EW's Reunions issue: Which TV cast is on your wish list?

TV-REUNIONSIf you’ve picked up the Reunions issue of Entertainment Weekly, you know that in honor of the magazine’s 20th anniversary, we’ve reunited cast members from TV classics including The West Wing, Will & Grace, Alias, Gilmore Girls, Married… With Children, Northern Exposure, Roots, and The Muppet Show. (See the links below.) If you could reunite a cast for a sitdown chat — whether it be two people or a group comparable to President Bartlet’s — who would you choose, and what would you ask?

Tops on my list: Sports Night. I’d like to know where those characters are today (and who they’re married to), and if Josh Charles (CBS’ The Good Wife) and Peter Krause (NBC’s Parenthood) ever made a bet on the Tuesday at 10 p.m. timeslot. Also, even though The Early Show reunited the FYI team in 2009, Murphy Brown. Candice Bergen said then that the network had really wanted Heather Locklear to play Murphy, so you know there are great battles to discuss. Maybe the press would finally get season 2 and beyond released on DVD. There’s nothing worse than rediscovering your love for an old show when the first season hits… and then not being able to see someone hook up with Scott Bakula.

More on EW’s Reunions Issue:
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VIDEO: Roots stars LeVar Burton, Ben Vereen, and Louis Gossett Jr. discuss the ground-breaking miniseries
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VIDEO: The West Wing cast talk President Obama, and where their characters are now
VIDEO: Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber talk Alias
VIDEO: The Pretty in Pink cast agrees that Duckie would have come out by now
VIDEO: Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, and Elijah Wood reminisce about Lord of the Rings
VIDEO: Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson go Back to the Future
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cast talks about the latest installment

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  • Josie

    It will always be Firefly for me. Such a great, funny, cast. Maybe Buffy too. Any Whedon show.

    Also Arrested Development.

    • mawhi

      Buffy and Firefly, yeah. Agreed.

      • MaryA

        I definitely agree with Buffy and Firefly. But also – Boy Meets World!

    • Rica

      First thing I thought of! Firefly, Buffy, or Angel.

      • Kat


      • Darrell Hoog

        And in a few years, Dollhouse will be on that list too! God I love Joss Whedon

    • Munchie

      Hands down, it would be ‘Buffy’ as well. I have to know what happened to the slayer and the Scooby gang!

      • MM

        You could just pick up the comics. (Though on second thought, maybe you’re better off not knowing.)

      • Jesse

        LOL MM. My thoughts exactly. The comics are certainly not the Buffy I remember.

      • eightdaysaweek

        Buffy was my first thought too! And Veronica Mars.

      • Casey

        Yeah, you really should avoid the comics like the plague. There’s no good there. Especially for some really well liked characters.

    • Tajah

      Buff and Firefly, definitely!

    • Kate

      Yes! To all of these. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, AD, I would also add Veronica Mars into the mix, although watching Party Down is like watching a reunion!

      • Anne

        Yes! Veronica Mars and Buffy!

      • tia

        Definitely Veronica Mars!

    • Mary

      Man I need some Whedon reunions in my life stat. Can we just have a whole issue dedicated to that??

      • Leia

        I love that idea!

      • tr

        Yes yes yes yes yes. Whedon shows. All of them. Reunions. Now.

    • Leia

      Buffy and Angel!

    • s

      I was just about to say Buffy or Arrested! And The Wire. That could be really interesting.

    • KC

      Buffy & Firefly!

    • REASON

      For Buffy fans, check out the Paleyfest reunion panel from 2008, it is available on dvd and it runs for over an hour. All cast members except Hannigan and Boreanz are there with Joss Whedon. It is quite good, I’d like to see a reunion movie though, or even a non-buffy reunion of some of the actors. Maybe SMG on Hannigan’s HIMYM???

  • Saracen Riggins

    Definitely Felicity! Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley. Also Veronica Mars. And lastly FRIENDS! I heart Ross.

    • EAF

      Agree with Felicity! So many of the actors have gone on to great careers. Or, Dawson’s Creek!

    • Riley

      FRIENDS. Please!!

    • Nee Nee

      I was going to post Felicity, and figured I’d be the only one. Yay, that I’m not the only one wanting this! I would watch this show now, if it were on! I loved it!

      • ash

        Any Whedon show

    • jordan

      DEFINITELY FRIENDS! That would be beyond epic…

      Also: Everwood, Dawson’s Creek and Veronica Mars.

      But really, I’d love to see the cast of Friends together again… it would make my day.

    • Heidi

      ooh yes Felicity…also My So-Called Life, and Moonlight

  • Sarah

    I grew up watching TGIF, so I’d love to see a Full House, Home Improvement and Family Matters reunion. Oh, tack on Fresh Prince of Bel Air too!

    • kellen

      full house WOULD be kind of awesome.

      • Amanda

        Yes! I was going to say Full House too! Also, Home Improvement would be great – and Who’s the Boss?

      • brandy

        FULL HOUSE! Please!

    • Jenny

      oh yes! I didn’t even think of those shows, but that would be fun. Especially Full House and Boy Meets World. I lived and breathed those shows back in the day :)

      • Laura

        Boy Meets World – I would love to see that, Cory, Sean, Eric, and Topenga of course.

    • Anna

      YES! Everything TGIF. Especially Boy Meets World. I love TGIF! I wish they would play reruns of those shows on Fridays.

  • Ericalina

    Wonder Years
    The Cosby Show/A Different World

    • dawnomite

      Yes, Wonder Years!

  • ann

    The Bluths!!!

    • s

      Hell yeah

  • Carrie #2

    I know they’ve had reunions in the past, but a MASH reunion is always welcome!

    • melissa

      You’ve got my vote. Love to see all of the stars that are still alive to tell stories from when the show was shot

  • Rick

    The Wire.
    Best television drama.

    • s

      I would looove to see a Wire reunion!

  • NB

    My So Called Life
    A Different World

    • Jesse

      Agreed on MSCL!!

      • Jenna

        Yessss My So Called Life!! I’m still upset that there wasn’t a second season.

  • Ronda

    The Wonder Years!!!!

    • beth

      Yes! I welcome a Wonder Years reunion and I’d love to see a Boy Meets World reunion too. Lets bring the Savage boys back!

      • Katie

        Yes on Boy Meets World! And Who’s the Boss, The Nanny, Mad about You, and Due South

  • Jackie

    Not that it would EVER happen, but I would love a “21 Jump Street” reunion of all the first season characters, including Captain Jenko :)

    • Brandon

      why not captin fuller as well?

      • Jackie

        Captain Fuller is welcome too! He was part of the first season cast. When I say first season, I mean Hanson, Penhall, Ioki, Hoffs, Fuller, and Jenko. Blowfish would be nice, but not totally necessary, and Booker and the fifth season guys don’t need to be there.

  • Danielle

    WKRP in Cincinnati!!

    • beans

      I agree

  • Katie


    Or Full House, or Arrested Development!

    • Amy

      agreed with all…TGIF please! or some show where not many in the cast is still working since we all know where the Gilmore Girls cast is…

      • Shannon

        BMW for the win!

    • Sarah

      Boy Meets World all the way!!

    • s

      Hell to the yes for all of those, but BMW in particular. And Arrested.

  • KS

    Queer As Folk!

    • The Jackal

      Watch out now, that could be considered cyber bullying.

    • JSL

      agreed, best show!

    • DH

      Heck yeah!

  • Emily

    ER. Like, everybody, even Dr. Romano. Sure, it’d be hundreds of people, but I bet it’d be one heck of a party.

  • UGH

    Some may say “too soon” but I would like to see the cast of Lost and ask them what their honest opinion is of the series finale.

    • Myke25

      Too soon.

      • s

        Second that. I’d love to see that reunion in another 5 years at least.

    • Jenny

      Defiantly too soon. In 5+ years, that would be great but it was only a few months ago they were still doing full cast interviews.

    • Tyla

      It may be too soon, but I miss them on my TV already.

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