'The View': Joy and Whoopi walk out on Bill O'Reilly

What you see here is the “Before” moment. Bill O’Reilly appeared on The View today to argue against Park51, the Muslim community center slated to be built two blocks from the World Trade Center. First he spoke to Joy Behar like a child: “Hold it, hold it. Listen to me because you’ll learn.” She responded in the only practical way: bunny ears. O’Reilly kept at it, insisting that 70 percent of Americans don’t want this mosque. “Where’s that poll?” Joy wondered. The eruption occurred after O’Reilly blamed Muslims for the WTC attacks: “Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11? That’s what you’re saying?” O’Reilly wanted to make sure. And Whoopi and Joy stormed off the set! “I don’t want to sit here anymore,” Joy said, to clarify.

Barbara Walters took the reins.”You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking offstage. I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened.” Video after the break.

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  • rebecca

    Wow, what a mature bunch of adults…. Not.

    • Tarc

      Considering that I feel O’reilly is a criminally negligent lairs of the first order, I’d never care to sit in the same building with him.

      • Chris

        Then why keep inviting him on the show?

      • Tarc

        No idea. I’d never give him the opportunity to spout his ads.

      • emily

        Based on what?

      • id

        who said you’ ll be sitting next to him,,,?? dream on..

      • Tarc

        Nightmare only. Pointless, foul nightmnare.

      • larry

        so that’s your opinion and we’re supposed to bow to your enlightenment?

      • elaine

        tarc is an idiot. Bill O’reilly has more sense in his little finger then your whole hand. Listen to the truth. I guess you are a democrat. that’s what is wrong with this country.

      • Bob – Akron

        It’s to bad that Whoopi and Joy were not able to intellectually compete in the debate……tells you a lot about those two mental midgets (Did I say that!)

      • dr m

        They actually believe that Muslims did not engineer and execute the attacks on 9/11? What idiots!

      • cool8man

        The bottom line is that the terrorists attacked us on 9/11 because of their religious beliefs. Timothy McVeigh and other terrorists didn’t attack because of radical religious beliefs.

        It seems criminally negligent to not acknowledge that radical Islam was the driving force of the 9/11 attack. This is exactly what those two rich celebrities want to do and what the President of the United States has been doing with the Fort Hood terrorist attack, the underwear bomber, etc. O’Reilly was trying to make this point, but it’s pretty hard to get any point across when you have 5 loud obnoxious middle aged women screaming and pointing at you from every direction. Perhaps if they hadn’t walked out like a bunch of childish overly emotional girls he would have had time to explain his full point, which is that radical Islamic faith was the driving force for this attack and building a Mosque at the site is absolutely offensive to most Americans.

        What O’Reilly fails to realize though is that the women hosting that show save for maybe one have little to no respect for most Americans in the first place.

      • Ian

        No, they believe (correctly) that Muslims, as a whole, did not attack us. An extremist sect of Islam did. I don’t think Catholics as a whole orchestrated molesting hundreds, if not thousands, of kids. I believe a segment of Catholics did. There is a difference….unless you’re a bigoted and ignorant moron. In that case, sure, the entire religion of Islam attacked us on 9/11. Though in reality, that extremist group of Muslims, received a whole lot of funding, weapons, and training back in the day from Rumsfeld and Cheney, so if we’re going to resort to massive and ignorant generalizations, why not just say that Republicans attacked us on 9/11?

      • Kris

        They get paid to conduct interviews. I don’t want to sit in the room with the man either, but it’s not my job to interview him. If they can’t conduct themselves professionally then maybe they should both look for new jobs.

      • JAM

        Tarc, you must be liberal. Usually they can’t stand to discuss things and listen. They just lash out and attack. Thank god for Barbara the voice of reason. She is a class act and know what media should be, listen and discuss.

      • JER

        HEY, TARC…learn how to spell (it’s LIAR, not lair). Once you have mastered that, if your intelligence can handle it, you do not have enough class to even mention :Bill O’Reilly! MORON!

      • Jennifer

        elain, I hate to break it to you, but fingers and hands are incapable of logical thought – just like you.

      • YingYang

        Ian- In the newspapers I always se “Catholic priest molestation….” It NEVER says “Pettifile Catholic, or deranged Catholic, or even extreme Catholic. ANY half intelligent person understands what they are talking about. Where is your outrage against them attacking all Catholics? Just quit your P.C. BBBBB.SSSSSSS. If that’s the best argument, it’s lame. They walked out in a huff because they think they are above anyone who thinks differently. To quote a liberal movie that “preached” it’s values and should be repeated hear “Scientists were so busy trying to see if they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”.

      • joe

        I bet he can spell liar and understands the difference between singular and plural.

      • NuShrike

        Not also it was a bunch of Saudis with ties to the Bush family that committed the act, while bankrolled by the same Saudis. The fact they did it in the name of Muslims is just a convenience for Americans.

      • Lora

        There’s a mature adult for you.

      • Jane

        What’s a “negligent lairs”?

      • CJ Laity

        Well, since America has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, perhaps we shouldn’t be building anything American in Iraq, right?

      • Ratings my friends, Ratings . . .

        Love him or hate him (and I think he’s useless) his sensationalism sells.

      • Aili

        Bill tries to get people think, which seems to be too much to ask. Please stop, listen and learn – with great humor thrown in.

      • Jacklyn Koshin

        oh my god. seriously? must be a democrat.

      • captain obvious

        Barbara is a seasoned interviewer/journaliest- the other two….are entertainers. She handled it correctly. The mistake (if any) was having O’Reilly on the show and NOT expecting drama. He is as pompous as they come.

      • Dave

        Whoopi and Joy didnt walk off the set when Jesse Ventura said the US Gov fabricated 911. Oreilly is a great American, it time to put and end to liberal BS. My dog has more common sense.

      • Dave

        I bet you voted for Obama

      • william

        bill is doing his job good looks to me like .alott better than the two that walked off.those two should remmber thay can and should be replaced.

      • joel

        Jeeze Tarc! I never realized this board was frequented by so many teabaggers! To these people it is acceptable and understood when a Republican congressman calls the president a “liar” during the State of the Union, but it is unacceptable for two private citizens to walk off an entertainment show. (They can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.) And for anyone who thinks Bill O’Reilly is mature, stable, or rational – YOU are what is wrong with this country. Talk about low standards of critical analysis! Now go back to your normal intellectual activities – arguing about Lisa Rinna’s lips.

      • bd

        They are typical liberals and single minded people. If you don’t agree with what they say you are wrong…Last I checked the name of the show was called the “VIEW” but in there eyes it only means there point of VIEW. Aren’t liberal’s supposed to be “tolerant”? Every time a conservative goes on that show she (Joy) is always on the attack, but a liberal is on she is all over them. They both handled themselves in a very unprofessional way…Way to be Mature adults. The main reason they walked off is because neither one of them could debate the likes of Bill O’Reilly, he is way more intelligent than the both of them put together he would have crucified them in a debate. Bill O’Reilly is a class act…Grow up ladies…

      • Joe

        He is being invited to show America the ignorance and stupidity that is firing up the pathetic tea party.

      • Dot

        to answer Tarc. First learn how to spell and second you are just like all other liberal dems, you can’t discuss any subject in any way unless it is to agree with every thing you say. You can’t have a civilized conversation without spouting hateful words. Whatever happened to having a difference of opinion? Get a life……

      • Johnette

        What proof do you have to make such a claim?

      • Linda

        You are criminally negligent in your education. I wouldn’t reply to anything before using spell check!
        You have a right to your opinion. Like hind ends, we all have one.
        You don’t need to worry about being in the same room with O’Reilly….you are too stupid to make comments!

      • Chuck

        Ian wote
        “No, they believe (correctly) that Muslims, as a whole, did not attack us. An extremist sect of Islam did.”

        You should spend a little time and do some independent historical research. Islam’s aim is to replace all religions and force the whole world to conform to Sharia law. But you and your ilk would rather believe the lies perpetuated by the MSM than to think for yourselves. So start practicing bowing to Mecca or learn to think independently and critically and become informed rather than just opinionated.

      • Linda

        You’ve said that before and I commented that you probably wouldn’t be welcome in the same building because you are obivioulsy not educated enough to be! Learn to spell.

      • sara

        for those of you who think that muslims attacked US on 9/11 need to watch “loose change” made by a fellow “american” and not muslim and that’ll show you your true face

    • jk

      At least Barbara Walters is. She’s a class act.

      • Rabbit

        Walters is an opportunist. She doesn’t take sides because she wants to still be able to go to her dinner parties, etc. That’s why she didn’t chime in when Paris Hilton went to jail, etc. or when Rosie and Trump went at it. Not to mention the issue with Star Jones (and I didn’t like Star Jones, but really… handled poorly). She’s two-faced.

      • VNova

        oh, puhleeze – she’s so full of it…

      • VNova

        jk, remove head from Arse…
        right on, Rabbit -

      • Tarc

        Actually, Walters made the choice long ago to report the events that happen and not be the events that happen. In many ways, that is a morally compromising position – she’s been in a position where she’s had to listen to some of the great liars on the earth go on and on. Though clearly a professional level lair, he hardly exceeds Walter’s tolerance. Behr and Goldberg have made no such moral compromise. Good for them.

      • Anne Maire

        I always admired Barbara Walters, and this seals it. She did the right thing without thinking twice…her integrity and character shone through.

      • Tom

        Walters PRODUCES this trash TV. She’s as much to blame.

      • FromChicago

        I agree with Rabbit. She’s an “interviewer” who doesn’t step on toes….Joy and Whoopi could give a sh**T….but Bill was rude to Joy first by treating her like a 3rd grader….and they wanted him to apologize….he apologized and they came back. Barbara should have stood up for her employees.

      • deedee

        Babs needs to retire; she is unintelligible and senile

      • Karen

        I agree, she’s very respectable. She’s acting like a true journalist by being unbiased. She’s listening to both sides so the viewers can make up their owns minds.

      • BJohnson

        No she knows good television trash. She wouldn’t get a mention in this EW article if she didn’t make a comment that her cohosts were immature. This show is nothing but another bad reality show.

      • Kat

        Handled unprofessionally by all, but to Barbara, it was probably better that the ladies walked out and cooled off and collected themselves, as oppose to having things get even more heated. I agree with their decision to do so, especially in the face of such blatant discrimination and ignorance.

        To “Elaine” who commented above, surely you realize that Bill O’Reilly is a bigot and an blustering imbecile. But perhaps not, since your grammar was so impeccable in your comment that you must be VERY well-educated yourself. The Bills of the world cater to the lowest common denominator. Sadly they make up much of the States.

      • jack

        it is hard to beleave that in the USA freedom of religion is being questioned. All have the same rights remember

      • Bkwurm1

        Barbara Walters is a professional journalist, of course she knows how to handle those spouting extreme views. That said, I understand why J & W would just walk away from someone being so self deluded.

      • Barbra Walters isn’t a class act

        She’s to Hard Copy what People Magazine is the Enquirer.

      • Dave

        I firmly believe that 9/11 is hallowed ground, and should be considered as a national site to be honored, not by building a mosque. I believe this act would be promoting Islam and its beliefs. Whatever happened to the Freedom Tower?

        Not many Americans know that there is a forbidden part in the original Koran that states to “kill the white man” and that Mohammad was white. There was an evangelical Christian pastor (who has a doctorate degree) in Los Angeles who has studied both versions of the Quran, and has found out some shocking things about the Quran that most Americans do not even realize as reasons why radical Muslims do what they do.

      • Guy From Lafayette

        Tarc – The reality is that O’Reilly is not a liar. If he lied regularly, he would be taken off the air. An OPINION that you don’t agree with is not a lie. A mis-statement of fact would be a lie. So for example, if O’Reilly says, “Muslims attacked us on 9/11″ or “extremist muslims attacked us on 9/11″ those would both be true statements as they are both factual. When Jesse Ventura makes an outrageous and insane claim like 9/11 was an inside job, that is still not a lie, it is an opinion because the facts can’t (and won’t ever be able to be) be proven. Still, many on the right would call that a lie. People are entitled to their (sometimes ridiculous) opinions. O’Reilly is not a liar.

      • Melody

        I can’t stand Barbara, but she was the most professional of the bunch in this particular moment.

      • Sabrina

        @Guy From Lafayette Hahahahahahahaha! “If he lied regularly, he would be taken off the air.” Are you actually serious? Ever turned on Fox News?

    • Mike

      Annie Barrett obviously took the side of Joy and Whoopi, but this was so unbelievably unprofessional and embarassing for the both of them. There needs to be repercussions for their immature act.

      • Tarc

        Why? there should be reprocussions for O’reilly LYING to the American people every day of his life.

      • Mike

        It isn’t about lying, its about being a professional. If those ladies didn’t want to hear what Bill had to say, they should not have been out there in the first place. It isn’t about right or wrong, it is about respect. The show is called the view for people to give theirs. Their incessant screaming and childish antics are embarassing.

      • ej

        umm how exactly? I just reread it because I didn’t sense that tone at all and I still don’t see it. Enlighten us.

      • Lilith

        I;m surprised more people don;t walk off of his show and surprised he hasn’t been decked yet. To imply all Muslims are terrorists is egregiously inappropriate.

      • beth

        Glad I wasn’t in the audience I may have walked out too. To hear such a condemnation of an entire religion is unacceptable. And bravo to Joy and Goldberg. Someone has to correct him.

      • Me


        How does their walking out “correct” him? He probably chalked it up to their being women and overly emotional. Barbara is right: they should have stayed and argued it out with him, or at least tried to.

      • sara

        @lilith & beth
        Wow, talk about hearing only what you want to hear. At no point did O’Reilly ever imply that all Muslims are terrorists. What he did say was that these terrorists were Muslims which is true. Also, he was explaining how most Americans feel (which is what the discussion was about), not describing his own views. That 70% oppose the mosque quote is completely accurate.


      • Kiki

        Well said Mike! I can’t stand listening to Whoopie or Joy anymore… they disgust me! I used to watch the view everyday… I really hope the new show “The Talk” will be much better.

      • VNova

        Gee, I’ve heard O’Riley screaming his head off and going off on e.g. Geraldo. Agreed that Joy, Whoop, Baba and the others are extremely irritating. Why anyone would want to sit through an hour of them trying to best each other is beyond me.

      • Jeff

        Exactly what is Bill lying about…?

      • Tarc

        Well, we’ll start with O’Reilly LYING about the NYT poll (the poll does NOT say that 70% of Americans believe that Muslims (as a whole) are responsible for 9-11). Then, we’ll proceed along to the heavily biased (and completly incorrect) poll about the Muslim center (it’s not a mosque – there are eight points about the poll that have been identified as being deliberately misleading according to independant pollsters). You see, you can get any answer you like if you fudge the poll. Fox News (and O’Reilly) plays this for all it’s worth.

      • jen

        Mike – It ISN’T about lying??? Well, yes, that is the Republican mantra after all. Idiot.

      • robbyrob

        Or those x-rated emails he sent to a woman who sued him. Such a family man!

      • GMRichmond

        Tarc – did you read the article? O’Reilly did not say 70% of americans blame the 9/11 attacks on Muslims…

      • FromChicago

        Obviously, you didn’t hear them tell him to apologize and when he didn’t that’s when they walked out. When he apologized they came back.
        But he’s an a**hole to claim that the Muslims killed us….who is “us”?

      • jose

        Bill and thats why u have better ratings.joy and whoopi need to take more pms pills!!!

      • Ixarix

        I agree, Annie let her bias show through in reporting this incident. Whether you agree with Bill O’Reilly or not. Whoopie and Joy should be mature enough to carry on a mature conversation. It is also worth noting that Mr. O’Reilly has a very large following of his own and a lot of people agree with his point of view.

      • fMary

        Tarc, O’Reilly wasn’t lying. Muslim extremeists did attack us on 911. He was pointing out that most polls state that 70% of Americans feel that it is wrong to build a Mosque so close to the World Trade Center site.

        Whoopie and Joy were wrong to walk off the set. We need to learn to respectfully disagree! We are a country that celebrates religious freedom and we welcome people of all faith. However, building a Mosque so close to the World Trade Center site does hurt families of the victims of 911. For that reason, it shouldn’t be built there.

      • Eirodann

        I’m sorry but when a person says to another person, in that particularly condescending tone that O’Reilly used, “Listen to me because you’ll learn,” he is implying that they are silly children whose opinions are not worth hearing. I think the possibility of mature conversation was off the table when he positioned himself as Father Knows Best. As for the 70% of Americans not wanting the mosque…first of all, the mosque, while near Ground Zero, is several blocks away and, realistically, practically everything in southern Manhattan is “near” Ground Zero. The questions on the polls are so twisted about that you may be answering the opposite of your actual opinion.

      • bob

        When you can’t have a rational discussion without walking off in a tantrum, then you are acting like a child.

      • Kevin

        What lies, specifically, are you speaking of?
        Think hard.

      • beth

        Such a hateful act from individuals who SUPPOSEDLY believe in equality for all. Joy and Whoopi should apologize immediately.

      • Dave

        I second the motion

      • ALM

        They lasted longer with O’Reilly than I would have.

    • Angeleen

      It seems like that’s how all of America is,(generally speaking of course) we just don’t listen to those with different views anymore.

      • Katja

        I agree, and it’s going to destroy us. People have to be able to disagree without being a-holes about it. Bill was kind of a condescending douche to Joy/Whoopi (and many Muslims, when he failed to make his point accurately), but they escalated it and made it a thousand times worse by actually screaming and walking out. Barbara Walters was absolutely right. Whoopi and Joy were out of control and totally contributing to the stereotype of hysterical women, and these kinds of debates need to be a much calmer give and take type of thing. I can’t try to have an intellectual, positive, and productive debate with my own mother about political issues without her asking me why I hate America and why I let the left-leaning media brainwash me. This has GOT to change.

      • Terry

        I like Whoopi, but if you don’t agree with her, she shuts you down or goes to a commercial. Joy’s kinda the same way, she just keeps going with that grating voice of hers. But when you get a Bill O’Reilly on, who’s not gonna back down, what do they do? Walk off. It was unprofessional. They’re all pretty phoney anyway. They’ll complain about reality shows, then they’ll have Kate whatshername host and the Jersey shore gang on. Whoopi has looked like a fool defending Mel Gibson, Puff Diddly buying his 16 year old a half a million dollar car, and 5 year olds dancing fairly explicitly to that Beyonce song(of course, Whoopi’s daughter popped a kid out when she was like 15 so I wouldn’t exactly take her advice on parenting or appropriate behavior for children anyway). haven’t watched the View in a while, wish I’d seen this, I’d have laughed my (behind) off.

      • Mary

        Well said, Katja!

      • Kevin

        I’m sorry. What’d you say?

      • Melody

        I agree with all of those above. It is sad. And often, those that declare they are the most accepting of everyone and tolerating of others are the ones that call you an idiot or other derogatory names simply because you believe something else.

    • Gary

      Hey Tarc, Liberals like you don’t like to get hit with facts, take a look at your fellow colleagues when you have nothing of substance to back up your stupidity you poke fun.

      • David Good

        I am in no way trying to fight or argue on this issue, because ultimately there are far, far greater issues our nation is facing than whether or not the mosque should see the light of day. However, Gary, please realize that not all conservatives agree with O’Reilly, and he has a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts. The same goes for other liberal commentators. Keep it in prospective.

      • Lena

        It would be beneficial to the future of the Republican party if its followers would denounce Bill O’Reilly.

      • Tarc

        Well, I’m not a liberal, so there goes your entire point. De-zombify and come back. And, being highly informed on the subject, I’ll suggest that YOU look up the facts. Don’t believe me (and God Forbid beleving O’Reilly) – that’s the point.

      • GMRichmond

        Lena – O’Reilly is Libertarian.

      • Lena

        GMRichmond – The vast majority of O’Reilly’s followers are Republicans.

      • Alan

        Liberals are a cancer on society! They produce nothing but take everything!

      • dave

        I will bet anyone on here that the terrorists that attacked on 911 were Muslim. Anyone want to take that bet?

        Let’s bet $1000? What no takers?

        I thought someone would take this bet, they won’t because they WERE Muslims.

        O’Reielly never said that all Muslims are terrorists.

        He is correct in that the terrorists that attacked us WERE Muslim terrorist.

        You can tip toe around it all you want but they were.

        There is nothing intolerant or anything about it.

        it’s a fact. You can’t “Hope and change” away facts.

    • Les

      Yeah, It’s The Conservatives that are the “Intolerant Ones”! As usual Liberal Hypocrites!

      • SLB

        Yeah. It usually is the conservatives that are intolerant.

      • guy

        The facts are 70percent of NYers feel the mosque shouldn’t be built at the current location because it will be deemed insensitive to the victims families. No spin just facts.

      • gary

        Perhaps it’s time for these families to move on and quit being so sensitive?

      • Nate

        Gary, I am one of the 30% in favor of it in that location, but the families should ‘move on’? They had a love one murdered. I don’t know if anybody can move on, even after 10 years.

      • YingYang

        Both parties have intolerant jerks. Oreilly and Whoopi are two of the biggest. Add C Coulter, Moore, Jackson & Sharpton, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, ….the list is HUGE. They are fueling (with the help of the Whitehouse) religious and class warfare. It’s up to us to ignore the fringe.

      • ptldgrl


        Well if you want to spout about which party is more intolerant you should take a long hard look in the mirror. The republican party is all about taking or restricting other peoples rights. They refuse to accept gay marriage, abortion or immigration. Yet somehow the liberal party is the intolerant one. In my opinion it seems republicans are often filled with hate, disrespect and ignorance. NOT ALL. Because unlike most people on here, I can recognize that the few bad apples do not make up the entire group.

    • The View

      I used to really enjoy The View, but after Meredith Vieira left, it’s just not the same. She was funny and smart and held the show together. I loved Rosie, but she hated the job just like Whoopi. I like Whoopi, too, but not in this job.

      • GK

        guy, I did look it up and you are correct, 70% of NYers feel the mosque should not be built at it’s current location. The percentage is much higher when you include the whole nation into that poll. Joy and Whoopi have lost their professionalism.

    • G

      Yep, the only allowed opinion is liberal on that stupid show. So much for “The View”, try the “Liberal Mouthpiece” as a more appropriate title. (Yes Elizabeth is conservative, but the loudmouths on the show seem to get all the press.)

      • Betty0076

        I stopped watching the View because of Joy and her big mouth! I have always been amazed that Elizabeth never walked out on Joy’s ranting! Apparently Elizabeth has more class than Joy!! I don’t think Whoppi would have walked if Joy didn’t!!

      • ptldgrl

        @betty Are you for real? I mean honestly… Have you ever actually watched the show. I stopped watching because of Elizabeth and her ridiculous mouth. She is the most disrespectful “host” I have ever seen. If the tables were turned Elizabeth would have made things worse by yelling over the top of what others have to say… per usual.

        If you honestly think Elizabeth has an ounce of class, you must have a very different definition than the dictionary.

      • ohmy

        Betty, you are funny.

        You think that Elizabeth Hasselbeck (a reality tv star) has any type of class. HA!

      • Nellie Rue

        LOL Hasselbeck gets more press than the rest of them combined!! Hahahaha!

    • sc

      Which ones? TARC and that ilk, or the VIEW and that ilk? Liberals and Hippies, here is the real VIEW, in a few short days, REAL CHANGE is coming. Enjoy!

    • LOL

      It’s trash TV. O’Reilly is a buffoon, but no one should watch this crap under any circumstances.

    • OopsyDaisy

      This is what’s wrong with our country today. If adults can’t sit down and talk about their disagreements in a peaceful and mature way, why do we even expect our children to act maturely?

      • Mary

        Daisy is so right! We need to learn to respectfully disagree.

      • ohmy

        Well said Daisy. You are absolutely correct.

    • PeeDee

      Bill O’Really yes indeed miss spoke by just using the word Muslin but come on…. Whoopi and Joy knew that. Walking off on a guest especially one who always challenges people to look at both sides of the fence was totally unprofessional. Whoopi was especially surprizing as she couldn’t get her composure back once she returned.

      • peeWee

        Saying O’Reilly always “challenges people to look @ both sides…” is a bit absurd. I appreciate how he tried to push the same ridiculous argument on J Stewart (on the O’Reilly factor, no less) and quickly changed the subject when he knew he was losing.
        BTW: did you actually write “O’REALly???

      • Dave

        They didnt walk off the set when Jesse Ventura said the Bush ordered 911..HMMMMMMMMMM

      • Josie

        I agree with this issue Joy has been
        getting very rude with Elisabeth and
        also with guest that do not have the same views as she does -

    • cool8man

      Look at those two fat Yentas waddle back on the stage. Amazing with how much they blabber they actually find time to stuff so much food inside their enormous pie holes.

    • John Davis

      No kidding… One bunch of sensationalists on the view arguing over another sensationalist’s actions. A 13 story mosque build on ground of a building destroyed by Muslim extremists??? Might as well add neon to it and light it up like a christmas tree…

      As for Joy and Whoopi walking off.. I thought they were suppose to be tolerant of other people’s view points… wasn’t that the point of having Bill on there? Or was it just to get higher ratings with an on screen catfight…

    • Richard

      What a bunch of hypocrites. They think that we should accept all Muslims, but they can’t let someone with a different point of View talk without walking out on him like spoiled brats.

    • CJ Laity

      Why did those classy ladies invite such an ignorant, racist hate monger onto their show in the first place. What happened, did the guy in a coma cancel and they needed an equal replacement?

      • PC Police


    • Jeff

      joy behar is a stupid c*nt

      And Whoopi is stupid and ugly as sin c*nt

    • Jeff

      Forget O’Reilly, Whoopi Goldberg has got to be the ugliest thing walking this planet.

      How in the world can you walk around everyday with that God awful puss!

      No wonder she’s always angry!

    • Toby

      There are more Christian churches in this country that we know what to do with, and YET, Hittler killed millions of Jews. Why is it that we “Americans” don’t point our fingers to the blond, blue eye, Christians that have started so many wars, and killed so many people. Is it because it is easier to accept and forgive a white race? Think about the past, don’t judge…There are millions of good Muslim American and non-American citizens that want the same peace and same rights as the blue eye Hittler’s race (Germans, Austrians, etc.)The whole anger about having a Mosque in Ground O, comes from selfish people, not willing to understand or accept their neighbors. What did Jesus preach? if you know…then you should apply it to your daily life…

      • Ella Halligan

        What does having churches have to do with Hitler? Oh, I’m sure you actually believe the lie that stated that Hitler was a Christian… he was not. He actually stated that he wished that the German people had any religion OTHER than Christianity because he didn’t like having to work around the Christian beliefs that make them weak!

        The selfishness is not on the part of those who lost a loved one to senseless violence. The selfishness is on the part of those who are so blind to that loss and so callous in regards to the feelings of the survivors that they refuse to even listen to them.

        Not only do I know what Jesus preached, I know what the Koran preaches. Look up the Cordoba Mosque and try to understand what is really going on here… your naivete is appalling.

      • HB

        Well, why don’t you just kiss-up to them muslim pigs that want to see us dead or under their control… Is it not a fact? Politically correct is Obama’s way of being stupid and ignoring the truth about them or hiding his own muslim guilt

    • Gbear

      So right rebecca. Some times these women can behave so immature, rude and childish. What does “The View” mean anyway? That only your view is discussed? Yes the man is rather full of himself but didn’t your mother ever teach you never to be rude to your invited guests? If you don’t like anyone who disagrees with you just don’t invite them back.
      I’m Barbara’s age so I agree with her completely; talking things out is the best way to get along in this world.

    • mary lealos

      As a long time viewer , I was embarrassed with the display of Joy and Whoopi. They were rude and completely without class. I have watched the last show.

    • HB

      Incredible, a bunch of un-objective condescending, progressive liberal pigs that if you don’t agree with them, your trash… They should have walked their fatbutts off and never came back… Being stupid is thinking Muslims give a crap about them…

    • HB

      Well, long time viewer: Your my hero, not those 2 idiots… Oh, and at least “Joy the Idiot” can count to 2.. she did hold up 2 behind Bill… What a difference in being classy…

    • Sylvia McCrory

      I agree, who do those broads think they are. They are supposed to intelligent show hosts. I agree with Bill O’Reilly on most things and this is the USA and we are supposed to have freedom of speech, altho most of our freedoms are slowly disappearing!!

    • grownupblonde

      Joy and Whoopie did exactly what I would have done…..uh,about 30 years ago, when I was 23 and a “know it all big deal college graduate.” Thanks ladies, you two just took the woman’s movement back 50 years with your “I cry because I’m a woman” response. You have embarrassed all women, liberal, conservative, what ever.

    • dave

      They walked off the set because they weren’t intelligent enough to debate with O’Rielly. They wimped out, and now everyone that believe what they believe were left without someone to “offset” O’Rielly. If they really had facts to stand on they would have stayed on set and put O’Rielly in his place. But like MOST liberals, they don’t look at the whole picture or real facts, so when they come against someone who does they have nothing to fight back with, so they get loud and attack or walk off set. It kind of proved his point didn’t it.

      Joy Blowhard is a joke. Why are two comedians our experts on politics anyway? Why do all listen to too comedians for you news? Why, because their opinion is a joke.

  • Karate Pants

    Gotta give the ladies credit, I would have tapped out after 30 seconds of sitting that close to the condescending pig screaming and sticking his finger in my face.

    • Andre

      It’s not nice to call Joy names.

      • Karate Pants

        Oh, SNAP. Well played, Andre.
        But I said “his”. And while I’m neither a fan of the View, nor a fan of Joy Behar’s ridiculous behavior, O’Reilly was completely out of line.

      • Tarc

        O’reilly is ALWAYS out of line. And the pathological lying is pretty offensive as well.


        @Tarc, If he is lying, whod id attack us on 9/11?

      • blaaaake!

        terrorist.. dumbass. A terrorist does not equal muslim. Terrorists can be Christian too, like timothy mcVey. Bet you forgot about that, xenophobe.

      • Desmo

        blaaaake so your saying that that Muslim Terrorists didn’t attack us on 9/11?

      • YingYang

        Blaaake!- No one is saying ALL Muslims are terrorists, or all terrorists are Muslim. The PLO is as white and Christian as it gets. Those guys ran the planes into the buildings and used it for their own reasoning. When someone hijacks a religion as an excuse, it can give that religion a bad name. The Swastika in history is a unity and peaceful symbol of well being until Hitler came along. It was hijacked just the same. If one group should not be able to hijack something and turn it into something of a different meaning, I DARE you to put a swastika up on your house. Not saying it’s right, just the human nature


        Judging by George W’s action, I thought it was Saddam Hussein.

    • VNova

      your comment is an insult to pigs everywhere – how can anyone stand this man or these women – they are so full of themselves

    • larry

      which pig woopie or joy?

      • YingYang


    • FromChicago

      It was good TV, Barbara should be thankful. it’s all anybody is talking about.

      • faithwalk

        I agree with Joy and Whoopie; but I don’t think we should continue to give him TV time. Barbara I feel you should support your co-workers, they were upset and needed a cool down moment. They needed to walk away to get it together, he was rude as always.

      • PAT OWEN


    • John

      Thats why I dont watch those pinheads…..

    • Jerry Carley

      Sometimes, there’s a good reason to ‘condescend.’ Usual BS from a show where they just about get down on their knees when a lieral is there. As well, most of the condescending on that show comes from the ‘esteemed panel.’ They sit around with their friends, stroking each other’s egos, sure that they have the right take on life. I can see why they got mad about the ‘muslim thing,’ though. We all know that Bush & Cheney, and a bunch of Southern Baptists were behind the entire thing. Idiotic idiots.

    • HB

      Give them credit for what? having an IQ less than 100? I like the idea of someone forcing objectiveness it makes idiots like these 2 pigs think or go to the crapper

  • t.t

    the bill o reilly show has as much journalistic respect as the wendy williams show
    and then again their hosts aren’t that different in terms of intelligence either maybe wendy’s slightly smarter

    • WendyWilliamsFan

      at least Wendy knows how to cook a slim jim. bill o reilly can’t even make phone sex hot.

      • Kevin

        I’ll wager she can she can swallow a Slim Jim, as well…..

        Just sayin’

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    I thought the Muslin’s were behind 9/11.

    • UncleWalty

      not all of them, Chaz

      • @Uncle Walty

        Uh, he’s actually referring to the loosely-woven cotton fabric “muslin”, which is not responsible for 9/11.

      • t.t

        its not “muslims” its a couple of people who happened to be muslim. you don’t hear people saying I thought white people were behind the holocaust. its german Nazis.

      • me

        @ t.t

        Probably the smartest analogy on this article.

      • Cc

        that’s right… and I also don’t hear people saying that all white christians are KKK.

      • Boat

        Thu 10/14/10 2:04 PMits not “muslims” its a couple of people who happened to be muslim. you don’t hear people saying I thought white people were behind the holocaust. its german Nazis.

        ~If it wasn’t muslims that did it, then what religion is al-qaeda (completely, not just some of them, all of them) and what is their mission?!

      • IZ

        Replying to “tt”: “its not “muslims” its a couple of people who happened to be muslim. you don’t hear people saying I thought white people were behind the holocaust. its german Nazis.” and “ME” : “Probably the smartest analogy on this article.” – How is that a good analogy? That would imply that muslim is a race. In that analogy “muslim” is more closely aligned with “NAZI”. Not to imply all muslims are bad. So i guess the best analogy that you could make using your thoughts is al-qaeda muslims. Similar to German Nazis it is a branch from a larger group.

      • Sara

        It’s all in the phrasing. Yes, the terrorists were Muslims. The objection at hand is whether O’Reilly purposely framed his rhetoric to not distinguish between “the terrorists, who were Muslim” and “the Muslim people”. His actual statement, from the article, is correct – the terrorists were Muslim – but I doubt his phrasing is an accident. O’Reilly’s a pro. He knows how to bait and how to sound-bite.
        It’s just a shame that the ladies responded the way they did. What were they expecting from O’Reilly? I don’t like him, but I do seeing him engage with Jon Stewart – Jon won’t bite on O’Reilly’s rhetoric, and they can have an actual discussion.
        The women just made themselves look foolish. O’Reilly got exactly what he wanted from the way he phrased the statement.
        I have to believe O’Reilly doesn’t blame “the Muslims” (as a whole) for 9/11. I’m just scared that there are devotees of his who DO.

      • SteveStrifeX

        @@Uncle Walty – Haha, nice, I don’t think many people caught that

        @Boat – You completely missed TT’s point. Your statement implies that “All Muslims are Al-Qaeda” instead of “All Al-Qaeda are Muslim.” Those two statements mean completely different things.

      • maggie

        9/11 was because of politics, not religion. ObL said afterwards that 9/11 was a response to U.S. policy in the Middle East. His mission is to drive westerns out of the Middle East, so that his group can take over.

        If you are going to say that all Muslims are to blame for 9/11, then you have to say that all Christians are to blame for Eric Rudolph bombing the Olympics and a Family Planning Center. He claimed that he was doing it because of his Christian faith.

        Everyone is responsible for their own actions. To blame a group of Americans for an act committed by a group of foreigners, makes no sense.

        BTW, I had a family member die on 9/11 at the WTC. I don’t like it when people use his death as a reason for their own bigotry.

      • LouisianaHotSauce

        not all Muslims are terrorists, all the terrorists are Muslim

      • Anne

        Hey Joy, Whoopi, and everyone else offended by O’Reilly’s comment: Who was responsible for the Spanish Inquisition, in which thousands of Jews and Muslims were tortured and killed? Catholics. Does that mean that ALL practicing Catholics were responsible for this, and wanted it to happen? No, of course not! But a group of Catholics did it in the name of religion. Just like a group of Muslims bombed us in the name of religion. Semantics, people.

      • The Devil

        @LouisianaHotSauce – Tell that to victims of the Oklahoma bombing, or to all the African Americans who woke up to a burning cross, or to those effected by the Holocaust, etc…

      • UncleWalty

        yea, I know what muslin is. It’s a typo. Unless of course it isn’t and you’re the one who posted that, um, “joke”

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        I was making an SNL reference. Man alive.

      • bob

        I think we should build a German museum celebrating the history of Germany at Auschwitz! Now do you understand why 70% of New Yorkers don’t want a Muslim center built there? Build it a couple of miles away – still in Manhattan, but not at Ground Zero.

      • @Bob

        Bob have you seen where the community centre/mosque is going to be built? It IS a few blocks away.
        I’m so glad I don’t live in America. It’s like Disneyland, a nice place to visit but…
        When you’ve got 300 million people and most of them think that a) Fox News is accurate and unbiased, b) learnin’ and books is for suckers and c) that the market is infallible and anyone who thinks otherwise is a communist, you’re bound to get enough crazies together to form a tea-party. How many Americans believe in angels? or have spoken directly to God? or can locate other large nations on a map? Yep….

    • Vince from NYC

      Actually, more Muslims were innocently killed whom were working in the Twin Towers than were on all the planes combined.

      • Gary

        inspiration you said it right my friend. Give Liberals facts and stand your ground and this what they do.

      • Kevin

        9/11 was an attack on America by practicing muslims performing Jihad (holy or religious war) in the name of their religion. I would say it’s fair to lump the religion and people together.

      • @Bob

        So all Irish are responsible for the actions of the IRA? or all Germans are responsible for the Holocaust? Or all Americans are responsible for My Lai? All white southerners are responsible for the KKK?
        Or if someone murdered an innocent bystander and said ‘I’m doing this for Kevin’, that would make you culpable?

    • noora Z

      I am giving credit to them for walking out and with jerk like him he will add more to his lies

      • larry

        what lie?

    • larry

      you know you can’t say that. it’s true but you can’t say that.

      • Nicole

        Ain’t that it……….. You know you cant say what the real deal is……Not in America….Freedom….Freedom of What…….

    • roz

      that’s so Ignorant. It’s like saying I thought White people were responsible for killing Martin Luther King or Black people were responsible for killing Nicole Simpson. Really stupid!

  • Inspiration

    Joy is a leftist idiot who can’t handle an intelligent man who can talk circles around her wacky leftwing talkpoints! He showed her to be the moron she is! She’s a child who couldn’t get her way!! Whoopie, I thought had the capacity to reason, but I think let her emotions get the best of her! These two left-wingnuts know their team has completely failed(at least in the eyes of the American people) & they are about to get their asses handed to them!! They just can’t stand it! Tough @*#t ladies-grow up!!! I quit watching this show bcz of these two!! Poor Barbara !!!!

    • davey

      Let me guess…you’re a Republican?

      • Justin

        Not sure, Davey…not sure…

      • Free Thought

        Let me guess… you’re a DEMOCRAT?

      • flyboy

        Oh, let me guess…you’re a Democrat?

      • Free Thought

        @flyboy – jinx, you owe me a coke!! LOL!! Great minds think alike!

      • tony

        They should change the name to “The Extreme Left.”

        The moss should not be built there.

        If you’re a healer, you built the mosque else where. If you are the aggressor, you will build it next to ground zero.

        Aggressor should be stopped.

      • ted h

        can’t wait for all radical libs to retreat back under the rocks from witch they came

      • eliott256

        Damn that moss getting everywhere eh tony?

      • maggie

        you must not know New York. Where they want to build the Community Center (and that’s what it is, not a mosque) is not “next to ground zero.” It’s 2 1/2 blocks away from the outer edge of the WTC property. It can’t even be seen from the WTC.

      • JER

        and your a liberal loon…..

    • Tarc

      O’Reilly is a professional right-wing propagandist and pathological liar that shills himself to the highest bidder. Get real.

      • Lori

        Let me guess … you’re a Democrat?

      • Cc

        Well said Tarc.

      • john Heath

        TARC…all you say is that Bill is a liar…give a specific…if you ever actually listened to him you know he goes to great pains to make sure his info is correct. You may not believe in his ideology, but don’t call him a liar…what did he lie about

      • David Good

        John, that is not true. Bill does not go to great lengths to fact check. There are countless examples of him not doing so. But that goes for all of these politicos – left and right. Understand folks, they want to push their agenda, and they will appeal to the group they can impress the easiest. Don’t be roped in by either side’s spokespeople. He does not do his job for you, he does it for himself.

      • Tarc

        Actually, no, I’m not a Democrat. Just the right-wing worst nightmare: a well-educated American independant.

      • Tarc

        Yes, John, I know O’reilly well enough to know he, IN FACT, constantly lies. Not to the level of Gleen Beck, who just invents his material wholesale, but if you believe that O’reilly is telling you the truth, you really need to do your own fact-checking. There is ageneral policy at Fox news to provide news with a very decided slant, and they achieve it by telling deliberate half-truths to skew public opinion.

      • rob

        Bill OReilly is NO different than most of the people that we elect to represent us in public office. Too bad we don’t fact check the people we vote for. Bill succeeded….look at how many haters watch his show!

      • larry

        Tarc you self serving liar. you have espoused time and again that Mr. O’reily is a “pathological liar” yet i haven’t seen one word of proof of your slanderous statements. sounds like you’re the propogandist you vile, little ball of hate.

      • Alan

        Tarc, I’d like to know where your proof is of O’Reily’s lies? Your brainwashed by the liberal media. One day you will understand how wrong you are.

      • Kevin

        In the vernacular of the layman…..

        Your a_s sucks buttermilk.

    • Vince from NYC

      Who is their team and how did they fail? Oh, Democrats, I get it now your a Republican. So, um, yea, very inspirational.

      • Betty0076

        Vince, for your edification, that would be “YOU’RE’ a Republican!! Your means belonging to you …. You’re means “you are”!!

    • Glenn Beck

      Yes, this is the American way. Your anonymous attack on these women who can buy and sell you many times over is cowardly. By the way, O’Reilly would be a walking doorknob if he didn’t have researchers to spoon-feed him facts.

      • M. B.

        I think Glen Beck is obnoxious!

    • Kevin

      You lost me at “intelligent man”… the dude got his start on Inside Edition for Cripes’ sake!

      • Bill O’Reilly, Voice of Reason

        “So anyway I’d be rubbing your big b**bs and getting your n***les really hard, kinda’ kissing your neck from behind…and then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I’d just put it on your p***y but you’d have to do it really light, just kind of a tease business…”

      • Jackie Wolf

        Noooooo. Actually he got his start at ABC News. Does a job necessarily define your intelligence? Ever take a job 2 pay bills? Not defending or attacking O’Reilly. Just hate the concept that one’s job defines one’s intelligence.

      • Kevin

        Bill also taught school in the Miami area.

    • tremendez

      An intelligent man would know it is a cultural center that is naively deemed a mosque by people who don’t know what a mosque is. What is inappropriate is arguing that a 70% majority gives them the right to infringe on other people religious beliefs. A cultural center is a place for the community where ALL faiths are welcome. a Mosque is a building dedicated only for worship. An Intelligent man would understand that all this furor is just a way for racist xenophobes to justify their hateful beliefs.

    • wino

      walking out on a guest is unprofessional but its the view, so i dont expect more. however, it doesnt take away from the fact that Bill’s comments are extremely misleading. Men who happened to be of Islamic faith are responsible for 9/11…not Muslims in general. Its interesting he didnt say Saudi Arabia attacked us given the majority of the attackers were Saudis. But considering the US’s relation with the Saudi royal family, its more suitable for some to use the Muslim community as the scapegoat.

    • noora Z

      with idiot like him anybody would walk away and he is the biggest liar and he never speak the truth and I dont even watch FOX chanel because idiot like him.

      • larry

        you don’t watch Fox News because you’re a muslim liberal

      • Kevin

        noora Z ( Great tag..not)

        Please learn grammar and spelling…

        Before you reach the 5th grade.

        Good grief!

    • @inspiration

      if that really is your name…Poor Baba? Save your pity for someone who deserves it. While I can’t stand Whoop or Behar, calling O’Riley “intelligent” is a bit of a stretch…even for you. Yes, they are about to go down to the likes of a Witch and a guy who likes to dress up in SS outfits on the weekend so he can bond with his son (????) You must be very proud. ‘She’s not a witch… She’s YOU!’

    • G

      I’m independent, I don’t care for either party. And I think the View is slanted, liberal and ridiculous. And the mosque should NOT be built there.

  • Pascal

    Maybe we give people like him too much attention…

    • Free Thought

      Do you think that maybe we give people like Whoopie and Joy too much attention? Do you think their behavior is acceptable? It doesn’t matter about who’s political side they are one. If they disagree that’s one thing, but this is about behaving as a mature adult on national television. It was very bad manners and a very poor example of how people in polite society should treat each other, whether they agree with his stance or not.

      • Ray

        looks like YOU are the one giving them all the attention. You are all over this post!

      • Free Thought

        @Ray – and apparently YOU are reading the posts; therefore, proving the original statement that we are all, in fact, giving the commentators in question TOO MUCH ATTENTION! :)

      • Betty0076

        Exactly right!! That’s why the show is called “The View” Joy would like it to be called “Joy’s View”!! Haven’t been crazy since Whoppi defended Michael Vick and said the “poor kid” was brought up in that culture!! She should have checked … he was not brought up in that culture!! When she said that the other panelists should have walked off!!

      • Free Thought

        @Betty0076 – Right on!!! :)

  • Louise

    Wow, there is truly no one to root for in this situation. Idiocy all around.

  • Elizabeth

    Life’s so much easier when you can pin the blame on an entire group of people instead of the actual individuals…

    • John

      Good Luck seperating the individuals in this war…….new ones reveal themselves every minute

  • Lisa

    Joy and Whoopie’s hollier than hollier attitude is why I no longer watch the view. Barbara is correct, it should be a place to express “VIEWS” but with these two, it’s their way or the highway!

    • halo

      make that too Lisa, I stopped watching after Meredith left. She was the sole voice of reason on that show when Baba WaWa was not around

      Sad, we should be able to have a debate on this WITHOUT PEOPLE LEAVING THE ROOM.
      Sorry folks, but leave it to the Lefty’s to pick up their toys and go home.

      9/11 was in fact perpetrated by muslims, CRAZY NUT ISLAMO FASCIST MUSLIMS
      That is what O’Reilly was trying to say before the two of them decided to act like children.

      • Vince from NYC

        Correction to Halo: 9/11 was ALLEDGEDLY perpetrated by a group of RADICAL MUSLIM EXTREMESTS.

      • G

        Vince where do you get allegedly? Have you read the transcripts of what the offenders said while ON the plane??? If you had there would be no “allegedly”.

    • Tarc

      All evidence to the contrary…

    • Rick

      Perhaps they have a little more intellect than you .. views?? Whose views?? O’Reilly has no views.

      • Bill O’Reilly, Voice of Reason

        I have views!
        “I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out, and I wouldn’t have rescued them.”

    • Lizzy

      I agree with you. I don’t like Bill Reiley either. But I get tired of Joy especially and her unwillingness to allow others to have opinions that are in opposition to hers.

      • Betty0076

        Joy thinks there is only one opinion and it is HER’S!!! I have heard her give an opinion and when someone disagreed, she has said, “Anyone who thinks that is an idiot!” I loved it when Bill said, “listen and you’ll learn something!! LOL

      • Kevin

        You quoted..“I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out, and I wouldn’t have rescued them.”
        In a news conference after Katrina hit, then Pres. Bush was asked about Rowe v. Wade…he respomded, “I don’t care how they get out of New Orleans”.

      • phyl

        No wonder Joy had NO friends growing up! It appears she hasn’t changed much. She still acts like a spoiled Brat.!!

    • ej

      A “view” is one thing…lies are another. Why continue sitting there when he says things like that. My best friend is Albanian and Muslim. Is she responsible for the attacks. Get real. He is out of line. He should get no attention..he should move with Ann Coulter to an island somewhere and they can live happily ever after.

  • katy

    Leave it to the ladies of The View to take on Bill O’Reilly with the maturity of a second grader. You have to be doing something seriously wrong when O’Reilly seems like the coolest cucumber in the room.

    • Tarc

      O’Reilly is a liar and a fraud, so why wouldn’t he be cool. It’s not like he’s espousing his ACTUAL views.

      • Mac

        @Tarc – For someone who is so passionate about condemning Mr. O’Reilly for being a liar, you have yet to provide a single example of a lie that he has told. Until you do, I doubt that anyone with any level of intelligence will ever take you seriously. Name calling will never win you a debate. Please brush up on your logic and try again when you have a rational argument.

      • Tarc

        considring that O’Reilly’s status has been well-known for along time (and there are entire blods devoted to correcting him), I also provided two examples above. And hey, you can check yourself – it’ll take less than five minutes to confirm. And frankly, I’m not debating – just relaying the FACTS, which you can conform yourself. The problem being is that no one these days actually THINKS or listens to these nutbags critically. they direct your thinking by sibtle (or not so subtle) lying. There are entire brances of science regarding just how to do this effectively, and the finding are stamped all over O’Reilly’s comments. Please brush up on your OWN thought processes.

      • Mac

        Are you even speaking English? It’s hard to even follow what you’re saying with so many misspellings and typos. Unfortunately, you have NOT given any examples. Saying that he’s lied about a lot of things isn’t an example. It’s funny that you say that no one thinks or listens critically though. It certainly sounds like you’re a disciple of all things liberal. Every Liberal talking head out there tries so desperately to disprove anything and everything that O’Reilly says. Like someone else said, if you actually watched his show, you’d see that no one is off limits from criticism. Tell me the last time you saw anyone on CNN give a report that wasn’t liberally-centric and/or disparaging to conservatives. Almost every media outlet in this country oozes of liberal bias. Forgive me for not stoning a man who attempts to argue fairly for both sides of the political spectrum. If he leans to the conservative side, then so be it. At least that gives a large portion of the country some hope for a future that was promised, but hasn’t been anywhere close to being delivered.

      • larry

        you really are a vile little ball of hate.

      • ezduzit

        either you’re in the 2nd grade or you’re a moron.

        try learning how to spell before you post a pile of crap.

      • Moderation

        Out of the 8 or so prime time cable hosts from FOX and MSNBC, O’Reilly is easily the most moderate and factual. People like Tarc constantly spew negative opinions about Bill and his views but they say nothing about his “peers”. They are like mosquitos drawn to a flame.

        O’Reilly does not deny the right to build the mosque near ground zero, he questions the judgement to do so, and so do many other sound minded individuals. The mosque could be built at any number of places, so to say that it “should” be built in close proximity to ground zero is a presumptuous statement that requires more reasononable argumnets than you will ever find on The View.

    • shar40

      I doubt you ever get the chance as he is smarter and richer than you

  • ProjectRunGAY

    the extremists do not represent the entire congregation.

    • john

      In fact they do. They are fundamentalists, so they are following their book to the T, which has tons and tons of hate in it. Its just like how most christians aren’t real christian, the bible says killing and treating women badly is ok….

      • whatevs

        Where does it say that? Please enlighten us with your limitless knowledge.

      • KRibbons

        wow. Those are the most out of context statements I have ever read

  • shelly

    you go bill! he does not say anything without having the facts…can the rest of them say that?

    • Elizabeth

      Well, then can we blame the entire human race then?

    • Tarc

      Wake up, Shelly. Bill O’Reilly only tells the truth when it serves to reinforce his lies.

      • Alan

        Tarc, you are without a doubt the most ignorant person on this blog. Not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorists are muslim. That is what he said, there are no lies in that statement. The landing gear of one of the planes crashed into this building where they plan to build this mosque. Even if that is two blocks from the world trade center site, it still makes it ground zero for the families of the victims which you obviously do not care about. You just want to spread hate about people you don’t like. You are intolerance incarnate.

      • Alan

        Tarc, you just said Bill is a liar, now you say he tells the truth. Which is it? Larry was right “you really are a vile little ball of hate.”

  • Ap

    I haven’t been down there in a couple of weeks but I thought the media stopped talking (blowing it out of proportion) about this? Just like they do with everything else.

    And then the next thing you know the building will be built.

    • Elizabeth

      Par for the course and “The View” – they’re usually a good month or so behind the times ;) I think it serves their purpose of trying to be relevant better.

      I’m not defending Papa Bear here, either.

  • surefire

    Yeah, nothing sets off liberal moon bats like the truth. I love it. You go Bill!

    • Ap

      You mean the truth that the Constitution says that every American has their right to freedom of religion?

      Or are you referring to opinions from a poll?

      • halo

        that’s is a NEW YORK TIMES POLL
        and we all know how conservative the Times are

      • Tarc

        Actaully, it was a LIE based on a New York Times poll. It’s astonishing that some people are so stupid as to belive a word that guy says.

      • Ap

        Do you think [fill in the blank]?
        What do you think [fill in the blank]? That makes it fact. That makes it the truth? Is this what the world is coming to when opinions are now regarded as fact?

        Here’s one fact: Muslims are already praying in there even though the building’s not built. 60 minutes did an excellent news story on this. They have a podcast, you should download it.

    • mark in nyc

      what truth? He was making up the 70% stat, and saying that muslims killed us on 9/11 is like saying catholics sexually abuse small boys.
      Not all muslims attacked us, not all catholics sexually abuse small boys.

      • Laughing Eagle

        Sorry, Charlie, he wasn’t making up those stats. Here are links that prove it: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/113747-poll-public-strongly-opposes-ground-zero-mosque- http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/243091/close-70-percent-oppose-ground-zero-mosque-stephen-spruiell

        It’s you lefties who make up lies and slander people, like Joy and Whoopie tried to do by walking out on Bill, as if he was actually saying something against Islam in general. If those two twits ever actually watched his show, they’d know that he’s defended Islam, not to mention their President, much to the chagrin of the far right. The fact that the far left hate him more is only because he IS fair and they’re accustomed to journalists and public opinion forums spewing their point of view alone.

        Your ignorance is appalling. What’s more appalling is that liberals try to mask their ignorance as intellectualism.

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks Mark – well said!

      • @Laughing Eagle

        But the poll only included 1009 people. We’re supposed to believe that 700 people can accurately reflect the views of 70% of ALL Americans? Riiight. Every day you can read comments on EW boards about how the Nielsen ratings system doesn’t accurately depict the viewing habits of Americans. So why do people recognize the issues with small sample sizes when it comes to TV programs, but not with important real-life issues?

      • monkey

        are you saying that not all those boys who were sexually abused were violated by catholics?

      • Sara

        Thanks for providing the links. Do you happen to have any information about the question(s) asked? I have to assume there would be a difference in responses if people were asked “Are you for or against the mosque at Ground Zero?” or “Are you for or against the Islamic center near Ground Zero?” The second question seems to be more factual to me, but I admit not being especially well-informed!
        Just curious, that’s all. :)

      • KRibbons

        Its called Statistics. Unless you have a way to poll every single person in America, I’ll stick with what works and what has worked for years. And I’m not going to get my facts from EW boards. I didn’t know that was the new way of polling America: Comments on Entertainment Weekly’s blog posts.

      • larry

        so that failed argument is supposed to cancel out the act?

      • maggie

        you have made an important point. The question about a mosque at or next to Ground Zero is usually what is asked. A more accurate question would be if they approved of a Community Center (which includes prayer space for Muslims, as well a 9/11 Memorial with prayer space for all) should be built a few blocks from Ground Zero (but cannot be seen from GZ).

        BTW, the polls that say 70% of people are against the “mosque” are all 2 months old or older.

      • kat

        I didn’t click on the link to verify the supposed accuracy, because I don’t care. Even if 99% of New Yorkers don’t want it there it should not matter. Freedom of religion isn’t negotiable. A right is a right – not something that can be overruled by a majority depending on their beliefs. I would bet that a large percentage of Americans favored slavery at one point. That did not make it okay.

  • Anno

    Obviously these women don’t like O’Reilly. It seems they were just looking for a reason, no matter how little, to grandstand by walking off the set. Ms. Walters was right, professionals would not have acted that way. BTW… 70%, from what I have observed, is probably an underestimate.

    • Where Does That 70% Live Anyway?

      If 70% of NYC residents are opposed to the mosque’s location, then THAT’S a point worth discussing. But I wouldn’t want people from all over the country calling the shots about what gets built in MY town. I think anyone who doesn’t live in NYC should butt out. Are there no issues in your own towns/cities that you could be getting involved with? Is where you live really so perfect that you have to spend your time getting whipped up over an Islamic Center in a town you might never visit in your entire lifetime?

      • danny

        it does matter in this case because of the occurance that happened there. The attacks on the world trade center were not only a new york event, it was a slap in the face of all americans. that’s whay all points should be listened too in a calm manner. walking out only hurt the weak credibility of these two ladies. Agree to disagree and move on. thanks all!

      • Anno

        9/11 was an incident of not only national significance but international significance. The people who died there were from all over the world. To imply that the mosque controversy only affects the locals in NYC is ridiculous. I’m walking out on you right now. Actually I’m just going to follow Danny’s advice and agree to disagree. One more thing, one of the controversies in my area of the world (central VA) is that NYC ships its trash down here to be placed in a landfill. If we have to put up with trash from YOUR town, you can at least listen to our concerns.

      • larry

        i’ve never known ANYONE from NY to not have an opinion about the rest of the country. so NY should lead by example and butt out first.

      • LOL

        Faux News: The More You Watch, the Less You Know ®

      • Ken

        Yes I do have a right to my opinion on the mosque. This was an attack on my country, not just NY. If you do understand that, then you are ignorant behyond belief.

    • jerryvol

      Tarc is a perfect example of a liberal making an attempt at debate. Just keep repeating over and over that Orielly is a liar. If you don’t have the intelligence to debate, just call some one names. What Tarc says about Orielly says a whole lot more about Tarc than Orielly.

      • JER

        Very well said. TARC is one of those ignorant liberals that can’t handle the truth!
        TRAC…you are an ignorant, arrogant moron..just like YOUR president!

      • joel

        I like the way “JER” complimented the post by “jerryvol”. JER, do you stand in front of the mirror and say nice things to yourself, too?

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