'Glee' does the time warp again: Shots from the upcoming 'Rocky Horror' episode (Exclusive)

glee-stamos-rocky-horrorImage Credit: Fox

I shiver with antici…pation for upcoming Rocky Horror episode of Glee. And these exclusive new preview photos are just making the wait worse. John Stamos’ sexy dentist as Eddie is kind of brilliant — “Hot Patootie Bless My Soul” is right in Stamos’ wheelhouse.

glee-colfer-rocky-horrorImage Credit: fox

glee-montheith-rocky-horrorImage Credit: Fox

Finn as as Brad is a total gimme, and Kurt as Riff-Raff is going to be great.

glee-ushkowitz-rocky-horrorImage Credit: Fox

Is madness taking its toll on you, PopWatchers? Or can you remember doing the time warp?

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  • ragu

    cannot wait!!! this is going to be epic!

    • Larry

      Obviously you are no fan. Why do you even bother writing. Go watch something boring and leave the upbeat storylines to those who want to enjoy television again. Your attitude is unwanted here.

    • Traci

      Hey don’t forget about us stupid 30 year olds!

    • Fay

      I’m no stupid teen, I’m thirty. And I love Glee!

    • econruth

      Or the stupid 40 year olds! :-)

    • Sue

      I am well past my teenage years, and yet, I still find Glee to be fun and a joy to watch. It has no foul language or gratuitous sex. Good television is what I call it.

    • Cindy

      … or the Stupid 50 year olds :)

    • mau

      If watching and enjoying Glee is stupid, I’m a 45 y.o. proud stupid !!

    • Lady

      @Sue: exactly, no gratutitous sex. SO WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING ROCKY HORROR?!?!?!?! I mean, come on now, you can’t do rhps without the sex…This is gonna suck

    • Linda

      As a “stupid teen” who happens to be a successful 46 year old career woman, I will suggest to Larry David to stop watching if he thinks Glee is so “pretentious” and realize that their are just as many non teens who find this show entertaining. The young people on this show have wonderful voices and do a fine job with the songs on the show. Turn the channel and watch something more on your level Larry David-like a dark screen.

    • mrpeabody

      Please do not feed the idiot trolls.

  • jessica

    cablevision better get its act together & get fox back. otherwise i have got to switch to fios stat!!!!!

    • Carrie #2

      Oh, I highly recommend Fios. Rewinding live shows saves my life all the time, and it’s got lots of other good features. Make the switch, Jessica! :)

  • jp

    ENOUGH ABOUT GLEE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chris

      ignore us, and we’ll ignore you…

    • Scott

      Awww, do you miss all your favorite Twilight posts?

    • Alia

      May I gently suggest that if you don’t want to read about Glee, you don’t click on the Glee articles?

      • EMcG


    • Rosie

      If you don’t want to read about Glee then why even click on the articles with “Glee” in the title or any Glee association whatsoever??? Do you just need something to complain about?
      I love the pics btw, Kurt is a spot-on Riff-Raff and Finn is adorable in that picture.

    • Linda

      So you want more Dancing with the Stars? Maybe that show is more your speed!

  • Reena

    @JP maybe you just shouldnt read the posts!

  • stasha822

    Awww, it’s good to see Uncle Jesse back on his motorcycle!

    • Kristina

      Uncle Jess can sing/read the phone book and it would be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s great on “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night.”

    • mazie beth

      yes, and forgive me for living in the past when I say this about John Stamos: Have Mercy!!

  • Flip

    Soooooo excited for Mercedes as Frank!!!


    • wg


      • Alia

        Seriously! Whose idea was that? Puck should have been Frank.

      • Fridge

        Merceds is Frank? That makes NO sense. I agree, totally should have been Puck. Mercedes would be much better as Magenta, especially since Curt is going to be Riff Raff. I’m assuming that Tina is going to be Columbia?

      • Rosie

        John Stamos was supposed to be Frank but the network was strongly against it.

      • santana

        John Stamos also would have been an awesome Frank!

      • Brit

        Puck won’t even be in episode b/c he’s promoting his own album.

      • WTF?

        I think Brittany is going to be Columbia. Saw a photo of it earlier today.

    • jen

      Agreed! Stupid, stupid, stupid. If they can bring in a guest star to play Eddie, why can’t they bring in someone (i.e., MALE) to play Frank??

      • Flip

        Transphobia at Fox.

    • fish eye no miko

      Yeah, I’d love to be excited about this episode, but the fact that the [bleep]ing [bleep]holes won’t let them have a guy play Frankie kinda ruins the whole thing for me. I mean, they’re still gonna sing “Sweet Transvetite” with a FEMALE singing it? That makes no. Damn. SENSE.

    • Emma



      • Marianne

        There are pics that have been released. I remember seeing it on justjared.com

  • Nan

    STOKED! One week left!!!

  • nodnarb

    So I guess that answers the tightie whities question.

  • Trey

    That picture of John Stamos makes me think of his days as Uncle Jesse on Full House.

    • Noodley

      I KNOW! He even said that they based Eddie’s look off of Elvis :-)

  • Marianne

    Damn Chris makes Riff Raff look sexy lol

  • Jking

    who will be Franknfurter???

    • Alia

      I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but… Mercedes.

  • franklin bluth

    Is every episode of Glee a ‘special episode’? Brittney Spears, Rocky Horror, etc. Are the writers not good enough to create episodes that don’t rely on gimmicks?

    • Fridge

      This one honestly makes sense though. Rocky Horror is usually pretty big with the theater and glee club kids in high school, at least it was at mine anyway. The Madonna and Brittney episodes were forced, but this one should actually be pretty natural. I have no idea where the story line is going with this one, but I’m still super excited to see it.

    • SLB

      Yes, in fact the last two episodes, “Grilled Cheesus” and “Duets” had no gimmicks at all. Just fantastic writing and singing. You should check them out.

    • santana

      The Rocky Horror episode is their Halloween episode, so it kind of makes sense.

  • Sheryl

    Just watched Rocky Horror this weekend with my daughter and her friend. They are hooked!!! Sang Time Warp all weekend. Can’t wait for Glee.

  • Alyssa Wilkens

    i knew glee would do rocky horror

  • Susan

    Let’s do the time warp again!! I can’t wait!

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