'The Real World' breeds new Congressman

Sean-DuffyImage Credit: Everett Collection; Wausau Daily Herald/Corey Schjoth/AP ImagesLooking back, we should’ve seen it coming. The Real World does, after all, teach its inhabitants/test subjects/”stars” how to spar with folks who are their ideological opposites. It teaches them how to bridge the gaps among diverse peoples. It teaches them to make out with people they shouldn’t in a very public way and then act shocked when the public is interested in their personal business. This should be the perfect breeding ground for politicians!

And, yes, it has happened: The Real World: Boston‘s Sean Duffy won a House seat yesterday in his home state of Wisconsin. The token conservative in the house (not to be confused with the House) back in 1997, Duffy was one of the many Republicans who picked up seats in the midterms. It only figures, since he spent his Real World season clashing with liberal roommates and learning about race relations from the two black cast members. (Fun fact: Duffy’s wife, Real World: San Francisco alum Rachel Campos, was in the running for The View seat that ultimately went to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.) In fact, why haven’t we seen more Real World-ers taking office? Could Trishelle be far behind?

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  • Jon

    Kevin Powell from the first season has run unsuccessfully for the US House three times. His runs have been a bit controversial, including an incident during the 2008 race when he told a group of Orthodox Jews that he would be “bringing home the bacon.”

    • Big Walt

      From what I remember of him he was one of the most racist people I’ve ever seen on TV so I’ll consider it a good thing he’s never won.

    • asf3q2r

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    • charmuse

      To this DAY I still wonder what really happened between him and Julie during that fight when there were no cameras present.

    • keith

      Yeah, that guy was unhinged. I’m not surprised he hasn’t been elected. On second thought, he should have been a shoe in!

  • NICK

    Yeah…when I read this headline I thought it was going to be Powell. Good for Duffy though! I always liked him.

    • Emily

      me too. I knew it would be him

      • etm

        Yes, I knew it would be him too.

  • Jenn

    I wonder what happened to Trishelle…

    • Bettina

      I think I saw her at the World Series of Poker this year.

    • Rich

      Haha… Trishelle… Met her randomly in a bar one night. (And trust me, this was MILES from L.A.)

  • Scobes

    Wow… seriously? I remember this guy, he was kind of a douche.

    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure that the sole criterion for going on that show is being a douche.

      • shaniqua

        I second that emotion.

      • steph


      • tom


    • Ad Rock

      Most politicians are.

  • Jeremy

    I actually got to vote for him! Wishing him luck!!

  • Chris

    I thought this was going to be about Kyle from Real World Chicago. I remember he would talk a lot about runnnig for office. He was a jerk so I’m glad it’s not him.

    • Robert

      Kyle was on Days of Our Lives and is now a producer on the Jim Rome Show, a sports talk radio show.

      • LillyC

        Are you serious?? I hated Kyle, he’s a d-bag… I couldn’t stand him during his season, neither him nor Kara… hated them both…

      • cjo

        So he is definitely a douche!

  • Heather

    Interesting that in his wife, Rachel’s season, she was known for being active at Young Republican rallies and fundraisers. Good for them, sounds like a match made in heaven! And particularly nice to know that Republicans can be associated with MTV and still be successful.

    • jj

      Ha ha. MTV hasn’t been relevant or “cool” since Beavis went off the air. Nice try, Puck.

      • Tara_Hunkoff

        You said “went off”.

  • Lee Ann

    Good for him. I always liked him, too.

  • Philip Coogan

    Interesting fact” Linda McMahon wife of the WWE’S Vince lost her bid for a seat in the house. The WWE which features The Miz who’s also from The Real World.

    • Jennifer

      I’m one degree closer to Kevin Bacon.

      • mjsmoke

        I live here in CT were she lost..THANK GOODNESS!!! She was a b*tch the whole time she was running and thought her money would win her a seat. Nobody in CT bought it and she can crawl back to her “entertainment” empire…

      • Michelle

        Me too mjsmoke. I voted against her just so she wouldn’t win. Can’t stand her and am so glad she will be off my TV for at least 2 years.

      • rerun

        Did you instead vote for the guy who lied about being in Vietnam?

      • Michelle

        Better than voting for the woman who forced her employees to take anabolic steroids.

  • K

    He was a good guy on the show. Their season was one of the last I watched. Find his wife annoying though when she has been on The View.

    • MrWriteSF

      His wife annoyed the HELL outta me on her season; she did everything for shock value: her attraction to Puck; her getting a tattoo and then LYING to her mother about it ON TV; her bringing Pedro home as some sorta human unicorn (“Look Ma…a gay Latino!”) Wonder how she’s faring as a Latino in Wisconsin. Sounds like they both deserve each other.

      • Ad Rock

        Don’t worry he keeps his wife at home as a baby making machine. They have like seven kids. Gross.

      • TM

        That’s how I remembered her. Bleah.

  • Joe R

    We may have ideological difference, but I always liked Sean, and I wish him and Rachel the best.

    • Ed

      Agreed…Sean always seemed like a good guy.

    • SaraJ

      I agree, I always liked him, and back then Real World wasn’t like the opening paragraph of this article. It was about REAL people, diverse backgrounds, with real dramas, not bar-makeout drama.
      Does anyone else think they must’ve lowered the cutoff age for Real World? They’re all 21 and 22 now. Put some 25-27 year olds in there.

      • etm

        Yes I totally agree, Sara J. The RW used to be really good – a diverse cast, real issues, etc. Not just beautiful people living in a mansion while hooking up.

      • noelbelle

        The Real World always had a cast of 18-24 year olds as I recall.

    • Jen

      Same here. I didn’t agree with his beliefs, but Sean seemed like an ok guy

  • Alan

    He looks like a young Mickey Rourke.

  • deb

    Trishelle is the reason I stopped watching The Real World.

    • Liz

      What you didn’t enjoy her pregnancy scares?

    • Todd

      OMG Me Too after so many seasons, Vegas was THE END.. is it still on? Where’s it at?

  • tomm

    Republicans want Government to stay out of private lives. Well, then back off gays and lesbians! And don’t force your religion into others’ private lives.

    Stick to fiscal issues!!!

    • Alan

      Amen, Tomm! You just put your finger on one of the essential hypocrisies of the right wing in 2010 America. Duffy is anti-equality, by the way.

      • Lizzy

        How is he anti-equality?

      • TM

        @Lizzy — He is against marriage equality.

    • lolathaters

      ahahaha Homosexuals wish to have more government intervention in their life (tax benefits, and a bunch of other rights). it is perfectly congruous with republican values

  • Casey

    I always liked Sean and he seemed like a smart guy. Kamellah and Cyrus did school him on race relation much to K’s exasperation. That was a great season. The season’s highlight was Montana letting the kids sample wine at the food fest, worst.chaperon.ever.

    Rachel didn’t get Hasselback’s chair because she was birthing babies.

    • etm

      That was a great season. I live in MA and remember being so excited to watch that season!

    • maliri

      Kamelllah is an obstetrician now.

      • etm

        Wow! Really? Good for her!

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