Save 'Caprica' campaign will bombard Syfy with apples

CAPRICA-appleImage Credit: SyFyCaprica is a family melodrama about robots, religion, big business, virtual reality, immigrant space-gangsters, and a sport called Pyramid that plays like Rugby crossed with Calvinball. For some reason, this did not resonate with the public at large, and the Battlestar Galactica spin-off/prequel was canceled last week. But fandom springs eternal, and the “Save Caprica” campaign has announced a plan to attack the Syfy offices with apples (a reference to the show’s original advertising). This is reminiscent to the famous “Peanuts” incident, when fans of Jericho bombarded CBS with peanuts. That campaign actually succeeded. Will the Caprica apples sway Syfy? And should Caprica be saved?

To answer the first question: Probably not. Syfy has already committed to another Battlestar Galactica spin-off that might as well be called Battlestar Galactica: All the Space Battles and Killer Robots You Missed on Caprica. Caprica is an expensive show to produce, and it looks a bit out of place on a network that now favors frothy fare like Warehouse 13 and Eureka. (You could argue that Caprica was more of an AMC show. Heck, you could argue that Caprica is Rubicon with hats.)

Which brings us to the more interesting question: Does Caprica really deserve be saved? Don’t get me wrong — I’m a fan of the show. The pilot was an eye-popping brain teaser, and the midseason finale literally sent me into semi-religious ecstasy that my therapist and I are still working out. But Caprica always had problems. Brilliant supporting players like Patton Oswalt’s Baxter Sarno regularly stole the show from the main characters. Paula Malcomson literally spent the first half of the season lying on a couch smoking cigarettes.

You could always count on Caprica for an intriguing cocktail of ideas, but I don’t know if all those ideas ever quite cohered. Much as I wanted Caprica to bring it all together in season 1.5, there’s a part of me that felt like the cancellation was a mercy-killing. What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you join up with the Apple Brigade? Are you ready to move on to Blood & Chrome? Or is this all just too much Battlestar for you?

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  • Brady

    I’d be content if this apple campaign would convince Syfy to just air the remaining episodes now, rather than abruptly switching to reruns of Star Trek and postponing those episodes for months. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind that move. . .

    • ks

      I agree! Wasn’t the best show but give the fans an end, it’s not like lead in to the new show Chrome and Blood. I believe they owe us that much.

  • TimW

    Caprica must DIE. With apologies to the many talented people who participated, what an awful, awful show. Adds to the truism that all prequels bite…which makes me not excited at all to hear about the NEXT prequel. Guys, the well is dry. Find another old series to revive as well as you did BSG, and let this one go. Don’t keep trying to turn it back into a living teenage girl. We already know how THAT turned out.

    • Joe the Machinist

      Thanks for saying what needed to be said – I tried to watch Caprica, I really did and it was a god-awful mess. I tried watching the pilot and fell asleep – on four separate occasions – after drinking way too much mountain dew. I’m not kidding, that’s all true. I try to watch all tv pilots if the show sounds like it might be good (DVR’s are the greatest!). This is one of the worst shows I’ve ever tried to watch. Maybe it got better after a few episodes, but based on the ratings most people seem to agree that the show sucked. After all, with the widespread use of DVR’s, if a show is good it will still get watched, even if it has a bad time slot.

      • Liz

        thats becouse you have ADD!
        for people who can pay attention to one thing for longer than two minutes and have interest in history and philosophy that show was captivating!! why is everything in this world catered to ignorant idiots! watch reality tv if you get bored with a plot line.

      • Zody

        Your absolutely right Liz, go get them doll. The show had a good story line which was actually telling us how it all began. People don’t care for the details anymore which I find very stimulating. True some parts did drag, however, it was starting to gain momentum. I do agree that they should at least tie it off with a good ending.

      • JENOVED

        Please, Not only did “Caprica” have depth and story-line, it had a fabulous cast. Thanks to people like Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales, for what I would call “ward winning acting” to bring this series to a whole new level. I found the characters to develop along a natural line of consiquences. I do not like to see shows that leave the whys out of the equation. And Alessandra Torresani is a refreshing face to television. Her character was refective of today’s youthful lifestyle, open, fresh and as kids tend to do, rebelious. Thank you writers of “Carica” for giving me, at least, a taste of great if not excelent programming. I just wish it is not over. I guess you guys just like Wrestling. Good God!

      • Cory

        SOOO many intelligent people would BEG to differ. Caprica was an amazing show, that was once again a bridge between to genres (as BSG was) caprica bridges Soap Operas and Sci fi WELL! I was AMAZED at the show, and the fact that you inevitably KNOW how things will pan out.
        The artistry and detail in the show were impeccable, and the plot was to DIE for. I about had a heart attack when the train exploded… and you were bored? Wow, you require WAY too much active stimulation, which is what’s wrong with SO much of today’s population. Caprica didn’t succeed because people like you, and Syfy, clearly, don’t like things unless they blow up in your face. Subtlety is dead. It’s BIG ACTION or turn the channel…

    • Merry Bear

      Wow. I can’t believe you said it, either, but I’m glad you did. I tried, and tried, and really wanted to like it. I’m a huge fan of so many of the cast members, and really wanted it to succeed. Unfortunately, try as I might, I could never get into it. My husband LOVED it, so I ended up falling asleep two minutes into every episode, without fail. I know I will be called an idiot and worse, but thanks to Tim and Joe, I am proudly declaring this show my own personal sleep aid. No apples forthcoming.

    • Steve

      Smart shows like “Caprica” are doomed, as the population clearly prefers brainless fare like “Warehouse 13″ and “Sanctuary”. It’s ironic, given that sci-fi fans used to be the ones who preferred more cerebral fare. Caprica was also doomed by the intolerance of sci-fi fans, who were enraged by the BSG finale which dared to treat religion in a respectable light.

      • BobTheWizard

        The most likely reason it was canceled is because SyFy has abandoned it original Sci-Fi fan base and turned to non-reality shows and WWE Wrestling.

      • Seth

        I agree. Caprica was amazing in the way of the history and philosophy of BSG. I quite enjoyed the complexity of the characters and the intertwining plotlines. Syfy was wrong to change to keep the brainless wrestling fans on. I would have loved to see how Caprica would have progressed.

    • astrojohn

      Geez, what’s wrong with me??!! I LIKED the show! But considering what SyFy has become (WWE Smackdown – gimme a break!!), I’m not surprised it was canceled.

      • Zach

        I remember watching SciFi all the time with great shows. I’m a huge stargate fan and loved BSG and I was really into Caprica because it is about how it all started. Also big fan of Star Trek all of them, but I have seen all of them so when the show was suppose to be on last tuesday and it was star trek…I really like watching new stuff…since they have switched to SyFy it has been downhill ever since. I wasn’t a fan of the name change, and it looks like I have one more reason not to watch SyFy anymore in fact I only have one reason left to watch this network and that is Stargate Universe – I really don’t understand WWE even on this network except for the fact that it as well is fake just like Mega Piranha and all those stupid other shows that just make me set my TV to a different channel.

      • Zach

        Sorry for the long winded speach..I have more free time since I got an hour back of my evening..LOL

      • Cory

        heh, neither am I… -_-

    • Ed

      Caprica is so different from BSG, I don’t understand how any BSG fan can really tolerate Caprica. I forced myself to watch, just in order to learn what happens to the first cylon. But all I got was teen giggles and romances.
      I’m glad it’s over, so I’m not forced to watch anymore.

      • JonBrad

        *scratches head*

        Are you sure you were watching Caprica?

        I don’t recall seeing any teen giggles or romance.

        I think the author comparison to Rubicon is pretty apt. Both shows are slow burns requiring the audience’s patience. Unfortunately for Caprica Sci-Fi these days is all about the action first. Compare the box ofice receipts for Independence Day vs. Solaris which, in my mind, is closer to Sci-Fi rather than Independence Day.

        If you think about it, does one truly believe that 2001 could get a green light these days?

      • Eli

        You are so right Jon. I remember the begining of scifi on tv, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Twilite Zone. This was a great show, it had a plot, the characters had depth. Like you said everything today is about mindless action and blood & gore, it doesn’t require a thought from the viewer. I own every major scifi series on dvd, I have watched scifi religously for 50 years and consider myself a good judge of scifi content. It’s too bad that tv today is all about making money and not about providing good content to the viewers, having watched the evolution of scifi over the last five decades, it is sad to see a good series like this killed off because of some bs ratings. If I had the money, I would start my own cable channel to provide a place for quality written shows like this to air. I have tried to watch many of the shows on the scifi channel, but they are so full of fluff (mindless action/gore) with no real plot or story, they are only mildly amusing. And as others have pointed out, Wrestling has no place on the scifi channel at all. That is a slap in the face of any real scifi lover/fan.

    • jake

      this show died the same way enterprise did beacause stupid people are so convinced that a prequal is inherently inferior to the original that they wont give it a chance

      • Seth

        I agree Jake.

      • Nevyn

        Oh come on. Enterprise had done it’s dash. The last season was just plain awful.

  • Michael Sacal

    I hope the campaign works. Caprica definitely deserves to be saved and given a better timeslot.

  • Tom

    Caprica was easier to appreciate than to like.

    That said, I think it’s a pretty futile campaign. The show was DOA ratings-wise. No way will anybody save it.

    Sometimes you just got to let them die, no matter how good they were.

    • Ames

      Tom — your assessment “Caprica was easier to appreciate than to like.” is spot on. while watching the show, I liked what I saw and heard. But it took me a while to work up to watching it. It’s just so moody, kind of tough week after week. A mini-series might have been more palatable.

  • Nikki

    Everybody that got to see the episode last night in Canada knows this show deserves to be saved. All the complaints that people had about Caprica would have been pretty much put to bed. Boring? Too slow? Where are the Cyclons and spaceships? Where is the action? These last few episodes have been amazing and intense. It sucks that we are going to be left with cliffhangers.
    Where else on tv do you have a show that brings up the themes Caprica does? The plight of imimgrants trying to fit in/keeping their ulture; religions and ideologies clashing; the good/evil in all people… So many interesting topics. Plus, there are a lot of talented and sexy people on Caprica. I’m going to miss seeing them all together.

  • KM

    The thing is, there’s so much C*R*A*P on syfy…… this at least was a show I WATCHED on the channel.

    • fred

      Well put, There is so much crap on “syfy”<- lol that really isn't science fiction. Like fake wrestling, that should have been dropped a long time ago. Instead they are boasting about adding more!! How about the cartoons on Monday? They should have at least finished airing the episodes that are already taped.

  • Jacob

    The reason the ratings were so low is because hardly anyone knew it was on. They play a few episodes then go off the air for 7 months. They started the series with a movie then didn’t air the series for a year later. Now they are going to air the remaining episodes later. WOW!
    Who runs sy fy a band of blind monkeys. Of course nobody will watch a show that they dont even know is on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nastero

      You’re right. SyFy if run by idiots whom do not know how to strategically program a show. First of all, they should not compete with other good shows and second, all those breaks did help in losing viewers. Since all they care about is money maybe they will make some, there will be no shortage of mindless wrestling fans. However, I now hate the SyFy channel and they have been canceled from my cable account.

  • chgosaint

    I am confused. Caprica never put me to sleep because it was basically interesting on some level. It has lacked action this season to a huge degree. It belongs on Friday night on SyFy. The awful show that should be cancelled is Stargate:Unisom. I keep one episode on my DVR and whenever I can’t sleep, I turn it on. Out in less than 5 minutes because it is so boring.

  • Rob

    This is what happens when you try to mix a Dallas type soap opera with SciFi.
    Good riddance.

  • Karen

    Hope they do save it – and give it a chance to breath by marketing it to its correct niche. It was a completely refreshing change – but something I can see most fanboys would not warm too, and pulling it now kills any chance of it finding its market. Oh, yeh and actually treating it with respect in terms of screening it sensibly would help too.

    • Nevyn

      I have to completely agree with you. This wasn’t a show to appeal to those of the BSG fans who liked the zooming around in ships business. This was for a completely different niche and it’s a real pity that it wasn’t marketed in a way that made that apparent.

      Who better for cylons than petulant teenagers?

  • Brittany

    I hope that they at least don’t make viewers wait months to see the remaining episodes. I would love it if the show was saved, partly because I don’t see any other shows that are as philosophical.

  • brittany

    They at least need to air the remaining episodes and let it die in peace. The show really picked up steam after the first five or so episodes – it deserves that much.

    And there is never, ever too much Battlestar. Ever.

  • Command

    Has anyone read a good book lately? Caprica unfolds like a good one with rich textured characters. Each week it gets better and better. Yes, it has a great cast and great guest stars (and cool Cylons) but no exploding spaceships.Syfy bounced this show around too much and I blame them for the cancellation. How about “Imagine Qaulity” for a change. SyFy seems to be turning its back on the very fans that built it. Air the last few episodes and then order a season 2.
    Let it hit its stride and have an apple. Good on the fans for not just shrugging their shoulders and going “oh well.”

    • Alisande

      Caprica was brilliant. Perhaps, to brilliant for the mentality of SyFy’s Exec Staff and it’s current WWE fan base. (I still don’t believe they exist) SyFy’s current President David Howe has already announced his dislike for the genre and I suppose this is just another attempt to shed the geeks. I hope their greed will lead them to sell all the Sci-Fi based programming to another
      network that will appreciate us. (HELLO AMC!! We LOVED The Walking Dead!!)
      Mr. Howe you may “SHED” the geeks but you are NOT cooler. SyFy (SEE-FEE) is a channel I will not be watching.

      • fred

        Was the name change to SyFy(SEE-FEE) his dumb idea? I was so happy years ago when the channel was created. I was really looking forward to being able to watch sci-fi on an actual channel. I am so disappointed. The channel has nothing by fake wrestling and soap opera style shows. Endless bickering, back stabbing and domestic problems.

      • epz

        We like to pronounce it “Siffee” Stupid, either way.

      • John De Vone

        You got it right on hoping maybera smart channel like amc might be the station to watch from here on out.

  • Lizzie

    Damn, maybe they can just do a movie to close up the gap. The campaign sounds OK, but they never really pan out for the networks. Jericoh was a great example of a campaign working for a few fans, but the network lost a ton of cash.

  • Dave

    I live in Canada, and Space is airing the final episodes, and wow, the episode that aired last night was intense, if SyFy was smart they would’ve made the decision after the season ended. I have a feeling had they allowed it to finish the season, the ratings would’ve been way up.

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