) He was such a brat. I wanted to smack him every time he was on screen.

      • Pete Campbell Appreciation Society

        Or, on a lighter note, check out him and Trudy (aka Annie from ‘Community’ who should also be in this poll) doing the Charleston.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I’m with you, Mr. H. I’ve heard a lot of great things about John Noble (sorry, don’t watch – caught one episode and realized I needed to start at the beginning), but Vincent Katheiser is awesome. I should hate Pete so much, but I just can’t, and a lot of that has to do with Kartheiser’s nuanced performance.

    • Linda H

      I do watch Fringe and John Noble is always a treat to watch. Now that we have Walternate as well as Walter, I am even more appreciative of his awesomeness,

  • MCS

    At risk of sounding like a broken record, but Im really glad you have included Katey Sagal in this. She carries Sons of Anarchy singlehandedly, and she acted the hell out of last season.

    • tracy bluth

      Helen…I mean Peggy…I mean Katy Sagal is amazing in everything.

      • Lisa Simpson

        LOL. She’ll always be Helen to me, though I do need to watch Sons of Anarchy.

    • K

      Agree, she’s unbelieavble. In general I wish the show got more award love bc I think it’s one of the best.

  • tracy bluth

    I love, love, LOVE Vincent, but for this round I have to go with Noble. He’s soooo good as Walter/nate it almost breaks my heart. Though I still have to ask…what about the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? And as much as I love Peter Krause, where is Dax Shepard (never thought I’d type that sentence BTW)? And thanks for including RSL, one of the most underrated actors EVER.

    • tracy bluth

      And what about Anna Torv? Joshua Jackson? Even with a list as great as this I still have issues…

    • MCS

      You’re right! Always Sunny would have been great to see on here. Charlie Day is reliably funny.

  • Xena Warrior Princess

    finally a competition I can get behind

  • Christina

    James Roday!! YES!! I know he wasn’t one we could vote for this time around, but Psych is one of the best shows on TV and it is absolutely criminal that he and Dule Hill (not to mention the rest of the cast, the writers, etc) don’t get any recognition. Especially when a show like Monk got nonstop Emmy love every single year it was on. Psych is way, way better.

    • pop

      exactly what i was gonna post! i LOVE him and dule hill’s chemistry.

    • pede

      I actually squealed when I saw James Roday’s name on here, LOVE LOVE LOVE that show & you are so right, it is criminally under-appreciated. I’ve gotten about 10 people to start watching it and they all love it. I will vote for him all day & night if need be. Yey James!!!!

    • bkwrm

      What really ticks me off is that the copy-cat The Mentalist gets all the Emmy and publicity love when Psych was first and is 100 times better. James Roday and Psych for the win!

      • ashley

        I agree with you!!!…psych all the way!!!

    • tickles

      It is just that everyone in the industry is jealous of James Roday (Shawn) because he is best friends with Gus. (Dule) Everyone with any sense knows that Gus is AWESOME!

    • Sue1

      I’m also very glad to see Roday on this list. Psych is one of the best shows on TV right now, thanks to Roday and the rest of the cast.

  • tracy bluth

    Wait a minute- wasn’t Pete Postlehwaite also the elder Fischer in Inception?

    • Kiki

      And he talks to his hat in Sharpe.

    • Mr. Holloway

      …and he was also Perseus’ adoptive dad in “Clash of the Titans”! (Ok, maybe forget I brought that up.)

      • mary q contrary

        That was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Accept this raspberry as a penance for reminding me: thhpppppppllll!!!!!

      • Kiki

        Well, if he’d been in Titans more, maybe it would have been better! :-)

  • taylor

    Tom Hardy from Inception. DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt were excellent but Hardy was extremely charismatic in his breakout role.

  • Casey

    Uh, HELLO– Porita De Rossi from Better Off Ted!!

    • Casey


    • Xena warrior princess

      This! Lem and phil too!

    • llevinso


  • Vikki Sixx

    If you doubt Robyn deserves this…just go listen to Konichiwa Bitches, Handle Me or ANY of her songs for that matter…

  • Dave

    Once again, the brilliant cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is unappreciated.
    And how about some love the supporting cast of Parks and Recreation? Where are Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza?

    • Dave

      Oh and of course Portia de Rossi. Criminally robbed of an Emmy nomination and win two years in a row.

      • tracy bluth

        Agree with everything you said Dave!!!

      • Karate Pants

        Parks and Rec is EASILY one of the most unappreciated things today – the brilliant writing, the hilarious cast, all of it. One of the best shows on TV and it isn’t even on TV. They’re so unappreciated, they couldn’t even make this list!

    • llevinso

      I was wondering where the It’s Always Sunny cast was. I thought for sure at least Charlie Day would pop up. They are THE BEST!

  • Corran

    First off, how the heck is Mondo underappreciated?! I could understand Michael Costello, but Mondo?!?! If anything he has been over-appreciated and loved by the fans.

    • mary q contrary

      I think he kind of automatically gets a nomination due to how epic his snub actually was.

      • tickles

        I agree with this. Mondo was loved by the fans of the show and will probably be big in the fashion world but for some reason the judges (talking to you Nina and Michael!) didn’t get the Mondo love. Heidi fought for Mondo like a mamabear fights for her cub but was over-ruled in favor of Wretchen
        and her butt-sling dresses.

      • tickles

        and those dang granny panties!

  • Dave

    The Dancing with the Stars band? You’re kidding, right? Their music is so awful, all they do is butcher songs. Anyone who voted for them over Cat Deeley is insane.

    • Sue1

      OMG yes. They are awful. I usually turn the volume almost all the down, not only because they are so bad, but also the songs NEVER fit the actual dance.

      • Sue1

        *way* down…

    • ice

      Thank you, EW, for pitting Cat Deeley against this “band”. Easy win.

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