'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is...

Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After an hour full of waiting, more waiting, election stuff, Rod Stewart, Taylor Swift, and waiting, the couple eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Week 7 is….[bum-bum…bum-bum]…coming up, after the break!


“Quite a surprise in the ballroom tonight,” monotoned Brooke Burke.

Come back later for my full results-show recap [UPDATE: Click here, because Annie’s full recap is liiiiive!]; in the meantime, appraise the finest collection of reader-submitted ridiculata in all the virtual land…Your Hidden Gems of Week 7!

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  • Molly

    WTF??? I thought they did well. Why in the HECK is Bristol-I-can’t-show-emotion-to-save-my-life-Palin still there???

    • Ryan

      Because Mommy has a big election night and a big ratings pull….gag

      • Lola

        That doesn’t even makes sense. Tonight is election night, voting was last night. Could it be that she did well? Kelly had gracious, supportive words in support of Bristol. For anyone whining about Bristol being there I ask a simple question: did you vote? If not put up, shut up or turn it off. It is just a silly TV show.

      • Lola

        That doesn’t even make sense. Voting for DWTS was last night, tonight is election night. Could it be that people agreed with the gracious, supportive words Kelly said: she’s the only one left who isn’t a performer. And for those whining about Bristol still being there – did you vote? Put up, shut up or turn it off. It’s just a TV show.

      • anonymous

        A double win for the Republicans tonight !

      • ariesblu

        Lola, I did vote yesterday, just like I voted at the polls this afternoon. Although I did not vote for Rick and Cheryl, I think they by far have out performed Bristol not only last night, but throughout the competition. It really is a shame that she is still here.

      • Debbie

        Not everything is about Sarah. Bristol obviously has a big fan base and that is what the voting is all about.

      • Mac

        Lola, you are dense… of course it’s because of the election that Bristol is still there.

      • Mole

        More simply, that there is a large group of people committed to supporting Bristol unconditionally through the competition.

      • Glory

        Oh, Debbie…really?!? Bristol’s popularity (?) has NOTHING to do with her mother. REALLY?!? We wouldn’t even know who she was if it wasn’t for Sarah. (and, quite frankly, the fact that SP is popular enough for her daughter to have made it this far on DWTS? Scares the s$#@ out of me!)

      • viddingwithkyle

        Lola, I couldn’t agree more. Unless you voted, you have no say. It’s like people who complain about the President when they didn’t vote.

      • Faye

        It is harder for Bristol than anyone else competing; there is so much more than the learning the dance that Bristol has to endure. There seem to be a lot of very prejudiced people out there. Hey, let’s just enjoy it. This happens in life all the time; the pretty girl wins or some celebrity wins because they have already well-established fan bases. Be nice!

    • Kay

      I really thought it would be Kyle. I am shocked, but feel that Bristol is very elegant on the dance floor which kept her in. Who knows why Rick though? I am really surprised too.

      • Chloe

        …Elegant? Really? I mean, yeah, she’s definitely improved, but elegant just does not describe her.

      • Lee

        Bristol is not in character while performing!! Hello….Rick Fox received higher scores last night. Ms. Palin is not improving….hello!!!!!

      • Erin

        What describes her are these three words: fat, clunky, wooden.

      • Michael Tx

        Sorry, no. She is the worst dancer on there now.

      • @Erin

        Wow…that’s mature

    • gladys perez

      oh my i can’t believe that bristol is still there…what is going on with america….i still don’t believe that voting in makes a difference…the producers and people in charge of this show are the ones picking who goes and who stays…well they lost me as a fan…i now will look for something better to watch…i look forward to seeing american idol at least there i get to see who is good and bad and they tell it like it is..

      • linda

        Vote or shut up we love Bristol

      • Sharon

        I’m with you Gladys. Something is wrong with the system with DWTS. The show is “RIGGED”. After tonight, I will be watching something else on Mondays.

      • Ernesto

        You are so right, I wont watch again

      • Sara

        I don’t think Gladys said she doesn’t vote.

      • PAM

        I agree. I think Bristol have been voted off weeks ago. I’m now watching the show anymore either. I also can’t wait for American Idol.

      • Dawn

        I am so ticked off right now, Bristol Palin still in the show is CRAZY! She has very little talent, she has improved slightly, however give me a break….How can Rick and Cheryl be voteted off before Bristol! This season is probably the worst I have seen since it’s begining-I vote every week! The Judges vote should hold a lot more water than call ins, give me a break! I have been a huge fan for years,the show has lost me as a fan now-I am DONE!!!-where is the talent in Kyle and Bristol???? Also, where is the Star in Bristol, how can you say she is a star? I think the producers of this show are really reaching if they consider Bristol a star! What are they thinking?

      • shot

        I’m with you, what’s going on with America. My kids say that Jersey Shore is the way it really is in America. If that’s the case, there will be no hope until maybe great grand children. So sad.

      • Carl Diffenbaugh

        Gladys……it won’t be soon enough, goodbye!

      • kat

        If not for adorable Jennifer Gray’s terrific dancing there would be little to enjoy this season. They keep the bad dancers and send home the good ones? Whats with that?

        The show is losing its luster with second rate “non stars” with no talent. Im done with this show.

      • Jackie

        It just dosen’t make sense, I will never watch again. It doesn’t matter who is voting the producers already knew that Bristol was going to be in the finals, she won’t go next week either. I don’t even know why the other contestants even try. This is all BS. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she win. Everyone that have left danced better than she did,including Florence.

      • crystal

        kat…adorable jennifer gray my a$$!! i am so sick of her crying and whining!! not one episode has went by where she hasn’t broken down…and that is only for pity votes!! she does not have my pity!!! go BRISTOL!!!

      • Preston

        I thought that Bristol should have left, but maybe the viewers want to keep her in. The dances are going to be harder the next 2-3 weeks of shows and I don’t know if she’s going to grasp them. They’re really pulling for her to dance better and crack the top 3 and see if she can overtake Jennifer Grey or Brandy. But I don’t think she will.

      • Tom

        Bristol Palin is not a star–she is a celebrity. Stars have earned their fame through their talent; celebrities are media creations.

      • Kay

        Agree Palin is awful.

    • sue

      This is dancing with the stars not dancing with the politians daugher
      She should have been removed tonight. I am done with this show. The judges need to rate the dancer that are bad with lower scores.

      • Sally

        Just because you dont agree with who is winning or losing isnt a reason not to watch the show.

      • Kay

        Agree, she should be gone and this should not be about politics, but good dancing. I don’t care if Jennifer whines, she is a great dancer. PEOPLE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE VOTING FOR WHO IS THE BEST DANCER, NOT WHAT POLITICS WE ARE OR WHO WE LIKE AS A PERSON. HELLO AND GOODBYE

    • FromChicago

      Bristol is still there because Alaskans are voting.

      • ks

        Nope! not us! do the math, even if every alaskan voted there are only 600,000 people here.
        Her mommy’s fan base votes for her.

      • Eric

        And the fact that Sarah Palin has a fan base is truly frightening.

      • ks

        @Eric-you are so correct! her backed canidate here lost, what does that tell you how we feel about her..

      • Kay

        OMG too many people in that state to suit my taste then.

    • jen

      Sorry.. but I can’t believe Bristol was even on the show.. she isn’t a star! People know her because of her mother… I think it is harder for her since she isn’t a real star. I’m in shock about Rick and Cheryl!

      • Mark Z

        LOL, you people are retarded!!! The only reason Bristol is a star is because of you liberals using her against her mom in 08 because she was a pregnant teenager! You people created her fame, isn’t irony grand!

      • oo

        republicans are out in full force. they are making this about them. Screw the stars that can actually dance. they want a big whale to win, If she stated that she was a republican

      • Michael Tx

        Mark Z you are the idiot. Her mother whored her out the same way Levi did. Hypocrisy will always be the politcal way.

      • crystal

        well said mark z!!

    • jen

      Figured Kyle or Bristol would have gone home

    • CalmYourSelves

      Politics is a very hot issue right now because of the election, I think that is keeping Bristol on. And face it most fans of the show end up voting for the person “on the chopping block” as far as judges scores go in order to keep people they like on as opposed to voting for the person they think did the best.

    • mike

      I find it interesting that when I voted last night for Jennifer and Derrick the 5th time I voted it said thank you for voting for Bristol and Mark and they were the LAST ones I would have voted for

      • makeji

        You probably clicked the wrong photo, I’ve done that.

    • Mimi

      I seriously doubt that the same people who are concerned with this election are picking up their phones ad voting for DWTS. They aren’t even watching They are more likely watching FOX, CNN or MSBC. This show is about young teen-aged girls voting…and they could care less about Rick Fox. They know who Kyle and Bristol are.

      • makeji

        I voted, watched FOX until 8, then watched DWTS. Oh, yeah, I voted for Bristol. To those of you who are complaining about Bristol lacking talent, take a close look at the guy you put in the White House. You want this to be political, so be it. He was voted in because he was a “rock star,” well, maybe, but he sure is a rotten leader and the election yesterday proved it. Talk about wanting to vote someone out. Bristol is an okay dancer and a sweet young woman. I suspect she makes her own decisions about her life, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.

    • KC

      Because of the ignorant Palin fan base….No way could it be her performance…Good dancers are being let go but the ignorant people keep voting her back. Shouldshewill I will never watch this show again.

  • anonymous

    Whaaaat !

    • jury’s out

      @Makeji- So President Obama isn’t qualified and he’s a rotten leader but Sarah Palin is qualified and would make a better leader? Okay….

    • Kay


  • Jenn

    I honestly think DWTS hit a new low tonight!!! What in gods name are the fans thinking?? Rick danced incredible last night, he did not deserve this fate!! No offense to Kyle or Bristol but come on people, seriously??? What are you all smoking??? This was the 1st time in a very long time that I was actually screaming at the TV! Of course my son (whose “Pro-Disney” stars no matter how good or bad they are) told me that Rick deserved to get voted out.. ummm yeah OK kid. If either Bristol or Kyle wins this it would be a travesty. And I don’t mean any disrespect to Kyle and Bristol fans, but come on, neither of them can compare to Rick, Jennifer or Brandy.
    2 shocking eliminations in 2 weeks. Brandy and Jennifer should be very afraid!

    • jen

      I agree totally

    • Kay


  • Polly Brown

    Give me a break – Bristol stays – I’m done with the show.

    • Nana


    • Well

      I’m afraid I’m going to miss the whole season. I’m waiting for Bristol to be kicked off before I start watching. I mean, I know they’ve stretched the definition of “star” pretty far before, but calling Bristol a star is crazy.

      • ariesblu

        They themselves don’t even label her a star – she’s a “teen activist.”

      • Elaine

        I agree, how does being the daughter of a politician make one a star. Mama must have a lot of people voting for her. That kid should have been gone weeks ago. I watch it for entertainment and to get away from politics, but the producers have brought the politics uninvited into my home. I am so done with it.

      • Debbie

        If an athlete can be a star why can’t a teen activist?

      • mack

        No one brought politics into this but you, you moron!

    • rtiger

      im done with this show too. its not about talent anymore its abour who you know. which is too bad.

      • mack

        Really? Get over the “Waaaa, I don’t like Bristol b/c her mommy is a republican bull shit”, she gets ratings and the people clearly like her. I’d like to see you shit-talkers go out and do what she has done!

      • crystal

        yay mack!!!! i agree 100%

    • Lee

      I agree with your statement. I am truly done with the show.

      • Sally

        I agree Mack. It is a program that is about the people and what they want. The show isnt named who is the Best dancer but just Dancing with the stars. So I guess that is what she shall be now.

    • stacy theros

      me too, done with the show. they have politicized this show. this girl, Bristol should have been gone from the beginning. very disheartening to see the tea partiers corrupt dancing with the stars and keep this girl in because of her mother. she should be taking care of her son (yeah, family values of an unwed mother)!

      • mack

        Ahh, the liberal all for equal rights, telling the single mother out doing something cool to stay home with her baby…You all are so sad. And really, you think the situation is better…have you heard how he talks to women??? Get a friggen clue!

      • Dawn

        I totally agree, what values can she give? No thanks, if I had a teenager, I would prefer her not to be their mentor or role model- Come on America-where are our values-you consider a un-married young teenage mother a “Teen Activist” if this is your role model-what do you consider a teenager graduating high school, going to college or finding a good paying job,getting their heads together and then settling down and raising a family- obviously you are not considering them a role model! She is only there because of her Mother,I have always like her partner Mark though, what a talented Dancer…

      • Periods are your friend.

        Dawn, for sanity’s sake, learn how to use punctuation.

      • JJ

        I agree with you entirely!

      • KC

        Agree! What kind of an example could she be??? She had sex as a teenager,(I am sure, not just one time….) got pregnant. Had a child out of wedlock. In order to generate $, just like her mother, she starts advocating “no sex before marriage”. Better late than never…. Now she goes on National TV, again to obtain the mighty $, and gets felt up everyday by her dance partner as teenages everywhere watch. I would not want my daughter watching this example. The Palin family have only one value and that is MONEY… So many poor people think they mean well. They do, for themselves…….DWTS will loose a lot of ratings next year.

    • makeji

      Does that mean you will stop posting here, too? Oh, please, oh please. Did you vote for Rick?

    • Kay


  • Meg

    Bristol needed to go home before The Situation–he at least was willing to show emotions and he improved!

    • Mark

      Bristol has improved alot! I’m glad she’s in!

      • Kay


      • mack

        She seems like a sweet girl. People need to stop bringing politics into this, we don’t even know what Bristol’s politics are!

      • Kay

        Bristol is sweet,but no dancer. Talked to at least 25 people that find Dancing with the Stars loosing credibility with Audrina, Rick, and Kurt going and Bristol staying. The girl has no talent for dancing, no beat, etc. If Brandy and Jennifer get knocked off with Palin in I know I will never watch again. No credibility.

    • Julie

      Um…no. He was awful. Every step he took looked like he was pi$$ed at the ground. She doesn’t show personality at all, but she is a million times better at dancing.

      • Peggy

        Just say you like the stupidity this country is has become…..you don’t have to lie.

      • Mary

        She’s barely adequate as a dancer. She seems very boring, and you need showmanship to pull off a good dance.

        America: Brisol wants to go home. Let’s grant her wish!

      • bonbon

        Bristol said that she wanted to go home to her family.. I agree give the girl her wish. LET HER GO ! !

      • @Peggy

        HUH? What does that mean? “the stupidity this country has become” that makes no sense…. I’m assuming you don’t like Bristol because you don’t like her mom’s political machinations. If you don’t want to watch her, don’t watch. I’m sure ABC will be crying in their champagne that they lost you. NOT

  • Jules

    Yeah this is absolutely Insane. I cannot Believe that Rick was eliminted over Bristol. Bristol Honestly should Be gone. Money talks and BS walks. Idk who is going to be the final 3 or the third person. WOW

    • Rene

      It’s a tough night to be a democrat!

      • oo

        we only gave up 3 seats.. they will never win ill, cali, pa or west viginia

      • makeji

        @oo – A Republican won the Illinois Senate seat (Obambi’s former seat) and the Governor’s race is a deadlock. In PA, both the Senate and Governor’s seats went to Republicans. You should really watch the news more. I didn’t check the other states you mentioned. I’m from CA and an disgusted at the stupidity of the voters here that kept Boxer and elected Brown, but that’s another story. Maybe you should start watching FOX news to find out what’s really going on in the country. Oh, yeah, I’m a registered Democrat.

  • CHO

    Brandy next.

    • chris

      stop being ignorant! why would she be next when she is one of the best dancers.. its ppl like you that keeps bristol in

      • CHO

        I’ve never voted for Bristol, so how could I be keeping her in? LOL Brandy will be next because she doesn’t have the fan base. Sure, the judges overscore her but she can only hang around for so long if the public doesn’t like her.

      • Kay


    • Jules

      in your wildest dreams

      • princesspr


        You are sooooo wrong regarding Brandy. She does have a fan base!!! This is WHY is still there and leading for the last 3 weeks.

      • makeji

        Brandy is obnoxious and the ONLY reason she’s still around is the judges’s scores. That’s why Kurt is still there instead of Rick – he had the higher score from the group dance.

    • KatCbert

      I think you’re right, CHO! Fan base keeps ‘em on the longest, and complaining about who is a “star” and who isn’t? Please, since when are jersey shore kids “stars”…Now Margaret CHO, she was the closest thing they had to a ‘star’, as in someone with discernable talent! (besides the best QB in NFL History, Kurt Warner!)(don’t forget, Kate Gosselin was on last year, and lasted tooooo long just for giving birth!)

      • Tgirl

        what about the Bachelor and Bachelorette……….. now those are real “stars”. GO BRISTOL!

    • Kay

      Not if America knows what they are doing, which so far they don’t when it comes to dancing by voting to keep Palin

  • mary hammond

    This just goes to show how stupid most of America is. It is a dance competition and the tea partiers are voting to keep Bristol Palin on even though she is the worst dancer.

    • Liz

      Yea because America hasn’t ever voted for someone just because they liked them even though they were not qualified. Eye roll

      • sd

        hahah great comment

      • Julie

        LOL!! Too true! Anyone remember the travesty that was Kate Gosslein?? How long were we forced to watch her ruin dances, all because people some strange people LOVE her??

      • makeji

        Super comment – I think Liz is talking about Obama though, not Kate.

    • chris

      i agree.. its like this show isnt about ‘dancing’.. if she makes it to the finals dwts will lose all credibility.. the producers need to remove her from the show!

  • Julie

    I’m actually surprised Kurt is still there…I adore him, but he’s terrible.

    • Nick

      I agree…I mean what is even the point of the judges scores when one of the higher scores end up leaving? I DID VOTE as much as I could and I don’t mean to be rude but it is sad that those who are doing well are leaving and Bristol is staying. She just is not doing well.

    • reng

      I agree. Kurt’s a good guy, but his dancing is terrible! Who is voting for him?

      • Julie

        Very few people have complained that Kurt is still there. They are only complaining about Bristol. I don’t understand. Is she the best dancer–NO. But, quite frankly, I think Kurt is worse. I adore him–he’s a good guy. But, he really is terrible. He looks like he is constantly waiting for Warren Sapp to come out and hit him…his posture is terrible. Some people are griping about Kyle too…he isn’t great either, but I think he is better than Kurt. I guess we’ll see what happens next week with the no music until showtime B-S. Now THAT will be a joke.

    • princesspr

      Thank you Julie….

      Bristal(I will not even bother spelling her name correctly)Kurt are still there and Audrina and Rick gone! UGH!!!…

      It is the fan base and NOT the dancing ability.

      • Julie

        Actually, I didn’t really like Audrina, other than her beautiful waltz. Although she was FAR better than Tony’s former partner, Kate. She actually reminded me of that Joanna Krupa woman…I think that was her name. She was pretty and looked fantastic in the costumes, but was wooden and NEVER pointed her toes. I would rather watch Jennifer. She was great Monday night, and should have gotten a ten from someone other than Drew. I really miss Drew…I wish he was the co-host.

  • Honey

    I can’t believe they keep voting off the high scores!! First Audrina…now Rick!?!?! I thought the LOW scores were supposed to leave. What about Bristol and Kyle? I don’t think Bristol even wants to be there anymore. Such a disappointment!

    • chris

      yea, she even said she doesnt want to be there and wants to go home.. its sad that the person that doesnt wanna be there the most keeps getting voted on to stay.. i mean come on America.. its a DANCE competition.. vote for the best dancers! not the one that is the worse dancer!

  • Nana

    I am surprised that Len didn’t comment that Bristol is still there. I guess mommy dearest had her best tea-buds dialing all those numbers.

    • nrarchet

      Jennifer has it in the bag! Who cares who gets voted off now

      • oo

        You think that she Has in the bag

  • jodipo

    why do the tea partiers HATE Bristol? The girl is crying cause she misses her son, and they keep on voting her to stay even though she is the worst dancer of the season. Let her go home already

    • Laura

      I agree! This child WANTS to go home and yet her ‘fan base’ keeps voting for her. But I disagree that the fan base is the tea partyers, I think it’s the KIDS — the ones who think nothing of dialing in a million times on every phone in the house. Whatever, it’s very unfair. Bristol is a sweet girl, but to vote off AUDRINA who had REAL talent and grace and Rick who was adorable and wonderful to watch?? Just not right.

      • One teensy point

        If I may, I just want to address one small thing about your comment. I don’t know who’s keeping Bristol on, but DWTS is not like American Idol – you get a limited number of votes per phone line, so nobody can call in a million times. I can’t remember how they do the vote limits each week, but you definitely get no more votes than there are stars left to vote for each week.

  • john

    Bristol wants to go home. She misses her family. She misses spending time with her son. It is time she goes home.

    • Deke

      It irriates me that so many of these contestants are so happy to be there week to week, and the one who keeps saying she wants to go home is still there.

  • Pam S

    I can’t believe it 2 weeks in a row good dancers get voted off in favor of Bristol!!!! Come on people are you watching the same show I am???? I just wish the producers with show us the final vote tallys with all the call in votes.!!! Bristol better go next week or thats it for me!!!

  • Pearl Smith

    I’ve lost respect for the show. I can’t believe Bristol Palin is still in it, even after she admitted she wants to go home!!! She’s one of the worst dancers this season. What is going on???

    • Sophie


      • sue

        she is terrible. She should excuse herself from the show! People are going to stop watching the show because of her!

      • sara

        and here is the problem. Imbociles like this who for some insane reason idolize her insane mother. America is one scary scary country.

      • mack

        At least spell imbecile right, you imbecile! GO BRISTOL AND MARK!

      • mack

        And Sara (aww, you share a name with Sarah Palin…hahah)..if you think this country is scary, go to Iraq or Afghanistan PLEASE! I’ve been to both, they are scary, so know what they heck you are talking about before you open your soup cooler!

      • Kay


      • KC

        Sophie, you must be five yearsold…..

    • susan

      You have to admit. Rick had some pretty weird faces..it was kinda scary. Let’s get off the I hate Bristol trip. I stopped watching it because of Jennifer Gray. She really shouldn’t be in this competition she already had dance experience. How fair is that?

      • nrarchet

        She has not danced for 25 years. But then you are probably 25 years old and just do not get it! Jennifer is 50, had a back inj. and cancer!

      • Jen

        Actually Jennifer has every right to be there. Do you remember Mel B a few seasons ago? Or what about that Cheetah Girl from a few seasons ago? They were both from singing groups that did A LOT of dancing as part of their act. I agree that while Rick’s routine was full of odd faces, he did FAR better than Bristol and Kyle. I have no idea why those two are still even in the competition. Something’s fishy there.

      • jodipo

        she has LESS experience than a young singer that has been dancing and performing on stage on a regular basis for many years. Nobody complains about them. You people are just mad cause she is a natural

      • tayvel

        Yeah, Rick looks weird. He did look like Jim Carrey in Mask. Bristol is an underdog. She’s doing a great job considering her experience.

      • Kay


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