PopWatch Confessional: What scripted show do you DVR and routinely fast-foward?

Mad-Men-prostitute-HammImage Credit: AMCOver a few mojitos earlier this week — it makes coming home to Hawaii Five-0 all the more fun — I may have admitted to a few colleagues that I DVR Mad Men for the sex scenes. I look for the “S” in the episode rating and then fast-forward to watch only the scene(s) that warranted it. I used to tape Mad Men to actually watch it in full like other people with good taste in television, but then I got bored during some hour last season and made the mistake of fast forwarding — slippery slope — and now, this is what I’ve been reduced to. (It may sound a bit pervy, but it’s still better than being someone who doesn’t tape Mad Men, right?)

Needless to say, I was properly ridiculed, but, having survived that, I found the strength to make this public because I’m curious: What scripted show do you DVR but routinely find yourself fast-forwarding for whatever reason? Maybe there’s one storyline you’ve lost interest in, or maybe there’s only one storyline left in which you’re invested. Or, maybe you should just break up with the show, but the “S” is good.

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  • Allyson

    I dvr the CSIs, then fast forward through all the lab stuff. I just get to the results. It takes about 15 minutes off the show, and who really needs to see people putting blood under a microscope or hosing off a body anyway?

    • Lorie

      I do the same thing. I can’t stand sitting through the lab scenes.

  • Michelle

    I’m a principled individual when it comes to completion. I never fast forward shows or skip through portions of books and I even yell at my sister when she fast forwards through Tara’s scenes in True Blood (even though I hate her too).

    • Malia


  • Ryan O’Brien

    Yeah when I watch CSI I zip through the heavy metal music ‘here’s the lab work’ montage scenes.

    I’m getting tempted to fast forward through the Jason Ritter parts of The Event.

    I stopped watching Brothers & Sisters this year when I found myself fast forwarding through Kevin and Scotty and the troubled teen and Kitty thinking Nora had a girlfriend

    • Bobby’s Robot

      The Event for me too. And the romance-y parts of Smallville and Vampire Diaries. I just watch for the superhero and vampire bits.

  • Jen

    I fast forward through the Young and the Restless to watch only the storylines and characters I like.

    • Carrie #2

      Ditto, I do that for Days of Our Lives!

      • Yabby

        Mine’s a soap too! Lately, GENERAL HOSPITAL has been just awful!

    • LisaH

      I do that for All My Children. I guess us soap watchers just can’t break away completely. I know I can’t!

    • cpalma

      I was doing that with DOOL and finally stopped watching altogether. I heard Viv’s been in a coffin for 2 months now. Makes me glad I made the decision.

  • Tarc

    Needing to FF through a show is a sure sign that you don’t need to be watching it at all. With all the TV on these days – and with the tech to watch Canadian, UK, and Aussie shows too! – there is ten times more decent TV than you’ll ever get to.

    • Lisa London

      I agree on international shows! Canadian shows like Rookie Blue or Flashpoint were more fun to watch than most US cop shows this year…

    • sashay

      Agreed. If I was tempted to fast forward thru a drama, comedy or news show (like Marketplace, W5, Fifth Estate), then I wouldn’t bother watching. There are so many good shows to watch.
      I do sometimes fast forward thru reality shows though. Primarily Dancing With the Stars results show, for the musical acts. Most of them are really terrible. And DWTS seems to have an inordinate amount of commercials. Same with Hell’s Kitchen. They repeat a lot of stuff to create mini cliffhangers. That’s my cue to FF it until it returns.

  • Tim

    I always fast forward through Project Runway until the actual runway judging.

    • mccliza

      Me too! Runway show, then judging, then results. It only takes 15 minutes instead of 90.

    • Dinana

      Me Three! Especially with this cast…I can’t stand to listen to them interact.

    • steph

      especially now that it’s 90 minutes.

    • Dduellman

      I’ve got PR down to 30 minutes too. But he is asking for scripted shows that are ff, not reality shows.

      • Mo

        Yeah, I thought “I can’t bring up my fast-forwarding through the “now it’s time to send your models to the L’Oreal Paris salon for their hair and makeup” part on Project Runway… Oh wait, I just did.” :-( I haven’t done it yet, but I find myself increasingly wanting to fast forward through any of the Emma-and-Mr.-Shue parts on Glee.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Who thought that 90 minutes was valid amount of time??

    • Nee Nee

      Sometimes I do that.

    • sashay

      Really? Then you’re missing a lot of good stuff! Sometimes they leave important things behind or forget to bring money, there’s fighting over sewing machines and snarky comments over grabbling someone else’s outfits, and emotional breakdowns. Plus the amazing moment when a piece of cloth becomes something you can actually wear! To me, the most fascinating element of the show is watching the creative process, from concept to execution.

  • Erum

    Chloe’s scenes in “Smallville”.
    Tara’s scenes in “True Blood”.
    The Chuck/Sarah shipping scenes in “Chuck”. (Although it’s better this season.)

  • Mike

    Jeopardy! I fast forward through the commercials and contestant intros and can make it through the entire episode in about 12 minutes.

    • Nerd the Divva

      This! Nerd unite!

    • orville

      Sometimes, when I’m really behind on Jeopardy, I fast forward to final jeopardy. I should be watching the entire show just as practice (I passed the online and in-person audition tests, so I’m on the “potentials” list–which means I’m one of about 30,000 on the list, but there’s still the chance…)

  • Abby

    I fast forward through some of the work room stuff on Project Runway. The runway show is where it is at. However, the closer it gets to the end of the season, I start watching it all.

  • mccliza

    Anything with Gordon Ramsey. His shows are SO stretched. They give a preview of a bunch of scenes before every commercial break, then they preview it again after, then they show the actual scenes. They’re so full of filler! It was so bad last summer in “Master Chef” that I haven’t come back for “Hell’s Kitchen” yet this fall.

    • Jay

      Me too!!!! I dont need to see the announcer set up the same scene over and over and over again.
      And you can usually tell when a commercial break is coming because of the music.

    • MelindaB

      I don’t watch his shows, but there are other shows that do the same thing, and it drives me nuts. If they’d just show it, rather than preview and recap every moment, the show would probably be at least half as long.

  • Dave

    How I Met Your Mother–I have to fast forward through all of the scenes with Ted because that character is whiny and insufferable. I like the other characters so I still watch their parts.

    • Stephen

      Yes he is! Thank you! What a whiny baby

    • Rain388

      I fast forward most of the Marshall scenes – just not my type of humor.

      • sashay

        What??! I love Marshall. He’s my favourite character on the show. And I love his bro’ moments with Ted. That’s how I grew to love Ted. I initially thought he was whiny and insufferable too, but have transferred those feelings to Lily.

  • LOL

    I fast forward through most of the stuff on EW.com since it’s usually about shows I don’t care about.

    • elena

      Made of win.

  • Alex

    The Amazing Race. I fast forward all the parts where the couples are yelling at each other and the boyfriend is always yelling at his girlfriend to “shut up, just shut up!”. The rest of the show is very enjoyable.

    • scatx

      I can’t stand the end when they do the fake “who will be last” editing. I ALWAYS have to fast forward.

  • Laura

    I FF through DWTS so I don;t have to watch all the fake background stories and judges comments. I can just watch the dancing and the results

    • Sam

      Me too! I do the same thing with “Idol,” as well. I only want to see the talent and performances. All the forced drama and story packages? Spare me.

      • tvchick

        Idol…definitely…just watch (most of) the performances and the judges comments. But with the judging panel as it is now, I won’t be watching at all this year so that’s a win for me, I guess.

    • Mr. Holloway

      This past Monday’s episode was THE WORST!

      The competition didn’t even begin until about 30 minutes in. Ridiculous!

      However, this post is about scripted shows, and in that case I’m with Michelle – too much of a completist to fast forward through anything. (If I’m going to properly praise/slam something, I like to know what I’m talking about.)

    • ks

      Me Too!!! I just want to see the dance. The entire show ends up being 15 minutes that wat :)

      • Wendy

        American Idol is my FF champion. An 2hr entire episode condenses down to 20min when you remove all the background sob stories, mentor BS, irrelavent judges (Randy & Ellen), Seacrest interviews, & hokey group numbers. Truthfully…there’s only 20min of actual singing & valid judging in ANY episode of American Idol.

  • shonna

    One Tree Hill – any scene with the kid or Mouth/Millie and Alex/Chase.

    • scatx

      Ha! This is my ULTIMATE fast-forward show. I normally fast forward through every scene unless I see something that warrants backing up. Sometimes I watch those episodes in ten minutes.

    • Rain388

      Mouth/Millie, Alex/Chase or anything having to do with Mia. Really I should just stop watching all together!

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