Kaley Cuoco shares leg-breaking story (says 'Big Bang Theory' won't write in injury)

kaley-cuoco-legDespite our best efforts to help The Big Bang Theory producers brainstorm ideas for how to incorporate Kaley Cuoco’s cast, they’ve decided not to write her broken leg into the show. Instead, waitress Penny will become a bartender so she can be shot from the waist up, Cuoco told Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. The decision surprised her, too, she admitted. But we concede it’s the simplest fix.

Cuoco also shared the story of how she broke her leg during a Saturday horse-riding lesson. Watch the interview here. She obviously tells it best, and it involves sound effects. In short, her horse spooked, she fell off, and laughed, because she was totally fine. Only her horse wasn’t done. He tried to leap over her and landed on her left leg. (Cue the crackling she thought was him landing in leaves.) She didn’t feel anything at first. “Then I looked, and I’m like, wow, my foot’s facing me… And I was like, that’s not normal.” She was in shock, and tried to pick it up and it just dangled. The paramedics needed to cut off her boot and “all the bones were sticking out.” At the hospital, the doctor told her she had three options — the first was amputation. In the full interview, embedded below, she says they were worried about infection and told her she might come out of the emergency surgery with only one foot. Instead, they put two giant metal bars in her leg during her two-week hospital stay, which caused her to be written out of two episodes entirely. She says she thinks the horse, “the love of my life,” feels bad and she can’t wait to ride him again. Perhaps Penny’s job change should be permanent, just in case.

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  • Icon

    Holly $#!7 I had no idea it was that serious.
    If my foot faces me, i faint.

    • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

      It sounds gruesome, but I honestly never liked her character on the show, I think her role in the story has been exhausted and they should bring in a new female character.

      • Alan

        What an incredibly cold comment! You know, this is what she does for a living – how would you like to be told that you should be fired because you broke your leg?!?!

      • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

        her leg has nothing to do with my opinion that her role on the show has been exhausted

      • GHB

        Actually, she brings the closest thing to “normalcy” to BBT. Really like her character!

      • Hillary

        I just wish they’d make her character a little brighter and with a different job. Maybe she could enroll in college to become something . . . a nurse etc.

      • Garry

        Oh, shut up, Seddie Forever.

      • Ashley


      • DJ

        Without Penny’s interaction with the guys (especially Sheldon) it’s just a one joke show.

      • D.

        Seddie is entitled to her opinion. And she said it had nothing to do with the leg injury. So Garry and Ashley should chill out, and Alan, read before you post. I think the Penny character helps this poor show immensely, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thank you.

      • Pete

        DJ, it’s one (bad) joke show anyway. Kaley’s only job is to act flabbergasted or frustrated at the exact same things guys are saying or doing to her in every episode.

      • Jason

        wow the jealosy really shows in your comment Seddie

    • TaMara

      Icon – you just made me spit coffee on the keyboard. LOL! But I’m with you.

    • SLB

      Damn! I didn’t know it was that serious either. I thought it was just a fracture. I wish they would write it into the show. That would be funny. And her character is hilarious!

  • ann

    But if she’s a bartender, who’ll serve Sheldon his cheeseburger?

    • Brenna

      Nanci? lol

    • Jackie

      I thought they were bringing Howard’s former girlfriend Bernadette back in. She was a waitress at Cheesecake Factory, so she can bring Sheldon his burger. Plus, she seems to have so much patience with him.

    • Nick

      I thought they meant Bartender in more of a sense they will treat her how you actually see a bartender, ie stomach and up. Not that she is actually going to be a bartender. Maybe I’m mistaken.

  • Carrie

    My favorite episode was when she fell in the shower and Sheldon had to take care of her. I was looking forward to more of that. Their relationship is the best on the show.

    • katie

      i agree!!!

    • Liz

      Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. Haha! i was looking forward to more Sheldon taking care of Penny as well.

  • ajmalzx

    I thought it was a sprained ankle or something like that! Jeebus look at all those metal. That’s just nuts! I tell you what, that horse is lucky I’m not Kaley, cuz I would’ve shot it.

    • SLB

      That’s a completely stupid thing to say.

  • Ryan O’Brien

    I had a metal plate put on my fibula (that long skinny bone you see in her x-ray) this summer. I had fallen and broken my ankle. I didn’t twist the foot like she did thank god, but its a long recovery and makes life hard. every single day when she walks again she will feel those plates. They may not be metal per se though. I didn’t set off an airport metal detector. But its a life adjustment to walking. She’ll do so normally but with muscle tightness and slight, occasional pain the rest of her life.

    Word of advice to her though for safety’s sake: She’s standing too slouched with those crutches. She needs to stand as straight and tall as possible and keep them not that far out, but real close to her body. I speak from the experience of falling down in a movie theater

    • larz

      i also had a bad break with my left leg, was on a motorcycle , i came off a jump and the foot peg broke and drove my leg sideways and the left foot went under the back tire, wich pulled me from the bike, when i landed the bones in my leg drove thru the skin and impaled the dirt,, 17 days and 21 surguries later im released from hospital with alot of pins and plates in my leg then i developed an infection,, 13 months later i had to have leg amputated below the knee, later the dr told me that it was the best decision i could have made cause i woulda been dead in about 2 years the infection was travelling up the bone marrow at an exponential rate, i now have a prostetic limb and it a part of me and im ok with it

  • Mr. Holloway

    Definitely could’ve used the EWWWWWWWW.com tag for this post.

    I had no idea the injury had been that serious or gruesome. Glad that she’s (relatively) ok and still completely intact.

    • KarlHall

      i second that. The EWWWWWW.com is completely needed for this one.

    • Missy

      Oddly, it was ewwww and funny at the same time. Not funny that she was hurt, funny how she talked about it. Love that she is lighthearted and good natured about it instead of turning it into high drama. It’s a serious injury, kudus to Kaley for handling it so well.

      • Garry

        I agree, Missy. She seems to have such a sunny personality.

  • Jason Hollywood

    That was a CRAZY story. I’m not at all surprised she went into shock after that accident. I hope she gets better soon! Thank God she didn’t need an amputation! She’s one of my favorite comedic actresses, but Amy Poehler already did a character with one leg (April on SNL).

  • Nick

    i had no idea it was that serious either! crazy! thank god she didn’t lose her leg!

  • timelord

    i just wish once,in any of the episodes,that she pronounces the letter “g”. its always thinkin laughin takin…i don’t know why but it seriously pisses me off

    • MelindaB

      I do the same thing when I talk. When I realize that I’m doing it I try to correct it, but it’s just natural to me to drop the final “g.”

  • Liz

    Should not have watched that clip while eating lunch…

  • MiaS

    Dang! I had no idea it was that bad. Glad she is on the mend.

    • Rois, Ireland

      Breaking bones has always been my worst nightmare. I’ve hurt alot of joints over the years dancing but thank god now breaks

  • Nancy

    Come on TBBT writers. Think of the funny possibilities for Sheldon and/or Amy to “help” take care of Penny with her broken leg. Or the things the guys could design to make it easier for her to get around her apartment, remember what they were going to do to her entertainment center when they offered to help put it together.

    • Garry

      They could have Sheldon loan Penny that robot with the video screen, so she could join the guys via remote, if she needs to.

      But if she’s going to be stuck behind the bar, will we not see her in any other scenes?

  • celeste

    That looks really painful.

  • Carrie #2

    Snaaaaaap. That’s really awful!! I don’t watch TBBT but no one should have to go through that. Feel better soon Kaley!

  • Joyce

    Ouch! Thought that they were going to write it into the show. Too bad…could have been an interesting story line. But that being said, I’m glad she’s ok.

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