Should 'fatties' get a room? No. But it is time for TV to move beyond fat jokes.

mike-and-molly-kissMarie Claire writer Maura Kelly has caused quite the stir on the Interwebs after comments regarding the “fatties” of CBS’ freshman sitcom Mike & Molly. In her post “Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room? (Even on TV?)“, Kelly pondered the question, do viewers feel uncomfortable watching overweight people making out on television? Kelly explained that seeing Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) get physical would likely lead her to become physically ill: “I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other…because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything.” She pointed out the health risks — and even offered her own nutrition and fitness tips! — in hopes that she may inspire some lifestyle changes at the click of a mouse. As you’d expect, the post didn’t sit right with a lot of people. Commenters came out in droves all over the Internet condemning Kelly, Sharon Osbourne compared her to a Nazi on her new daytime series The Talk, and Mike & Molly creator Mark Roberts called the post “hateful” in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “Almost everybody I know struggles with something — whether its their weight or alcohol or temper,” Roberts said. “To stand in judgment of somebody — especially when you’re breaking it down to just the esthetic. It just makes me sad.”

Kelly has amended her post with an apology, admitting to her own struggles with anorexia and obsession with being thin. But, of course, saying “I don’t hate fat people — I’m just afraid of being fat myself” isn’t much of an excuse. “The Internet isn’t written in pencil, it’s written in ink,” (thank you, Aaron Sorkin), and her initial all-too final assessment that obesity is something people are doing to themselves — unlike some models who are “simply naturally skinny” — was incredibly harsh.

But the biggest problem, I think, is with Mike & Molly itself. The show continually drives home the message that its lead characters are two overweight singletons who met at Overeaters Anonymous. From a TV viewer standpoint, the issue with Mike & Molly isn’t that its stars don’t look good while kissing on-screen (there’s been much worse), but its reliance on cheap fat jokes to sustain a laugh. Once upon a time, ABC had a big hit called Roseanne, about an overweight couple, and — shockingly enough — their extra poundage or diet attempts with garcinia cambogia was not part of the premise or a primary source of comic relief. And not for nothing, Melissa McCarthy wasn’t subjected to jokes about her size during her seven seasons as the beloved Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls. So how about it, Mike & Molly writers? Prove Kelly wrong by letting your lead characters become more well-rounded (for lack of a better term).

Are you with me, PopWatchers?

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  • JPX

    Substitute the word “anorexia” for obesity and I wonder if your argument would change. It boggles my mind that people don’t see that it’s the exact same thing. Obesity is unhealthy and should not be promoted, celebrated, or normalized. I don’t want to see obese people make out any more than I want to see anyone who is clearly unhealthy making out. It’s sad.

    • beth

      Many people struggle with their weight maybe you should see the BIG picture maybe the show isn’t saying that it’s OK to be overweight maybe they plan on having Mike and Molly lose weight as an example that it can be done. I am overweight and happily married for over 20 years should I not show affection to my husband??

      • Linney17

        They are not planning for them to lose weight to prove it can be done. That’s a ridiculous concept for a show that clearly relies on the characters being overweight to sustain itself. Emily makes a good request, though-laughing at a fat joke isn’t my kind of humor and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that. I’m thin and I don’t want to be the mean thin girl laughing at the fat people. I also wouldn’t want to laugh at anorexia jokes. It’s a just a strange subject to base a whole show on-from the promos to the actual content.

      • michael

        Linney…I disagree completely. It’s not a “strange subject” in any way. I think that the subject matter is handled poorly. Fat people have to deal with ridicule every day of their lives. Some fat people are comfortable with their size and make no apologies for their weight(nor should they have to do so). Mike and Molly have to either make the joke themselves(so as to beat the haters to the punch…to take the power back, so to speak) or are the butts of the jokes. A comedy about large individuals doesn’t need to be filled with jokes that are mostly at the expense of the them. That’s the problem I have with this show. I’d rather be laughing with them.

      • Typical Lost Apologist

        Please do not feed the Troll

      • Ken

        They SHOULD apologize when they take up half my seat on an airplane and don’t have to pay for two seats. They SHOULD apologize when they condemn people who ARE in shape (believe me I know plenty of obese people who scoff whenever I eat something with no fat).
        They shouldn’t be harshly mocked like the MC blog does, but to pretend that there is “nothing wrong” with being obese is idiotic.

    • hc

      There’s bringing awareness to an issue and there’s mocking fat people. Kelly’s comment about seeing them making out causing her physically illness suggests that making out or making out public is the sole right of people she finds physically tolerable. Suggesting that overweight people are part of a lower tier of humanity is offensive.

      • Mea

        If the two lead characters/actors don’t lose any weight during the show’s run then the entire production is a waste of time and money. Generally speaking people newly in a romantic relationship lose weight simply because of the euphoria generated by the emotions. If Mike & Molly stay the same, then why watch?

      • michael

        Mea…I fail to understand your post. Why would it be a waste of time? This isn’t The Biggest Loser: Sitcom edition. Just because two individuals go to an over-eaters group doesn’t mean they are going to lose weight. Do you think that all the people who attend AA meetings stop drinking?

      • su

        It’s not WHAT she said, it’s the WAY she said it: cruel, compassionless, disdainful, arrogant. She looked at the hateful way she expressed her thoughts and took glee in it. Yes, obesity is an (no pun intended) huge issue. And yes, she has every right to comment on what makes her sick to her stomach to look at. But how is it that an adult not know that taking such a mean-spirited tone will never persuade people to your point of view? Is it an adult who never out-grew out of her bullying high school mean girl mentality?

        I understand from another source that Maura Kelly is a recovering anorexic so it’s probably true that she thinks Paris Hilton is ungodly fat. So her view of the world is very narrow. But whatever her personal beliefs, there are WAYS to EFFECTIVELY reach people. Belittlement is not one of them. Cruel words is not one of them. In the end, this was a blogger who prior to this maybe had, at best, a dozen or so comments on a blog entry. I suspect this was ALL a way to bring attention to a failing blog. Oddly, she proclaims on her blog that she’s never been in love. I can see why, you must have compassion and empathy to love. By her words, she shows little of either. Her “apology” was clearly forced.

      • thin

        Yeah, I don’t think Mea has ever been in a real relationship.

      • LorLor

        I agree with you hc. My bigger issue is that this shows not only is she insensitive and offensive, but apparently Marie Claire does not employ editors that would have red flagged this before publication. Either they were seeking the publicity negative or not or they share her narrow viewpoint. I am not amused. It would have much more appreciated if it had an opposing view published to start an actual discussion.

    • Mary

      People with weight issues be it over eating, or anorexia have emotional problems that cause these issues. The author of this article herself had issues with anorexia, she should be ashamed of herself for writing this. All people with eating disorders should be treated with love and respect just like any other human being. And shame on you Marie Claire for publishing this article. As far as the show Mike and Molly, it is a very funny show & I love it. The author STILL has issues with eating disorder I guess if she can write this article without even having seen the show. Darling, get help.


        Your irght Mary, it is fun to laugh at FAT people. This is a high concept show, some people just don’t get it. Fat people are funny to watch do anything.

    • Grey

      I’m not offended by their weight, I’m offended by the bad acting on the show. The 2 lead characters are probably the best actors on the show, but I feel I’m watching a high school production with the labored line delivery, the actors’ sheepish looks around the set (really noticable in the main character’s cop partner), and generally remedial writing.
      With that said, I do think there’s potential in the show, but I agree with a lot of others who have posted that the main focus of the show needs to get away from their weight (are all overweight people identified by their weight?).

      • teekay

        Exactly! The show isn’t funny – that is why I’m not watching. If anything, I stuck with it as long as I did because I like Melissa and Billy. I have no problem seeing the romance between their characters. Crappy writing, well that is something else…

      • charmuse

        We started counting fast jokes in tghe show this week, and ended on 17 or something … it’s passive agressive apologist humor.


        You don’t have to count very high, only to one. The whole joke is they are FAT, and that is just darn funny.

      • jennifer

        i agree. it’s not the weight that bothers me bc i’m a bbw. it’s the acting. that’s why i’m not watching.

    • Anita

      I agree with the comment about there being far too many “fat jokes” in Mike & Molly. They make fun of their weight way too much and to me that’s simply sad. I also don’t like their unintended (I’m sure) message that obese people can only attract another obese person, that simply isn’t true.

      Ok, the show is trying to show these people in a realistic light I believe by having them members of an over eaters support group, I can see that being real…these people have weight issues, they know it…they ARE trying to do something about it. That’s realistic for many overweight people struggling with this issue. HOWEVER, large people do also attract thinner people to them as well, they don’t just attract people their size. So far, the show hasn’t shown this to be true…no thin man has hit on Molly, no attractive thin woman (like Molly’s sister & mom) have hit on Mike.

      I hate that in this day and age people still judge someone by their outward appearance rather than what they are on the inside. Thin people still constantly judge large people as over-eaters, lazy, slovenly…when I know many who do live healthy lifestyles, who don’t stuff their faces, who exercise…yet they still have a problem losing the weight.

      The author of that blog deserves the backlash she’s receiving.

      • Thank you!

        This is something I think is great to point out: fat people are not limited to other fat people, despite what the world seems to think. My husband is a gorgeous, tall, perfectly healthy slender man. I’m short and clinically obese (though, for the record, I’ve recently discovered that there are certain foods which are perfectly healthy for other people but which I cannot eat, and after eliminating them, I’ve lost 30 pounds – just trying to beat the judgment). We’re not limited to finding love with other fat people. There are great skinny folks who know how to appreciate a person of any size…but you never see this. It’s like how TV/movies usually have black people dating black people and white people with white people. Diversity and realism is still not being accurately portrayed in the media, and it’s just weird. I do have to say that I appreciate Sara Rue’s appearance on TBBT as Leonard’s girlfriend for a few episodes, because it was before she lost all that weight and she was a beautiful, slightly plus-sized woman with a skinny man and her size was never, ever addressed (though her cleavage was happily displayed). I loved seeing that…but it’s rare.

      • michael

        You have to be careful there. Judgment and attraction are two different things. One isn’t necessarily judging a large person if he/she isn’t attracted to him/her. For now, they’ve put together two people in two very similar circumstances. There’s no saying that Molly, on a break from Mike, won’t date a skinny man, especially since it would be very interesting for the writers to explore the dynamics between a skinny man and someone who has some hangups about her size which are exacerbated by her twit of a mother and sister.

      • ol

        Um, you’re kidding right? There are many examples on TV of skinny people being with overweight people on TV (King of Queens, Gilmore Girls (with the same actress as Mike and Molly), even Modern Family). Other than Roseanne and now Mike and Molly, I can’t think of an “overweight” couple that was featured prominently on TV off the top of my head.

      • jmo

        ol, you know that the skinny people with overweight people are overwhelmingly the “Simpson” or “Honeymooners” type: Stupid overweight guy with a skinny wife that puts up with his s&*t. There should be more diversity.

      • thin

        So what? The point was that there have been lots of weight-mismatched couples on TV. Whether or not you think the shows (or couples) are any good is beside the point.

    • Denise

      Right on, JPX ….no fatties, no skinnies, no cancer patients, amputees, parylized wheelchair-boundies, blindies, deafies, Downs-ies, AIDS-ies, etc.
      Just perfect specimens like yourself.
      What a jerk.

      • beth

        Thank You do you realize that JPX didn’t complain about the sister on Mike and Molly being a junkie but is concerned about Mike and Molly and being obese.

      • Dave

        On another article, JPX also came out with his fat-hatred ranting. I tried reasoning with him and just got tired of beating my head against the wall. He identified himself as a health-care professional. I pity any overweight patients who depend on his care! I was mildly interested in this show until I heard about all the fat jokes; now I don’t care. And to head off the haters, NO, I’m not fat! I simply believe that being fat does not make you less a person than any other attribute, and I think it’s ridiculous that fat discrimination is still so socially acceptable.

      • jules

        well said, Denise.

      • JPX

        You missed my point entirely. I think that presenting obesity as something that is “normal” is just as bad as presenting anorexia as normal. A few facts from Men’s Health, “Productivity lost to overweight and obesity in the United States works out to $144 billion a year, according to a recent estimate by the Lewin Group, a health-care consulting firm.”

        “The extra cost of medical care for obesity in the United States was $147 billion in 2008, Dr. Dietz estimates. That’s 10 percent of the nation’s total health-care bill, due mainly to the chronic disorders linked with obesity, including diabetes, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, depression, and certain cancers (among them larger and more aggressive prostate tumors, according to a new study). Taxpayers pick up half that cost through Medicare and Medicaid programs. And since private insurers pass the other half on in the form of higher premiums, we end up paying the whole bill for obesity: an annual fat tax of $483 on every man, woman, and child in the nation.”

        So I’m sorry if I can’t get behind this show and laugh at people who represent a major health risk.

      • healthyhappy

        When did JPX use the word “fatties”? People need to stop and think for a second because clearly they are using their own defensiveness to lash out. I wasn’t remotely offended by JPX but agreed. Putting any unhealthy behavior on display, one that is known to cause a multitude of health problems and lead to an early death, is totally unacceptable. If the show was about two anorexics, two drug addicts, two people who ran around having unsafe sex with random partners, it would be irresponsible.

    • fiveagainstone

      Let me guess: JPX is a former fattie who can’t stand being reminded of his past. JPX, just eat you cheeseburger. Embrace your fattie self. FATTIES UNITE!!!

      • ger

        Like they do if they sit next to each other on a plane

      • Helooo?

        HappyHealthy used the words “Totally unexceptable” & “Irresponsable” about shows that would portray any behaviors that were unhealthy. Hellooo, do you even watch TV? Let’s see.. Two and a half men (random sex, binge drinking), Desperate Housewives (sex,drug problems, crime) Big Love & Sister Wives (bigamy), Cougar Town(they identify themselfs as alcoholics, random sex). So really people, we watch this stuff because we all can idendify with something! I didn’t even get into the “reality” shows because everybody knows that in California, we ALL live just like the Kardashian’s! Bottom line-Play nice with others, we all learned that in kindergarden.

    • SXiPPY

      Where’s Joy Behar when you need her to commentate?

    • besimon

      JPX – you’re sad. I don’t care what two people who are in love look like – 2 men, 2 women, 2 fatties, 2 skinnies, 2 people of different color. And if they want to smooch – fine by me.

      • Helooo?

        Good job BeSimon! You get to lead the line to recess today! :)

    • Jan

      Teh majority of celebrities are underweight. That’s not normal, and it’s not healthy.

    • JohnDoe

      Nice…look at all the fat, lazy slugs coming into this thread to defend themselves. I love the fact that so many Americans love to take themselves seriously as Christians, yet have absolutely no problem at all with gluttony. Typical. Fat people can be disgusting. What a shock. As George Carlin used to say, most of them are nothing more than huge piles of redundant protoplasm, shoveling their mouths with hot dogs, corn dogs, triple bacon cheeseburgers, deep-fried buttered Twinkies dipped in chocolate and cheese whiz.

      There’s no such thing as not losing weight no matter “how hard you try”. Try getting off the couch, going to gym, and sweat your a** off for 3-4 hours everyday, while watching what you eat, and trust me, you’ll lose some weight. If you’re serious about it, that is. Call me an a** is you want, but I’m just pointing out facts to people who think overly obese people can not be touched with criticism.

      • Helooo?

        Ok, you’re an ass!

      • Doremifah Solatido

        Yep, you are definitely an a$$.

      • ddm

        I know too many “skinny” people that are more lazy than I. Also eat more than I. Try working a horse farm shovlin crap 10+ hrs a day and still weighing 200+.To add I have to make myself eat because I dont get hungry.A$$. Your face must be the meaning of the word A&&

      • jb

        You’ve obviously never walked in an overweight person’s shoes. If you had you wouldn’t be so ignorant. You’re just a dumbass that has no clue. I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years and there are SEVERAL factors that make a person overweight. It’s not just being “lazy.” I know more lazy skinny people than anything. Genetics and metabolism also play a MAJOR role. Go do some research you moron.

      • justwow

        What do you do for a living that you can spend 3-4 hours a day at the gym? Are you a Kardashian? Those are the only people I know of with nothing else to do but look at themselves in the mirror all day.

    • erin

      Practially everytime you watch a romantic scene on tv or in a movie you are watching an anorexic person make out. It obs doesn’t bother you that much.

    • jb

      Wow. People are so shallow these days. So the show is all about “making out” huh? How about the fact that they found true love? Who cares if they are overweight? I love the show and the crazy characters on it. Only SHALLOW people are concerned with stuff like that. If you don’t want to see them make out then turn the channel.

  • Diane

    As a person who has struggled with my weight my whole life I find Kelly’s comments incredibly offensive. At the same time I absolutely can’t watch Mike and Molly because I want them to be more than fat people finding love–and the producers haven’t found that line yet.

  • jmo

    Who doesn’t struggle with their weight. The majority of the population is carrying an extra 10 lbs or more. Exton makes some valid points, the clearest regarding Mike and Molly’s writing. I’m a big fan of Melissa McCarthy since Gilmore Girls and each episode that I watch (and barely get through) has been a disapointment because of how their weight is treated and how the people in their lives treat them. Kelly’s comments were cruel but when a show handles a subject as weight as poorly as Mike and Molly, it takes the focus off character development. All that remains are forced, contrived plots and stereotypes that are worst than Outsourced.

    • jmo

      PS- The movie Outsourced is very good and I still hope that the series will start using more material from the film.

      • jen

        I didn’t realize there was an Outsourced movie, just added it to my Netflix instant queue. Thanks, jmo!

      • jmo

        From one jen to another, no problem! It’s a great fish-out-of-water tale. Initially Todd and the other characters feel like 2D stereotypes but as the film progresses and they learn more about each other’s culture, it’s a warm and endearing tale that’s universal. Enjoy!!

  • caryn

    Kelly points out that “fat people” are doing it to themselves. Isn’t anorexia “doing it to yourself”? Sorta the pot calling the kettle black on the health issue.
    I’ve never been overweight but have no problem with the couple on Mike and Molly based on their size. I do have a problem with Mike being a jerk and Molly being too good for him!

    • whatevs

      Both people are doing it themselves, but there’s also a mental aspect in anorexia.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        You don’t think there’s a mental aspect to most people who are obese?

      • Anita

        Ummm…there’s also a mental aspect to those who are obese and over-eat, or those who are obese and cannot lose weight no matter how they try.

        Over-eaters & anorexics both have similar mental issues of control and self image…they really aren’t different, just at opposing ends of the spectrum size-wise. One self-medicates by depriving themselves of food so they can feel “good enough”, the other self-medicates with food because they don’t feel “good enough”. There are other issues that worm their way in for each, but saying only anorexia has “mental issues” shows how little you know about those who are obese due to over eating.

      • Alaine

        To whatevs:
        Your statement shows such blinding stupidity, I can’t even respond. WOW! Try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before you make comments like that! Good Grief!!!

      • Bret

        What’s so blindingly stupid about whatevs’s post? I don’t see how even the most PC person can be that offended by it. Generally speaking, he’s right, after all. The vast, VAST majority of obese people are that way because they consume more calories than they expend. Not every person can be thin, but just about everyone can be fit. Genetics plays a role, but for most people genetics can be overcome. If I choose to eat donuts for breakfast and not exercise, I’m doing something to my body. Anorexia is a disease, but if you’re depriving your body of food, you’re doing something to yourself.

      • @Bret

        You obviously have never had a serious weight problem. It’s ABSOLUTELY a mental issue. If it was as easy as “exercise more and don’t eat doughnuts for breakfast,” we would have a country full of fit people. Anita was spot-on in her “self-medicating” comment.

      • Joe

        @ Alaine
        You said you can’t even respond, but you did. Liar. Also, if fat people would walk a mile in my shoes, they’d be skinnier! (Laugh Track)
        Bad jokes aside, when the material is no more deep than ‘a show where we get cheap laughs at fat people’s expense,’ it’s completely expected that someone’s going to blog about the fact that they are repulsed. It’s mean, but the quality of the show calls for it.

      • Bret

        As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a serious weight problem, but that’s beside the point. I understand that there is a mental aspect to obesity, a cycle of depression and self-loathing. Anorexic people literally see themselves differently than they actually are. There is a distinction between the mental aspects of each.

        Regardless, whatevs post wasn’t that bad. If you’re offended by it, then you’re one of those people who look to be offended. You should check out what Nate’s been saying on here.

      • EW Reader

        @whatevs – I suppose you truly do not understand eating disorders. Whether it is the compulisve consuming (binge eating which may or may not be followed by purging) or compuslive withholding of food, the issues are the same. The difference is the outward result. I suppose you are also not aware that at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, which is a meeting that uses a 12-step approach to treat addiction, you will find all sizes of people, not just obese ones. Anorexics, bulumics, and compulsive overeaters are all there. There is a “mental” aspect to all of it and it’s usually pretty similar for a lot of people, it’s just different in the way that it is manifested. Some people restrict food because it makes them feel like they have control and some consume because it gives them a sense of control. If you’ve ever suffered from an eating disorder, you would know that it’s really not about weight…that’s just the only part the outside world can see.

      • mary

        So chronic undereating due to extreme emotional issues is a disease whereas chronic overeating due to emotional issues is not?

        Not hardly…

      • Liz

        @Bret People can have body dysmorphic disorder at any size. Fat, average, or extremely thin.

        I feel like size debate is always people taking their own experiences with weight and thinking that’s how it works with everyone. Also, I wish that society would realize that sizeism is discrimination fueled by hate that should not be acceptable and often times it can incorporate sexism. Most shows depict obese men with skinny women. The negativity and judgment can often times fall predominantly on overweight women.

    • yaya

      It is NOT the same thing. I am SICK of people jumping on the bandwagon to support fat people when they want to, but then shun them other times. Anorexic is a DISEASE of body dimorphism, and obesity is 99% of the time from eating too much! People want to always blame something else-thyroid, meds, etc. They never want to accept the fact that its themselves to blame! The American way!~ Its gross, its EXTREEEEMELY UNHEALTHY TO SHOW, regardless if 1 in 3 people are that way. (That just means that 1-3 people are going to die sooner, cause insurance to skyrocket, and all the rest of lovely things that happen to fat people). I speak from experience I WAS FAT, didnt blame anything but myself, worked my butt off (literally and fig) and am fine now. But enjoy being “fat and healthy” while you are young enough because your body will not handle it for long.

      • Jay

        It’s extremely unhealthy to show? WTF??? So you think people are going to turn on a TV show that has obese people and suddenly say to themselves “OMG I want to be fat just like them! I’m going to go overeat now!”

        Anyone who thinks this show promotes obesity is an idiot.

      • @Yaya

        What about smoking? What about unsafe sex? What about driving like a maniac? All that s*it is unhealthy. But there’s plenty of that in movies, t.v, etc. Do you whine about that, too?
        You claim you “were” fat. Well, dear, if that’s the case, then you should know how hard it is to lose. So shame on you for being so self-righteous. Overweight people do exist (GASP), and the entertainment industry needs to stop pretending that they don’t.
        By the way, I am underweight, and I think Maura Kelly is a stupid bitch.

      • TEC4

        I have been overweight for a very long time. Over the last year, I’ve started to work out daily and modify my eating. I’m losing, but I have a lot to lose and it’s going to take time. You can’t tell anything about my eating and working out situation by looking at me — and even though I’m working hard to improve myself, you’d pass the same judgements about me as someone my side who never put one foot in the gym and really did eat ‘donuts for breakfast’.

        How about seeing me as a person, rather than as just a “fat person”.

      • to all of you who posted under me

        Grow up! Waaa waaaa!~ Ooooh judge me as a person, blah blah blah. AGAIN no one is judging anyone, and no one is saying that seeing fat people will make someone want to be fat. Seriously?? This is the best you got? Are you retarded? Its unhealthy just like other things. Grow up, stop eating like a pig and take ownership!

  • Cat

    I find the show really sweet. I loved Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls and love her in this new show Mike and Molly. Yeah, they can do away with throwing around so many fat jokes but seeing that ‘Mike’ and ‘Molly’ are comfortable being who they are and are finding love is really a cute story. So Maura Kelly writes distasteful things due to her own securities. Isn’t that what Mark Roberts is driving home? Deal with your own securities and be happy with who you are. There are more positive ways to view life and what live gives you, why not enjoy it? Smile people! :) Hopefully the writers can bring more storyline for ‘Mike and Molly’. I like where it’s going so far.

    • Tina

      I agree, I really like Mike and Molly. Loved the episode wears she’s intoxicated on codine. I laughed so hard. To me the show doesn’t always focus on their weight, but it is the underlying story, because that’s apart of who they are. I think a lot of people can relate to their struggle not only with weight but insecurity, dating after a certain age and being willing to put yourself out there. I like the show!

  • dreamcatcher

    Hey fat people, get a workout regiment. Seriously. I don’t care to see a bunch of fat people making out or talking about their fat problems. I remember this same thing when ‘Roseanne’ was on the tele. How would you feel if there was a comedy show about junkies making out?

    What is ironic about the show is that the characters don’t want to be fat. They met at an over-eater’s anonymous therapy session. So it would seem that even the shows writers and creators are ashamed of over-obesity. Btw: when most of america is “obese”, now there’s “obesity” and “over-obesity” AKA “problem-obesity; this show deals with people with problem obesity. I seem to recall another show with a similar theme….. Oh yeah ‘BIGGEST LOSER’.

    So that’s it…
    Fat people stuffing their face and making out = BAD
    Fat people working out / trying to change their lives for the better = GOOD


    • beth

      It’s a shame how narrow minded you are. I am overweight but it is because I have a chronic, potentially deadly disease (not caused by weight) it was the disease that made me gain the weight being bedridden, should I be ridiculed? Should I not be allowed to go out in public and eat or kiss my husband. In many cases of obesity people have health issues which has caused the weight gain. Maybe the show will take a happy turn maybe Mike and Molly will join a health club eat right and lose weight together. Give it and over weight people a chance we’re not so bad.

      • Dreamcatchersucks

        Go to hell.dreamcatcher!!!

      • dreamcatcher

        Thanks for the insight… of course you shouldn’t be forbid from living life like anyone else, nor should you be ridiculed. What disease do you suffer from. I am actually quite open minded… I may be a jerk but I am a logical and caring jerk.

        To be perfectly honest, my wife is overweight because of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Her weight problem was getting very bad until her mother and I got her to change her diet and start working out. Because of this, she now has her thyroid levels under control and will likely live much longer. Also, I enjoy helping her clothes shop. She knows I’ll tell her the truth if something makes her look fat/unflattering, why it does so, and what I recommend as an alternative.

        So, while I love my wife despite her weight issues and I don’t by any means despise fat people, I still don’t want to see them making out on television or feeding their food addiction. It just doesn’t peak my interest.

        Maybe if one of the characters had a thyroid problem I wouldn’t be so offended.


    • rachel

      i don’t care to see @$$holes on the internet so i guess we’re both **it out of luck. as i told marie claire and maura kelly- you can kiss my fat @$$

      • dreamcatcher

        With such a dirty mouth and a poor attitude like that, I doubt you’ve ever had a loving kiss on that “fat @$$”.

        I see that my crime here is thinking for myself and having an opinion that differs from the current PC. Whereas apparently yours is being fat, rude, and easily offended. I suppose we’ll never know which is better.

      • hm

        since most of america is fat now, and the writer of the marie clare article is an anorexic,(who imagines fat where there isn’t any) the whole thing is moot, stupid, or both.

    • Anita

      “Hey fat people, get a workout regiment. Seriously.”…do you live in your own little world? I know many obese people who have regular workout regimens (and really work out)…and still cannot lose weight, and it’s not because they are shoveling food in their mouths…because they don’t.

      “How would you feel if there was a comedy show about junkies making out?” Not the same thing and you know it.

      “What is ironic about the show is that the characters don’t want to be fat. They met at an over-eater’s anonymous therapy session. So it would seem that even the shows writers and creators are ashamed of over-obesity.” Exactly…which is why people are saying “enough with the fat jokes already”.

      What a judgmental jerk you are.

      • dreamcatcher

        No, Anita not in my own world, but certainly frustrated with the overly sensitized world that we do live in. You know, the one where it is taboo to talk about how we lie to cover up the fact that we are all bigots in some way or another. I just don’t lie or hide behind PC hype. If I don’t like something I speak up.

        Being fat sucks, but I shouldn’t be obligated to coddle anyone for being in that situation; one which 88% of the time is either their own fault or the fault of their parents (so studies have shown).

        I’m not perfect and pious. I like to drink me some booze, not everyday nor a lot mind you, but some occasionally. I can party but I’m not an alcoholic. My dad is a major alcoholic. Two of my brothers are alcoholics. My father-in-law, many people I work with, lots of my friends. I should be an alcoholic. However, I have made better life choices.

        Obesity is the same way. It’s hard not to be fat if all your family and friends are fat and you got the “fat gene” in your family. But I can find a myriad of examples showing that it’s easily achievable to break the mold. Tell that to your overweight friends. I think most of them already know they are fat because of their own decisions anyway.

      • Alaine

        Hey Dreamcatcher:
        How do you feel about ugly people? Should we lock them away? One man’s ugly is another man’s beautiful. Who made you the Judge and Jury of who should kiss or eat on TV? What flaws do you have that we can all make fun of?

      • Lu

        Have you ever been to a buffet restaurant- I havn’t been since my last visit. We were sitting next to a table of eight family members who were all extremely obese- the youngest daughter being the largest. Before anyone suggests there could be a common genetic link at work here, we saw them consume more food in that one sitting than I consume in a week, including 3 plates each of dessert. And I’m someone who works at watching my weight (always trying to lose the same 10 pds it seems :) So many just eat because they enjoy food, to hell with the consequences, and the sad thing is that they are just perpatrating these habits to the next generation- case in point: the even bigger daughter. I’m sorry, I find it sad and unfortunate as the majority of these obese people are doing it to themselves willingly, or that is just how they were brought up.

      • Bret

        “Have you ever been to a buffet restaurant-I haven’t been since my last visit.” That sounds like a Yogi Berra joke.

        I agree with your post, by the way. For 90% of obese people, the problem comes down to simple math. Eat less, work out more. Pretending otherwise just perpetuates the problem.

      • JPX

        “I know many obese people who have regular workout regimens (and really work out)…and still cannot lose weight, and it’s not because they are shoveling food in their mouths…because they don’t.” Really? I love it when people try to rationalize their obesity and suggest that despite working out and eating healthy that they can’t lose weight. Obesity comes from consuming too many calories and not exercising, it’s just that simple. I find it difficult to imagine that after millions of years of evolution that some people just become naturally obese. I’m not buying it for a second.

      • Sabrina

        @Dreamcatcher. I actually totally agree with you about the double standard. BUT – while I agree that overweight and obese people should work to lose weight, for their own health and to live longer, more fulfilling lives (The Biggest Loser promotes this perfectly) – you have to understand how daunting it is. It’s impossible to lose weight unless you start to love yourself and believe that you deserve it. And it’s very, very hard to love yourself when the world is telling you you’re worthless because you’re fat. So yes, we should be working harder to beat this epidemic of obesity and general unhealthiness, but try to have a little understand about the difficultly of the process. Being rude or belittling to overweight people is only going to make it harder for them to lose weight. Hell, I’m trying to lose about 40 pounds and let me tell you, it is a STRUGGLE. I can’t even imagine the hopelessness that people must feel when they have 100/150/200+ plus pounds to lose. It’s not as easy as you think it is, especially when there’s a huge mental battle to deal with. So…just try to be a little more sensitive.

      • healthyhappy

        @Anita, “I know many obese people who have regular workout regimens (and really work out)…and still cannot lose weight,” – Come one. Listen to yourself. It’s total denial. It’s not logical, it goes against science and physics. I 100% believe that losing weight is incredibly hard and people who succeed are pretty awesome! But no one who is in denial like that will ever lose weight.

    • besimon

      Then, Anita, turn the channel. I can just imagine how you must torture your children, if they have a little baby fat. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    • Typical Lost Apologist

      Hi Troll(dreamcatcher), question for you: Who is forcing you to watch this show?

      Also, since you don’t like fat people kissing each other, then how did you get around kissing your wife, since you claim she was once fat?

      Also, did you vomit in your own mouth when you kissed her? Because you also claim you were fat once.

      • Matchez

        Yeah, because he has a differing opinion than you he must be a troll…
        I think your name should be Typical Obesity Apologist. Blame, blame, blame, blame, blame…

    • jp

      Dreamcatcher= BAD.

    • Lorrie

      Yep, I need to loose weight, yep, I take responsibility. Yep, I’m losing weight BUT, as to your comment about the exercise program. When I walk my 2 miles, I have to listen to your snide comments and insults. When I go to the gym, again, I have to listen to your snide comments and insults. I find it hard enough to make myself go out because (surprise!!!) I KNOW I’M FAT!!! I really don’t need people to tell me. I try to eat healthy, and ‘friends’ try to sabotage my efforts – but I made it just for you; one bite won’t hurt, etc. THEN you are upset/mad because I refuse. I am, of course, using “you” as a general term.

  • Lelu

    JPX – you are right that obesity is not healthy, but “Mike and Molly,” which is just not all that funny, no matter what it’s about, is not saying “Be fat.” In fact, so many of the jokes are about how fat the leads are supposed to be. On all the shows with the dangerously thin girls, none of the jokes are about that because that is suppposed to be normal.
    And it isn’t.
    Kelly’s story was not about “Obesity is unhealthy and I am seriously concerned about people who struggle with it.” It was about “Overweight people are gross and I don’t want to be reminded they exist.” And she got called on it. Her apology is lame. So is “Mike and Molly.” But that’s because the show, like Kelly, is too concerned about the weight of its stars.

    • Diane


    • Jannie

      Well said!!

  • Sandy Evans

    My very first thoughts were of Dan and Roseanne. It isn’t as if they are the first overweight couple to grace our screens. And plenty of over weight actors have been in sitcoms. Gimmie a break featured two and it worked, though they were not a couple.

    I agree that part of the issue lies in the show itself spending so much time and effort focusing on the weight. However, this is the very first season and they are laying the ground work for us. I don’t know if the focus will be so heavily there in later seasons. Even if they choose to do so, the show works. It is funny, the couple adorable.
    Honestly the moment we start saying that anyone that isn’t perfect doesn’t belong on tv is the day you find mine sitting on the front lawn waiting for the trash truck. I would have expected someone who struggles with an eating disorder to have more sympathy for someone on the opposite end of one. I know plenty in her situation who view it that way. It’s a shame she hasn’t learned tolerence or empathy yet.

    • Anita

      Overweight people have been in shows for a very long time. Look at “The Honeymooners”. That’s even the case of a thin/attractive woman being with a fat/obnoxious jerk of a husband…but they didn’t dwell on his weight now did they?

      • J.Norman

        The hell they didn’t. They refered to it all the time.

  • kim in kentucky

    And, Molly isn’t really THAT far – as opposed to Mike — would like to see a show where a gal like Molly is with a “regular” size guy (as opposed to the shows with the overweight/short/bald/etc guy with the good lookig wife

    • Lucy

      That was my first thought too: there have been a number of successful sitcoms in the past few years that have featured an overweight male lead and a slender, size-0 female lead, and no one seemed to have a problem with it. Was Maura Kelly also revolted seeing Leah Remini and Kevin James together on King of Queens? Overweight men have been getting action on sitcoms for years. Why does it all of a sudden become a big deal when the female lead is also overweight?

  • sbwm

    If they met at OA, then there is a partial focus on weight already within the context of the show – thus criticism seems fair. If the show can move beyond fat jokes that would be good, otherwise I don’t want to watch.

  • beth

    I am appalled at how narrow minded people are. I have struggled with my weight for 20 years and have tried evrything except surgery. I have health issues that doesn’t allow me to excercise does that mean I don’t have a right to be happy. As for the comments about how we shouldn’t be allow obese people on Tv and portraying it as normal 1) what is not normal is all the size 00 actress’ and models and 2) Mike and Molly show’s two people finding love and maybe 5 years down the road the show will still be on and they will both have lost weight which I feel can be a great example to everyone.

    • nate

      Your health issue that does not allow you to excercise would be your fat. Maybe you should try surgery if it has gotten that bad. Otherwise get off the computer, stop watching other fat people on T.V., quit crying, and do something about it. I, along with most normal people, would rather see anorexic models then 2 fatties makin out. And to answer your question about happiness, if you let it go that far to where you cant even excercise without having a heart attack, then no, you shouldnt be very happy with yourself.

      • beth

        You my friend are an idiot!With Cancer surgery is not an option and I am overweight from being bedridden. Do you think I am happy with being dealt that card? I have every right to be happy in life ver weight or not. As for being on the computer it keeps me up to date on the outside world. Very sad God forbid something like this strickens your family maybe you would understand and have soem compassion.

      • Jackie

        Jeez, insensitive much? Some people have legitimate health problems that prevent them from doing certain kinds of exercise that have nothing to do with their weight. I have asthma and can’t run – you going to call me lazy for walking instead? I have a family member with diabetic neuropathy and can’t be on her feet for very long. Diabetics in general have to be very careful with their feet, and while some cases of diabetes are linked to being overweight, not all of them are. Genetics plays a big part. You going to get down on them too for not getting exercise when they’re physically not capable due to reasons beyond their control?

      • Jackie

        @beth – my “insensitive” comment was aimed at nate (we must have been typing at the same time). I sincerely wish you all the best.

      • nate

        Physical capability to excercise is a whole different story, if you have some type of disease or disorder that prevents you from excercising then no its not your fault, im talking about the people who can do something about their weight but dont. Yes it has hit my family, my brother has asthma and is obese, but asthma didnt cause his fat, stuffing his face did. And my grandmother has diabetes, caused by being fat. As far as compassion and insensitivity, i dont think you deserve it if you are just gonna cry and complain about your weight when you have the physical capabilities of changing your lifestyle.

      • Laurie

        Nothing normal about you, Nate…you are a bully.

      • Alaine

        Just F*** off Nate!

      • Kat

        Holy crap, Nate, did you not read Beth’s second post? You flat-out told her her own health business and got it offensively wrong…and you didn’t even apologize for it. Dude…I’m sure they’re lovely people, but I think your parents failed you.

  • nate

    If you saw a fat couple making out in public, what would you say? Or are they just passing food from mouth to mouth? I too think its extremly disgusting. This is basically promoting obesity and is still a major problem for the U.S. Sex is not the only excercise they should be getting and probably not even pleasurable for fatties. Take it off T.V. because as you seen above even the fat people cant watch it. So if your gonna put fat people stuffing their face and makin out in a bowling alley, at least show them excercising too.

    • natesucks

      nate you suck!

    • Jessica

      This is for Nate and others who are showin disgust in overweight people. I think that you may not understand the fact that some people are just genetically overweight or have a medical condition that causes them to either gain weight or not be able to lose it. 4 years ago i was a size 3, 115 lb girl who alot of people described as being a little too thin. I loved being that size. Then came my first pregnancy which caused me to gain weight unbelievably in my last 3-4 months of the pregnancy because i was on total bedrest. After the birth of my daughter I worked hard to lose the weight, but because of a medical condition i wasnt able to do much. Then came pregnancy #2 just 9 months later. To my surprise i gained even more in my 2nd pregnancy than my first also from being on complete bedrest. I gained so much weight during these two pregnancies, not from overeating but from not being able to move or get out of the bed at all, that after my son was born i was a whopping 100lbs overweight, at least. I have dieted and exercised as much as my time allows having a 3 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old and have only managed to lose around 60lbs, which is alot, although i still have another 40lbs or so to go to be at a normal weight. I have found it easy to make fat jokes about myself as it lets me have a sense of humor about something i have no control over at this time. I dont condone making fat jokes about other people, but i believe if you are confident enough to make a joke about yourself, whether it be a fat joke, blonde joke or redneck joke then what is the big deal with it. I believe all of the “normal size” people need to learn tolerance for overweight people and not judge them for you have no idea why they are the way they are. I am also glad to see an overweight couple again on TV because believe it or not people who are overweight can be just as happy as people who are “normal size”.

      • Kat

        Congratulations re: your children! I’m so glad you’ve been able to lose a lot of the weight. I know myself how hard it is and how painfully sloooowly success happens. (I’m losing weight, but still too big, and I know people are still judging me on my current size without realizing that I *am* taking care of myself and losing weight. It sucks.)

    • Anita

      “If you saw a fat couple making out in public, what would you say?” I wouldn’t say a damned thing Nate.

    • beth

      Nate actually bowling is a form of excercise and being overweight you can’t just jump into weight training or running 5 miles on a treadmill. It’s funny how no one has mentioned the sister on the show and how being a JUNKIE is going to kill her WHY is it because she’s beautiful in your eyes. I love Molly she has such a kind heart. Her sister in the show is more likely to die before her her from a disease, overdose or being shot. You need a reality check.

    • Diane

      You’re a complete loser Nate.

    • Dave

      nate, you are a moron from hell! Your attitude toward other people is more disgusting than any physical attribute could possibly be. You’re just an @$$hole who hides behind the anonimity of the internet to spew hate, a coward of the lowest order.

    • Bret

      I guess I’m the only person who finds Nate hilariously blunt.

      His bluntness aside, his views on weight-loss are statistically more accurate than those who pretend valid medical problems, which do exist, are the major cause.

      • healthyhappy

        Nate is obviously being mean and cruel just to get attention, but let’s be honest here people. How come it’s so horrible for him to be a nasty person but it’s fine for all (presumably) fat people on here bashing Maura, calling her names, picking on her looks? Two wrongs don’t make a right, and it seems like there is a huge double standard here that fat bashing is wrong but it’s fine if the fat want to do the bashing. That is not ok. There should be no bashing.

  • Mark Vechiola

    I am 135lbs 43 year old man that is in great shape. I am stunned that people even give a —- about this. The people in this day and age that actually are offended by “FAT PEOPLE”, GAYS, OTHER RACES, SKINNY PEOPLE, SMALL PEOPLE, should look in the mirror because I would guess that their life is no bed of roses. The people and press in the united states have lost focus on what this country is about. We bully because we want to deflect the truth that we have become lazy, spoiled, judgemental, and violent. I truly beleive that our country’s personal ethic and business ethic has gone to —-. Instead of bitchin about FAT PEOPLE worry about yourself and your family. If we all just went back to TRUTH, ETHIC, AND HARD WORKING AMERICANS we wouldn’t be so judgemental on FAT, SKINNY, UGLY, BEAUTIFUL because we would all be focused on what we should be doing….WORKING and TURNING this ECONOMY around. As far as the woman who wrote the blog about the show Mike and Molly…..GET A LIFE!!!!!! Oh man, our country is going to the crapper and its because of mindless americans like this ladie.

    • Dave

      Well spoken, Mark! Thank you for some rare wisdom here in comment-land.

    • Doug

      Funny, I think America is going to pot because so much of our money is going to health insurance for these obese people who refuse to stop shovelling food in their mouths.

  • JenR

    I like Mike and Molly but don’t love it. I knew there would be fat jokes and was prepared for that, but, the last episode was really raunchy. Molly’s mother and sister said things that wouldn’t have made the air a few years ago. I can’t watch it with my daughter in the room.

  • Cheri

    Kelly’s comments are ridiculous and incredibly offensive. Like the show’s creator said, “Almost everybody I know struggles with something — whether its their weight or alcohol or temper.” There are junkies and alcoholics all over tv, so why should overweight people be singled out? Just because you have an unhealthy lifestyle in some respects doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have a normal life in others….including making out and “getting a room”. If you don’t want to see it, turn off the tv, don’t go online and tell 73% of the US population that they don’t have the right to have a normal lifestyle just because they might fail at healthy eating and exercise habits.

    • nate

      Before i go, i would just like to say you rarely ever see a junkie or alcoholic on T.V. Unless its on talk shows or rehab, if you take offensive to these comments then maybe your brain is trying to tell you to get off the couch and to the gym, it doesnt take 5 years to loose 100 pounds, with proper excercise and diet it should take no more than a year to become healthy again, overweight people arent being singled out its just the topic of this conversation. Obesity is not and should never be considered normal. If they are gonna make a show paticularly for fatties the it should be some type of weight rehab.

      • Fridge

        I’m assuming that you’ve never struggled with your weight. People who are “normal” size look at someone who’s overweight and think, “get a salad and start exercising”, it’s not really that easy. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life–I’ve tried every diet you can think of and have lost and regained the same 50 pounds. It’s not about getting up and exercising, it’s about the mentality you have. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I feel like I can really turn my life around. Do you know how hard it can be for someone who is out of shape and overweight to go to a gym? There’s people like you out there that will snicker or make comments. Maybe if people were more understanding or compassionate about what someone who is overweight was going through, the people that were overweight would feel like they could actually change their lives.

      • nate

        no ive never struggled with my weight because i see fat people and im like “damn i dont wanna be like them”. And if stating the facts is offensive and being considered a bully than let it be so, its really not that hard for fat people to go to the gym, unless you are so fat that you cant make it to your car. but if i seen an obese person hitting the gym then i would compliment them, at least they are trying.

      • Cheri
      • aj

        As evidenced by nate, the original article, and the show itself, weight is one of the last bastions where it is publicly acceptable to openly discriminate. And by the way, there are alcoholics and junkies on tv – for example mad men, cheers, the wire just to name a few

      • Anita

        “I would just like to say you rarely ever see a junkie or alcoholic on T.V. Unless its on talk shows or rehab”…really? what shows are you watching?? I’ve certainly seen them in movies quite a bit (made for tv movies too). “Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to get off the couch and to the gym, it doesnt take 5 years to loose 100 pounds, with proper exercise and diet it should take no more than a year to become healthy again”….ah words coming from someone who obviously has never had to deal with losing 100 lbs, or a slow metabolism, or thyroid issues, allergies to foods you don’t know you have (a friend of mine recently found this out and no Dr. ever picked up on it)…weight gain due to medications, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, pituitary gland issues….I could go on and on Nate. There are MANY reasons that aren’t so uncommon as to why people do honestly have a tough time with this. Not to mention the mere fact that many people aren’t informed about how unhealthy all of the chemicals and preservatives are that are now put in pre-manufactured foods. You are one of the masses though that thinks they can just look at an obese person and assume they don’t eat right or exercise. Go educate yourself and while you are at it…work on having a heart as well.

      • beth

        Rules of engagement did a scene of two characters smoking pot.
        Two and a half men- charlie drinking all the time where he and his brother drank so much they ended up in a threesome.
        Big Bang theory- they ate hash brownies
        Gary unmarried-his dad was into drugs as well
        Yes I went on the computer and googled this info
        You need a taste of reality and the reality is in the world we live in there are people too skinny, people too overweight, druggies, drunks, abusers etc. and that is what is being portrayed on TV real life issues.

      • megan

        nate- I wouldn’t wish a thyroid disorder on anyone, but I wish one on you. I was once a thin pretty girl. Then my weight started inching up, just a tiny bit, so I exercised more. It didn’t help. So I ate less. It didn’t help. Eventually after gaining about 20 lbs, I went to a doctor, and they figured out I had a fairly severe hypothyroidism. Problem solved, right? Nope. The medication takes awhile to start working, and takes a long time to find the correct dosage, and in that time I gained even more weight, and also became quite depressed. Now, a few years later, I’ve finally started to lose it again, but I can only lose it when I restrict my diet to 900 carb free calories per day, and even then it takes a month to get off 5 lbs. So, your theory is just plain wrong for some of us. It seems like lately, our society has been moving towards an unspoken caste system of thin people on top and fat people at the bottom. But here’s the thing- I’m overweight. But I’m also an adrenaline junkie, an artist, a world traveler, an animal lover, smart, funny, well read, and compassionate. So why is it that many thin people only see the overweight thing (not all mind you- I still get hit on regularly when I go out)? Get off your high horse- because you don’t always have control, and it can happen to you too. And I sort of hope it does.

      • Bret

        Your response to Nate is true, but lets be honest. Those problems you listed apply to a tiny percentage of obese people. Slow metabolism can be overcome by working out and eating right, so that’s just an excuse. I was in NYC a few months ago and amazed at how fit the average person is, probably because they walk a lot. I’m from Oklahoma, and the average person is fat, and it isn’t due to a thyroid problem or Cushings. My wife’s friend had Cushings and gained a lot of weight, so I know that’s real, but few people can claim that as the source of their obesity. Too many people eat garbage and are too lazy to workout, and it’s okay to call them on it, just like it’s okay now to give smokers a hard time. Obesity is a real problem in this country, even for those of us who take care of ourselves, because of the costs of it are shared by everybody. Being PC about it and acting like obesity is a disease or a valid lifestyle choice doesn’t help.

      • Kat

        Bret: the point is that you cannot judge an overweight or obese person beause you honestly have no idea what’s causing the problem. Sure, probably most overweight people simply eat too much and don’t exercise. But many of us have underlying medical issues that caused or contributed to weight gain, and there’s just no way to tell when you look at someone. So when you’re complaining about having to be PC about fatness…please remember that it’s actually reasonable to be PC so that you don’t unfairly discriminate against someone with real medical issues. Nate made that mistake above with Beth. And speaking of Nate, I find it hilarious that apparently it should take no more than a year for anyone to lose 100 pounds. Some people can probably do that. Personally, it took me a year just to lose 30 pounds, and I exercise very frequently and eat a super-healthy diet. Losing it slowly is generally recommended. I didn’t severely restrict calories because that would have made me more likely to give up on the lifestyle changes I was trying to make. I am happy with my progress. Half a pound a week isn’t that bad. Two pounds a week would be great, but for me personally, would decrease the odds of success in the end. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss because we all have our different needs to address, be it hormones, thyroid, emotional overeating, access to good exercise facilities, stress and time, etc.

      • sylver

        I would like to point out that just because the show doesn’t say that they are an alcoholic doesn’t mean they aren’t portraying a negative relationship with alcohol. For example Penny on The Big Bang Theory always turns to alcohol as a coping mechanism and she and Leonard even got drunk in the hope it would make sex better.

        There are plenty of shows that mine the comedy of drunkenness or have their characters use alcohol as a way to bring the truth out or to cope with disappointment. In the real world if people behaved that way as often as they do in the sitcoms they would have a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol and may even need rehab.

      • Bret

        I’m not talking about judging an overweight person. As a matter of taste, I do find it gross, and I can’t imagine how some people I see can live that way, but I don’t care if a person if fat. That’s their concern. I don’t think everyone needs to look like a model. I’m just talking about basic fitness. I disagree with the sentiment that obesity somehow isn’t anybody’s fault, that it’s a disease somone could be inflicted with. Sure, that is the case for a small percentage of obese people. I think most people, even Nate, understand that. The point I’m making isn’t that it’s okay to judge an obese person, but it is okay to judge obesity. It is not okay to be PC when it interferes with the truth, and talking about an epidemic of laziness and gluttony as if it were a primarily medical problem is not truthful.

      • healthyhappy

        Telling Bret that ” you cannot judge an overweight or obese person beause you honestly have no idea what’s causing the problem” again is not logical. Ask a doctor or other medical professional what percentage of obese people are that way because of a medical condition that is out of their control. The studies I have read put it at 1-3%. The other 97% of fat people are fat because they choose to eat poorly and they choose to be sedentary. The reason that fat people get called out is because it is really one of the only unhealthy lifestyle choices that is totally visible to the outside world. You are what you eat. And everyone can tell if you are eating donuts for breakfast. I really think that is why people get so defensive. Because they cannot hide the results of their poor lifestyle choices. Since they can’t hide it they try to justify it and they try to convince others that if they call them out they are mean, bullies, cruel.

      • Mallory

        There are all kind of junkies on Breaking Bad, and I don’t see anyone complaining about that. Though they are skinny, so I guess it’s ok.

      • sylver

        I would also like to point out that people eat badly all over TV but it seems like its only disgusting or wrong or should be changed if the person doing it is overweight. Where is the outrage for all the skinny characters supposedly gorging themselves on pizza and hamburgers and donuts all day? Unhealthy is unhealthy right? This isn’t just about people feeling uncomfortable about looks is it?

        In case you need it I am holding up a ‘sarcasm’ sign right now.

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