Mel Gibson to cameo in 'Hangover 2'

Hangover-2-Mel-GibsonImage Credit: Frank Masi; Inset: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comMel Gibson is about to get the Mike Tyson Treatment. No, no one’s going to bite his ear off. But the Oscar-winning filmmaker, whose long-controversial reputation was dealt another blow after a wave of threatening profanity-laced voice recordings, will have a role in the upcoming sequel to The Hangover. Sources tell EW that Gibson won’t play himself, à la Tyson, but an outlandish character, à la Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.

Though The Hangover won’t be released until May, the question must be asked: Too soon? No matter how hilarious the cameo, will audiences still be nursing a grudge? If the role requires that Gibson make fun of his real-life problems, will critics savage him for trying to make light of a serious situation? In his favor is the fact that Gibson can be effortlessly funny. (See: Maverick.) That’s not to excuse his trail of offensive statements over the years, but the man has a funny bone. Still, Gibson figures to be more of a liability right now than an attraction, so I at least give The Hangover folks credit for being ambitious.

How does Gibson’s involvement impact your interest in The Hangover 2?

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  • Ed

    Just read that Zach Galifinakis is infuriated by this stunt casting.

    Gotta agree with him. I don’t really care about Gibson…

    It just merely sounds LAME.

    • Nicole

      Galifianakis is the reason I loved The Hangover, and the reason I definitely planned on seeing the sequel. But with this news, I can’t do it. It’s not so much that Gibson’s presence would detract from the entire film (just the scenes he’s in), but I can’t give my money to a movie that would play his disgusting attitudes and wife-beating for laughs. I don’t care if they don’t reference it in the movie – they think his cameo will be funny and edgy because of those things, and that’s just gross. Todd Phillips is either an a$$hole or a total sellout.

      • taco

        i agree with both of you. the tyson cameo was hilarious, while this is a horrible idea. i dont know if i will even see it now. i hope there is enough backlash for the execs to change thier mind and take him out in the editting room, if thats even possible

      • Nicole

        I heard the podcast with Galifianakis this morning (Comedy Death Ray Radio) that a lot of people have interpretted as him indicating he’s pissed about this. He is very careful to avoid saying what the issue is, or even what movie he’s talking about, but it’s clearly implied that he’s talking about the Hangover sequel. He says that he’s having a major problem on a movie he’s working on and trying to convince “the other guys” that something is a horrible idea but is having no luck. It pretty much seemed like he was talking about the Gibson cameo.

        To those saying that a celebrity’s personal life shouldn’t affect how you feel about them professionally, well, once I know something like this, that he’s a homophobic, racist, wife-beating pig, I can’t un-know it. And I can’t pretend I don’t care. I’m surprised so many people can, actually.

      • Jack

        Interesting how so many *loved* Tyson in the first one but choose to take a stand now. You all know about the boxer’s past, right?

      • yepyep

        Thank you Jake the same thing I was thinking as i read what everyone is writing. It is true what they say people forget, so Im starting to think that Mek Gibson doesn’t have much worry about in his future career.
        If you put down side by side Tyson and Mel which of the two have so called more of the evils committed?

      • Nicole

        I actually didn’t know Tyson was in the first one until I saw it. I would have had a similar issue spending my money on a ticket had I known ahead of time. That said, I really loved the movie aside from the Tyson scenes. I’m sure I’d like the sequel too, but the fact that I know Gibson’s going to be in it ahead of time changes my decision to spend money on seeing it.

        At the same time, I also have a problem with people who say “what Gibson did wasn’t nearly as bad as what Tyson did, so it’s okay”. Um, no it’s not. Just because he didn’t rape someone doesn’t make him less of a disgusting person.

  • Katja

    As a lifelong fan of Mel Gibson’s work, I have to say that this does make me more interested in seeing the movie. I couldn’t care less about Mike Tyson, but I do enjoy all things Gibson (as an actor, though I did use to respect him for seeming to be a nice family man…whoops). Plus you’re absolutely right, he can be really funny. I like funny, so my interest has been piqued.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I agree with everything you said except wanting to see The Hangover…silly comedies like this just aren’t my cup of tea.

      I’m someone who can separate the actor from his characters which is why I can go see films with Tom Cruise in them and not think about what a weird guy he is.

      The biggest problem with Gibson for me is his dry spell with films, none of his films in the past 5 years or more have been interesting at all.

  • PK

    Actually it kind of makes sense seeing as the movie takes place in Thailand where women are regularly treated horribly.

    Well done, movie studio!

    • taco

      lol, nice

  • reel_deal

    Give Mel a freakin’ break, Tyson did much worse things to women SOBER in general than Gibson ever did, he deserves a comeback more than freakin’ Tom Cruise

  • heath

    If it is funny and it fits into the storyline while not detracting, then do it, who cares. What should his personal life have to do with his work? Does your boss or client delve into your personal life. Hollywood didn’t stop Polanski from making movies after his personal life went terribly wrong. (I am not condoning anything Polanski did).

  • Chris

    Audiences don’t care about what Mel did. Just the media does.

    • Memphis88

      I care about everything he did. The guy is a terrible human being. This makes me less excited to see the movie, to be honest.

      • snee


      • taco


  • etm

    The Hangover was so overrated.

  • jim hall

    come on people. mel is a deeply religous person when he’s sober and i’m sure he would forgive you for being a world-class jerk.

    • Adam

      Actually, he wouldn’t forgive – because of his twisted religious beliefs. He said his own wife(now ex) was going to hell because she’s Protestant. He built his own Catholic church so the Mass could be said in Latin again. Makes sense, Jesus spoke Latin right? I hope the cameo ends up on the cutting room floor. Dude’s a pathetic joke.

  • Dwindle

    I really liked The Hangover however, I will not give Mel any of my $$$….If he is in the sequel, I won’t see it period. He is too bigoted and sick as a person for me to give him my hard earned money. Artists and comedians that I enjoy I don’t mind paying to see and be entertained–not abusive bigots. No way….

    • Liza

      I totally 100% agree with you. I loved the first movie bye why support this detestable horrible excuse for a human being in any way? The move didn’t need a sequel anyway.

    • taco

      yup, this casting just killed the movie before it even got in the theater.

  • mitch

    from the great canadian north mel is a great funny actor he has made us all laugh but he is human like us all forgive and forget

  • Emily

    Too soon! I already think that idea of a sequel to The Hangover is working the concept too hard, and I do NOT want to see Mel Gibson. I’m not saying he’s evil or anything – everyone makes mistakes – but I don’t want to see his face in anything until I can get the sound of him screaming abuse at the mother of his child out of my mind.

  • Jolie

    I’ll skip it if he’s in it.

  • Macey

    Was that Lex Luthor in the audience after Kyle and Lacey’s dance?

  • Marie

    ‘A la Tropic Thunder’ & Tom Cruise was funny because it was unexpected.
    If the media didn’t spill the beans, I bet in May 2011 it would have gone over better if it was a better kept secret.

    • john

      i agree with this statement whole heartedly

      • kellybelly

        I agree. I think it’s still too soon for Mel. But the media did blow it.

        And about the bad things Mel did. All that I can tell is that he has a mouth on him. There is no proof that he beat his model girlfriend and daughter. His now ex-wife even made a public statement to press and to be included at trial saying he was a good father and husband and never did anything like this during their 30 yrs marriage and 7 kids. He got involved with a smart golddigger. And lost his temper so yelled. He also has some predjuices, obviously. But seeing how other people in the future are forgiven, I’m sure it will happen to Mel.
        The whole situation is sad.
        He just needs to lay low for a couple of years.

  • simon

    it just put me off the movie so thanks for saving me the download

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