Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 6

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSI’M SO CONFUSED…

Two people were sent home, and from my vantage point they were the wrong two people. More on that later.

Let me explain why we have to have double tribal councils. When the show first started we had 16 contestants. That is still the perfect number if you want to vote one person out each week and have a final two scenario at the last tribal council. To be clear — we LOVE starting with sixteen people.

Here’s the problem. Over the years, contestants have become okay with quitting. After Osten did it back in the Pearl Islands, it became acceptable to quit. Well, a quit really screws us up because then we don’t have enough people to finish the season. So, in an effort to make sure the game can play fairly and without interruption, we started bringing more people.

If you bring 18 people, which we have done, you have to consider the fact that you’ll have an uneven number of men and women on each tribe.

So, that often leads you to bringing 20 people. Twenty people is great because even if people quit, you are okay because you brought more people than you needed.

The two problems with 20 people are:
1. It’s a lot of people for the audience to get to know.
2. At some point you have to get rid of the extra players.

That’s where the double tribal councils come into play. To keep it a bit more fair, we now offer everybody a chance to win individual immunity, so you do have a shot to keep yourself in the game. But obviously if you’re the one in trouble, then you hate this facet of the game.

So anytime we have 20 people you can expect to see at least one double-elimination at some point.

Okay let’s review the four options for the vote:

Dan wants to quit. That should be enough. But this is Survivor and sometimes even though somebody wants to quit, their vote is too valuable to let them leave. But with Dan he’s also a major liability in challenges. On top of that he doesn’t help out much around camp. What are you doing keeping him in the game? Let him quit! Or equally effective, vote him out! They did neither.

I understand that Dan has had enough. He’s been successful in life. He’s proven to himself that he can get out here and hack it and so now he wants to go home. Fine. But here’s my wish… I wish we had a “Quit Chip Necklace” that every contestant had to wear. If you mention to someone that you want to quit, they have to pull off one of your chips. When you run out of chips, you have to go home. Period. You show up at a challenge, I see that you have no chips left, I take your buff, give you a friendly kick in the ass and send you on your way. Ah but that’s only a dream.

Here’s why it wouldn’t work – we hate it when people quit! We want you to stay in the game and play. We want you to try to win. We want you to make moves that improve your station in the game. We don’t want you to quit. Quitting sucks. Everybody regrets it and it just makes for a problem for us. So I would be shooting myself in the foot if I pressed for us to actually introduce the “Quit Chip Necklace.” But I do like the sound of it – much better than Medallion of Power.

I loved this. I always wish more people would play this game of making stuff up! Marty’s “Grand Master” play was fantastic. Brilliant to realize the age difference between him and Fabio almost guaranteed its success.

Everybody keeps saying Fabio is crazy, or maybe not the sharpest tool – but I wonder how crazy he really is? Is he playing everybody including us? That was my question from day one. I was never sure if his surfer boy responses were 100% genuine or a bit of a character he’s created. I’m guessing a bit of both.

Marty is a good strategist, he’s a threat in challenges, and he has the idol. He is an obvious target in this game. Plus he is on the wrong side of the numbers. That’s this biggest problem. If Marty had the numbers he’d be in the driver’s seat. But he doesn’t. So, if you have a chance to take him out then you do it, or at least get rid of the hidden immunity idol. That was the plan… but it didn’t play out that way.

I never really understood what happened with Kelly B. No idea why Naonka hated her so much and why the rest of the tribe shunned her. I don’t live out there on the beach with them so I miss a lot, but from the moment I met her she seemed like a very likable person who can clearly handle herself in challenges. Was it simply the threat of the artificial leg? Hard to know, but she didn’t seem to be a big threat at the moment.

Sometimes you just get off to a bad start. She never had a super strong alliance and the switch certainly didn’t help her. Yve was stuck in no man’s land.

Yve made a big mistake in sharing with Alina that she is tight with folks on the other tribe. Alina is smart. She “hears” things others don’t. In hindsight it was a mistake to share that with Alina. Man, Survivor is so difficult. You can never let your guard down. You have to think twice before speaking, you have to imagine what the best move for everybody else is and then make your move based on the assumption they’ll make their best move… it’s tough.

And yet, I still didn’t see Yve as a big enough threat to worry about right now.


They seem to be playing a fairly smart game. They’re very good at strategy, but tonight they went way left of where I thought they were heading.

They wanted Marty out. They even lied at tribal council trying to throw Marty under the bus by saying it was his idea to vote out Jane. Brilliant. Their goal was to get rid of him and/or the idol.

But Marty didn’t play the idol. Not playing the idol was a big, bold move and one that I respect. But because Sash and Brenda forced a tie and Marty didn’t play the idol in the first vote, he couldn’t use the idol in the tiebreaker. So they had him and the idol!! All they had to do was change their votes to Marty. But instead they voted Kelly B. I really don’t understand why Kelly B was seen as a bigger threat. Maybe I’ll ask them at the live show.

Sometimes Survivor… just like life…isn’t fair.

First Dan says he wants to quit, and then at Tribal Council he says he doesn’t. It can’t be as simple as not wanting to be seen as a quitter because he knows we already heard him tell Holly he wanted to quit. Hmm.

Dan is an interesting guy – he’s very combative but equally likable. I enjoyed Dan and he took a lot of grief from me, but he definitely sticks up for himself.

But come on…DAN IS A HUGE LIABILITY! He can’t run, jump, crawl, he can barely sit down for crying out loud. Likable? Yes. Helpful? No.

Why they voted out Yve instead of Dan is another mystery to me. I know there are many ways to play this game but I would have voted out MARTY and DAN tonight.

For LA FLOR , the Idol and Marty would be gone.
For ESPADA, their biggest liability would be gone.

Plus – two more “older” people would be gone from the game.

Ah who knows… maybe that’s why I host…

See ya next week.

And be sure to check out several treats in the video player below, including: an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, Dalton Ross’s pre-game interviews with Kelly and Yve, and the latest edition of EW’s TV Insiders podcast, which includes discussions on everything from Survivor and Dancing With The Stars to Mad Men and The Good Wife. Plus, don’t miss Dalton’s recap, “Marty Lives on the Edge.”

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  • MCS

    The decision to get rid of Kelly B is probably not one I would make. I understand that she would probably have flipped if they kept her, where as they know where Marty stands. But wasnt Sash’s ‘Best Case Scenario’ to get rid of Marty and the Idol. Well they had that chance and didnt take it. Surely they could have dealt with Kelly B next. Now Marty is playing with an idol and on his guard. And dont even get me started on Dan.

    • ally

      This is the lamest cast ever, and the worst decisions ever. Not enjoying this season at all!

      • Maggie May

        I agree. It seems they (producers) were so intent on ‘getting’ Jimmy Johnson that the rest of the cast was an afterthought. 3 people already want to quit!?!What about the thousands that apply every year? Stop trying to pick the “pretty people” and get a cast of true fans of the show. (and no, I have never applied and will not apply. I know I could not last in the show – too mouthy & a complete couch potato)

      • CanadianSurvivor

        I so agree with you. I haven’t been able to figure out what they are doing. Getting rid of all their strong players so quickly is not the best move to make.

      • bmfc1

        Terrible casting. I don’t care about any of them. I want some people off more than others (Naonka) but they all can leave right now. Plus, there’s nobody to root for and no great looking girls.

      • CanadianSurvivor

        This is the worst season of survivor so far.

      • burnedtoast

        I’ve watched them all and this season of Survivor has been the biggest let down. The cast isn’t interesting and the challenges have been lame.
        They need to change up how they do casting.

      • Probst4ever

        I don’t care what Marty says, he’s a chess master. Not playing the idol in that situation took insight. I would say it was a Hantzian move, but even Russell unnecessarily played the idol. Twice.
        I just realized that Brenda is not in charge, Sash is the one calling the shots. She had a chance to vote out Marty with the idol in his pocket, and didn’t do it. I’m with Jeff, what are they thinking? You can vote Kelly out in fourth place, why did it have to be 15th place, especially with an idol in the game? Now they can’t split the vote against Marty. Maybe it will make more sense next week, but for now the idol is still in play, and Holly is actually the voice of reason on Espada, it’s topsy-turvy.

      • Ryno

        In response to Maggie May–“pretty people?” Are you not watching this season? These contestants are about as pretty as a convention of Jeff Dunham fans.

      • Angie


      • sprite

        If producers would STOP recruiting players they would get much better results. Get people on the show who are fans, who WANT to be there, who know how to play and who WILL NOT QUIT, will not talk about quitting and will not even think it!!! From my understanding this season 20% of the players wanted to quit and that is unacceptable and makes for a lousy season. Jeff you are a producer and a lover of the game…DO something to stop the idiocy!!!

      • shelly

        i am at the point now to keep nay because no one would vote for her in the end…she is the best strategy

      • PinBox

        Producers ~ hope you are reading these comments. Quit recruiting!! Go for the hardcore fans who would give anything for a chance to play this game. Stop with the gimmickey “old” vs “young”, “evil” vs “angel”, “race” vs “race”, etc, etc, etc. Instead of clever themes, go back to people who are fit enough, obscure enough, hungry enough and mentally tough (and smart), enough to outwit, outlast and outplay the rest!!! Where’s Russell H when you need him??? What about an Ozzy (who was so fit it was a treat to watch him at every challenge)?? An Ethan Zohn for integrity, definitely an Amber B for intelligence, even a Richard Hatch, whose ego would never, ever allow him to quit! Maybe you need to hire Russell H, Ozzy, Ethan, Amber and Richard H to search out and hire the next of characters. They could hardly do a worse job than the status quo and they certainly know what it takes!

      • Roger S

        I agree with this season being the lamest cast ever. No likeable characters. Although I am starting to lean to Marty because his back is definitely against the wall, and I cannot stand Brenda and Sash. It will be interesting to see the war that will break out b/w Marty and the other two. The thing that bothers me the most is that when a team loses a challenge, they accept the losing and start cutting each others throats right away, without trying to win future challenges.

      • will

        how can u not say that that casting is bad, its actually a great cast, and bmfc have u sen purple kelly

      • Mimi

        Dan, Dan, the quitting, doesn’t-care-about-surviving, man is exactly the problem when you recruit non-fans to play in Survivor. It’s this past season on Big Brother all over again — the finalists weren’t fans of the show — the top two (including the winner) HADN’T even WATCHED until after they were hired.

      • Gigi Dee

        I agree with Ally. I can’t find one to root for. Worst season in terms of players. This season all I look forward to are Jeff’s barbs.

      • Abe Froman

        After last season, anything after has to be considered a letdown. This the “rebound” season.

      • Allie H

        Agreed, definitely the worst season of Survivor yet. Bad casting.

      • KarlHall

        Agree, Abe Froman. After the return of the ORIGINAL players and Sandra’s under-the-radar-yet-skilful-manipulation of the duo of evil Parvati Hantz, no follow-up season could ever compare.

    • Rhonda

      Danny’s Strategy?

      My husband thinks Dan is exagerating the severity of his knee injury? Maybe he’s saving all of his strength until as late in the game as possible – then he’ll surprise everyone.

      When he suggested the possibility, I said, “no way” at first. But he thought that would be one heck of a strategy. No one has used an injury to make it to the end before.

      The guy does nothing at camp. He’s sits out every challenge. And he’s a whiner. Yet, he’s still there.

      • JR

        That would be the one strategy that would normally get you voted out, unless your teammates are a bunch of morons, which apparently they are. Still, a risky strategy. I think he’s just useless and they feel they can get rid of them whenever they feel like it.

      • Sue

        I don’t think its a strategy because what if everyone did listen to him and said “ok you want to go home – bye”. Which I wish happened, JEFF – how did HE pass the physical? You said Jimmy J had trouble passing for 2 tries – Dan could????

      • Applesauce

        here is a better question, how did Chet pass the physical?

      • Amy in Pittsburgh

        I absolutely agree. Was Dan this debilitated during casting? Did he ever give any type of inclination that simply WALKING would make his knees hurt? It just doesn’t make sense how this guy made it through casting, especially because he’s not that great of a personality. (And IMO, he was definitely more arrogant than Yve!)

      • Snsetblaze

        I never thought Yve was a bit arrogant. Dan yes. Eve probably should have told them what while she knows them and their secrets, she had no ties to the other side, Dan was in an alliance and had been protected. That would have been more accurate.

      • Tammy

        My understanding is that Jimmy Johnson didn’t pass the physical because of heart problems. That is a whole lot different than having a bad knee. The physical is to make sure no one dies out there – because of the lack of food and the harsh environment. A bad knee isn’t going to cause a fatality.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Compared to last season’s this time it is easier.

        Having a Survivor injury is bad.

        Back to Yve and Kelly B.

        Yve was a bigger threat. Could be? But Dan should have gone home. Remember Sandra, people underestimated her so much that they think she is an easy final 3.

        If there would be a Survivor: War of Kings & Queens.

        Brenda definitely should be there.
        Marty should also be there.

      • Grant

        Dan is still there because he has an alliance and is probably a pretty social player, even though his edit doesn’t really show it, he will make the jury probably if Espada doesn’t lose and he makes it to the merge.

    • rmsrmsrms

      While its a long shot – could they be thinking so far ahead as to want to take Dan to the final 2 or 3 ??? Being up against Dan, the other person would surely win!!!

      • Matt

        Naonka or Brenda wouldn’t beat Dan from the social aspect of the game. Just wouldn’t happen. Those two have to hope that they’re the last two standing so that the vote is ‘the lesser of two scum’ kind of a vote.

      • Anna

        No one should be thinking final 2 or 3 so far ahead that they continuously put their own survival at risk by repeated appearances at Tribal Council. Dan’s a lame duck, not cutting him loose serves only to bring you back to Tribal Council, over and over and over again.

    • Alpha male

      I understand their rationale for sending Kelly B home, Marty has enemies, Kelly B doesn’t.
      Brenda stated her dilemma, after the tie if they voted out Marty they would have to deal with a pissed off Kelly B who could align with Jill and could sway Fabio The other wildcard was Jane who had no issues with Kelly B and maybe she could’ve been swayed also.
      The decsion was smart because Sash, Brenda and Purple Kelly are solid. Brenda in a genius tribal council move set it up so Jane hates Marty and is now her BFF. That’s 4 votes that can be used to get rid of Marty later. She had to vote off the wildly popular Kelly B.

      • mari

        Marty is cunning, Fabio told his own alliance he didn’t want to vote him out. Now Brenda and Sash are both liars and untrustworthy even to their own alliance. Marty is not stupid and will go around telling everyone things to make them go against them. kelly B. was a sure vote not they don’t even have that.

      • Anna

        Jane already hated Marty and Kelly was only wildly popular in the paranoic delusions of Na’onka and Brenda’s minds. In reality, Kelly’s biggest mistake was having Alina as her only cemented ally. She is a lovely young woman and an incredibly inspiring role model, but by Survivor standards, her game was greatly lacking in the alliances she failed to make.

    • Hollywoodaholic

      Is it possible the tribe didn’t remember that a contestant can’t play the immunity idol for the tiebreaker? Because that’s what I thought – they didn’t vote Marty because they thought he could still play the immunity idol after the tie. You stated it’s against the rules, but was that repeated at the council? If not, in the tension of the moment, perhaps they forgot.

      • Scottie

        Even if they thought that, Marty could only have voted for KB on the revote so if he did play the idol, she would have gone home anyway.

      • rodcrusoe

        None of it makes sense to me, the youngers brain locked at the council. I know he’s hated but Russell Hantz would’ve thought this through. They could’ve told one member to change his/her vote from Kelly B to Marty if he didn’t use the idol. In the event of a tie they could’ve gone after Jill, Marty’s partner. Kelly B wasn’t an immediate threat, she could’ve been fooled into joining their alliance. Of course it’s easy to speculate from a couch instead of being in the game but it’s clear these guys can’t think past two moves.

      • sdm

        I thought the same thing, and it’s a good question. Maybe they forgot, Jeff didn’t say anything and I never knew that either.

      • Tina

        On a tiebreaker – you can vote for one of the two people who are tied. It wouldn’t be fair to allow Marty to play the idol at that point because Kelly B would have automatically gone home. That’s why they don’t let the person play it on a tiebreaker. You put your fate in everyone’s hands.

      • Cowcharge

        Yeah, they didn’t think far enough ahead to prepare a contingency plan. Hell they didn’t even finish making Plan A, much less Plan B! They talked about “drawing out the idol”, but only because they’ve heard other people from other seasons say it. They don’t actually know what it means or how to work it. They weren’t ready for Marty not to play it. They never REALLY considered him not playing it. And they made no effort to scare him into playing it. They should have laid out every contingency, I mean it ain’t chess, despite Marty’s analogy. There were a lot fewer possible moves than in a chess match. Two, to be exact. He plays the idol or he doesn’t. They didn’t plan for “he doesn’t”.
        They know all the rules on idols, even if we don’t, because over the years I’ve seen lots of “idol familiarity” displayed by contestants when whatever they know hasn’t been explained on screen. Like the last night you can play it, stuff like that, which is never explained to us onscreen until that night approaches, but the contestants already know.
        It would ruin the whole point of the idol if you could use it after you already know you’re being voted for. The only way that could work is if it were required for you to keep quiet about finding it, so that the people voting for you have no idea.

    • Snsetblaze

      The wierd thing is Kelly B doesn’t seem like she would flip. She already had the chance to flip to Marty and Jill. Marty would have been smart to approach her as well as Fabio because of the incident with Nonka.

    • weezilgirl

      I agree with your comments. WHY is Dan still there. He is one of my least likable contestants ever! I’m 67 and could run circles around him, sitting down.

    • cmlaywer

      They sure are voting strangely! I wish the losing team (LaFlor?) had come into tribal council already having decided to vote Dan off, and having him set up to quit immediately. That would have been the logical outcome AND would have kept the other team from (1) hearing tribal secrets and (2) having sufficient time to enjoy their kabobs. THAT would have been the smart team move.

      • Rosie

        Logical outcome…smart team move? Not much about these tribes is logical or smart. But I do agree, it would be great to see that players on the “numbers side” actually had the ability to make a smart move.

      • cmlaywer is an idiot

        The losing team is Espada you dope!

    • Michelle

      They DIDN’T get rid of Marty/the idol? Why? So stupid.

    • lori

      anyone know how the votes were split at the tie breaker, who voted for whom? couldn’t find the video

      • davey

        Jane voted for Marty but the rest of them voted for Kelly B.

    • ginger

      Totally agree…this season is hard to get behind. None of them are likeable. What did they think was going to happen when they got out it in the middle of nowhere? Dan is probably faking the whole injury thing. The others want to keep him around because he’s weak and they feel they can vote him off anytime. By the way, Jeff seems to be a little more cranky this season!

      • Anna

        You’d be cranky too if you’d just come off of two straight seasons of Russell Hantz with more of the same coming your way in the upcoming season.

      • Grant

        Its probably because he hates the cast, hes definately been douchey this season at tribal council, he kinda acts like he did in Thailand, he hated that season with a passion…

    • TheBestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I agree,this is the lamest cast ever! I try so hard to get on this show and yet they cast people that want quit. They also cast people that do not know how to play the game! I know this game inside and out and would rock, unfortunatly I still haven’t figured how to get on. Marty seems to be the best player and I am glad he was not voted off but what a dumb move not to play the idol! He was lucky that the others do not know how to play and voted the wrong person off.

  • Ben

    In her day after video, Yve said she had a strong alliance with Marty and Jill. Why was this all left out of the show, Jeff? And why do you say she had no allies just because that was the edit forced on the gal?

    • Karina

      Although the alliance was never explicitly mentioned on the show I think it was pretty obvious that that the 3 of them were tight, it was implied in most of the things Marty said, so if you paid attention you could see that.

    • Scottie

      Yve’s edit was so bad. She’s a beautiful woman, a smart player and the few times she was shown seemed like a great character. Such a shame :(

      • Arnie

        No way you could know the edit was bad. This is like imparting human characteristics to animals, it isn’t really there. If she had been so interesting, I am sure she would have gotten more screentime because these people are dying to get any good footage each week. The producers are working with a bad cast and like a cook with bad ingredients no matter how good you are, you are going to wind up with an unpalatable mess.

  • Jackson

    Sandra from Pearl Islands is often regarded as one of the worst challenge competetors of all time and she has won twice. Courtney from China is in the same boat and she has made it to the final.

    So what’s wrong with being crap in challenges is your social game is superior to the Jimmy T’s and Tyrone’s of the world?

    Dan is an old man with arthritis. He’s doing fine.

    • Al

      But he doesn’t have the social game. He’s just a whiny braggart…

      • Jackson

        There have been a few comments from the contestants and Jeff himself who say Dan is a nice guy and easy to live with and has a good sense of humour.

        Also, even when Jane had to vote for Dan she said she hated doing it on account of the fact that she liked him. Benry also noted how he has taking a liking to him.

        Dan is playing a remarkable social game. No other reason why he’d survive 5 of the first 6 tribal councils.

      • laura

        Several players have said in various episodes that they really like Dan. They were talking about how great he is and not wanting to vote him out. So he obviously has SOME social game!

    • mari

      sandra kept under the radar and let others do the conniving, she would put her two cents in at times but voted with who she thought was going ahead. She made herself seem like a sure vote, but was honest when caught and they ignored her because she didn’t seem like a threat.

      • Exile Island

        why are the challenges so pathetic, remember last season the double tribal council challenge was a rope maze with everyone flinging there bodies around and navigating through a fence, every challenge in nicaragua has been way too easy, bad idea bringing in old people just because jimmy johnson was playing, these challenges are moronic

      • Brett

        Sandra was pathetic, plain and simple. I thought she played a great game in Pearl Islands and deserved to win that one. But last season, she was terrible and I don’t buy for a second that it was all strategic and part of her master plan to be so awful. She was clearly not invested in the game and was dragged (at times literally) through by other, much stronger players. It was such an anticlimax to an otherwise great season to see her win.

    • BruceMpls

      I agree with Al and can’t help but wonder how Dan ever got on the show in the first place? Mentally, he doesn’t enjoy being there what-so-ever and physically, well, how he ever passed the exams to take part on the show is beyond me.

  • Hidden Immunity Idol?

    Did they not vote out Marty because he still had the Hidden Immunity Idol and if they voted him out the idol would be gone too? That would be the only reasonable reason.

    • Gatto54

      But They kept saying they wanted to flush out the idol. So getting rid of Marty would have permanently flushed it out. Dumb move, Brenda & Sash!

  • Kim

    I liked Kelly B. I wish she hadn’t gone. I still can’t understand why Dan is still here. He can’t do anything. Everybody is like he’s not a threat, but he’s not helpful during challenges and doesn’t work too much.

    • Gatto54

      I would have voted him out just for bringing those expensive shoes!

  • Mike

    Why are the challenges this season so lame? I understand you couldn’t really have phsyical challenges with the tribe split old vs. young, but why are they all still so non physical and based on luck? Also why are there no more water challenges?

    • Alpha male

      That was a totally lame challenge. Hopefully next season they’ll go back to swimming, diving, climbing, endurance, wrestling etc

    • Kathleen

      Why do you think this challenge was
      “non physical” and “based on luck”? It was based on speed, dexterity and precision. Sounds like a cheap way to make yourself feel better because two older women beat everyone else. Get over it. They’re both athletic.

      • Alpha male

        Are you kidding? A 5 year old could complete that challeng. Hey Little Johnny dig in the sand until you find a ring then try to throw it in a basket on your back. When your done doing that we’ll play ring toss. I don’t care who won that challenge was lame. Compare that to diving in the ocean, unlocking a box,removing it’s contents, swimming to land then solving a puzzle.

  • shelby

    They had Marty just where they wanted him, yet didn’t vote hime out?
    Alina’s been on the outs but voted out Yve who said she had clout and left the lame duck called Dan in?
    Do these people know the premise of this show?

    • BruceMpls

      It blew me away when they left Marty in the game. I too wonder if these contestants (with a few exceptions) bothered to look at past seasons and how the game is played, or should be played because I swear the majority do not have a clue.

    • Scottie

      Do you? Voting out Yve was a smart move. KB, not so much.

      • cmlaywer

        Votiing KellyB was a waste. She was no threat- had no alliance, could go anytime. Next week Marty is a sure thing to stay since he WILL play the idol. Next thing you know, you get to the merge with the old folks in the majority. Haha. (Said the old lady, me.)Yve, likewise, was not a threat, and contributed way more than Dan. Silly, silly votes.

  • Q.H.

    This group of social and mental trash have no hope, Jeff, so why try and wonder about it and come up with anything that could help explain it?

    Most intolerable cast ever. Kelly Bruno and “Fabio” are the only two that deserve to win this, just because unlike everyone else competing this season, they’re not scumbags.

    For the record, I haven’t watched since Jimmy Johnson’s ouster. It was at that point that I knew these people had no idea how to play this game.


    I don’t understand this show, it is beyond me.

  • sockigal

    Unlikable contestants, non-stategic players, and plain “bad” chess moves! Only likable players have been Kelly B. (she rocks) and Fabio. Sure hope Fabio is acting. My daughter was saying last night that she was hopeful that Fabio was acting, but that it was unlikely. Otherwise, so far, a very lousy season of Survivor. The last two seasons were so GREAT! Hope the producers bring some of that magic back. Now it is just getting boring. But we will always watch Survivor, because we love it! Can’t always be awesome. Depends on the contestants.

  • terry

    Seriously, I find Brenda loathsome.

    • nancy jo

      FINALLY, I thought I was the only one. That girl makes me wanna throw something at the TV. Way to smug and cocky

      • B

        Agreed! She should have kept her mouth shut at tribal – if I was on her side, and listened to her lies at triabl – I would have changed my vote and she’d be gone, not Kelly. Jane shoul have switched her vote to Brenda.
        Also, purple Kelly? She gets zero air time. What’s up with that?

      • Michael

        Kelly B gets no air time based upon a decision that she will make later in the game (for the right reasons, in my opinion, since this cast is filled with the most unlikable, nastiest people to be on Survivor yet) and the producers are trying to screw any chance of her being able to use Survivor for notoriety. I don’t want to give any spoilers but you’ll see what I mean when it happens.

      • Jim

        Brenda’s rant against Marty was brilliant! She can see that he is the only other real player in this game and is shaping people’s opinions against him.

      • ac

        @Michael–How will Kelly B make a decision later in the game if she has already been voted out?

    • Kinnon

      I HATE how Brenda flips her hair!!

    • Matt

      Dislike brenda … but she’s gotten away with it to this point. She’s exposed now though!

    • Beth

      I liked her at the start but every week I like her less and less. I wanted her to be blindsided at tribal, because that would have been sensational…

    • Jim

      Brenda is great! Survivor needs more players. She and Marty are the only two actually playing this season (or so they are showing.)

      • Rosie

        Thank you for giving Marty some credit, he is a smart player and a brave one at that. Brenda, however, is not that great – sex appeal and strength in numbers does not make her a true survivor.

    • Dee

      Brenda is a snake. I wish Marty could have gotten more people to blindside her and get her out of the game. I’m tired of hearing her say how everyone else is “clueless”. Can’t wait to see her go!

  • Rondo

    I thought Brenda put herself at risk by blatantly playing the power role. It was obvious to all that she was lying (do you think Fabio gets that?)

    I was hoping that Jane would switch her vote to Brenda and it’d have been a super classic blindside.

    Brenda may be hot, but annoying as all hell and I can’t wait till she gets her comeuppance, via Marty :]

    • shelby

      Fabio doesn’t get it
      Jane doesn’t get it
      Brenda and her crew didn’t get it despite their feelings of superiority

    • Karina

      Yeah I thought that was really unnecessary for Brenda to do that, but I think there’s really little chance of it mattering because she’s solid with Jane, Sash and Kelly, so 4 is all they need, doesn’t matter about Fabio.
      I also hope Marty somehow manages to get rid- it seems like he’s being set up for something more than an early exit, but that could just be wishful thinking.

      • Alpha male

        Karina, you’re right on the money. Brenda’s speech put Jane solidly in their alliance. With Fabio being so wishy washy they needed that 4th person and they got it. Brenda’s an evil genius and she’s hot!

  • Christina

    Brenda is loathesome!! I hope she gets blindsided and wipes that arrogant smug look right off her face!! But of course this is Survivor and the stupid people keep her in the game and the bitter losers will vote for her to win, right?

    • Mel

      Oh I thought I was the only one who can’t stand Brenda. So many ppl say she is hot, too. eek!

    • Scottie

      Wait the “bitter losers” will vote for the power player? Are you retarded?

    • Patsy

      Brenda rocks! And you sound bitter and pretty loathsome too.

  • rowens

    Yeah Brenda ans Sash made a huge mistake last night not getting rid of Marty, They were so worried Kelly B was going to get the sympathy vote they did not want to compete agaist here, all the young ones are just plain insecure. I am rooting for Jane , maybe she will make it to the final, she’s funny.

  • Michelle

    You damn right, two of the WRONG A$$ people got sent home and I ain’t even read past that sentence in your blog…now I’ll got back and enjoy the rest!!!!!

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