'True Blood' season 4: Who, besides Kristin Bauer, wants Eric to...

trueblood-ericImage Credit: John P. Johnson/HBOSpoiler alert! If you haven’t read Charlaine Harris’ Dead to the World, the fourth book in the series upon which HBO’s True Blood is based, and don’t want to know what may await you in season 4, do not read this item. Those of you who have read the book or can’t help yourself, continue…

Fans have long wondered whether Alan Ball, who’s strayed far from the novels, would keep to the script when it comes to Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric losing his memory at the hands of witches and staying with Sookie in her home where he’s deemed safest. While the shower scene is definitely something we’d like to see played out (read it here by opening the document of Sookie/Eric moments and clicking on book 4 and page 67), it’s the possibility of watching Skarsgard play clueless that really excites us — and his costar Kristin Bauer (Pam). “The storyline with Eric losing his mind next year may happen, which I think would be very hysterical,” she told EW at the Scream Awards. “This is an extremely comedic actor. He is very funny. A lot of people didn’t see him in Zoolander and [don’t] know how funny he can be. I would love for him to do that in his vampire character.”

In addition to giving Skarsgard a chance to flex his comedic muscles (as he did when Eric pretended to be human while rescuing Sookie from the Fellowship of the Sun), it would also work storywise. At the end of season 3, Sookie was fed up with both Bill and Eric. The show wouldn’t be the same without the Sookie-Eric sexual tension, and really, the only way we can imagine her letting him back in her life now is if he didn’t remember his deliciously deceptive ways, her fairy taste, and their complicated history. She can’t trust Eric, but maybe she can trust this Eric — the nicer version with the same sexy fangs and killer ass.

Your turn. Who’d like to see Eric lose his memory? For playing, we offer you this bonus tease from Sam Trammell (Sam), who promised us the show would up the ante even more in season 4. “What would that mean for me? I don’t know,” he said. “I just know I’ll be taking off my clothes a lot.” (Reporting by Nicholas E. White)

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  • Mr. Holloway

    Haven’t read any of the books, but it sounds like this would be fairly hilarious.

    • Daniel

      Book 4 is my favorite. ***BOOK SERIES SPOILER ALERT*** You can pick up there and be pretty caught up … just don’t expect to see Lafayette. Oh and Renee would be in prison.

  • erin

    It was my favorite book, so it would be a shame if the show didn’t include the memory loss.

    • Melanie


    • Mary

      Ditto! It was my favorite book too. Hope they actually play this out. I hate the whole witch factor though. I hope they keep them contained only in season 4 and then let it be the end of them.

    • michelle

      I agree it is the best book, and I have been hoping since the series started that they would do this.

      • Ambee

        Agreed! I wonder if anyone doesn’t like book four that likes the books… it was just the best.

    • AD

      Totally agree! One of my favorite books, so… bring on that shower scene! :-)

      • Olivia

        I completely agree, 100%!!!!
        My favorite book in the series. Just the idea of Alexander Skarsgard performing that shower & sex scene makes me weak in the knees (and drool a little). ‘Hands down, or cheeks up’

      • Lynnette

        I don’t know. I kind of feel like any shower scene Eric and Sookie do in the future will be tainted forever by Sookie and Bill’s shower scene in the third season. I was so frakin’ mad when I saw that – – that’s suppose to be a Sookie and Eric moment. I am so happy she dumped Bill….

      • Annika

        I can’t wait! My favorite book out of the entire series. I know he looses his memory though because in the season 4 promo Eric is shirtless and walking on a road and when Sookie talks to him he’s like, Who? I’m counting down the days. Alexander Skarsgard really is funny and he would be great as this baby like Eric. Also really funny. And i am tired of Sookie thinking that Eric is terrible and that Bill is a good vampire because he is not. He just keeps on hurting her and using her for all the reasons.

    • Leah Broudy

      It was my favorite book so far! This would be AMAZING to see with the two of them. They are destined to be together and make a fantastic super couple. What’s not to LOVE!

    • jovi

      That was my favorite part, Eric losing his memory and his love scene with Sookie. Oh, I truly hope Allan Ball would include this for Season 4, thats the BEST part of the book series :)

      • Lynnette

        Most likely he’ll have Sookie lose her memory when she returns from the mother ship.

      • britty

        i know what you mean i love that part too.!.

    • zee

      totally…i hope he doesn’t stray too much in this one

    • KC

      DEF AGREE!! Book 4 is by far the best, I love the Sookie Eric relationshop! SHOWER SCENE!!! :)

    • Edie

      I Love this book. Or maby I just like Eric with sookie^^
      It would be a shame if they don’t do the stoyline

    • britty

      no doubt because it is a big part of the book and it would not be the same if it was not in the tv series. I love the books and i hope ever episode is the same as the books, but who knows what they got in mind.

  • Catboreal

    Oh Gods yes! Yes! YES!

  • Heather

    Please Please Please Mr. Ball, stay true to Book 4…the best of them all! Oh, that shower scene…YUM!

  • Anya

    Haven’t read book 4 yet, but could not resist reading this. I really hope that Ball goes with this storyline and showing Eric’s vulnerable side. How will Bill feel with Sookie protecting Eric? Looking forward to the Sookie/Eric fantasies coming to life.

    • orville

      Bill’s not around much in book 4. I believe (if I’m remembering right–and I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m not) he dates Andy Belfleur’s sister for a brief time (which turns out to be icky in ways I can’t describe) and then a woman named Selah for a while too.

      • Terri

        Orville, you are close but a little off. In the books Sookie and Bill break up for a little while after Dallas and Bill sees Andy’s sister for a short time then. In book 4 he is off in South America.

  • LaLa

    A.B. HAS TO he MUST write this into the Season 4 storyline. HE MUST! I insist on it!!! Oh and the fact that all the fans who have read the books would revolt leads me to believe he will include this storyline. I’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t include this storyline…..obviously.

    • Anita

      I read the books and wouldn’t care if he left it out or not. I’m glad the show is nothing like the books.

      • Lynnette

        I both agree and disagree. I agree because he is able to the book to other places that makes it more interesting. But there are some classic moments in the book that Ball should not mess with. The shower scene of course and all of Pam’s funny comments.

  • Elizabeth

    I would definitely tune in – I really enjoyed that part of the series (of books). Probably too much – I started to lose interest after the fact.

    • Olivia

      You should read ‘Dead & Gone’ …Sookie and Eric finally get together again (also a very enjoyable scene)

  • RosJenn

    If there is not a shower scene in Season 4, I will be majorly disappointed in Alan Ball.

  • Sarah

    As a bookie I would definitely like this to happen. The fans love this book and love this hookup, it would be a shame to not include it in the series.

  • Keely

    This was my favorite book and it opens the story up to all kinds of new and interesting things. It is the book I would like Ball to follow closest, but I hope he makes the witches more interesting, cause they are pretty boring!

  • Freyja

    They better do this! I absolutely love book 4 :D And I think Alex would make a adorable and histerical Amnesia Eric!!

  • Rachel

    It’s definitely the best book in the series, laregely becuase of how much the Eric/Sookie relationship developes during it, and how much the ‘audience’ gets to see the softer side of Eric. I’d be pretty devastated if True Blood ditched the amnesia storyline for Eric Northman.

  • Pam

    I think that would be hilarious. It’s like a lion forgetting he is the king of the jungle and thinking he is just a furry little house-cat.

  • Tiffany

    I have been counting down until we finally hit book four. They had better keep most of the story the same. I like that the show changes some things to keep it new for the readers, but the Sookie/Eric plot line is the best and sexiest from the whole series! Plus seeing Eric in the shower, well we could have a whole episode of that, and I wouldn’t change the channel.

  • tiebaojin

    Also totally love Book 4 and I would love to see that Eric. In fact I would be highly pissed if Ball didn’t follow that storyline – it would be a terrible waste of a great story.

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