'Auction Hunters': Finally, a show about storage units

Auction-HuntersImage Credit: SPIKEWe knew it was coming! The Hidden Gem hunter in me is digging the trailer for SPIKE’s Auction Hunters (premiering Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m. ET). It’s just two dudes — Allen and Ton (guess which one is Ton) — rummaging through people’s storage units, mining for gems. “There could be buried treasure in any one of these,” promises Ton. My favorite is the green, glowing, radioactive … jar? But I’m a lady. For the more SPIKE-y demographic, there are a lot of guns! And money! Remember when Paris Hilton’s storage unit got auctioned off and they found Valtrex? This is like that, but without the herpes. OR SO WE THINK. (Trailer will auto-play after the break….)

What’s in YOUR storage unit?

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  • Kaiulani

    Don’t have a storage unit, but the show looks promising.

    • Squee

      Looks like Geraldo opens Capone’s vault to me.

  • Viv

    That dude looks like Logan Echolls!

    • katie

      that’s the first thing I thought too!

      • Stacia

        Nonono he looks like that Green Arrow guy on Smallville, Justin Hartley. Trust me.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I have a big ol’ basement (filled with sparkly Christmas decorations!), so I don’t have a storage unit. I have to say, the idea struck me as kind of dumb until I saw the trailer, which looked kind of “Antiques Roadsow”-ish, but with tattoos.

    • maiv

      You should check out American Pickers on the History Channel, if you haven’t. This reminds me of it.

  • DawninDenver

    I love American Pickers so I will probably love this one too…

  • tracy bluth

    For some reason this reminds me of Warehouse 13.

  • Crystal

    I saw a ton of billboards for this today and thought it looked intriguing. Plus, the one dude is CUTE.

  • Liz

    I heard there’s a better storage show coming out on A&E. I’m a auction buyer in California and I know these two are fakers.

    • sherrie

      Totally agree with you! The show is so fake – they always hit gold and then take it to some “expert” and then the stupid bidding goes back and forth.So set-up

      • jim ayers

        I was thrilled by the big find on the first episode I watched. After 4 episodes of scoring incredible finds on EVERY storage unit with the same auctioneer, I can say that this show is a total fake and a waste of time to watch.

      • Steven

        it’s amazing that you would claim a show is “fake” on the premise of always finding jackpots..when in fact there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the show that these are their jackpot hits and they in fact generally dont get those finds

  • Darkhorse17

    Well, this is just disgusting. Really. Reality television is sinking to a new low. These bottom-feeders are profiting from the destitution of others and we’re expected to sit back and be entertained by it? How could anyone think this would be good television in today’s economy? People’s property, heirlooms and dreams are auctioned off and these predators make money on it… how is that entertainment? Sickening.

    • dave

      I could not put a finger on what disturbed me so much about this show, you nailed it- well stated.

    • Diane

      I see your point Darkhorse to a point having had to scratch around more than once to pay for mine & on a fixed income it isn’t easy to pay for one, however if they didn’t have these the alternative would be to throw this stuff in the dumpster– or I guess to place ads to sell it that way–what else do you expect them to do, you know? They can’t exactly store people’s stuff indefinetly for free, can they?

  • D.W. Viewer

    Right you are, Liz, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I can say with a great degree of certainty that Allen Haff is no auction hunter. In fact, he’s not even human…he’s an android. I’m a biomechanical engineer at DuPont in the robotics R&D department where we’re leading the way in socially-integrable robotics, but I’ve never seen anything this advanced. A.I. of this caliber, although rife with potential, is highly unpredictable and even potentially dangerous. As a scientist and engineer, I can’t help but marvel at this technologically giant step forward, but as a human being and antique-enthusiast, I worry about the condition of the hidden-treasures that Allen sets his sights on and the health of the unwitting auctioneer that stands in his way.

  • Jordan Simpson

    I’m interested in these kinds of autions but this show seems very staged. Another unrealality show.

  • john

    I just watched the one with the 71 gmc…awesome truck, but I would like to know how the guy drove away in it and test drove it without the upper rad. hose hooked up?…started right up n drove it n paid $6000….just askn???

  • JamesDavisAuctions

    I almost believed it was real. After three episodes of concurrent scores at the same place, same auctioneer. This show is just that, a show. MOST storage unit auctions are not good at all. Primarily because of dishonest people who root through before an auction. This shows is just the opposite, instead of removing the good stuff before it starts, they ADD good stuff. Not fooling me, I have been doing auctions across the US for 20 + years. Almost a fan, but let down.

  • Mark

    I go to the auctions. Mostly they are junk, things you need to worry about are finding stolen guns which will get you in a lot of hot water if you sell them. Also buying boxes of kitchen items that are full of cockroaches. It took me a while to get them out of my shop. If you happened to buy a tweakers unit. Some their clothes have crap in them so be careful, yes they crap their pants and put it bags. It is location, location. This is ok if you are retired or have a thrift store if not then you have to like hanging out at swap meets or flea markets. You will make lots of donations to goodwill. And it is very depressing to see the kid pictures, and memorabilia left behind, I always try and return it. Each unit takes a lot of time they do not show you that on TV. Good luck if you start, most I have seen tries this run out of money or storage. Hoarders come to mind, a couple of units will turn your place into a hoarders show.

  • jules h

    I like a little more show with my commercials.

  • Knad

    Ok, I have a question….what would stop you, as a renter, from ‘staging’ a unit to look like it was full of valuables and defaulting on the rent? You could put empty guitar cases, lock boxes, empty boxes from expensive retail items, jewelry boxes in the open, the front forks and wheel of a Harley sticking out from under a blanket,…the list goes on and on! You then default on the auction and get the thousands of dollars over and above the defaulted rent on the unit. Has anyone ever considered this? You could also show up with cameras and tape the bidder’s reactions when they find out they’ve been had, I would watch that show!

    • Hugh Jorgan

      These guys are the biggest toolbags on TV. Tried to watch the show, but could only make it about five minutes.

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