Did Zach Galifianakis kill Mel Gibson's cameo in 'Hangover 2'?

Galifianakis-gibson-hangoverImage Credit: Paul Froggatt/PR Photos; Pixplanete/PR PhotosHe may usually sit Between Two Ferns, but Hangover star Zach Galifianakis is suddenly finding himself squatting in the middle of controversy. Some are wondering if the actor’s recently voiced dissatisfaction with Hangover 2‘s production led to Mel Gibson’s cameo being cut from the film. In a Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast (scroll to 34:00 of Part 1) that was released on Oct. 15, Galifianakis lamented that, as an actor, “you don’t have a lot of control … I’m in a deep protest right now with a movie I’m working on, up in arms about something. But … I’m not making any leeway.” Combine that with Hangover director Todd Phillips’ announcement yesterday that Gibson would not cameo in the sequel since the idea “did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew,” and perhaps Galifianakis has more juice than he thought. The comic’s manager had no comment on the matter, nor did Phillips, nor Warner Bros., which is producing the film.

If Galifianakis is in the middle of this controversy, are you glad to see that someone had the backbone to voice an objection? How much would you now pay to see Gibson visit Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” set?

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  • Devin Faraci

    But it’s ok to have a convicted rapist in Hangover 1!

    • Bobby F


      • T

        Mike Tyson,…stupid!!

      • Miss Talk

        IMO, the most disturbing part is Mel Gibson willing to do a cameo…I mean, he IS Mel Gibson, FGS!
        How desperate could he be to “beg for a cameo” in a successful but (let’s say it) B-list sequel? He’s clearly looking for a way to redeem his reputation, and that’s really sad, considering he’s (or was?) Hollywood Royalty.
        I’m glad they cut him out. I loved the 1st Hangover and I don’t want my three besties and the toodaloo guy to be bugged by the Oksanagate.

      • DJ Rogue

        Actually, Ian, there is a difference between a cameo in a film with “A-listers” (at the time, anyways) and, what Miss Talk described as, a “B-List sequel” – which is what this flick is. Hell, the original played like a bad TV movie of the week (well, when they used to have “Movies Of the Week” on TV).

      • D’s Advocate

        The money the original made, and the money they will no doubt spend on the new film, makes Hangover 2 a lot bigger than a “B-List sequel”. There’s gonna be a lot of money riding on this…which is an additional reason to shelve the Mel cameo, by the way.

        In addition to “Father’s Day”, Gibson did a cameo in “Casper” (1995) and “Fairy Tale: A True Story” (1997).

      • D’s Advocate

        Oh, and 2004’s “Paparazzi”, too.

      • John

        Mel Gibson also made a cameo in 1995’s “Casper”.

      • ILoveSpam

        It’s hilarious how successful’s comment says “most of them like my money more than like me” and then asks you to visit a “seek wealthy” page. I guess the target audience of this spambot are retarded girls… which actually might fit with the beautiful but dumb cliché

        Also: Mel Gibson rules. Fu”$ everyone else (yes, including me)

    • Cris

      I’m certainly not saying it’s right, but Tyson is far removed from those days and he’s essentially a parody of himself anyway at this point. The Gibson thing is still brewing. I can understand why actors would want to distance themselves from a guy like that.

      • Phil

        We don’t know if the cast or crew actually liked having Tyson in the movie. But they certainly didn’t have the “power” to do anything about it then like they do now though.

      • Lauren

        I totally agree! Tyson has paid his dues and has acknowledged his problems. While Mel Gibson obviously hasn’t.

      • brettghampton

        What “dues” did Tyson pay? Did he give Hollyfield back that part of his ear?

      • wooster182

        I thought the same thing. ZG would have way more power/say than he did 2 years ago.

    • fan

      good point. tyson

      • Mel Gibson


    • Jason

      Proof that serving your debt to society means nothing. He received an appropriate punishment for the crime, and it is not up to the OP to decide it wasn’t enough. Tyson was hilarious in part 1, and Gibson should be in part 2- he’d be funny in it.

      • Skip182

        You’ve got that completely wrong. Mike Tyson paid his debt to society, which is why he was allowed in the movie. Mel Gibson has not paid any debt, thus he’s not allowed.

      • johhn

        Mel Gibson did spend some jail time. So what the hell are you talking about that he has not paid his debts?

      • @johnn

        He has not paid any dues for the his recent comments. He has not apologized or shown any remorse. Add that to the previous jew comment and it’s not hard to imagine why people are still mad at him. He appears to be a bigot and he has not done anything to prove that he is not, or that he has changed.

    • Derek Myles

      Gibson is full of things that are not good. I applaud anyone who stands up against such a person as Gibson who is full of negativity.

      • Larz Blackman

        You over-simplify the world, and you probably kick people when they’re down.

      • Snack Leopard

        Mel Gibson is full of Hitlers? Or cigarettes? Or transfats? Or grizzly bears? Or CancerAIDS?

      • RichardLuzT

        Get your info straight. The man’s as nice as your regular goody-two-shoes.
        Just a burst out here and there like most humans.

    • Vickie

      You’ve got a point.

    • M. Tyson

      Don’t make me bite you!

    • daisyj

      My thought exactly. I mean, Gibson is obviously not the world’s greatest guy, but a man who viciously raped a woman, was convicted of the crime and never expressed an iota of regret is okay, but a guy who leave offensive telephone messages is not? Hollywood is one seriously screwed-up place.

      • arugula

        That is simply untrue. Not only has Mike Tyson served his time and done long term therapy, he has publicly taken responsibility several times that I know of. Gibson has repeated his behavior so many times the cops eyeballs roll back into his skull when they see him coming. He was raised in a very severe form of xianity by a very rigid, very racist, very jew-baiting father who he loves and honors tremendously.
        Being a great artist is never a guarantee of good character or human decency. I have to say I think Tyson is the better man if you insist on comparing.

      • Bebe

        Nice way to kick someone when he’s down, Zach. Classy! And it’s especially nice that Bradley got his A-Team sex buddy Liam Neeson to “fill in” for Mel. Glad to see the casting couch is alive and well in Tinseltown. And Mike Tyson has NEVER apologized for raping that woman. Never.

      • Hey Now!!!!!

        To Arugula: Tyson has never taken responsibilty for what he was convicted of. In fact, in a documentary that came out last year Mike even called the lady he was convicted of raping a “Bitc$”. So much for being remorseful.

      • Smork

        “Hollywood is one seriously screwed-up place.”
        Hah! People say that, but the truth is tons of families are that “messed up” The only difference is in Hollywood it’s more public

      • johhn

        I’d hate to see your family, Smork.

    • jacqueline

      Thank you !
      And I am sure if Roman Polanski or Woody Allen wanted to cast this Zach in one of their movies he would jump at the chance. What a hypocrite…..

      • truthforjoo

        So true.

      • Ian


      • Timmy

        Exactly. I hate hypothetical hypocrites. I bet Jacqueline is against government handouts and when they show up with a giant check she’ll say, “Take back that giant wad of cash I’m no hypocrite.”

      • janice

        damn straight Jacqueline. That’s what I’m talking about with hollywood hypocrisy. I think it comes down to politics and what side you’re on in many cases. It’s about who is cool to like at the moment in hollywood. Gibson was recording having a private conversation with his golddigging ex-girlfriend saying offensive things while he was on a drunken bender. A lot of people didn’t like him anyway because of his religion, Passion of the Christ, or him not being left-wing. But they were sooo into having Roman Polanski’s back and signing his petition. And they were so about protesting Elia Kazan getting the Academy award. It seems Hollywood decides when to get self-righteous and when it’s cool to support someone who is considered “in”

      • Anne

        I’m SO glad someone else is outraged about Hollywood’s continued support of Allen and Polanski. Both these men should be in jail; they are sexual predators of children, yet actors clamor to be in their movies, despite the fact they make no money at the box office. I’m not endorsing Mel, but why is he being treated so much worse?

      • KFed

        Um, nobody here is a hypocrite. You completely invented a scenario and then charged someone with being a hypocrite for imaginary-land going along with something you made up. That’s appalling and baseless and a very dangerous, ignorant way of thinking.

      • Douglas

        And you know this how?

        Good for Zack having that slimeball Gibson blocked.

        As for why he didn’t object to Mike Tyson, Zack was unknown then, and wouldn’t have had the clout.

    • Karate Pants

      I had no idea that Mike Tyson was going to be in the movie – and I wish they hadn’t included him. They could have found ANYONE else to take that role.
      This is different because they made a point of announcing Mel Gibson being part of the film as a means to promote it and get press.

      • Ian

        Then you must not have seen anything about the movie ahead of time, as Tyson was in the trailer, the tv spots, and even the clip that made the talk show rounds. He was a huge part of the pre-release and post-release marketing of the movie. People saw him knock Zach out 100 times before the movie was even released.

      • trailblazer503

        How could they find someone else to play mike tysons part. what another mike tyson? how can you replace his role if he is playing himself? Sounds dumb if you ask me

    • H


    • Pennie


    • AFV

      The comparison is not fair. Mel Gibson is only facing the shame he created and we all know he deserves. Mike Tyson did time for what we were told, by one person who had no corroborating witnesses. By a person who went willingly to his bedroom. Mike Tyson had no prior history of rape and has had none since. I suggest Mike is innocent. Mel is guilty.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Nice job rape apologist.

      • johhn

        Well after seeing the comments on here, its interesting to know that rape is socially acceptable now. Tyson only served 3 years of a 10 year sentence. Not to mention that he bit somebody’s ear off! Mel Gibson’s wife is a dirty wh*re and Jews pretty much have been at the root of just about every war. Instead of trying to help the poor guy out with his drinking problem, they just kick him while he’s down.

  • chris

    Mike Tyson?

  • Bruce Alan

    Hey Zack, when it comes to acting you couldn’t carry Mel’s jockstrap. Quit worrying about the cast and spend more time working on your acting. Adding a diet wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    • lard lad

      Someone has a crush on Mel Gibson…

    • Jason

      sounds more like a 3rd grade Hate-Crush on Galifianakis

      • jacqueline

        Truth be told this is an actor who in 5 years from now will be lucky to get a job on Law and Order. He won’t stick around too long, and doubtful that he will ever have an Oscar gracing his mantle.

      • Wottadoosh

        Jacqueline, bitter much? Galifianakis has had more success pre-Hangover than you ever will. Thanks for sharing your self-righteous hate and inanity. You are a joke and you won’t ever even be considered for an extra role on L&O. By the way, you want a hate-on for someone and their career, be less ignorant, he is stand up comic first, not some wannabe actor.

      • Lala

        Wottadoosh, who says Jacqueline isn’t succesful in her career? Or is fame your only parameter for succes. Your name fits your character.

      • Stef

        I highly doubt that Zach is praying for an Oscar. Have you ever seen “The Snuggler” on Tim & Eric?

      • Wottadoosh

        Wow, Lala, my name fits my character? You are funny, original and astute! I was commenting on Jacqueline’s version of fame, do try to keep up.

      • Ian

        Hey Jacqueline, Zach has already been around for years. He’s been very big in the stand-up world for years, and has been in movies for a decade. What have you done in the last 10 years, besides prove your stupidity?

      • D’s Advocate

        Zach G. will at the very least be nominated for an Oscar during the course of his career. Count on it.

      • johhn

        Zach is not funny. Have you seen his standup? He’s just funny to look at. Give me any fat guy with a beard and I’m going to laugh my ass off.

      • Lala

        @ Wottadoosh. She wasn’t talking about fame, but succes. And so were you. Besides, YOU were the one who ussumed jacqueline pursues an acting career, not I. Talk about no intelligence.

    • Joe

      I have worked with Mel many times and he is an ASSHOLE! I am glad he is finally paying for his sins! Anyone that has been given the world like he was and has that much hate in them needs to be brought down to earth in a big way and hopefully this time around he will learn his lesson!

  • Nicole

    I was really happy to hear that they cut the cameo, although I have lost a ton of respect for Phillips for even wanting it in the first place. I still wish that Tyson wasn’t in the first one; I was really disappointed when he popped up on screen (I didn’t know about the cameo until I saw it).

    Galifianakis should be proud that he started this “controversy”, intentional or not. And I don’t think you could pay HIM enough to grant Gibson entry to Between Two Ferns, as it should be.

    Bring on the parade of comments defending Gibson and accusing people like me of being overly-serious PC police. I’m going to check out “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” in the theater this afternoon – I was going to wait for dvd, but now I really want to support Galifianakis’s other box office efforts as much as possible.

    • Lala


    • Ian

      What is with all these people saying they didn’t know about the Tyson cameo ahead of time? He was in ALL of the marketing for the movie.

    • Care

      I agree with you, Nicole. I now love Zach for this.

  • T

    Who cares, the first movie didn’t even have a laugh in it.

    • Jim

      Don’t feed the troll.

      • harry

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  • Me

    My guess would be Mike Tyson..

  • ew-bot

    Putting Mel Gibson in Hangover 2 was a bad idea. While it may be thought of as a dude’s movie, one reason H1 did so well was because it had appeal to both genders. If MG was in H2, women might reasonably assume that the tone might be veering toward a nastier breed of chauvinism, and be less inclined to want to see it. Not that an MG cameo could commandeer the tone of the whole film, more that a production that thought he was okay really, and cool enough to include, might similarly be off-base with other judgement calls.

  • C

    Man, T is nuts

  • Mark

    I thought it would have been GREAT to have Mel Gibson as the cameo. Keep bringing on the screw-ups as the cameo’s! Once you start letting your dissatisfaction with others come between you and your “art”, you’re essentially killing your own career.

    Personally, I was happy with Mel Gibson beating the crap out of that wife of his. She freaking deserved it.

    Oh that’s right! Not PC to say that someone deserves to get their butts kicked, man or woman. Just go ahead and keep talking trash and all!


    • Doem

      Mark thinks women who are abused *deserved* it. Nice work, sir!

      • Mark

        Certainly! Doesn’t matter who you are. Mouth off and you should expect to get yo’ behind smacked down, man or woman.

      • goose

        No, Mark thinks ONE SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL deserved it. Whether you feel that is right or wrong, go ahead and voice your opinion, but don’t blatantly lie about what someone said, especially when it is in writing directly above yours, because it makes you look like a fool.

      • Mark

        Here’s the deal. I don’t talk trash to others, my girl included. Why? Because, if my behind can’t cash it, I’m not going to write that check. If I mjouth off, I should expect to get put back in place. Start with respect, and keep respect. Step out of line and you should get a beat down. Mel should have had his behind smacked down plenty of time by now, but people are afraid to do it nowadays, because now we have big bad gub’mint to handle all yo’ problems..LOLOLOL!

        Yeah, keep trusting government to handle your business.

      • Karate Pants

        I guess we can all go home now. Mark’s go it all figured out. Adults should hit each other when they’re upset. And to include the sentiment of “respect” as part of this…well, that’s amazing.
        Trolling, I’m sure, but Mark seems to share the same sentiment that other Gibson supporters echo through this thread: that we’re supposed to somehow separate a celebrity’s personal behavior from their professional work.
        How exactly do you do that? And where does it end?

    • Warda

      If there’s a moderator out there, can you please remove the above comment as inappropriate? Thank you.

      • Lala

        And Warda’s comment too, please.

      • Wottadoosh

        Dang it Lala, you are one hilarious troll. No sign of intelligence, yet you still try. Good for you, some day you may finally be able to remove the cork from your fork.

      • Lala

        Why, thank you Wottadoosh. Same to you.

    • Anne

      They weren’t married, idiot. I’m not even going to comment on your other moronic observations.

  • Sideways Jack

    I’m glad he’s out because he would’ve been in the movie and probably would’ve been and funny and charismatic and people would forget what a giant douchebag this guy is…

    • Elyse

      EXACTLY what i was thinking

    • BlackIrish4094

      Yeah because you personally know what nice guys all the actors and actresses are that you pay to see? I doubt it and he si funny and charismatic. It may surprise you but people who can be funny and charasmatic have issues and problems too.

  • Snatch

    “But it’s ok to have a convicted rapist in Hangover 1!”

    Galafanakis was nobody for Hangover 1 he had no juice.

  • niki

    I’m glad they axed Gibson. I used to be a huge fan of his, but I’m just tired of even hearing his name now. Galifianakis, Todd Phillips, and the rest of the cast made the Hangover franchise incredibly successful, and I’d be p*ssed too if someone such as Gibson was trying to get in on it as a stunt to get some desperately needed good PR. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if this controversy was years behind him, such as Tyson’s is.

    • Sarah


    • Pat

      Franchise? One movie? Lethal Weapon…that’s a franchise. Star Wars…that’s a franchise. Indiana Jones….that’s a franchise. Get real.

      • Meg

        Since there will be a second movie coming out… yes, it’s a franchise…

      • Ted

        [[Since there will be a second movie coming out… yes, it’s a franchise…]]
        No, it’s a movie with a sequel planned. Not a franchise. I blame EW of the 1990s squarely for turning all these clueless readers into would-be industry insiders. Of course, EW of today is much, much worse.

      • Anne

        Ted, if EW is so terrible, why are you on their website reading articles and making comments? Believe me, we won’t miss you.

  • Carrie

    Okay, wait, so it’s okay to have a wife-beater and convicted rapist in the first film? But they’re all “up in arms” about Mel in the second one?

    Oh, lovely Hollywood hypocrisy.

    • Ana170

      We don’t know how Zach felt about Mike Tyson being in the 1st movie. Maybe he didn’t like that either but as he was still relatively unknown at that point, he didn’t have the clout to affect a change.

      • Karate Pants

        Interesting point.

      • johhn

        So why was he in the movie? Did somebody hold a gun to galifukisses head?

  • Teena

    yes!! Thank God he does have a backbone. WTH with promoting crap like Mel did. That is wrong and i was beginning to wonder if HW had completely become numb to right or wrong and whether its appropriate to make money off of just anything. Stand for something please!! ugh….way to go Zach!! He just shot up another level in my book!!

    • Bruce Alan

      Your a Nitwit!!

      • jeffeastwood15

        Did you mean “you’re” a nitwit? Try learning the difference between you’re and your if you don’t want to come across as a nitwit yourself.

    • DGH

      Is your book a coloring book???? And who appointed Jeff the English teacher anyways???

  • goose

    What people don’t seem to understand is that if Zach truly was against this, it is not due to any of Mel Gibson’s controveries. Zach would more likely be against the simple act of using another obnoxious stunt casting and instead make a movie people would go see for itself rather than to see Mel Gibson for 5 minutes. He was a complete unknown outside of the comedy scene when the first movie was released, so obviously he’d have no say as to Mike Tyson being in the first film. I’m telling you, non of this has to do with politically correct, “moral” nonsense and is instead about actual creative differences.

    • llevinso

      How are you so sure about this? Did you talk to Zach?

      • Deez Nutz

        Have you?

      • llevinso

        No I haven’t, but Goose seems very sure of Zach’s feelings on the matter. I have no idea what Zach was talking about in his interview so I’m not going to wager a guess.

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