'Battlestar Galactica' prequel: SyFy greenlights another Cylon spin-off, 'Blood and Chrome'

bsg-15-thingsImage Credit: Zoic Studios/SyFyBattlestar Galactica ended in March, 2009, and the prequel-spin-off Caprica has never had BSG‘s cultural prominence. (Or its ratings.) Now, it looks like Syfy is hitting the reset button on the Prequel Option: This time, more space violence! According to a press release from Syfy, the network has just greenlit a new two-hour pilot for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, set ten years into the first Cylon war (which would place it about four decades before BSG). The pilot centers on a young William Adama, played by Edward James Olmos in BSG and an adorably annoying child actor in Caprica. Right now, it’s still just a TV movie that might become a series… but let’s be fair, if this thing is half as good as Caprica, it’s going to get at least one season.

Blood & Chrome sounds like a purposeful step back into the political tension and breakneck Viper battles of BSG, which is exciting. Still, I’m worried that this means the end is nigh for the slower, more thoughtful Caprica. And as someone who’s fundamentally suspicious of prequels, I’m pessimistic about any young actor trying to inhabit the Adama character. (Wouldn’t it have been better to focus on someone else?)

But this is still exciting news … right, PopWatchers? What do you think? Does Blood & Chrome sound action-y enough for you? Or would you prefer a different take on the BSG mythos? And am I the only one who keeps confusing the title with Spartacus: Blood & Sand? Blood and Sand and Chrome, Oh My!

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  • t.t

    i want the original bsg back :(

    • Justin

      I want the 2004 BSG back.

      • @successful

        The problem is, you really aren’t cute. So yes, I am only interested in your money.

    • ted

      What lasers? Are you thinking of the 1978 version? Do you even know what year it is? By the sounds of it you are indeed a perfect candidate for a TV executive position. I suggest you apply at Fox.

      • ken

        you know that is one of the things i never could wrap my head around. you have a society that has fater than light travel and they are still using ballistic weapons? hell we are now starting to generate energy weapons today in real life, and we are not even close to ftl capability…kind of doesnt make sence, after all history proves that the first tech to advance is always weapons tech.

    • Korri

      hahaha, what a troll… Yeah, its called the Syfy (as in SCIENCE FICTION) for a reason.

      And the fact that a lot of people liked it, and watched means that you pretty much know nothing.

    • Margie

      I’ve been watching the original for the first time over the last couple of months. I LOVE it. A good prequel would be very interesting.

    • Nerd

      Complaining about a nerd show on a channel FOR nerds, wow, must be nothing else to troll tonight.

      • cyncyn

        As evidenced by your comment

    • Friday Rocks

      If someone posts, but no one comments, did it really happen?

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Joe

      If some of you guys wouldn’t get so defensive and respond he’s probably stop doing it. I doubt he believes what he’s actually saying.

    • Dave


      Sorry, I dont want that.

    • mike b

      Larry you couldn’t cast a new version of gilligans island.

    • gannik

      See the gunny thing is, when you watch the Sci Fi network, you get…… Sci Fi.

      I know its a hard concept to get around, gbut keep working at it and you might have an epiphany one day.

  • BuffyJunkie

    I suppose this could be good but it does make me nervous about the future of Caprica. So far, season 1.5 has had some good moments, but it’s been a little bit of a letdown from the mid-season finale. But I still think that Caprica has so much potential so I certainly won’t give up on it.

    • agreed

      I love Caprica, and i think that it has enormous potential, Eric Stoltz is awesome in Caprica

      • Nosey Nosemeister

        I LIKED Caprica too but it just got cancelled… :(

    • Bunneh3000

      Caprica = ZZZzzzzzz + metaphysical-psycho-religeous-dramatical soap opera w/teenagers lol…. sorry. Couldn’t ever get past the first episode. Just didn’t capture my interest. LOOOOOOOOOOVe BSG though.

  • Austin

    Caprica is freaking awesome. I hope this doesn’t mean it’s cancelled.

    • Olive

      Yes it is. We don’t need another frakking prequel when there’s already an awesome one.

  • Mole

    As a big Caprica fan, I’m more hung up on what this means for that show. I’ll probably watch it when it airs, but I was inspired that Moore tried something new again with Caprica (much like with BSG), and now he’s sorta being asked to retread the successful thing he already did.

  • Dave

    Well, I enjoyed Caprica 1.0, and I’ve only watched one of the new episodes of Caprica 1.5, and was a bit turned off. Don’t know why, just was…

    That said, I’m up for a return to the familiar ground of space combat. If it means bringing back the Galactica in a fresh new way as in it being a brand new ship in this timeline. And having our favorite original Cylon toasters and Raiders instead of the nBSG versions.

  • Dav

    That’s right SyFy…you just keep beating that dead horse and hoping it comes back to life.

    • Dave

      Dead horse, syfy canceled the original show.

      “insert retard joke here”

  • Michael Sacal

    Interesting that they turned it into a movie. It’s a better idea than the original webisodes they said they were doing.

    I do hope that this can co-exist with Caprica.

    • Jon

      Caprica is done unfortunately. I’m not sure about another prequel. If I was Universal I would tell Scy-Fy to go fuck off and go to a different network

  • Henry

    Let this show rest in piece. Maybe if SyFy had good writers, they could churn out quality shows instead of cannibalizing the one good thing they had for it. And I don’t mean “Shaktopus” or whatever the hell that travesty was.

    • Tim

      Sharktopus is awesome. It’s just a different sci-fi than something like BSG. It’s supposed to be pure cheese. The same way both the dreary and dark Silence of the Lambs and the always entertaining Sam Raimi can both be great horror.

      • Bren

        Why doesn’t SyFy hire Raimi to develop some orginal programming? He’s not above doing television.

  • wkdkween

    Please make it better than Caprica. I want to like Caprica, but there’s something about it that’s just not right.

    • LDG

      I couldn’t agree more. Really miss BSG. Something about Caprica just doesn’t click.

    • David Speakman

      Maybe .. the fact it’s exceedingly boring?

    • Dave

      Agreed. I am trying to like Caprica, but when I’m watching it, I find myself continually looking to see how much time is left in the episode. It’s just not very exciting.

    • John

      While I agree, now that they have Caprica they need to connect it to this prequel (or sequel to Caprica) a Cylon viewpoint with a few flashbacks could do that easily

    • John from NC

      Caprica largely suffers from the same problems that Galactica 1980 suffered from.

      You have a space opera stationed on a planet where the space opera is essentially removed.

      You even have some common elements like Dr. Z being a scientific genius in Galactic 1980 and Zoe filling the role of scientific genius in Caprica.

      The main problem, there’s no real hero. None of the main characters are redeemable in the average individuals eyes. All have blood on their hands.

  • spur

    “The pilot centers on a young William Adama, played by Edward James Olmos in BSG and an adorably annoying child actor in Caprica.”

    Uh, the character was played by Nico Cortez in RAZOR. I would think that is who will continue in the role. He was all kinds of kick ass.

    • Jacob

      He’s saying Olmos and the little kid were the actors who previously portrayed Adama.

      • Spur

        And, I’m saying Nico Cortez ALSO previously played Adama. Is that not clear?

  • onestell

    I want to see the original cast make the jump to the big screen!

  • jj

    Stern said that they “jumped at the chance to revisit the Young William Adama character…” But, you are still not sure if you will use the same actor? Who do you think made the character so kick butt in the first place? Please! Get the same guy. He was awesome.

    • b

      As awesome as Olmos was in the role, I think it might be stretching suspension of disbelief to have him playing FORTY years younger. He just does not look like a fresh-faced young soldier anymore (nor should he, at his age!).

      • Brad

        They’re talking about the actor who played Adama in Razor and its related webisodes.

      • joeG

        Wha??? What are you talking about? No one is saying Edward James Olmos should play Young Adama. They were saying Nico Cortez, who played Young Adama in Razor, should continue to play Young Adama in Blood and Chrome.

  • bamalam

    I really hope this means that Caprica doesn’t get cancelled…and if it does…I hope this show gets cancelled. The general consensus I’m getting from those not enjoying Caprica is that “it isn’t BSG”…um…duh! If it was BSG it would be called BSG! I’ve never seen BSG, but Caprica is an excellent program all on its own. I think people need to watch it from the perspective I have…one without any prior knowledge/expectations. It’s like going to see a movie based on a book. Forget about all the feelings you had reading the book, because you know what pops on the screen is never going to be as good as you expect it to be.

    • ks

      I think they advertise the show and marketed in wrong-touting it will be like BSG and not like BSG WTF?? I think folks are weary of the religious story line. I really want to like it and I loved BSG.

      • bamalam

        all I remember from the initial advertising was that it “came from the creators of BSG”…and from what I’ve read from other fans was that BSG was just as religious as Caprica…the characters in the show dismissed it though, so the fans dismissed it too.

      • ks

        @bamalam- granted BSG was religious, but it seems that all Sci Fi shows lately have been religious ie Lost some fans are thinking this is a cop out. Also I know my husband wants to see cylons kick some butt :)

  • kmikk3

    I would be more interested in a show that takes place 5-10 years after they land on earth, rather than a prequel…….Any thoughts???

    • ks

      Very interesting-when Adama meets Saul, cool. I am tired of Jane’s writing! and who would play Adama? it is hard to fill Lorene Greenes’ and EJO shoes.

      • joeG


    • Mike Schinkel

      Totally! I’d far prefer to watch a show for which I have no idea what the future holds than one where I pretty much know the main character can’t be killed and nothing outrageous can happen. This B&C is likely destined for another short run. Sigh.

  • sabrina W

    once again, i feel the dread & cold chill of the airheads suit at nbc (who own syfy,usa etc..) walking over the body of caprica, it really isnt HBO huh? sigh, its a real shame, look at boardwalk empire, hbo recognizes QUALITY ang gives its chance to spread its wing, the 1st episode had hardly aired they renewed it for a second season, and most people here complain about its pace, oh how i wish syfy would show caprica the same vote of confidence and love! oh well when they cancel caprica that’s it me and syfy will be done for good, this feels like 4400 debacle all over again ugh!

    • Bunneh3000

      Aww…. come back to me 4400… come back to me!!!

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