Lea Michele in 'Dorothy of Oz': New footage. Are you excited?

A single thought ran through my head as I looked at new footage of Lea Michele in a recording session for Dorothy of Oz: This is the side of her I prefer. (Although, what we saw last week was technically the front, not a “side.”)

Following last week’s GQ controversy, I had wanted to believe that she was better than that. Then this footage arrived in my inbox to prove me right.

There are two main reasons I have been excited about the Glee star’s role in the upcoming animated feature since it was announced. First, I was ridiculously excited about the music. (It’s worth noting that I’ve never met another person with more music from animated movies on their iPod.) Judging by the video below, I won’t be disappointed. Second, this is exactly the kind of role I envisioned for the young actress. It’s a natural fit that harnesses her energy and enthusiasm. “[Dorothy] does definitely have that elegance and softness that Judy Garland brought to the role, but I feel I’m showing a little bit more of her youthful side,” Michele says in the video below.

GQ missteps aside, it all comes down to talent, and I hope to see more of hers in projects like this.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you excited about the movie? Do you, like me, prefer the fun, animated Lea Michele more than the provocateur? And what do you think of the Dorothy music so far? (Seriously, the score on the official site nearly made me teary.)

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  • Jennifer

    I am so excited for this. And Lea is still learning. Everyone is allowed to make a mis-step or two before I really think something is wrong.

    • Scytherius

      Wasn’t a misstep.

      • Kim

        what ever it was it doesn’t warrent Sanda being rude and judgemental.

      • tarc

        I agree completely. There was no mistep, only the rantings of the deluded and the hypocritical. And I’m sure when she hits 60, she’ll look back happily on those pics and recall fondly how gorgeous her thighs were.

  • K

    So you want to pigeonhole a talented actress in only roles you approve of? This role looks good for her, but lets hope she tries new and different roles as her career grows in the future.

  • racefan111

    I agree. There are enough skanks in Hollywood. The Glee cast should stick to their cute/talented image.

    • Scytherius

      Wasn’t skanky.

      • Miss Talk

        Lol are you on mission or something?

        I agree with you though. GQ is for grown a%% bachelors and Glee storylines are just too clever for kids anyway.
        If this show turns in some Disney HSM-esque show, count me out.

      • Lily

        Yes it was

      • tarc

        Actually, it was like Glee – modern, satirical, and just a little surreal. I mean, it was obviously a satire on the whole Baby, Hit Me One More Time oovre of imagery. I though the grils looked great, and the images were bitingly funny.

      • Lisa Simpson

        It was, and it was meant to be. It was an attempt at a hipper and edgier image.

  • Buddy

    They need to make the Spring Awakening movie while she is still young enough to star. Cast Lea, Jonathan, John, and Laruen and just promote the heck out of it during Glee. It could seriously be a hit and Lea could become the first musical movie star of her generation. Then on to Wicked!

    • me

      here here!

    • Dave

      If there is a god out there, then this will happen. Lea Michel is amazingly talented she needs to start branching out. But also stay on Glee…

    • Julie

      And me to the chorus of fans hoping they’ll use Lea, Jonathan, John, and Lauren (Original Broadway Company) in the movie version of Spring Awakening. *fingers crossed*

      • Barb

        need to hurry up with that too.

    • SC

      She’s already too old to star in it (she was when she was starring in it). The leads are all early teens. That’s not a problem on stage, but it makes it pretty much impossible to film.

  • Jackson

    I don’t think she should be pigeonholed, as someone said above. She has the rare ability of being able to pull off adorable, geeky, and sexy. Here, she’s adorable. In the Marie Claire photo shoot, she was sexy in a really effortless way (without Terry Richardson behind the camera, thank g-d).

    No doubt, she’s one of the most talented young actresses working today and I hope to see more and more of her.

  • Judy

    She says Dorothy weirdly.

    • J

      She grew up in NJ, they say everything weird there.

      • GLLEK

        north jersey. and im pretty sure she is the only one who says it like that.

    • wtfnyc

      Agreed. They really need to get that out of her speech — Dorothy was from Kansas, not Paramus.

      • No big deal

        I doubt Dorothy says her own name to often so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • that guy

    Lord forbid a woman show some sexuality. Taylor Lautner shirtless? “WHoo-HOOO!” you’d probably scream. Lea should be a good little girl, keep her dress down to her ankles and cross her legs and say no to boys as I’m sure you do. She’s an adult and I say more power to her to do whatever she wants.

    • Another Guy

      The GQ spread took a talented and beautiful young woman and reduced her to a sex object. Lea looked fantastic, but she did so at the cost of her personal dignity.

      • Scytherius

        Oh for GOD’ss sake. And what does “sex object” mean exactly? If she sings, is that not reducing her to no more than a CD? If she acts, is that not reducing her to more than a DVD?

        Get a clue. It’s OK to be sexy and to look it. It is a GOOD thing, not bad.

        Sex object would be using someone as an object of rape or sexual violence. I think you need to stop regurgitating catch phrases.

      • Please

        She lost no dignity, except to those who are to judgemental and closed minded. Not my favorite pictures but nothing 80% of other actor haven;’t done already too. Get over yourself.

      • Momo

        Scytherius and Please, let me simplify it for you: if she uses her considerable skills to make a CD, that does not “reduce her to no more than a CD,” whatever that means. It’s an expression of her artistic talent. However, if she decides to instead become mere jerk-off material, you can see how that’s not exactly a great career move. It’s actually really pathetic.
        And speaking of “getting a clue,” being a sex object does not imply rape or sexual violence. It means that a person has little to no value apart from their ability to have sex.

      • get over it.

        Momo not need to be condescending they can have different opinions then yours.
        I wouldn’t doubt men already jerk off to Lea in her animal sweaters and knee highs. I personally think the photographer said let be over the top and she felt comfortable in doing it. Not wrong and really no reason for people to be hostile toward her for doing it either. I say more power to her that she is comfortable enough in her own skin. And open enough about her sexuality to let it show. Who says just cause she did a few picture she feels she has no value without sex. Way to make assumption about someone you know nothing about, But what is wrong with showing you are a sexual being?

    • ashley

      well said! If it was a male star showing skin, even if he is a teenager (lautner) no one would care. Lea’s 24, she can do what she wants.

    • tarc

      Exactly. Exactly like Patricia Heaton was on The View pooh-poohing the pictoral, all the while her *barely* legal-yet-playing-a-child TV son is virtuall naked in every single scene on her show. What hypocrisy!

  • Alan

    Why can’t Hollywood make original movies?

    • Joan

      It is an origanl movie it isn’t a remake.

  • Jamie

    Geez Sandra – judgemental much? So what would have happened had she not accepted this role and this email didn’t end up in your inbox? Would Lea somehow be less talented or not up to your standards? Give me a break. The GQ photos are just that – PHOTOS. She was playing a role and nothing else. Just like Diana said – I am sure if given the choice Lea may have selected different clothes to wear but even if she didn’t – so what? Are you aware that she was topless in Spring Awakening and that her character died while having an abortion? Aren’t you going to judge her for that too?

    • Fdash

      Haha what? Like poor little Lea has no choices in life? What is she, an indentured servant? Get a clue.

    • Exactly

      If you make bad decisions, you get judged. Duh.

      • Pete

        But to what extent, really don’t you think people have been to harsh. It isn’t the worse thing in the world. This thing has been so over blown like she is the first person ot ever pose in a racy way. She is getting way too much heat for this and it is unfair even if some deem it a mistake. The crime is not fitting the punishment.

  • S

    Wow, was that article horribly condescending.

  • Scytherius

    “I had wanted to believe that she was better than that.”

    I am SICK SICK SICK to death of the self-important morality policy. She’s a pretty girl. She posed in sexy clothes and in a sexy manner. Contrary to ignorant puritanism there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. In fact, it is quite healthy. It’s ok to be sexy. It’s ok to look sexy. it’s ok to like looking at people that are sexy. Sex is ok. God I’m sick of the likes of this columnist.

    What is unhealthy is ignorant knee-jerk reaction to anything but a burqua.

    I am done with this columnist. I don’t care if she prints the winning lotto numbers. Don’t you people hire writers that are, I dunno, NOT ignorant?

    • HG

      Agreed! Hey I love our country but we are wayyy too uptight when it comes to things like this.

    • tarc

      Precisely. It’s as stupid at the PTC complaining about something that is the result of their complete and toal inability to properly parent (or understand what parenting is).

    • Sue


      Stop slut shaming!

    • one question

      aren’t columnists supposed to voice their opinions? you don’t have to agree with them, because it’s just an opinion. if you have a problem with it, why are you wasting your time commenting on it? just wondering.

      • Jim

        It just wasn’t necessary in this context. She could have easily wrote an article about the movie but she decided to be rude.

    • Cat

      I agree. The self righteousness in this article is nauseating.

  • Looked good

    Wow people can be so judgemental. I hope to never be so judgemental and I hope people don’t judge me so harshly either. She was in her underwear she didn’t kill anyone she didn’t even hurt anyone. People will not have to go see a therapist because Lea saw lea’s underwear. get over it folks and no need to bring it up every time you mention her again.

  • Julie

    I agree with others who have rightfully characterized this article as judgmental and condescending. I guess you (the writer) have never made a misstep. I know I have. I assume all those who judge these young women (Lea and Dianna) so harshly have lived perfect lives. I know I have not. But I’m adult enough and smart enough to know that one moment in time doesn’t define your whole life. The photoshoot, while not my taste AT ALL, is a moment in time. It doesn’t alter the fact that Lea is incredibly talented — one of the most talented young women working in Hollywood today — nor that she will go on to do many other things. I look forward to this movie — I’ll actually go see it, and buy the soundtrack just for Lea — and seeing what she does in the future.

  • B

    It’s just a photoshoot, not a porn film. Can we move on. As far as this movie, I am really looking forward to it. It will be nice to hear Lea singing some original music.

  • Jeff

    As Dianna said “It does not represent who I am”, same goes with Lea. They were told to go over the top and directed as actors, they did their job. If she did that on the stage no one would bat an eye.
    I guess entertainment journalist don’t need to be impartial or nice.

    • tarc

      Or intelligent, or qualified, or in possesion of a sense of humor…

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