'The View,' 'The Talk,' and Katie Couric all diss 'Glee' GQ spread

Lea-Michele-GQImage Credit: Lea Michele GQ Shoot by TERRY RICHARDSONIf there’s one thing the world will apparently never tire of, it’s policing young women’s sexuality. Be cute, but not like that. It’s okay to be sexy, but only in the ways that I think are decent. I can’t consider context, because I’m too distracted by your breasts. Congratulations, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele, you’re the lucky winners of this week’s global tsk-tsking. It’s okay to wear schoolgirl outfits, talk dirty sometimes, and be sexually aggressive, but only if you do it as a character on a TV show. If you do it in a magazine, you’ve disappointed Katie Couric.

Couric said on the news last night that she was “disappointed” and that the spread didn’t “fit the Glee gestalt.”

And Couric wasn’t the only one. The women on The Talk were similarly incensed. Calm yourself, Julie Chen: Do eight-year-olds really watch Glee? It doesn’t really seem right for them — unless third-graders are suddenly way more into musical montages about losing one’s virginity than I remember.

Must we ribbon-out Lea Michele’s fully covered groin? (The Parents Television Council called this “full frontal.” I…do not think that means what you think it means, PTC.)

Finally, the women of The View, plus Patricia Heaton, also registered their disapproval yesterday. You can’t pose like that, ladies, because some boys might go to 7-11 and leer at the pictures. And because Sherri Shepherd has a son. Only Barbara Walters seemed to be aware that the actors are actually adults, and they can do what they want! Team Barbara! Watch the full episode here.

I find the photos trite, and I think Terry Richardson is a total creeper. But the idea that there are children grabbing GQs off the shelves in grocery stores — is that really supermarket fare? — and thus corrupting their pure innocent minds with images of grown adults in underpants is completely ludicrous. Why are we so terrified of young women expressing any kind of sexuality?

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  • George

    It’s GQ. Why are people so horrified?

    • Ana170

      The issue, for me anyway, is grown women dressing and posing like sexually charged children. If they’d been dressed in lingerie, posed nude, or just about anything else, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye. I can’t imagine who those pictures would appeal to except for those who fantasize about underage girls.

      • ABG

        On just about 365 days of the year, you have GROWN women dressed and performing as cheerleaders – the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Laker Girls, the Luva Bulls, etc. So how are these GROWN adults doing anything different. People, stop having and/or trying to make actors, athletes, and others serve as role models to your kids. If the person is not someone who can actually affect the outcome of your child’s life, then you and only you and the people in direct contact with them should serve as role models, teaching them right from wrong. Stop telling others how to live, what to do and when, and so forth.

      • mary q contrary

        Agreed, and I’m pretty sure that’s why most of these women on tv have a problem with it as well, though none of them had the sense to point that out.

      • Anna

        Are you telling me you do not know the difference between professional cheerleaders and high school cheerleaders? What a stupid comment. NFL cheerleaders wear a lot less, to little or no complaints. However, they are not pretending to be sexualized teens with lollipops and white socks. Professional cheerleaders are adults acting like adults. Big difference there. Kim Kardashian appeared nude in W magazine and that was 100 times more tasteful than this GQ garbage. They play sexualized teens on the tv show, but that is a lot closer reality. Here, they are playing the part of the twisted man fantasy of the underage teenage slut. If they did not have talent, I would understand why they would cheapen themselves to that level. There is absolutely no artistic merit to these picture. It is absolutely disgusting to me seeing cory monteith(the least talented person on that show) grabbing Lea Michele butt like she is some drunken skank at a frat party. All in the name of feminism, right. We have been told that expressing sexuality gives women power. There you go Lea. We can see your worth in your crotch. Your have the power now to fulfil a twisted fantasy, in a way usually reserved for pornstars and the ocassional hot but vocally challenged singer.

    • LTC

      They are adults, but they were portraying teenage children. It was the whole dressing as a school girl. It had the creepy vibe of middle aged men lusting after teenage girls. If they were dressed in the same manner, but not the school girl look, it wouldn’t have received the flack.
      Have them portray sexy adults instead.

      • Elizabeth

        I completely agree.

        The real problem here is that the actors were portrayed in the photos as minors for an adult audience.

      • StupidGlee

        I’d like to know WHY only these two women? The other girls are just as gorgeous. I think the pictures would have been fine, had the setting not been a high school. Do you see where I’m going with this. Changing the setting might have kept the tempers down. The poses could have done just fine without being in a high school. I do think they should have asked the other ladies to join in too to diversify the beauty myths.

    • wonder

      depressed man is now a woman. there is so many possibilities here. keep posting…

    • babyface

      you don’t get it. your in the wrong meeting, georgy. i think you’re supposed to be down the hall.

  • Christine

    I think everyone needs to take it down a couple hundred notches. These “kids” are adults and can do whatever they want. People just love scandal, that’s all.

    • Dawn

      That picture of Leah Michelle and her crotch is gross. Given that she portrays a high school girl on tv, this crotch shot must be a pedophile’s wet dream.

      • Darr247

        I thought paedophiles go for prepubescents… that’s a little younger ‘look’ than Lea appears to be able to muster. She definitely looks older than Britney did when she shot the video for Hit Me Baby, One More Time. I suppose all those women were shocked — “just SHOCKED, I tell you” — when they saw that video (again and again), too.

    • beetle

      Right. They can do whatever they want, but the photos are skanky. I think everyone expected Lea and Dianna to be able to make better choices about how they present themselves.

      • Holly

        I agree. Why do women in Hollywood always have to pose in these semi-nude shots? Can’t they just get by on their talent?

      • newbie

        um…no (Do you see how she is sucking on that lollipop?)

      • Jamie

        So you have an issue with Lea Michele doing a topless scene in Spring Awakening?

    • Samantha Peck

      i agree with you. as a teenager and a fan of Glee, i don’t see anything wrong with it. Lea and Diana are 24 and i think Cory is 28 they can do what they want. I still love them and admire them because they’re great actors and singers. And GQ has no affiliation with Glee whatsoever so the people at Glee had no input on these photos whatsoever! Two different entities. If you don’t like them don’t look at them. And its GQ were you expecting wholesome pictures anyway?

    • Christie

      I think that everyone is blowing this completely out of proportion. Who cares if these ADULTS are dressed the way they are? If you don’t like it, don’t buy the magazine! No one is forcing you to read these articles, watch the show, or buy GQ. In regards to the “kid” issue, your young kids shouldn’t be reading GQ in the first place. And if you are worried about them seeing it in the grocery store and “leering” at it, it still isn’t a big deal–they are all covered! These people are not naked and are clearly having fun with their fame and good looks. Let it go!

  • jenny

    Amen sister. Preach.

    • Michaela

      i think you’re agreeing with margaret, which means that i’m agreeing with you. i really do think it’s a little ridiculous how riled up people are getting. they are adults, and if they want to be in these photos, it is absolutely their prerogative.
      i don’t mean to take this too far, but the whole thing is pretty sexist. when a man poses nude, semi-nude, shirtless, boxers, whatever, it’s all ok because they’re men. but the idea that women will obviously always be objectified and so should have to cover up when their male counterparts are stripping down is ludicrous.
      also, it’s just sex. it’s around. let’s not pretend that without these photos, young people and society in general would be totally oblivious to that.
      also, major win for the Princess Bride reference : )

      • @Michaela

        “but the idea that women will obviously always be objectified and so should have to cover up when their male counterparts are stripping down is ludicrous.”

        What are you talking about? Cory Monteith was fully dressed while playing grab-ass with the scantily clad female couterparts.

  • Louigi

    GLEE and GQ are getting exactly what they wanted: attention! “Bravo” and “Well-done” to all involved. And I love when the media ladies get all judgmental and preachy — good stuff.

  • wooster182

    So it’s not okay for us to take issue with their photoshoot, but it IS okay for you to take issue with our opinions? What kind of back assward logic is that?

  • Ames

    I don’t know if they mean the actual images will pollute young kids’ minds. The problem I have is that Glee is supposed to be about the underdog. Not being afraid to be how you really are. And the photo spread seems to say, Aw forget all that, just look good in undies. I think that message is what parents want to keep their kids away from. Just my opinion.

    • Christie

      It’s a tv show! IT ISN’T REALITY! When are people going to realize that the character an actor plays on tv is most likely not how they are in real life?!?

  • Abe Froman

    That’s actually the first clip I’ve ever seen of The Talk. What a godawful show! Could they be any more awkward?

  • wooster182

    So…just because we’re adults, we can do anything we want? So, can I go over to my neighbor’s house and tell her she has an ugly plant in the front yard? Or can I tell my boss that I hate his dye job? Of course I can. Should I? Probably not. The issue, in my opinion, is not that the shoot doesn’t fit Glee or that an 8 year old might pick this mag up. It’s that men 18-40 are going to look at this before they go on a date with me and feel validated that their dad’s logic of “no means yes” still really does apply. We’re teaching girls 18-40 that they don’t really need to have self respect because boys don’t want that anyway. They want a girl who’s skilled with a lollipop and looks like a blowup doll. *That’s* my problem with this.

    • Cara

      Ummmm….hon, you’re taking this all way too seriously. Calm down. It’ll all be okay.

      • @Cara

        No, she’s actually not. You, on the other hand, are being a condescending moron. Grow up. It’s really NOT okay.

      • Cara

        Wow…harsh. I don’t remember calling her a “moron”. But, thanks for the compliment!! : ) It really IS okay. I mean aren’t there more important things going on in the world?

      • wooster182

        No, this shoot won’t end the world. But the point is that if this is the general trend that’s imminent, then it could seriously be damaging. First, there’s whiny Bella who lives only for her man. Now there’s this. A woman posing like a vapid sexpot in a men’s magazine.

    • Huh?

      Only a true idiot would take the message away that “no means yes” from this — or anything else. Are you dating idiots?

      • Tom Strong

        No means yes. Yes means harder.

      • wooster182

        My general point was that it allows men to think that women really are slutty and only want one thing, even if they say otherwise.

      • @wooster182

        I was with you up until the “no means yes” comment. That is beyond absurd. I can see how you can link the general portrayal of women in these types of magazine sending the message that women as easy. Even that would be on shaky ground. I would not not blame it on just one cover. That would be a huge stretch, even without mentioning “no means yes”.

    • jim

      “They want a girl who’s skilled with a lollipop and looks like a blowup doll” ha…. who doesnt…. my 55 year old lesbian sister would get into that. you people are totally outrageous.

    • wonder

      dude, yur here, too. did yur girlfriend spring a leak.

  • Shawn

    Thanks for reiterating your above statement, I didn’t get the gist of it the first time around.

  • Dicazi

    I’m NOT terrified of female sexuality. I’m disgusted by adult women who play high school students dressed like porn stars. And alot of their fans are junior high and elementary school age who see these pictures on-line and on magazine racks and want to dress this way too.

    • Dicazi

      If they were not stars on a show aimed at young people, it wouldn’t bother me. But they ARE role models, like it or not.

      • Samantha Peck

        yes they play high school kids i get that. so they have to act like high school kids in real life? that’s not fair to them they should act how they want within the reason of law. isn’t that how most adults live?

    • jim

      “adult women who play high school students dressed like porn stars” SWEET! i cant stand glee or GQ, but the shoot was hot!!! they arent children and neither am i… we are all adults. if parents dont want their kids seeing it, do your job by protecting them from inappropriate content. dont deprive adults of adult themed entertainment in the name of protecting your future genetic assets! you have kids that look at GQ? not my problem. deal with it!

      • Anna

        “you have kids that look at GQ?”

        I think you are not being realistic. You can see the crotch shot picture on right here on EW. I don’t know what decade you are living in but the very last place kids will see these pictures in 2010 is in a hard copy of GQ magazine. GQ has racier content, but glee has younger fans who will definitely that would pick up on the content regardless of the intended audience. In my own opinion, kids are exposed to a lot worse these days, but let’s not pretend like all parents to protect their children is to keep a child from getting a magazine. Besides, how much can parents really prevent when all the kids have to do is go to school the next day and see it all on a friend’s phone.

  • Cara

    OMIGOD…Katie Couric needs to shut her piehole. Seriously. I’m not even sure what she means when she calls “Glee” a family show. Has she really watched it? There are more raunch one-liners than there are on “Modern Family” and the Britney episode was sexed-up at every turn (right down to the “sex riot” at the end of the episode). Everyone needs to get off their high horses and realize that (1) these women are over 20 and they are adults; (2) kids shouldn’t be watching “Glee” in the first place if you’re such a “sensitive” parent; and (3) kids will see more revealing clothes at any Mall in this country on a Saturday night. Please.

  • Calm Down!

    Seems like some of these befuddled ladies don’t know the difference between this show and “High School Musical.” The “Glee” folks are creating a hyper-sexualized environment, so take it or leave it. I tend to fast forward between the songs . . . just ’cause I’m not that interested in high schoolers, skanky or otherwise. Just curious to see what they do w/ the music.

  • julie

    but it is Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    I don’t think 8 year olds should be reading GQ or watching Glee, but I agree that the photos are icky. It’s not the amount of skin shown (which, come on, Lea, show some self-respect), it’s the fact that the setting suggests “little girl” fantasies. The image is a reference to the attraction some people have for possibly-too-young girls. THAT PART I do find really nasty.
    And having now read that Jezebel article on Terry Richardson, I am scared to death to know what those kids actually had to go through in taking those pictures.

    • nodnarb

      I’m so happy that people are finally realizing that Terry Richardson is the most to blame here… and he’s so skank.

  • glawk

    the parent who lets their kid watch glee shoudlnt mind the gq cover, the parent who thinks glee is inappropriate would also think the magazine is inappropriate. but to say the magazine is too mcuh but the show is fine, i think is wrong. its mixed messages. the britney episode with jacob ben israel getting off to the toxic performance was way worse than the magazine spread, if youre going to be outraged be outraged by the show. otherwise let them do what they do!

    • doyougetit

      Katie Couric said her teenage daughters like to watch the show. I’m sure it was disturbing for her and confusing for her daughters to see the actors posing as porn stars. Everyone says, it’s GQ. Give me a break, when did GQ become porn?

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