Zach Galifianakis smokes (fake) joint on TV to support Prop 19

A conversation about California’s Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana in the state, took an interesting turn on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night when guest Zach Galifianakis lit up a joint. “It’s a tricky thing politically to jump on that bandwagon ’cause I think that maybe people see it as taboo still,” Galifianakis said before pulling out his lighter. He passed the joint to highly amused O’Reilly Factor regular Margaret Hoover, who smelled it and said, “It’s the real thing.” (That’s a sentiment she echoed when she later tweeted a link to the video. A rep for Galifianakis, however, was less certain when contacted by EW, saying, “I believe it was a prop.” A rep for HBO insisted it was a fake.) Galifianakis did have a punchline to the stunt. “Ohmygod, look at those dragons!” he yelled a few seconds later. “That’s my point. I think that’s what people think of it.” Watch the clip below. 

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  • Janet

    why do we need to legalize marijuana? Can’t people live their lives without using drugs? Are they truly that weak? Drugs are just a way for people to forget about their sorrows and feel good. However, these tests that we go through only make us stronger. Marijuana isn’t going to help anyone. We need to face reality and stop turning to drugs. Marijuana is the past, not the future!

    • Steve

      You might be right, but there are people who can benefit from it. And I think the main point is that the government shouldn’t be allowed to tell people what they can and can’t do in the privacy of their own homes (within reasonable parameters of course.)

      • Janet

        I guess if there really is a medicinal purpose behind an individual using it, then I think it’s okay. But to legalize it for everybody? I really cannot agree with that. Drugs in general are just bad, and they are illegal for a reason (I am not talking about medicinal drugs of course, just the addictive, harmful and illegal ones). I think we should best leave the prescription of drugs to doctors. I think when it comes to things like these we can’t trust our own judgments.

      • nodnarb

        Uh, you do know that scientifically there is ZERO difference between medicinal drugs and illegal drugs? Just because some politicians in DC needed to drum up fear to get re-elected is the reason many drugs became prohibited. There are puh-lenty of “medicinal” drugs (even ones you can buy without a prescription) that are addictive and harmful.

      • Janet

        nodnarb, I recognize that my knowledge on drugs is not very deep, but are you saying that speed and ecstasy are like all medicinal drugs? I don’t think so. Speed, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, etc. these are the kinds of drugs I am talking about.

      • Joe

        this zack guys is a joke and a half… he’s done a dozen horrible C level movies since the hangover and everyone sucked worse than the previous. He was in one hit movie and he thinks he carries all this weight. Everyone knows he’s the sole reason why Mel Gibson isn’t in the next Hangover yet he has the odacity to promote a controlled substance and even smoke (fake smoke, he didn’t inhale on tv) a joint on tv… jooookkkkeeee…

      • Joe

        on the topic of legalizing pot, it still impairs judgement to the same extent as alcohol. If all pot did was give someone a small high for a short period I’d be all for it, but it doesn’t. People get paranoid, think they can drive, etc. The laws in California are a joke and a half, anyone can walk into a doctors office, claim they have high stress and get a card… Pot really doesn’t need to be legal, and for those who claim medicinal purposes, I can guarantee there are legal drugs that can provide the same “cures”…

      • Jeremy

        Actually, Janet, ecstasy (MDMA) was developed by one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world (Merck), and its therapeutical properties are still being researched today by very prominent researchers. In fact, apparently, it was banned originally based on a research paper that has since recanted many of its initial claims.

      • just me

        TO JANET… you think smoking some grass is BETTER than these schumcks who ABUSE painkillers, oxycotin (legal heroin) and other pills???? Woman you are out of your mind!

      • wooster182

        Jeremy, LSD was also once a medicinal drug, one that even Cary Grant and his wife used for therapeutic reasons. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to distribute it to the general public.

      • JB

        Anti-marijuana laws were a product of megalomaniacal politicians who preyed upon racism to promote their own careers. They associated the use of marijuana with the corruption of caucasians by African-Americans and Latinos (specifically Mexicans) to generate support for those laws and thereby advance their own ambitions. Look up Henry J. Anslinger some time and you’ll get a nice snapshot of how anti-marijuana laws came to pass. Newspapers of the time went so far as to talk about how marijuana emboldened blacks to “look white people in the eye” (the horror!). The truth is that marijuana has been illegal for only about 1% of the time that people have used it throughout history – I mean, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence on paper made from the marijuana plant.

      • Ian

        I think Janet needs to put down the class of Kool Aid she’s nursing. Medicinal drugs are good, illegal ones are bad? I’ve never had any issues with marijuana at all, and neither has anyone I know. Though I know 5 people who’ve become severely addicted to legally prescribed drugs, including one who accidentally OD’s because the doctor had prescribed 2 things that taken together were deadly for that person. No one has ever died directly from the use of marijuana. And a recent British study took all factors into consideration, including individual effects, effects on your family, effects on the community, and alcohol came out at the top of the list of most dangerous drugs, beating out heroin, crack, and meth. No shocker that outside of the criminal element (which wouldn’t exist if it were decriminalized), marijuana barely made a blip. But I don’t think you’ll see any attempts to return to prohibition. The laws regarding marijuana are antiquated and naive. Even most police officers and leaders agree it should not be illegal.

      • Alia

        On the street drugs vs medicinal drugs bandwagon… In centuries past, opium was used to treat headaches and backaches. Now it’s heroin. It’s all a matter of context. Personally, while I don’t care for pot, I think it is basically on par with alcohol and should be regulated in a similar manner.

      • Chris P.

        For all of you who are applauding Steve for his “epic” comment, you are all retarded. You do realize that there are people who aren’t religious who think legalizing pot is the wrong thing to do. Pot is a crutch and so is religion. They are both a crutch for the weak-minded who can’t face the world without a buffer between them and it. I agree with medicinal marijuana, but having it legal for everyone is just stupid.

      • Ian

        Actually, I think using the word “retarded” in the way you used it is a crutch for the weak-minded, and something my intelligence outgrew in 2nd grade. “Pot is a crutch and so is religion.” – No kidding. Thanks for missing his point entirely, and at the same time attempting to use it against him. Derrrrr. You didn’t even manage to post your comment in the reactions to Steve’s comment. You posted it on the wrong comment. All of the above disqualifies you from calling anyone “retarded”.

      • Double G

        Now let’s all go smoke some cigarettes and drink some booze because they are legal and great for you!

      • @Chris P.

        Not only did you fail at mastering the difficult art of hitting the “Reply” button correctly, you completely misunderstood the point of Steve’s post. Nice job.

      • upl8n8

        The government should be allowed to ban anything that can be considered a danger. Not only substances, but situations. For instance, you can drink as much as you want without endangering yourself or those around you. Hence, alcohol is not illegal. However, what is illegal is getting in a car after too many tasty beverages where your ability to drive is impaired. You are causing a danger to yourself and the people around you. Hence, DUI is illegal.

        The idea w/ Marijuana is that any amount of it in your system causes a danger to yourself and / or the people around you. However, this idea would be wrong since simply smoking it may not be a danger to anyone.

        The real question is, why was it banned in the first place? What is different about it that every circumstance of using it causes a danger to yourself and / or the people around you?

        Someone stated that smoking it can affect those around you who may not want to be affected. With company drug tests, even if you didn’t smoke, you could still test positive for marijuana. Therefore, simply smoking can have a negative impact on those people around you.

        With alcohol, you must choose to drink it. With smoke, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Therefore, the only way to legalize it would be in such a way where the act of smoking cannot affect those people around you.

      • Charles

        @ Janet….funny thing is…alot of the “perscription” drugs you are talking about as in the man chemicals are just as addictive and in some cases do other types of damage to your body…what makes something a “drug” is how people abuse them….vicodin is still a drug and can be and is abused alot, but yet pot is looked at as the bad guy…i think you need to do some research on prescription drug abuse and then make your opinon about “drugs”.

      • Jason C.

        Marijuana is not addictive and unlike even alcohol you won’t overdose from it. People keep saying that Marijuana’s illegal for a reason, and that reason is government officials make too much money from drug dealer buyoffs, and those drug dealers would lose money when they lose a product. Go to Switzerland and look at the lack of drug crime. That should say something.

      • Jen88

        Twice as many people die every year from prescription drugs than illegal ones. Most of our most dangerous decisions involve consuming legal products like alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. Anything that alters your physiological makeup is a drug. The biggest dangers to us seem to be the legal ones.

        Not to mention the overwhelming cost of incarceration each year. a) Most prisoners are non-violent b) most of them are drug users–NOT dealers c) and most of them are there for marijuana.

    • Steve

      why do we need religion? Can’t people live their lives without religion? Are they truly that weak? Religion is just a way for people to be reminded about their sorrows and feel bad. However, these tests that we go through only make us stronger. Religion isn’t going to help anyone. We need to face reality and stop turning to religion. Religion is the past, not the future!

      • Steve

        Different Steve from the one that posted above this…

      • JC

        Epic win.

      • David

        Boom. Hammer dropped.

      • Nicole

        Thank you. Love this comment. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people saying that those of us who smoke pot are “weak” and “need to face reality” wouldn’t be too happy if we took away religion Or beer. Or double cheeseburgers. Everyone’s got their vices, and just because you don’t use mine, doesn’t mean you should be able to tell me I can’t. Besides; my vice has never caused the persecution of entire groups of people or resuted in millions of deaths every year, so if you want to make it a contest, I win. In the meantime, I’ll just be in the corner peacefully minding my own business, because that’s how us pot smokers roll.

      • True

        No on 19

      • Joe

        Awesome. You are my new hero.

      • JAM

        Well played Steve!!!

      • Kerri

        EPIC win… great job!

      • logo

        steve and nicole just made my day

      • sd_dreamer

        Nicole tell that to all the people being butchered in Mexico by drug cartels fighting to satisfy America’s insatiable hunger for drugs. Just because you don’t see the violence doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      • Kevin


      • who cares

        @ sd dreamer – you just made another strong argument for legalizing it, which by doing so, would allow for local farmers to raise it, and therefore no one would depend on ‘mexican drug cartels’ or other illegal means of obtaining it. not to mention that our government could tax the hell out of it. california would be out of debt in no time.

      • leigh

        I <3 you, Steve!

      • jack

        Wow steve, that is genius and an argument I will definitely use in the future

      • Jason

        The best thing i’ve read in a comment box EVER. Well done, Steve.

      • Ian

        You rock Steve! Something I rarely say on these boards. As to the mention of the Mexican drug cartels……where would they be if it were legal? There’s nothing wrong with smoking every once in awhile. Weed is harmless, especially when you know where it’s coming from, and if it were coming from American farmers, and it was helping the economy, then why not?

      • Jeff C.

        Props @ Steve, Nicole & who cares! These comments are brilliant.

      • 4815162342

        Not the same at all, Steve. My comment: If anyone “needs” marijuana, can’t the drug companies they make it into a pill, so the person who “needs” it doesn’t make everyone around them high, too?

      • tbone

        Thank you, Steve. Fantastic. People who are so scared of marijuana are silly. If it’s legal you still don’t have to do it. Imagine that?

      • Alia

        Wow, thanks. Because anti-religious bigotry is clearly going to help… anything.

      • Jen

        Steve, that was the awesomest response to a post ever. You rock.

      • Nicole

        sd_dreamer: To that point I would argue that it’s not marijuana giving power to violent drug cartels; it’s anti-drug laws. There would be no market for them to exploit if the product could be legally grown, bought and sold in the US. Even cursory research into this topic will tell you that the only groups benefitting from the current laws are the prison industry and the organized crime industry. I know that the violence is there, but I also know marijuana is not the cause. The laws are the cause.

      • William

        I think I love you! Religious crazies need to stop trying to rule the majority of the world.

    • Roekest

      I agree! While we’re at it, let’s outlaw cigarettes and re-outlaw alcohol! After that, we can ban cars forever and make people ride horses again!!!!

      Any other “great” ideas circa 1950 you’d like to implement?

      • AM

        If you are going to insult something, please use the correct facts.
        Cigarettes have never been outlawed. In fact, their use was encouraged “circa 1950″. In the 1970’s their health risks were discovered and people were encouraged to not smoke.
        Alcohol was banned during the 1920’s during the Prohibition. When the Great Depression hit the government realized that they could make money off alcohol.
        Also, no one has been forced to ride horses. As technology progressed, the proper adjustments were made. By the time the 1950’s came cars were fully integrated into the American lifestyle.
        Again, if you feel the need to support or reject an idea, do it. Just use real facts next time instead of whatever pops out of your head.

      • Ian

        He didn’t say cigarettes were outlawed. He said OUTLAW cigarettes, and REOUTLAW alcohol. There also was no mention of people ever being forced to ride horses, lol. He said outlaw cars, and make people ride horses AGAIN, as in, we used to ride horses when there were no cars.

        If you feel the need to support or reject someone’s comment, just READ the actual comment first, instead of “whatever pops out of your head”, or in this case, whatever comes out of your ass while talking out of it.

    • TVAddict

      Janet, marijuana is neither harmful nor addictive, unlike alchohol which is both.

      • Janet

        I am just as against alcohol, but since it’s legal and everyone drinks, I really can’t do anything about it. Marijuana, however, is still illegal and that’s why I’m speaking against it.

      • Here

        I don’t understand people who say pot is not addictive. I’ve known plenty of people who were addicted to it.

      • C

        @Here: Marijuana is not physically addictive, however it is possible to become mentally addicted to the way it feels. However unlike Meth, or Coke, or any of the highly addictive drugs, you do not have “withdrawal” symptoms when you stop.

      • D

        Hahah…I smoked pot for years and for you to say it isnt addictive is hilarious! Its up there with other things like I can drive just fine while high…Its all a joke…

      • Ian

        There’s nothing physically addictive in marijuana. You may get high on the feeling you get from the endorphins it releases, in which case it’s the same type of addictive quality that people get from sex, shopping, or gambling.I’ve smoked pot regularly for 2 decades, and can go months without it. I can also smoke on a regular basis for weeks, and then stop for several months without the slightest sign of withdrawal. The people who become addicted to it (like sex, gambling, etc.) just have nothing else going on in their life to give them that endorphin release. People who are addicted to pot just have no lives. Plain and simple. Go to rehab once and say you’re addicted to marijuana, and see if people there (with real addictions) are interested in your “problem”.

      • ParaDoc

        To ALL those who disagree with the outright legalization of Marijuana-Did ANY of you actually do ANY reseach on this issue of why it is illegal in the first place? and why in their infinite wisdom, “our” government has earmarked almost TEN BILLION DOLLARS to continue fighting the “war” on drugs that they, THEMSELVES, admitted they have lost? WAKE UP AND EDUCATE YOUSELVES BEFORE SPEAKING. Legalize Marijuana.Stop the needles, and pointless, incarceration of honest, otherwise law abiding citizens who happen to choose to use a thousands-year-old herb and medicinal remedy that grows naturally?-GOD doesn’t make mistakes..well, maybe except for narrow-minded people….Having been in the medical profession for more than 20 years I have NEVER TREATED ANYONE for a Marijuan-related overdose or ancillary injury or crime…What does NOT make sense is why alchohol is so freely accepted as a “social lubricant” and embraced as such…Imagine going to an office Christmas party and being offered a joint?-I’d work for THAT company forever…Peace to ALL

    • der

      I bet Janet is a lot of fun at parties.

      • Janet

        actually, I am. Since when is smoking and drinking synonymous with having fun? I stay sober and have fun dancing with my friends all night. I just don’t understand your comment.

      • Ian

        der’s point reinforced by the thoughts of fun being defined by watching Janet and her friends attempting to dance.

      • jojo

        Ian will you marry me?

      • Ian

        I’ll consider it. :)

    • Bob

      Janet I understand your arguement but just hear me out. There are some people who are going to get intoxicated no matter what. By keeping marijuana illegal we are making people choose between the law and their health. People who care more about the law drink alcohol. People who care more about their health smoke marijuana. All we would be doing by legalizing marijuana is giving people a legal healthier alternative to getting drunk. I do not smoke marijuana but whether we like it or not drugs are here, and they are here to stay. The question is whether they should be regulated or un-regulated. Should criminals control them or should legit buisnesses control them? And furthermore anyone can get marijuana legally in California already by going into the doctor and saying they have a headache. So prop 19 would not lead to an increase in adults using and it would lead to a decrease in youth using because it is harder for teens to get regulated drugs. With over 1 out of 30 Americans controlled by the penal system, why not legalize, control, and tax marijuana, to change the failed War On Drugs, into a money making, money saving, boost of the economy? Isn’t it time?

      • Janet

        I really do appreciate what you are saying. But why do drugs have to be here to stay? Can’t we live without them? Why do people need these mind-altering substances? I would like to live in a world where no one is high on a drug. I want marijuana to stay illegal so that one day NO ONE uses it. I know it is wishful thinking, but I believe one day it will happen. I’m sorry I just cannot support marijuana.

      • Nicole

        Janet, that is literally never going to happen. Drugs have been in use since people have existed, and that’s not going to change, ever. Right now, organized crime controls the vast majority of marijuana production and sales, and the US penal system is overloaded with people who would be free if marijuana was legal. The strain on local and federal resources is massive between the law enforcement efforts required to stay on top of production and trafficking, and this could be eliminated and reversed if the government was instead controlling and taxing the product themselves. I don’t understand how anyone, in good conscience, can be for keeping the system as is, unless you keep yourself intentionally ignorant about the history and facts about the drug and the surrounding trade. Watch a documentary or two on the subject; I think you’d find it enlightening.

      • Nicole

        *Meant to say “between the law enforcement efforts required to stay on top of production and trafficking and the funds required to arrest, try and imprison hundreds of thousands of people, many for simple possession of small quantities for personal use”.

      • Ben

        Marijuana really doesn’t need your support. After it becomes legal and regulated (like alcohol and tobacco) you can continue to preach about the damage it does to society and individuals and many millions of people will agree with you and listen to what you’re saying. But your opinions shouldn’t infringe on others’ rights.

      • puhlease

        whatever janet. you’ve got your drug too. i don’t know you personally, so i don’t know what it is. do you look at yourself in the mirror all the time and make sure you look pretty? do you talk down about other people behind their backs in subtle, clever ways because it makes you feel better? do you drink too much coffee? do you watch too much tv because you don’t want to be alone in the silence and have to think about your troubled family life? the point is, everyone uses everything to feel better. if one person uses pot to enjoy a high, that’s his right. as long as people aren’t impairing your life or liberties, then give them the respect they deserve and let them live their own lives and enjoy the liberties that are rightfully theirs. you’re not the teacher, not the pope, not their parent.

      • Blogaroo

        Janet, I’ve been smoking hemp for over 40 years. It is not addictive unless you have a propensity to addiction. I go for very long periods of time when I either can’t afford my smoke of just don’t care to get stoned – just like booze. Nor does it lead to hard drugs; in 44 years, I’ve NEVER stuck a needle in my body with anything. Have I experimented with other drugs? Sure: mushies (as a Canadian woman called them), coke (boring), mescaline (trippy), and acid (too intense). I don’t even do those any more simply because I don’t feel the need. All the garbage you read about smoking hemp and its “harmful” effects is BS. The only reason hemp is illegal is because of the confluence of the invention of chemicals to process paper by Dupont and the end of the prohibition of alcohol. Dupont didn’t want cheaper hemp to be use to make paper and the agency responsible for prohibition enforcement didn’t have a job anymore. Thus, we got “Reefer Madness” and a host of other such propaganda films to spread FEAR. Fear of the evil drug being introduced by those foreigners – Mexicans – and being spread around the country by the “coloreds”. Fear and racism got us to this point and that’s exactly what keeps us here now, except now we’ve thrown HUGES amounts of money to law enforcement and governments around the world to “fight” this evil drug. And if you don’t think the drug cartels are funneling monies into our elected officials to keep the status quo, then you are living in a fantasy world. Unfortunately, when you stated: “I would like to live in a world where no one is high on a drug. I want marijuana to stay illegal so that one day NO ONE uses it.” it said to me that with such philosophy, you have a total lack of understanding the human psyche. Mind altering substances have been around for centuries; they are not going away.

      • 4815162342

        to Blogaroo: I’ve used this argument in the past, but the more I’ve thought about it, I’ve changed my mind. Just because people are going to do it regardless doesn’t mean that it should be legal. If it is needed for medicinal purposes, let’s make it in a pill or shot form so that it doesn’t affect everyone around and doesn’t have the side effects of drawing smoke into your body, which is dangerous. also, have it dispensed by pharmacists who are trained, just like every other legal drug.

      • patxyz

        What’s wrong with just enjoying pot for a relaxing and fun high? If you don’t want to smoke it, don’t, but why deprive others of a safe. potentially beneficial, and certainly relaxing way to spend an evening? It’s a good thing! What’s going on with all the pleasure haters?

      • upl8n8

        Janet… there’s a difference between forcing someone to do what your believe is the right thing, and letting them decide to do the right thing for themselves. We all have the right to choose our path. I go to the bar often with friends, and usually have a tasty beverage or two to relax after work. Rarely do I ever get to the point of being impaired. It’s a social thing.

        From what you’ve stated, you would like this activity banned. Have you ever considered that it’s your own stigma that is causing your heavy handedness in this matter? You’ve chosen not to drink, and because of this, you think you’re perfect and hence the entire activity should be banned.

        With alcohol, there are laws enforcing the sale, laws enforcing the strength of the beverages sold, laws enforcing where you can buy it, laws enforcing the age you can get it, laws enforcing the amount you can have in your system while driving, laws enforcing the amount you can have in your system while simply walking down the street.

        These are all laws that define the parameters in which we can drink. None of these laws ban the drug. So why is Marijuana any different?

        I personally agree that people should be happy with who they are, and shouldn’t use drugs / alcohol as a crutch. However, not all people who drink / smoke are using it as a crutch. Every drug can be abused, but you can’t ban everything that can possibly be abused. What’s next… masturbation?

    • BHM1304

      Another idiot who would scream and yell if her bottle of wine at the end of the day was taken from her.

      • Janet

        I don’t drink.

      • jmr

        You don’t have to be rude. She’s got a right to her opinion, even if you don’t agree with her. I don’t agree with her, but she seems like a reasonable, logical person who might be misinformed about the issues (personal rights, prison overcrowding, etc.). There’s no need for name-calling.

      • 4815162342

        I don’t drink either. I’m a born-again Christian and a Democrat. Got a problem with any of that?

      • jojo

        to 4815162342, im pretty sure its impossible to be a christian and a democrat

      • Steph

        @Jojo: Lololo.

      • S.

        @steph and jojo–

        as a liberal agnostic I think that’s totally ignorant and actually quite politically dangerous. the moral philosophy of jesus christ is one of the best, most liberal moral philosophies ever produced in the west (valuing other people’s interests equal to or above your own, regardless of their station in life). do i believe the man actually existed? absolutely not. but sentiments like yours make it easier for well-meaning christians to be duped into voting for greedy, corrupt bastards because they think God wants them to. also, it shows a complete misunderstanding of the philosophies of both. in fact, I think it’s much harder to be a me-first-republican and a christian.

    • Lyric thompson

      Janet, Marijuana has many benefits. First of all its great for stress relief, pain , nausea, withdrawal from drugs such as heroin , meth and alcohol. Then there is the fact that you do not have leave to tell
      someone else what to put in their bodies and what not to put in their bodies.
      Then there is the additional fact that there were more than a few of our forefathers who smoked the weed. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and even George Washington used to partake. The reason for the illegality of this alleged drug has more to do with business. Hemp is the strongest fiber known to man.. Those who log trees, cotton growers, paper manufactures , all of these industries would suffer if hemp were legal. So they put the big scare into you to keep it illegal.

      • 4815162342

        Hemp is not illegal, but smoking it is. Do some research!

      • Erica

        Actually, hemp IS illegal in the US under federal law. Perhaps you should do some research?

      • Amber

        Technically smoking it is legal. You can’t get busted for being high unless you are driving. It’s possession that is a crime.

    • Christian

      Janet, its hard to take your comments seriously as you continue to label marijuanna as a drug and use the umbrella of drugs in general as being bad to the public. How many people do you know that smoke cigs or drink alcohol? what is the literal problem with smoking weed? there isnt, there is only personal preferance and opinion of the potential user, if you don’t want to smoke thats fine, but people should not be prevented to take part in recreational use, the only crime that results from its use and distribution is only because it is illegal. If marijuanna was legal yes you might see someone high people in public omfg call the national gaurd

      • Janet

        I’m sorry if I sound ignorant. I just think drugs (except for medicinal purposes) are bad in general and should not be used. Of course, I’m not talking about caffeine etc. let’s not get trivial here. There may be nothing wrong with weed, but it does affect people and I just want a drug-free future.

      • Brian

        Saying “let’s not get trivial here” about caffeine is actually NOT trivial at all. Caffeine actually can be just as much a drug as heroin. Also, even medicinal drugs are bad. But the media/government/society labels some drugs good and some bad. The difference is largely the labeling. Medicinal drugs, although good to a degree (just like marijuana), actually cause a lot of problems, especially when people (patients, doctors, pharmaceutical companies) abuse them. And it happens more often than you think. Dependency on medicine actually lowers the body’s natural inclination to heal itself of most infirmities. So really, medicinal drugs are not much different. Besides, if marijuana was legalized, then it too would be a medicinal drug. And then where would you stand? To say that people can live lives without using drugs is like saying, with just as much truth, that you can live your life without watching TV. Without using the Internet. Without playing baseball or keeping pets. Without eating grapes. So why should we eat grapes? They’re not necessary. In general, people should not limit the freedom of others because they themselves wouldn’t do it.

      • Ian

        So according to Janet, things like Oxycontin, Xanax, Ritalin, or whatever drugs the drug companies are making the biggest push for doctors to prescribe are just fine and dandy, simply because they’re “medicinal”. Cocaine was once strictly a medicinal substance. People are abusing their minds and bodies with these drugs, and strictly speaking they’re not abusing them, because they follow the prescription given to them by a doctor. Yet a harmless plant that’s never killed anyone is bad??? You want a world where there are no drugs taken for recreational purposes? Does that mean we can do away with anything and everything people get some enjoyment from? I don’t smoke weed because I need a drug. I do it because on occasion it’s simply a good time with some friends. Like sharing a bottle of wine. We have a good time without it, but sometimes that’s what we want to do. Big deal. Get off your high horse, and realize that you have your ways of enjoying yourself and other people have other ways of harmlessly having a good time. If you want this supposed Utopian paradise where nobody needs ANYTHING to enjoy themselves, because there are many things that would qualify as “drugs” that don’t involve any substances being smoked, ingested, snorted, or what have you, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed to find out it doesn’t exist. Why not let marijuana help some farmers and the economy, and focus your energy on fighting other things that are actually harmful.

    • Steve

      Janet wrote: “why do we need to legalize marijuana? Can’t people live their lives without using drugs? Are they truly that weak? Drugs are just a way for people to forget about their sorrows and feel good. However, these tests that we go through only make us stronger. Marijuana isn’t going to help anyone. We need to face reality and stop turning to drugs. Marijuana is the past, not the future!”

      Replace “marijuana” with “alcohol” and you see how silly and idealistic this is. People have been getting high or stoned or drunk for thousands of years. It’s going to happen. The question is whether we should put them in jail for it or not.

      • Janet

        I think alcohol is even worse than marijuana. I don’t drink and I never will. But at the moment, only marijuana is illegal and I wish it would stay that way. Maybe alcohol will be illegal one day. Almost all the problems on the news originate from alcohol, violence, road deaths, etc. We are better than this!

      • Alia

        Janet, while abstaining from alcohol is probably a very wise decision — especially for those with addictive tendencies or a low tolerance — banning it didn’t really work out all that well the last time we tried it.

    • Thomas Sanders

      Janet, you don’t know what you’re talking about(you said it yourself), but you still feel compelled to limit others actions on the matter. Do you not see anything wrong with that?

      • Janet

        I said I don’t have great knowledge, not that I live in some isolated village. Again, all I am is against drugs which are bad for society. Marijuana may be fine for some people but I just don’t see WHY people need it. There are far more rewarding alternatives. Instead of staying home and getting high, go out and volunteer to help the community. Drugs are not the answer!

      • mmeows

        Janet, I respect your opinion, but you are starting to get insulting. I volunteer for my community, I also work for a nonprofit that gives out millions of dollars a year. I have also never had a drink of alcohol. But I smoke marijuana every day. I have an amazing job that I love, good friends and family and I give back to my community. I don’t drive high or go to work high. I have been on and off anti-anxiety medications since I was in my teens. I finally got sick of all the side effects and spoke with my doctors and we all decided that marijuana is what works best for me. My PCP said he would prescribe it for me if he could. Some of us really do need it to relax. You need to educate yourself so you can back up your argument with facts instead of insults.

      • Janet

        sorry @mmeows, I didn’t mean to sound insulting. If you really need marijuana for medicinal purposes, then I support that! I am just against the people who use it because they feel “stressed” or “tired”. I did not mean to degrade you or your situation.

      • mmeows

        I appreciate the apology. I just think if there was more education and information out there about the benefits that there would be more acceptance. I have to defend myself constantly – to people who think I am a loser or lazy or a bad person because I smoke. I am so lucky to have the support of my doctors, even though it is not legal for medicinal purposes where I live. The legal drugs that I was prescribed were killing me. My life is so much more productive and fulfilling now and I have marijuana to thank for that. and again, thank you for your response :)

      • 4815162342

        Leave Janet alone people. Maybe we all need to get a life and get the H off these boards.

      • Rob

        Stop trying to tell me whats good for me. I guess it’s ok to have enough nukes to destroy the world, poison are air we breathe with smog, poison the water we drink from waste. Being baked with EMF from wireless devices.
        But Please dont Smoke that Joint ok….

      • Steph

        No dear, drugs are not your answer. The world isn’t about you and your opinions about what people should want to do with their time. YOUR opinion shouldn’t shape laws. Laws should be about protecting society. Marijuana is practically harmless. It shouldn’t be illegal, because honestly why should it be? I know so many people who smoke, and they are all productive members of society. If a large portion of the country wants to partake of a relatively harmless substance, who are you and the US government to tell them they can’t? It’s the tail wagging the dog. By the way, I don’t smoke. I just support others right to.

    • Ab

      I think close-minded people are the biggest danger to happiness and freedom in the US. They are the racists, and homophobes, and everything else. They have caused the problems in this country. They’re the real problem. They choose emotion over logic.

    • rafael

      People should decide for themselves. if they would like to use marijuana they can use it without worrying about going to jail for doing something that makes you laugh and eat junk food. people like you should not infringe on their freedom and right to do something they want to in the privacy of their homes or at designated clubs. if i go and i want to drink a beer, i don’t do it in public. i am not a smoker of marijuana, but i am a supporter of the rights of the people. if the benefit of marijuana out-weights the bad, then why not make it legal? think about the money that would be saved by the state and the money that could be taxed by it.

    • Indy

      Janet, the problem isn’t marijuana (though I am going to assume your knowledge of drugs stems only as far as the limited research you’ve done on the matter since the prescription drugs you advocate ARE addictive where marijuana isn’t). It is a recreational “drug” that is known to alleviate pain and nausea and allow for a nice, content buzz. Compare this to alcohol, a legal drug, and any number of prescription drugs that can severely hinder movement and impair judgment. But even this isn’t the problem; it is the government’s continued involvement in attempting to tell citizens what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. What those people to AFTER they have ingested drugs is of course subject to law and punishment, but sitting in your own home, stoned, zoned out to an episode of Dexter? Seems like a pretty fine Sunday evening to me. I bet the neighbor with sclerosis smoking his joint isn’t feeling too bad either.

    • Charles

      If we stop using mind altering drugs we’ll have to get rid of alcohol and even tobacco and coffee. Let’s face it, altering one’s mental perspective is just one of those natural human urges.

      • Janet

        That’s not true at all. That’s why society is telling you. Stop making excuses for your weaknesses. Facing up to them will help you grow and become better. Drugs aren’t doing you any favours.

      • mage?!

        This is true, contrary to popular opinion we are animals. Animals in the wild seek out mind altering substances. It is the nature of animals to use the plants God made for us. It is plant, not the same as the prescription feel good market. Plants grow naturally. It is here, it will remain far after we are dead and gone. Get over it, there are real problems in the world to rant over, this is trivial.

      • leigh

        Janet, you talk a lot about people using mind-altering substances b/c of their “weaknesses”. Yet I would be willing to bet good money that you have never once altered your consciousness in any way other than (maybe) the socially acceptable ways (caffeine, alcohol, etc.). So how in the world can you profess to have ANY sort of knowledge about the effects of these substances or the motives of their users? You have a right to your opinion but seeing as it’s based on nothing BUT opinion, watch how you talk about other people. Open your mind a bit and stop judging people based on something you obviously know NOTHING about.

      • Ellis

        Actually, Janet, I would argue that “society” (i.e. religion) is what is telling you “DRUGS ARE BAD!” Obviously, based on your comments here, you have done no research on the subject of the real effects/medicinal potential of marijuana beyond being told that drugs are bad and make you weak. Additionally, you obviously have no understanding of history or you would not say that you wish alcohol were illegal. Have you ever heard about what happened in America during Prohibition? People continued to drink illegally, giving rise to crime. The real point about legalizing pot has nothing to do with your own personal beliefs about drugs being bad. Sure, people would still partake too much and use pot for non-medicinal reasons, but they would not be contributing to illegal drug trafficking, which is the real problem here.

        Get over yourself and get informed! Maybe if you tried looking at the situation in a way other than how “society” has told you to view it, then you wouldn’t be arguing with all of the other sensible (and obviously better informed) people on this post!

      • H

        I agree that is a part of human nature to want to alter the mind. My neuropsych professor made a surprising (to me) point that often our first experimentation of this sort is spinning in circles as a child. Is it wrong for a child to enjoy the sensation of being dizzy? What about a runner’s high or adrenaline junkies? Who should draw the line about what an individual is allowed to do to “feel good”?

    • Brody McCulloch

      Marijuana can experimented with by science to to actually help people. It has been shown that thc and other cannibanoids can help with some illness and diseases. Also it will bring less violence and bring some money not to mention some jobs to people in California. I do agree that dealing with problems head on does make you stronger but sometimes people want to feel different than they do usually. They want to experience life a little different just to see what it’s like.

    • Bob

      Janet I have a question for you. What would happpen if marijuana was legalized? I understand your viewpoint on marijuana but it’s not really an arguement against legalization. If marijuana was legalized more adults wouldn’t use it because anyone in California can already get it by going to the doctor and saying they have a headache. Also the usage among kids would go down because it is harder for kids to get legal drugs. I think you associate marijuana legalization with widespread use but that’s not the case. If I’m wrong please correct me and tell me the real reason you think marijuana should be illegal because i don’t want to make assumptions.

      • Janet

        That’s the thing, I don’t know what will happen. It’s not so much out of fear, but caution. It is not necessary to marijuana to be legalized, so I believe it can stay illegal.

    • Jay

      who cares if you like it or not? Laws shouldn’t be based on some lady from where ever choosing what I do to MY body.

      Get off my body, get out of my laws, STATE-IST.

    • Corey

      You’re right Janet. We’re moving in the wrong direction! Don’t legalize weed. We need to make other stuff like alcohol and McDonalds illegal. Sounds crazy right? But obesity is an epidemic. More people die from heart related deaths than anything else. And what about alcoholism and people abusing these “legal” drugs?

    • jeff

      Well janet if that is your rationalization, then you shouldn’t drink coffee, or take aspirin, or have that glass of wine with your dinner. I am so sick of the hypocrites that sit there and shake their finger at everyone else because they made a conscious choice as an adult not to use alcohol or prescription medication to treat themselves and or relax. Get over the fact that your kind are not the babysitters for the rest of america’s adult population and keep your agenda off of my civil rights!

    • sean

      Janet, I ask you, why is coffee legal ? Are people so weak that they need something to get them through their day without a stimulant. How about alcohol, that was illegal once, do people have to drink alcohol to feel good about themselves ? How about depression drugs ? Are people so weak they need something to help them through their pathology ? Your question is a disingenuous one. You state as a fact that Marijuana doesn’t help anyone. I can go into a song and dance about it but I ask you to simply educate yourself before airing your opinion as fact on the web.

    • Bill

      Janet I’m sure you wrote that comment as you were sipping that glass of whine or tossing back that shot of JD.

      • Alia

        Oh, come on. Janet’s said eighteen thousand times already that she doesn’t drink. You (and I) might not agree with her opinion, but she doesn’t seem to be a hypocrite about it, and she’s resisted the urge to lose her temper, despite the fact that many of the comments toward her have been quite unkind. She deserves some credit for that.

    • Andrew

      Janet, I think you have a rather idealistic view of the world. Someone, somewhere, instilled in you the idea that drugs are bad, even that they cause “all” the various ills of society. I’m sorry, Janet, but you have been fooled. The great ills of human society, take , for example, facism, arise from complex emotions and situations. The nazis were all for clean living, rejecting even the traditional use of alcohol (which as we know is very popular among germans}. The forces of fear and greed, however, pushed these very sober people over the edge of maddness and caused them to commit some of the most horrible atrocities known to history. Perhaps a few joints might have calmed them down. Secondly, and i know that this is an unsual statement, but drugs have done good things for society, and i mean recreational drugs not medicinal drugs. Aside stress relief and social communion, drugs have influenced and enhanced a large fraction of humanity’s artistic output. If you enjoy music, you most likely enjoy a composition produced under the influence of drugs (credit Bill Hicks for this idea}. One could even argue that our modern religions arose from the drug induced trances and visions of tribal shamans. I think for a lot of people drugs are a way to connect with themselves, that is, that deep and essential part of the psyche or soul or mind,or whatever you want to call it, that is normally subsumed by the demands of daily life. Much of our mind is not immediately accessible to the conscious rational person; we can lie to ourselves, have ulterior motives that we don’t know ourselves, and be driven by passions that are beyond our power to control. If certain substances can open a door to these hidden worlds, then they would be the most useful of all medicines. Evolution of the mind is more power than physical evolution because it can occurs at an much faster rate, and inceares exponentially, since each evolution of the mind tends to increase the power of the mind to evlove.
      sorry, i got a litte spacey there, just had my morning medication

      • leigh

        Well put, Andrew!
        I just wanted to add that, technically, we are MADE of drugs! It’s chemicals in our own bodies that dictate our moods and/or state of mind. In fact, MDMA (or Ecstasy) triggers the release of serotonin (a chemical that already lives in our brains) and that flood of serotonin is what you can thank for Ecstasy’s most enjoyable effects.

    • Ellis

      Dude, get off your high horse! You may personally choose not to partake, but in reality smoking pot has no worse long term effects than drinking alcohol (which is LEGAL). Sure, any such habit that becomes excessive damages your body, but that should still be a personal choice rather than something that the government prohibits. Making it illegal is actually more damaging to society than legalizing it. People who are smoking pot usually aren’t getting up to anything more nefarious than watching youtube videos and eating junk food. People involved in trafficking the drug illegally, on the other hand, are feeding a bigger problem. Also, we are wasting taxpayers’ money and law enforcers’ time by prosecuting people who are partaking of a substance that is ultimately NOT harmful to themselves or others (especially when compared to the adverse effects of alcohol and cigarettes). The Prohibition parallel could not be clearer. Let’s learn from history, please.

    • mark

      Based on your argument we should criminalize alcohol, cigarettes, and double cheeseburgers.

    • Jamie

      How is marijuana any different than religion then? If it’s just used as an escape from reality, shouldn’t people be able to make their own decisions about how to acheive that end?

    • some guy…

      There are 2 sides to every argument. 1 side to this debate is legalization; marijuana has positive medical attributes and has been used so for thousands of years, does not have the health risks associated with the bottle and big tobacco, the money saved and made through letting people out of prison and if the government decides to tax it like cigarettes because drug dealers have shown us it is a multimillion if not billion dollar industry could be exorbitant.
      You also have to look at who is keeping it illegal, the federal government- do you actually think they will go back and say they were wrong, have to let people out of prison and, and because of how awesome lawyers are, more then likely compensate them. Big tobacco and alcohol- how much would they loose in profits while also thinking about how much they have their hands in politician’s pockets?
      Then you run into the fact that so many people abuse it and make it into a drug. But what constitutes a drug. Some would define drug as a mind altering substance. Well then is caffeine a drug? Did anyone know that a certain coffee company that you can find on almost every corner hits their coffee with a double shot of caffeine? Extra addicting coffee anyone? And society wonders how their brand has become global… Anyone wonder why coke-cola is called “coke” for short, illegal drug additive that used to be legal anyone? Just like how heroin, speed, LSD and X were all at one time sold in corner stores, prescribed by doctors or used by the government. But alas, these things are buried below legislation that makes them illegal now and demonized.
      The government has marijuana as a class 4 drug, if I’m mistaken, which includes drugs like X and LSD and heroin saying that they have no medical uses. Tell that to a wounded person being given morphine, derived from the poppy. 100 points to whoever can tell me what other “drug” comes from the poppy. That’s right, heroin. Tell my grandmother who passed due to malnutrition after having the majority of her stomach removed because of cancer that a “drug” (the demon marijuana) that has the potential to increase appetite has no medical use. Tell ancient peoples who used it for thousands of years as a cure all that there is no medical use.
      Now you come to the problem of people who want a drug free society. Is that working for America? Let us look at the opposite end of the spectrum and use the Netherlands as that example. In the past 2 decades they have instituted a government provided heroin program and have seen their crime, homelessness, and unemployment rates decrease drastically because these junkies do not have to commit crimes to fund their next high. This is not to say that it is not another finger in the dike but at the same time we have to look at what is best for society as a whole, is it continuing to fight a “war on drugs” and have to spend millions of dollars so the government can play the moral judge of what is an acceptable mind altering substance while simultaneously keeping criminal calling themselves “street pharmacists”. I do not advocate the legalization of drugs. Drugs are bad. They are addictive and destroy lives due to the impact it has on the health, decision making skills or frontal lobe thinking impairment it causes the user. But does increased appetite, the giggles, and if overused, laziness constitute keeping marijuana illegal. Possibly for recreational use but if that was the case then why isn’t alcohol illegal?

    • Dan

      You are just ignorant, MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG

      • JOEBECCA

        FINALLY!!! someone finally said it!!! Marijuana is NOT a drug!!! it’s a PLANT!!!
        Thanks Dan!

    • James

      Its no different than religion.

    • ps

      To those who say religion is an ‘escape from reality’, religion is actually an acknowledgement that there is something – a being, a concept, whatever – that is bigger than us, any individual. This is why we are humble, forgiving, and caring. You can say what you want about religion and drugs, but they are not the same.

      • Diddily

        Whatever “being” you claim is watching over us also created marijuana plants for us to enjoy. Suck it!

    • Ron

      Wow, Janet. An intelligent conversation throughout these posts from you and most people. Props for the open mind! Personally, I say legalize marijuana. I’ve smoked it and I’ve smoked it just for fun, not for any escape from problems or anything. I really think the legalization will help a lot, keeping recreational users out of jail, reducing drug trafficking, raising money through taxation, etc. Didn’t our forefathers all smoke marijuana? It became illegal for crazy reasons (look it up, don’t have time to explain it all) and could benefit our country a lot. I’d rather smoke than drink. More control and mellowness around…

      • Janet

        thank you Ron. Part of the reason I commented was to broaden my mind and educate myself. Most of the people here have been very helpful and I can say that I see the issue totally different now. If people choose to smoke marijuana, it’s their choice. It’s not really affecting society so I say let them choose. However, drugs like speed, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. I think we should focus on getting rid of these ones for good. They are really talking a toll on the world. Same goes for alcohol, but unfortunately it’s become such an integral part of society that it will be much harder to get rid off. I thank everyone here for their help. :)

    • Ad Rock

      Wrong. It has been used consistently by humans for over 3,000 years and will probably used for the next. Legalization would save tree, and energy. One of the main reasons it is not legal yet is because alcohol company’s are huge Washington lobbyist. Alcohol is the real evil.

    • Z

      Wow your parents must have told you that it was bad b/c “GOD” said so. GROW UP and maybe hit a joint here and there and maybe you’ll see the “light” LOL HARDF*ING CORE supercalifragilisticexpialidociou

    • Brian

      Yet booze is totally fine? By this logic, alcohol should be outlawed as well.

    • Rush

      Janet, I think you need to toke up and chill out.

    • Roy

      It doesn’t matter what you think about it, Janet, the point is that government can’t tell people they can’t smoke weed. It was made illegal for ridiculous reasons that were completely made up. It’s simply a freedom issue. Especially for all the ‘small’ gov’t righties. Small gov’t means small gov’t for everyone, not just for the right while still banning marijuana.

    • Bryan

      If we’re allowed to drink responsibly then we should be allowed to smoke responsibly.Besides, weed is actually safer than alcohol. When people drink they get violent. When they smoke they get calm. Its just funny how legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco, etc) are MORE harmful.

    • Sam

      Marijuana is good for humans. Please do some research before you judge.

    • Rush

      Flying Spaghetti Monster
      Why do we need to legalize the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Can’t people live their lives without using the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Are they truly that weak? The Flying Spaghetti Monster is just a way for people to forget about their sorrows and feel good. However, these tests that we go through only make us stronger. The Flying Spaghetti Monster isn’t going to help anyone. We need to face reality and stop turning to drugs. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the past, not the future!

    • David4

      Coming from someone who doesn’t drink booze or coffee, or eat chocolate, or exercise or have sex.

      Look up what a drug is and it’s…

      A biologically active compound or mixture used to cure, prevent, or detect disease, to control biological processes, or to alter mental state.

      Sex, chocolate, coffee, tobacco, pot, even exercise affects your mental state of mind. Let’s make all those legal!

      Cigarettes that have 500 added poisons to them are legal, so should pot, which you can easily grow and be 100% nature.

    • Allen

      How about this…This is supposed to be a free country, so why are we telling people what they can and can’t put in their bodies? If you believe in freedom wouldn’t you agree with decriminalizing all victimless crime. The only victims of pot are victims of prohibition or iresponsible use, not the substance itself.

    • troy

      the first “drug” i ever took in my life was asprin to “relieve pain” Have you ever taken a “drug”

    • Rilar

      Or you could shut the hell up, realize that it’s absolutely none of your business, and own the fact that everyone around you thinks you’re an insufferable busybody.

      You’re an arrogant waste of a person, Janet. I feel bad for you.

    • Delon

      Why does any country criminalise the personal use of cannabis? The fundamental purpose of the law is to optimise the quality of life in society and justification for drug laws is usually couched in terms of reducing personal and social harms from drug use. So does criminalising cannabis users reduce harms? Of course not, especially if we take into account the proven harms that a criminal record brings. Moreover the huge costs of policing and criminalisation are economically damaging. Given the harms of alcohol are much greater than those of cannabis, why do so many countries persist in the prohibition/criminalisation route for cannabis users? This is particularly relevant because of the growing evidence from a number of countries e.g. The Netherlands [cannabis in coffee shops], Australian states [decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use] and Portugal [abolition of criminal sanctions for personal use of all drugs ] are viable policies that have major public health benefits – and are also more just. The answer is complex reflecting a mixture of ignorance denial and deliberate obfuscation on the part of policy makers. However an important factor is the macho model of politics initiated by the USA/UN “War on Drugs” which deludes many politicians into believing that being “hard” is necessary and a voter-winner, a view they hold even in the face of contradictory public opinion.

    • Durrg

      I think you will find it interesting that all of the drugs you listed were once used medicinally and most still are. Heroine and Speed (Methamphetmine) were sold over the counter, Heroine was found in baby teething pain killers. The Navy and Air Force still gives pilots amphetimines for long missions. Cocaine was in coca-cola, and many of our own presidents became addicted to it when using it medicinally.

      I know it is hard to believe but there is NO difference between medicinal drugs and illegal drugs, just the word medicinal. Many medicinal drugs are much more dangerous and addictive than ‘illegal’ drugs.

      If you would like some reading on the dangers of marijuana please read the ‘The Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse’ comissioned by president Nixon. This GOVERNMENT report concludes that Marijuana is neither Addictive or Harmful.

      Before making a stand and deciding what the rest of us should or should not be allowed to do, please read the pertinent information.

    • William

      Why do we need to outlaw marijuana? People can live their lives entirely without it if they want. Just like alcohol and coffee. Just because you don’t want it in your life doesn’t mean you have the right to ban if from everyone’s. Alcohol and Tobacco and Coffee are just as recreational as marijuana.
      People are going to do what they want to, and we are wasting money and lives and causing violence.

    • Emery

      Janet, I guess you’ve never owned a pet then, its the same exact thing, we own pets because they make us happy. perhaps you would like to take the initiative and start killing everybodies dogs because we don’t actually need them.

    • Phillip

      Honestly, you’re stupid if you think all you’re saying is right. Kill dogs? we’re talking about pot here. Cannabis is not a drug, but simply a plant. Have you heard of any deaths from the reason that “he was high”? Marijuana is much safer than any other drug in the world. Compare and see that marijuana actually has more benefits than it does flaws. Maybe you should try it before you make any false statements about it, right? Come on now, think before you write stuff on the web.

    • Poppy

      Dear Janet,

      I can see from your comment that you have never nor have you witnessed a family member or other loved one suffer from any horribly painful disease. You have not eaten a meal while this person tries their best to do the same,then throws up so much you never knew one 80lb adult could hold that much(when they can actually even stomach what you take for granted…). I could go on but it is obvious empathy is not your strongest suit.
      I have a very rare disease. My bones look like they are being eaten up…hence bone pain beyond explanation. I cannot keep food down, when I do feel like trying to eat I know what’s coming. I am on a lot of meds. and I have been on a few “legal” pain medicines. I will never again be on another. Just because someone behind a desk in our government says something is legal, a good or better thing does not make.I unlike you, know this as fact.I would rather writhe in soul crushing pain, than ever walk around “legally high”.Thinking you are fine but so far from it. I never became addicted,I truly needed it but hated that I did and hated how I felt…and still felt the pain, only numbed.It was when I had finally had enough that I realized how bad it truly was…I barely remember the last few years.My family didn’t know me anymore….but they couldn’t take seeing me in pain. You see the conundrum.Marijuana is nothing like this.Fact.THC is prescribed “legally” for such situations…cancer paitents and other diseases that do horrible things to a persons body. So I ask you, why if someone can swallow a pill “legally” and it has the same effects, is it bad or “illegal” to smoke it? And by the way, weak is one word I’ve NEVER been called.

      • Janet

        @Poppy I am so sorry you misinterpreted my original comment. As I said, if you are sick, and marijuana is helping you, then I’m all for it. I’m very sorry for your situation and I hope your health improves. I was not talking about sickness when I talked about people being “weak”.

    • x1134x

      Oxycontin, is LEGAL HEROIN.
      Bonain solution is LEGAL COCAINE.
      Tylenol is a LEGAL PSYCHOACTIVE.

      Alcohol is legal inebriation.
      Tobacco is legal death.
      Skydiving is legal stupidity.
      Fast food is legal bad health.

      There’s NO reason to outlaw personal possession of a substance AND there’s NO WAY to actually accomplish it, what you CAN accomplish is what we have accomplished with alcohol. The best method to mitigate the costs to society from abuse of alcohol was to regulate and tax the allowable, responsible adult usage. Until that happens with marijuana, it will continue to send BILLIONS of dollars to foreign enemies instead of domestic allies.

    • Wilmer Juarez

      I used to think the same thing, raised by parents whom are conservative old guard catholics. Cannabis is for those with poor demeanor and resiliance to lifes tribulations. Until my herniated disk at 21, I used to be a bodybuilder-model. After being crippled from by my back injury. Now as a neuroscience B.S, I will staunchly advocate for cannabis use as a second line anesthetic in medical practice. Legal medications such as Morphine, Oxycodone, meperidine, diazepam, clonazepam, phenobarbital…etc. Their psychotropic side effects on the insular cortex-addiction center, is more pervasive than cannabis, thus more addicting. Opiates which are first and second line anesthetics cause huge modulation of dopaminergic pathways in the reuptake and release of dopamine . Leading to Withdrawl, addiction, craving by later modulation the insular cortex, nucleus accumens and limbic system. The human brain has especific cannabinoid receptors in the dorsal horn and spinal cord which modulate pain, especially for motor neurons in Spinal injuries. Its a medication used for over 10,000 years frrom which there are no reported deaths in history or contemporary medical records. Follow the SCIENCE of Cannabis use, please people, not a stigma, notion, ideology, theology or religious dogma

    • francisco

      Your are a lucky person,no a perfect person who probably doesn’t even believe in god or a nationo health care plan. Some people are no so fortunate and have to self medicate until the general public understands the problem that real humans encounter are not sovled by cold turkey. Thing of others, walk in their shoes, and then your entire naive attitude will change. Maybe.

    • egadsno

      “Marijuana may be fine for some people but I just don’t see WHY people need it.”

      Need is a subjective word and the reason you have virtually no knowledge on the subject is because the government restricts itself from researching the questions you ask.

      There are 2 reasons people feel the “need” for marijuana…

      1. A psychological crutch- a way to act like a lazy slacker and blame it on a substance when according to the department of labor the leading cause of amotivational syndrome is depression. Not shocking that depressed people would use a recreational drug though.

      The second is medicinal- in short aside from preventing damage and recovery from heart attack and stroke, glaucoma and scores of inflammatory disorders, it also fights and prevents cancer in at least 4 distinct ways (most drugs do 1) All of these reactions are entirely governed by the cell- and the cell always remains in total control which makes it neither a stimulant or depressant.

      It also plays a role in treating depression and anxiety disorders, namely by restoring size and density to the hippocampus- a part of the brain that is directly attacked by stress, and if you have post traumatic stress disorder you were probably diagnosed with a scan that revealed shrinkage of the hippocampus and/or loss of density. So marijuana very much turns out to be a treatment for many depression/anxiety problems. Although at first it can actually cause anxiety (but none of it is destructive to the hippocampus because of which types of hormones are released. This is because of activity in the amygdala but neither the amygdala or hippocampus are damaged by cannibinoids, not one single cell in the body is ;P

      The sad truth is that there is an abundance of top notch cutting research done on this particular field, much in thanks to the leaps made in understanding of genetics the our government agencies cannot endorse or criticize because of outdated federal laws. If they could you could bet such things would be common knowledge.

    • This Guy

      I have many friends who smoke weed on a regular basis, and it has ultimately brought them nothing but trouble and dissatisfaction. I, on the other hand, have never done any type of drugs of drank alchohol in my entire life, and I am perfectly fulfilled and happy. Why do people need drugs to feel whole? It’s absolutely pathetic…all I need is the air I breath, some music and my girlfriend and other loved ones by my side. If you weren’t so afraid to look a bit deeper, I’m sure youd find that the world is actually quite a beautiful place and you don’t need to alter your perception of the world to find beauty; it’s right in front of you! And if you need to feel “rebellious” once in awhile, isn’t that what sex is for? haha

    • Jacob

      People use it to add more fun to things and its almost like a break from society where you can see over things such as the system the goverment controlls of with

    • eatmyworld

      Janet, I drink wine to relax after a long day at work. I light up a cigar on my porch on a lazy sunday evening to get ready for another work week. I watch TV and eat junk food when I feel like I’m too busy and stressed out. I go running when I feel like I’m not in control of things. I read a book when I think I feel like I’m juggling too many things at once. I hang out with friends when I feel like my life is going too fast.
      Am I “weak” for doing these things to forget about my busy life?

      Besides, you never hear on the news: “A man was arrested after severely assaulting his wife after getting high off of marijuana.”

      If alcohol brings out violence in some men, why is it legal? Maybe you should be fighting to keep liquor off the streets, rather than arguing about marijuana potentially becoming legal. Get your priorities straight.

    • steve

      Oh, My, God! Janet, are you serious? You are so wrong. Most people (including myself) don’t smoke pot because they’re trying to forget their sorrows, they do it because they like it, sort of like wine people. How many people die directly from consuming alchohol? I don’t know the exact number but I know it’s high. How many people die from overdosing on prescription drugs? My mother was one of them. Now, how many people die from directly smoking marijuana? 0. As far as legal medicinal drugs, I had doctors push xanax on me for insomnia. What happened? A nasty addiction that nearly killed me. Fifteen milligrams a day. (for those who don’t know, that is an extremely high dose) It took me two years to win that battle, cost me jobs, relationships, my independence. Now I work again full-time, pay my taxes, go to church, continued with making music, take martial arts 2-3 times a week and guess what!? I still smoke pot. Janet, you don’t know what you’re talking abou so until you do please, keep you mouth shut.

    • steve

      Oh, and by the way, exstasy (also known as MDMA) started out as a legal prescription psych drug.

    • charles

      janet, it’s not a question of “is marijuana good or bad” it’s a question of “does the government have the right to prohibit marijuana use”. if someone chooses to smoke marijuana responsibly, does it infringe on anyone else’s human rights? do you remember how the alcohol prohibition went? it is literally the same situation now, only marijuana creates less physical harm and dependency than alcohol. what do you care if your next door neighbor gets high all day long everyday? it’s not your business. the same way it’s not your business if your neighbor has an abortion or a same sex marriage. you can go about your life and live and believe whatever you want, BUT you have to let everybody else have the same liberty, if, like i said before, it doesn’t infringe upon anyone else’s rights. simple and plain.

    • Joseph Harlow

      Drugs are the past huh? How about Pfizer and the other Pharmaceutical companies that are making drugs to be handed out like candy from your Physicians and Psychiatrists? Is that the future? Liver failure,heart disease, constant diarrhea, possible strokes/heart attacks, kidney failures, and all the million other side affects that come with the “future” drugs? The Psychiatrist’s actually dont even know for a fact if a drug is going to make their patients worse or better before they take them, is that our future? And FYI, marijuana in the past wasn’t even looked at as a medicinal purpose. That is present. The future is actually still very unknown.

    • scott

      Janet, you’re right that things like speed and ecstasy don’t have medicinal value but not many people want them to be legal. it’s not fair to put marijuana in that category. Marijuana is far safer for you and much less addictive than many drugs that are legal (Oxy is an obvious example). I personally believe that if marijuana’s going to be illegal, then alcohol should be, too. And tobacco. They’re much worse for your body than marijuana is, and crazy high people don’t get anywhere near as violent as crazy drunk people.

      I don’t use pot, and if it’s made legal, I still won’t. But I completely support its legalization for various reasons involving taxation and criminal justice issues. Google Nicholas Kristof’s “End the War on Pot.” It’s a short column printed in the New York Times recently. It represents everything I (and many, many other people) feel about the drug’s illegality. That should explain to you how for some people it’s more than just wanting to be able to smoke weed.

    • r u christian

      jesus smoked weed so if u think jesus is gods son it doesnt seem like god cares

    • Melina

      To put an end to the Drug War that’s why!!!

    • nureden kelebu

      why legalize alcohol when it can do way more harm to you then weed!I agree on legalizing weed because people can have an oppurtunity to smoke weed and the crime rate will be low.

    • gary

      janet marajuana isnt a drug its a plant. and alcohole does the same thing that pot does to you. and if its not affecting you why would you care? why does anybody care? pot being legal is not going to change the way you live your life so stop trying to change the way other ppl wanna live. i dont like queer people but im not an advocate to stop queer marage cuz it doesnt affect me.

    • Mike

      yeah those damn AIDs victims taking their antibiotics and cancer patients and their chemotherapy drugs, people taking their asprins and painkillers…..they’re so weak. (sarcasim off)

    • jared

      how about you [be quiet] and let people do what they want… Jesus smoked weed…
      “Do what thou wilt be the law.” -A.Z.L

    • Crystal

      This is not just about people using drus Janet there are so many more uses for marijuana other than to get high do you realize how much paper,rope,and other products can be used from this plant.We can stop cutting down our forest and replace many products with the use of hemp.Try to think outside the box of people are just out to get high and realize that this plant can actually be used for good!

    • Paul Nelson

      What people do in the privacy of their own homes should be their business alone. It should be legalized, except maybe, for a ban on smoking in public places or something like that.

    • Camie Bearden

      I sooo agree with your statement. That is how I feel. Weakness. We all have issues that we deal with, but most of us deal with life without needing to escape it.

    • mariadowling

      If it were a drug, then why did your God put it on this earth in the exact form that we use it in. Drugs are man-made and chemically altered naturally grown things. Weed is just a plant, and then it’s dried. Much like tobacco…except weed can make a very depressed, anxious person calm and happy. :) what is wrong with it?

    • FraB

      why do we need to believe in god? Can’t people live their lives without religion? Are they truly that weak? religion is just a way for people to forget about their sorrows and feel good. However, these tests that we go through only make us stronger. God isn’t going to help anyone. We need to face reality and stop turning to drugs. Marijuana is the past, not the future!

    • laurece

      weak ? I would much reather turn to drugs then god , now god is for the truly weak .

  • mimi

    Reihan Salam was so defensive and annoying during the show. Thank you Zach for bringing the show back to life. Hate that the whole Mel Gibson thing wasn’t addressed though.

    • Jamie

      Agreed, that little guy looked like he was going to explode at one point. Way to keep it together when it counts, Middle Eastern Mr. Clean.

    • Heathbar

      I thought it was very interesting how HOSTILE and almost VIOLENT he was while insisting that the Tea Partiers aren’t hostile or violent.

  • Philly Ray

    So Janet…you have never had a drink? And your doctor has never prescribed you any drugs?

    • Janet

      Nope, I’ve never had a drink of alcohol. And again I’m talking about illegal drugs. Of course it’s fine to have medicine when you’re sick. I don’t think anyone would be against that.

      • Brian

        Coffee? Caffeine isn’t highly dangerous, but make no bones about it, it’s a drug and it’s chemically addictive.

      • Craig

        Why do you care if others smoke marijuana? If it’s legalized, and it’s regulated in the same way that alcohol and tobacco are regulated, why do you care? Clearly you’re still not going to be able to drive after/while smoking pot, and you’re not going to be able to smoke it in public places most likely (no more than you can smoke cigarettes right now). Seems like a case of someone wanting to impose their own morals on others.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        Government is missing a golden opportunity to make some money off taxing marijuana sales.

      • Emma

        “Of course it’s fine to have medicine when you’re sick.” You mean medicine defined by the government to be acceptable? Like the wellbutrin that sent my sister into a downward spiral that led to her suicide? Or the vicodin prescribed to my friend after a car accident that led to his treatment in a rehab center? Yea, those drugs are ok. Sure.
        Besides, many “drug” users are interested in the thrill of using something illegal. If you legalise it, it will no longer seem impressive and they’ll abandon it.

      • Janet

        @Emma I am so sorry to hear that. But those drugs were prescribed for a reason and I am sure not everyone who had them died or became an addict. Drugs should only be used when we need them, and “stress” is not a good enough reason. Again I am sorry to hear that.

      • Indy

        Janet! This is what we mean! Alcohol SHOULD be illegal where marijuana isn’t, if we’re going to follow the guidelines people keep setting for marijuana. Now, NEITHER should be illegal, but if we’re going to compare apples and oranges here, you’re an idiot if you can’t tell which is the more harmful, and addictive, drug.

      • chelsea

        Janet, the fact of the matter is that many people start taking legal, doctor-prescribed medications when they’re sick or in pain and end up becoming addicted to those medications and continue to take them illegally after they’re better. Many legal medications are far more addictive and harmful than marijuana is.
        It’s a great thought to want a drug-free world, but it’s a naive, nearly impossible goal.
        I don’t smoke marijuana. I have, and I just don’t like it. All it does is put me to sleep. But, I’m all for government regulation of the industry. And think of the economical boost it could give us!

      • Janet

        @Indy I think I see what everyone is saying, and I agree! Okay here goes my interpretation: alcohol is a horrible drug. It’s additive, causes so many problems in the world, and is not even good for you (those facts about 1 glass of red wine a day are totally exaggerated). However, the hypocritical government is fine because it earns them money. Then there’s marijuana, which isn’t addictive, and hardly causes any problems in society. But for some reason, the government makes it illegal…and we know it’s because they can’t make money from it. I do see what you’re saying and I agree, but alcohol is a hurdle that society will one day get past. A drug-free future is what I am after, and if legalizing marijuana will quicken this process, then actually, I’m all for it.

      • leigh

        “But for some reason, the government makes it illegal…and we know it’s because they can’t make money from it.”
        There are many reasons why it was made illegal and stayed illegal for this long. The competition with other industries (tobacco, alcohol, paper, logging, etc.) is one tiny bit of a larger picture which includes massive prejudice and racism as factors as well.

      • RO

        Janet, if you understood why cannibus was made illegal in the first place, you might not lump this plant together with other “drugs” that you deem unfit for human consumption. It was made illegal for politcal reasons only. That’s it and there were racist motives behind making it illegal by politicians. So for 6000 years it’s been okay to consume and because a “few” American Politicians in the 1930s said it was bad, we are where we are now. Simply ridiculous! Let me just say, that I’m a God-fearing Christ follower and when my wife was diagnosed with a pineal cyst in her midbrain that caused her to have doubled vision and “ice pick stabbing” headaches, she took all the medication her Neurologist gave her. He gave her numerous medications for migraines but none of them worked, in fact, the side-effects they caused made her feel worse! They didn’t work because she didn’t have a migraine. The doctors had no answers or medication to give her to make her life comfortable while dealing with this. Was my wife supposed to suffer for a year whle waiting to see if her pain and vision problems would go away before giving into brain surgery to remove it? Plus they weren’t 100% sure that this cyst was the cause of her problems. Was I supposed to let her suffer or am I supposed to do whatever it takes, as her husband, to see that she’s comforted? Well, I put my freedom on the line and I found some weed for her. Guess what? It worked! It made her comfortable to the point where she could somewhat relax and be pain-reduced. It allowed her to go through a whole year with this pain, not to mention that we could even share a few laughs together, because brain surgery really wasn’t an option we were crazy about. Unfortunately the pain & vision problems never cleared up and she had no choice but to opt for surgery but cannibus was a life saver. I truly am thankful for this plant and find it rather unfortunate that it’s been bunched together with such harsh drugs like herion, cocaine, extacy, etc. I remember being taught in school by the police that marijuana is bad and that’s been implanted in my brain since I was very young but now that I’m in my mid-30s, I know different. Before Eli Lily and Co were making “legal” drugs for everyone, plants and herbs were used as medicine. This is all about dollars for the government. They don’t know how to regulate it and sell it’s “legality” back to the public after all these years it’s stood up against it. This programming since early childhood by the government, is all for $$ profit and is a complete facade. God forbid Janet, you have any illness that doctors’ medicines won’t help. It’s very hard to stand by and watch someone you love suffer when they don’t have to. I’d happily sit in jail so long as my wife is able to have some comfort but I shouldn’t have to.

      • k

        janet – how old are you? you sound exactly like i did at 16 or 17. i don’t mean this as an insult. I used to make every single argument you’ve made on this page today. I think it’s fine that you don’t drink or use other “mind altering” drugs, but i really don’t think your opinion on the matter means much if you’ve never had so much as a sip of alcohol. it’s similar to virgins going around telling everyone how bad sex is. sure there are risks involved, but risk can be managed and everyone can have a good time.

      • x1134x

        What do you see as the difference between alcohol and marijuana? one was legal when you were born and one was illegal. That’s it. If you were born in the middle east, you’d think marijuana is fine to consume and you’d think of alcohol how you think of marijuana, because alcohol is prohibited there.

        Analyze each substance without prejudices induced upon you by others.

        Alcohol inebriates and can kill you if you overdose.
        Marijuana relaxes and you cannot POSSIBLY overdose.

        Society believes most adults can “relax responsibly” with alcohol. The same is true with cannabis. Most users can and do operate as fully functional members of society just like those who have an occasional or nightly drink.

  • Ian

    Janet – are you a mom?

    • Janet


  • The Jackal

    I don’t use drugs but I see no reason why marijuana should be illegal. I also think prostitution should be legalized and controlled. Why do I care if someone wants to pay for sex. We all pay one way or another.

    • Nicole

      Not to mention that the safety of professional sex workers would increase by a huge factor. Once again, purtitanical taboos get in the way of logic and reason.

      • The Jackal

        Exactly, get them off the streets and get it regulated.

    • Here

      Not the way I do it! Blamo!

    • hpanda

      A prostitute doesn’t cost as much as a girlfriend. True story.

  • John Berggren

    Between the Gibson thing and this appearance, it’s clear I need to pay more attention to Zach.

  • Sarah C

    Getting drunk is so much more worse than getting high, in my opinion.

    • Joe

      Agreed. In my experience, I’ve seen people get into fights, throw stuff off of balconies, and smash bottles onto the pavement while under the influence. Usually people that are smoking pot can’t seem to stop laughing. That’s only my experience but you tell me which sounds worse.

      • hpanda

        “I could throw this punch, or I could eat this Twinkie…..mmm Twinkie…”

  • Mike

    I don’t smoke it. Have before and used to love it, BUT it should never have been made illegal in the first place. Remember that once upon a time is was legal. Then we got scared of all the Mexicans and assumed they would bring crime along with the weed. As usual fear is the culprit.

  • janeisamoron

    janet is a troll or a complete idiot

    • The Jackal

      Why do you have to name call just because someone has a different opinion?

    • Janet

      I am definitely not a troll, and I am sorry that you think I am an idiot. Maybe I need to update my facts on drugs, but I still will be against the legalization of marijuana.

      • Nicole

        Janet, I am sorry some people are resigning to name calling, but when you say that you need to update your knowledge of the subject (yay!), and then say that no matter what you learn, you won’t change your mind, you’re indicating that your position is based in personal stubbornness and not fact. This is called willful ignorance. People don’t react too well to that kind of thinking when you’re trying to take away their rights based on your personal feelings. Just fyi.

      • Janet

        @Nicole thank you. Maybe I should state my opinion in a less emotive manner, as I’ve triggered some angry responses. I already accept that marijuana is practically harmless, but legalizing it will just encourage people to experiment with other drugs. Well, maybe that’s not true, but what I’m saying is that there are possible consequences which we can’t foretell. I say that I will always be against legalization because I don’t think drugs are the solution, and that there are much more positive solutions out there. But I definitely see what you are saying.

  • Tim

    If we legalize marijuana then how are black people going to make most of their money. Then we’ll be able to get anywhere and they’ll be out of a job.

    • Korey

      Point blank…you’re an a**hole

    • Korey

      That was directed at Tim’s statement. No one else’s.

  • Thom

    Janet, I know you’re against drugs but the fact of the matter is all your points are grounded in fears that the government ‘invented’. The fact of the matter is, people will have access to Marijuana whether it is legal or illegal. And then you have to ask the question – would you rather that money being given to the hands of criminals or would you like the money to be given to the government via taxes, thus destroying the business for illegal crime. Also, a teenager can access weed far easier if it’s illegal. For example, it’s easier for them to buy pot rather than alcohol, because there is no law in place that prohibits the sale to minors. Why can’t 21+ year olds enjoy Marijuana in the privacy of their own home? Times are changing, and we have gone past the image of the ‘stoner’ hippy who sits around and smokes pot all day. The majority of pot smokers now work hard, and why deny them Cannabis, which they use to relax? Of course, you don’t need drugs to feel good, but don’t look down on those who use them, because it’s their choice and they’re not hurting anyone.

    • Janet

      Of all the illegal drugs out there, I definitely agree that marijuana is practically harmless compared to the rest. But I just don’t understand why people need cannabis to relax. Why do they need drugs? Instead, spend time with your family, do something positive! I don’t judge pot smokers, but I really wish they wouldn’t because they are looking for an easy solution that really isn’t doing anyone any good. That’s just my opinion and I really respect you for answering in the manner that you did. Thank you, Thom. :)

      • Ben

        I’m as sober as the day is long, but I’d assume that even people who use pot every day or more often don’t NEED it to relax. But they enjoy it, just like people enjoy beer.

        It may not be my cup of tea, or yours, but I’d rather they have the right to do it and pay taxes when they purchase it. That revenue could go to pay for the “war” on hard drugs. Pick your battles Janet.

      • Matt Johnson

        I enjoy smoking pot and then volunteering in the community. I think your view that people smoke pot and then sit around doing nothing is misguided. I smoked pot the other day and then helped my grandma with all of her household chores. I refuse to touch alcohol. Pot just makes you happy and relaxed. Prohibition doesn’t work. It didnt work for alcohol, and it’s not working for any other drug. The prohibition of drugs is causing more harm than the drugs themselves ever could. We put people in prison for smoking a plant, and lock them up with murderers where they learn how to commit other crimes. Please explain to me how locking people up for using a drug that you yourself said is harmless is good for our society.

        And I agree with Thom (Hartmann?) that people are going to have access to it whether you make it legal or not. When I was in high school, it was easier to get pot than alcohol.

      • Rach

        Your point again and again is do something other than smoke weed to relax, do something positive. Just because someone smokes weed doesn’t mean they don’t have any other positive outlets in their life. I spend time with family, friends and my adopted pets. I read, write, cook and I am passionate about many causes (women’s rights, animal rights, legalization and taxation of a harmless substance…) all of which make me feel good. But at the end of the day when I’m done with work and school I prefer to come home to my private residence and smoke some weed to unwind and get ready for bed. Unfortunately, I don’t have health insurance so a prescription sleep aid (which you would be fine with)is not an option, personally I wouldn’t use it anyway because I feel much better with a NATURAL, unaltered substance in my body, than a manufactured chemical with a laundry list of side effects. But that’s just me, feel free to think whatever you want, it’s your right to do so, please just grant me mine.

      • Andy

        Janet, a lot of great arguments have been made here: 1) pot is way better for you than tons of legal drugs, 2) prohibition is way worse for society in that it creates a black market and crime, 3) there is NO changing the fact that people will do it anyway – the difference being overcrowded prisons. But there’s one point I’m not sure people have spent enough time on, and that’s the concept that your rights end where someone else’s begin – just as my rights end where yours begin. I can’t tell you to lock and unlock your door 5 times before you leave the house. I can’t tell you to wear a dot in the middle of your forehead. I can’t make you wear a burkha. So you can’t tell me what to do in the privacy of my own home so long as I’m not infringing on anyone else’s rights.

      • justthinking..

        Hello Ms. Janet, I do not smoke Marijuana but I believe others have the right to do so even though I do not partake in consuming it. I am not sure if you are aware of the atrocities against humanity the drug cartel commits in order to have the power they have and have their supplies (a lot of it being Marijuana) smuggled across the border. The Marijuana plant will always be in demand, and humanity has been consuming it for thousands of years, so why not make the suppliers of this plant legal, tax paying citizens instead of terribly violent drug cartel criminals that smuggle the stuff in in mass quantities? People of all ages suffer terribly because of the power the drug cartel in Mexico holds. Legalizing Marijuana would take a large amount of their power away from them. Reducing demand for what they offer is one of the best ways to dismantle their power. Just thought it might be something to consider.
        Side benefits of legalizing would be revenues from taxing it, real estate prices going up, and less money spent on putting people that smoke this plant in jail etc.
        Take care.

      • This Guy

        I completely agree with Janet!!!! I’m all for people who need pot for serious medical reasons, but why do people need it to relax and enjoy their lives? Thats just sad and pathetic

  • Thom

    And those who are calling Janet an idiot, stop it. You need to educate those, and then they can make their own decisions. If you just launder them, we will never gain the reputability to have Cannabis legal.

    • Kat

      Agreed. Personally, I have zero problems with medical marijuana use, but I do find that I have concerns about legalizing pot for everyone. I am, however, very open to rational debate and possibly changing my mind if I am directed to sufficient scientific research to support claims that smoking pot is less harmful and/or better for you than drinking alcohol (which I don’t like, taste-wise, but is actually recommended when you’re talking about a glass of red wine every day). Arguments like “they’d do it anyway” don’t work on me because I just think well, people are going to murder others anyway, should assault weapons and bazookas be legal? But you know which argument is least effective? “You’re a moron.” People who go that route have offered me no incentive to change my mind, and just give me the impression that I’m dealing with some immature frat boys whose opinions shouldn’t be trusted anyways because they’re juvenile frat kids. (No offense to non-immature fratfolk. I know there are lots of you.) So thanks for your reasonableness, Thom.

      • jmr

        The British medical journal The Lancet did a study that they published yesterday. They listed alcohol as the most harmful drug (to other people), ahead of speed, crack, heroin and cocaine. Those drugs listed are considered the most harmful to individuals who use them. I don’t think I can post the link, but I saw it on CNN . com. There have been plenty of studies that show the benefits of marijuana far outweigh the negatives. And, in my mind, the strongest argument has nothing to do with how medicinal it is. It’s about the money (your money, btw) that we spend on putting people in jail for possession. Please, arrest real criminals. I live in Baltimore–I’m much less concerned about the kid standing on the corner with dime bags than I am about the people who shot 3 police officers in one weekend.

      • Kat

        Thanks, jmr, for the heads-up. I’ll go check out the article in question and try to find access to The Lancet. It’s always best to get the info direct from the journal itself because science reporting can be really inaccurate. (I say this as a social science person who has read a lot of inaccurate media interpretations of journal articles from my’s hilarious/sad.) So hooray for actual discussion of research! Thanks again. As far as which criminals we focus our efforts on, I agree that it can make sense to focus primarily on the murderers and people like that. On the other hand, once you stop chasing down people who commit lesser crimes…that to me seems like it could be a very, very slippery slope. But then again, I am by nature a more anxious type of person, which is at least partially why I worry about legalizing pot, and which is possibly ironic since lighting up might chill me out a bit. ;)

      • S.


        just an FYI– a lot of the studies on health benefits of red wine have been disproved. it’s more of a correlative, not causative, relationship: people who drink one glass of red wine (as opposed to three bottles, or a six pack of beer) are more likely to be consuming that single glass with, say, grilled fish or vegetables, or they have money. affluent people and educated people tend to drink wine just out of convention and fashion, and they can afford better health care and healthier food. so it’s kind of like saying “people who own ferraris are healthier.” just so ya know!

        And again, as I told Janet, google Nicholas Kristof’s “End the War on Pot.” a very short article. I think it makes a great case for why the drug should be legalized.

  • cas

    The bottom line is- weed makes everything better- it makes food taste better, it makes nature and being outside better, it makes music sound better, and it even makes sex feel better. Just use your common sense and don’t drive around stoned. And if you do drive around, people tend to be more cautious stoned and drive slower and more alert- I do it all the time… janet- light a joint and go hiking- its f*cking amazing.

    • Janet

      Thank for the tip! Will do!

      • Marcus

        Got to agree with cas on that last statement. Go take a couple puffs off a joint so that you can begin formulating some ‘concrete’ opinions based on experience! At least your arguments won’t seem as misguided as they have so far and you will have a little more wisdom on the subject to bring to the table. Also, when you said “I don’t judge pot smokers, but I really wish they wouldn’t because they are looking for an easy solution that really isn’t doing anyone any good,” all I have to say is…????? Not all pot smokers are looking for an easy way out and that is a HUGE judgement! Let’s keep in mind that people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Ted Turner were all notorious for smoking hefty amounts of pot and I would not label any one of them as someone trying to find the easy way out!

      • Marcus

        Janet, I think you could appreciate the documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Check it out, see what you learn. I think you’ll be suprised by a few facts that you may not be aware of!

  • rip

    Legalize it!!!!!!!!! To many people have been criminalized for enjoying the most harmless drug in exsistence.

    • Chris

      I’m voting yes on 19 because marijuana is totally not going to harm California. It is going to help it. California is poor. Prisons are overcrowded with non-violent people because of this drug. California is wasting money for this drug when it can be making money with this drug. Can you say RETARDS.

  • Ab

    Please stop mentioning prescription drugs. They suck. Conversely, study after study after study has proven that marijuana is not only safe, but beneficial in many ways. I don’t smoke, but I don’t care if others do. I’ve never been hurt by a toker. In fact, I’ve never even heard of a toker getting hurt (other than sheer stupidity– like driving while texting– or the legal ramifications that hurt people worse than the drug). My best friend, a long time smoker, graduated at the top of his university. I remember the days before he smoked and he was wild and was all but failing in high school. He needed ridilin, but his parents were concerned about all of the side effects, including seizures and irregular blood glucose levels. He started self medicating at 16, and immediately we all saw changes in his behavior. Now he’s calm, focused, and happy. Why bother trying to convince people like Janet? They are so close-minded. We’ll just vote these hypocritical losers out of existence. They don’t even realize that this is ultimately a fight for the rights of the individual. Times are changing. Whether they like it or not, marijuana will BE a part of our society. Life is short, we should be able to do whatever we want with our bodies, whether that’s alcohol, marijuana, cheeseburgers, or caffeine, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Funny part is that MJ is the safest of the aforementioned.

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