Mark Wahlberg in talks for 'The Crow' remake

Mark-Wahlberg-CrowImage Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesBreak out the goth makeup: Mark Wahlberg may be contemplating taking on The Crow. A source has confirmed to EW that while no offer has yet been made, Wahlberg is in talks with Relativity Media to star in an upcoming remake/reboot/re-something of Alex Proyas’ 1994 comic book-based movie. He is being considered for the lead role formerly played by Brandon Lee, who was tragically killed on the set of the original film when a prop gun misfired.

I’m slightly surprised by the news, considering that Wahlberg’s similarly dark and gothic Max Payne didn’t quite live up to even its relatively low expectations. But I was even more surprised earlier when I read an e-mail from EW editor Kate Ward referring to the project as The Crowe, because I couldn’t believe they were already making a biopic about Russell Crowe. [Ed. Note: In the future, all of Keith Staskiewicz’s perfectly innocent typos will be bolded instead of corrected. That is all.] Although, the more I think about it, the more I think the star of The Fighter would be great as the star of Gladiator.

What do you think of the prospect of Wahlberg as The Crow, PopWatchers? More or less exciting than The Crowe?

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  • Sheli

    It appears that there isn’t an original idea left in Hollywood.

    • Eden

      No kidding. The same goes with television. People are just unwilling to take the time to think. Whey they do, they come up with amazing results: Inception, Community, Glee, Blue Valentine.

      • Iliana

        Wait, Inception is original? “Paprika”, “The Matrix”, “The Cell”,”Lucid”, “Dark City” all beg to differ. And GLEE?? Really? A bunch of old-as-time gay cliches with showtunes and overblown melodrama combined with John Hughes teen pap with a little bit of edge thrown in. Sorry, NOTHING is truly original…

      • @Iliana

        If that is your level of expectation for “Originality” then you have set up disappointment. That is completeley unrealistic. All forms of art is inspired by prexisting works to a certain extent. Originality is when they put their own spin to make their own. For example, some of Michael Jackson’s moves were from West Side Story, WSS based off Romeo and Juliet. No other TV show is doing or has done what glee is doing. Though Glee has had its misteps this season, at least it is not another formulaic crime drama. Also, I see the relationship between Inception and some of the movies you mentioned, but it’s a genre film. Of course they are similarities. I can’t ignore the work of the actors and the creativity that went into telling a new story with new characters. My issue with Inception was that it was overrated

      • Brian

        Breaking Bad and Dexter. Your argument is invalid.

      • Karina

        Inception was not overrated. It was smart and messed with you’re mind. You think it was overrated because you were one of the idiots who didn’t understand the movie.

    • therealeverton

      When was there? 1922 maybe. Originality and filming existing material have gone hand in hand in moviemaking and play producing etc since the very beggining. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    • Blue Silver

      Remaking “The Crow” is a terrible idea! No one can top the late, great Brandon Lee in that classic film!

      • Roman

        i’m really not much of a movie critic but even though mark wahlberg is one of my favorite actors, i agree that it would be difficult to top Brandon Lee in that move.

      • Ann

        Late and great Brandon Lee. What are you smoking? It sucks that he died but lets not kid ourselves on his acting abilities. He wasnt going to be nominated for any awards. Also, his martial arts were less than good by any means.

      • Rick for LA

        While most of his roles were lack luster, brandon’s portrayal of a undead vigilante seeking to right a wrong he suffered was top notch. alson Michael Wincott’s portrayal of the sinster villain emhanced the movie. Lee had the right demeanor, the right voice, and most importantly the right look. Wahlberg is a decent actor, though I miss his hip/hop persona, but remaking a cult classic is certain failure. The smart thing to do is to not reboot the IP but to create something that compliments the original. But beware of the horrible sequels that are already out there, Edward Furong’s crow: Wicked Prayer….Bleh!!!!

      • sally1018


      • sue

        You are absolutely right on. No one can touch Brandon Lee. The second one they made City of Angels was not as good as the first. Miss you Brandon-rest in peace

      • Brett

        Ann, it’s true that Brandon wouldn’t have won any awards for any of the performances he gave during his life. However, he gave entertaining performances in the three pictures where he was featured as a lead or co-lead, and showed hints of an ability to play in more involved stuff than simple action movies. And his martial arts easily were more entertaining to watch than anything Seagal put out, and most of Van Damme’s work.

      • Chris

        Ann you are talking about the legendary Bruce Lee’s son here and I think Brandon Lee was amazing in that movie.

      • Sue1

        Ann, Lee was at the beginning of his career when he died, and his pitch-perfect performance in The Crow showed a bright future ahead.

      • sarah

        i agree with you no one can ever take BRANDON LEE place, and for mark walhberg to play eric draven it would not be a good idea!!!1

      • sarah

        i agree with you no one can ever take BRANDON LEE place, and for mark walhberg to play eric draven it would not be a good idea!!!

    • HarriettMck

      I had the exact same thought.

    • Donn

      There was one good idea left, but I think that guy was laid off.

    • David James

      Don’t do it. You’re a great actor, and damn funny. I saw the “Other Guys.” Don’t do it.

    • Mike Tabor

      Of course no one can REPLACE Brandon…his movie was made and it’s a character who was bound to be touched upon again. Maybe this time they’ll follow the comic book more, make the deaths of Eric and Shelly more random as they were intended to be.

      But not with Marky Mark.

  • Veronica


    • momo

      I agree NOOoOOoo. How about they remake something that was terrible instead of ruining what was good….

  • jack

    YES!!!!! I’m third!!!

    • Mike Tabor


  • Leoclaw

    No..Please leave this one alone!

    • Heidi

      Isn’t the character/movie cursed? I like Wahlberg too much to have him attached to that film. He’s got four beautiful children… I don’t know, typically I’m not superstitious but this film really does seem to have darkness attached to it.

      • Brett

        No, it’s not cursed. They made two sequels, and you haven’t heard about anything happening to the guys who played the Crow in those pictures.

      • Chris

        Heidi no I think it was acurse in Brandon’s blood line cause his dad died during a movie too.

      • Mattie

        Acctually, Brett, they made 4 sequels. 3 of which were TERRIBLE. The 3rd one starred Edward Furlong and the 4th was Eric Mabius. Both were horrible.

      • Mike Tabor

        Actually Mattie, it was Lee then Perez then Mabius then Furlong.

  • Nathan

    Wow, how terrible would that be?

  • The Jackal

    Let’s just start over and remake everything.

    • Sarah

      I agree. Let’s remake Titanic.

      • BG

        “I agree. Let’s remake Titanic.:

        In 3D! With a happier ending!

  • strickens_girl


    Please don’t do this. I love the original and this would be a tragedy.

    • Melissa

      NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Leave it alone!

  • therealeverton


    I’ve written about this for SyFy (UK) and posted on here before too….

    People do bring this on their own heads but once again, despite what ignorant or uneducated publicity people say when you make a play / film / TV show based on a literary source it is NOT a remake / reboot / whatever. Unless you are taking the shooting script INSTEAD of the book / play / comic etc and redo that material you’re simply making a new version of the source. Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings isn’t a reboot or remake of Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings film is it? Also even though he made a Rod for his own back by calling his movie The Thing and using the same lettering etc (I accept that may have been a studio thing) John Carpenter’s Thing isn’t a remake of the Cold War Classic “The Thing from Another World” it’s a new version of the novella “Who Goes Three”; and a more faithful one at that.

    Oh as for originality in Hollywood, there never was any; neither there nor anywhere else that produces masses of movies either.

    The Classic “Maltese Falcon”, the one with Bogart was the THIRD version of the book made in just TEN years; it was the best; and guess what? It was NOT a remake or reboot. If you think it’s a Hollywood thing then see how many versions of The Borrowers there have been in film and TV yet that great Pixar inspiration, Studio Ghibli have released a Borrowers film this year. Look up and see how many different versions and updates there have been of “The Girl who dashed Through Time” (AKA Leapt, Ran & Fell I think). How many adaptations of Hamlet, Henry The 5th, Macbeth & King Lear? The Tempest is out soon is that a reboot of Forbidden Planet or Prospero’s Books?

    It doesn’t matter what the source is, all that matters is that the films be good, either as pure fun or as serious entertainment. If everything was seen as a reboot or redo and therefore forbidden then no Dark Knight or Batman Begins, ditto for Burton’s Batman films ( & thank goodness Schumacher’s), No Ponyo or William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet (a brave film, if flawed). For the large number of people upset at the loss of Norton as Bruce Banner / Hulk, we should never have seen him anyway.

    Hate bad movies whatever their source and leave the good ones alone. Are Dark Knight and Batman Begins poor films for being the 4th or 5th big screen “series” of Batman films?

    • BlackIrish4094

      Long winded much? Even if you are right on some points, post your novel length comments elsewhere.

      • TheRealEverton


        Why? Also I already said I’ve made this point elsewhere. Are you the editor, deciding who is allowed to post?

    • Dora

      I agree with everything you said. People are way too quick to denounce a remake or reboot.

      • TheRealEverton

        Ya Dora, they’re also way too quick to brand a new version of an existing work a re-whatever (again
        Marketing take a share of the blame) when it’s actually a new take on an existing source. By the standards many are setting herethe 1st Crow wasn’t original anyway as it, like many films, was based on an pre-existing source, a comic.

    • Moonllama

      Your point is completely moot. It WILL be bad because A) it stars Mark Wahlberg in a role that doesn’t require a Boston accent and B) the original is so well-loved and legendary that no matter how good it may be, it still be a mere shadow of the original. What’s the point of remaking something so legendary except a blatant attempt to capitalize on a cult classic?

      • TheRealEverton

        I don’t see how that makes it moot(?) The quality of the new version of this film, which none of us can predict, has / will have no bearing on the facts about the global moving picture industries’ propensity to use existing source material for it’s fis and Tv shows. The Crow mk II won’t affect the “original” at all. In fact history shows us that a poor update simply brings the superior original to the attention of the larger audience, that large numberof people who’ve never even heard of The Crow. Only superior

      • TheRealEverton

        I don’t see how that makes it moot(?) The quality of the new version of this film, which none of us can predict, has / will have no bearing on the facts about the global moving picture industries’ propensity to use existing source material for it’s fis and Tv shows. The Crow mk II won’t affect the “original” at all. In fact history shows us that a poor update simply brings the superior original to the attention of the larger audience, that large numberof people who’ve never even heard of The Crow. Only a superior version will damage the earlier version; again the Bogart Maltese Falcon, or the Judy Garland Wizard of Oz which virtually wiped the previous versions off the map.

        Fishhook of Dollars doesn’t diminish Yojimbo and Magnificent 7 doesn’t harm 7 Samurai; neither are Macbeth or King Lear or Emma or Casablanca forgotten because of Throne of Blood, Ran, Clueless or Barb Wire.

  • cindy

    That movie will never be the same if they mess with it.. The only “real” Crow will always be Brandon Lee.. In his memory they need to leave it the way it is. Every time Hollywood “remakes” a movie they screw it up.. Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween 1&2, Do I have to name more???

  • Brett

    They made two terrible sequels. The original’s originality and drama will be hard to duplicate. And though I like Wahlberg, I just don’t think he’s up to the challenge.

    • Erik

      There was a third sequel called The Crow: Wicked Prayer starring Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, Macy Gray, and Dennis Hopper. It came out five years ago. There’s a reason why you’ve never heard of it.

      • Eliza

        Frankly I think WIcked Prayer, while not as great as the original at least stuck to the orignal storyline and concept that James O’Barr created. A man and woman just trying to make it through the perils of life and are killed before they can be wed by people who are only out for evil. I think Edward Furlong is a fantasic actor and he played the role of The Crow to the hilt. If you wanna bash a Crow movie take City of Angels. I’m ashamed to say I own it. I NEVER watch it. side note: Salvation was pretty good too. Granted though Brandon Lee as Eric Draven will NEVER be forgotten.

    • Roman

      first one was great. totally agree, all the ones that came afterwards were absolutely terrible.

  • Dede

    Hey, studio executives, here are a few rules for remakes. 1. Remake an old movie that had a cool idea that wasn’t executed as well as it could have been. Remake an old film that has aged to the point that it isn’t relevant to today’s audience. Do not under any circumstances remake cult favorites and classics. The remake will always suck by comparison. No Crow, no Casablanca, no BUtch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, etc…

  • javi

    yes marki mark leave this movie alone the original and the bunch of sequels are fine with out you ruin them.

  • Janice


  • Laurie

    This is a bad idea. Mark Wahlberg does not fit this role or any role where he has to actually be a good actor. Why ruin the memory of a great movie and a great character? Why remake the Crow? NOT NECESSARY! LEAVE IT ALONE!

    • G

      Agreed. Mark Wahlberg is a horrible actor. Why do people keep hiring him to ruin their movies?

      • Dora

        Hasn’t this “horrible” actor been nominated for an Oscar? It definitely sounds like you haven’t seem him in Boogie Nights & The Departed.

  • Valley Girl

    Oh, dear – noooooo!

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