Early photos of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander on the set of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

Rooney-MaraImage Credit: rooney-mara.comAfter a few false starts, some real photos of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander are circulating the Interwebs. The actress stepped out of her trailer on the set of David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, sporting some rings in her face along with what appears to be a chain around her neck and looking like she’s ready to kick some butt, if not walk through a metal detector. Unfortunately, she’s wrapped tight in an anorak—Sweden’s cold!—so we can’t get a look at that titular tat. Overall, though, Mara’s looking pretty different from her Rosebud-girlfriend character in The Social Network. It’s a little toned down from the version of the character in the Swedish-language adaptation, but it isn’t too far from how I imagined her.

What do you think of Mara’s look? Is it how you imagined the character? If she and Noomi Rapace were to appear in a special goth hacker issue of Us Weekly, who would you say wore it best?

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  • Mr. Holloway

    I’m not so much concerned with how she (or anything else in the movie) is going to look because David Fincher is almost second to none in his attention to detail.

    I’m more concerned with how they’re going to SOUND seeing as how I’m still not 100% sold on having the actors do Swedish accents. (Then again, Fincher’s a much smarter guy than I am, so it’ll probably be fine.)

    • Maggie

      What?!?!?! Fincher is having them do Swedish accents? Nooooooooooo! That is a horrible idea.

    • Claudia

      I just saw The Reader, and there were Kate Winslet and Ralhp Fiennes speaking english with german accents… and it was fine. Its a matter of the quality of the the film and of the actors….that’s it.

      • Mr. Holloway

        That’s an excellent point. However, Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes (and Fiennes obviously had “Schindler’s List” experience for his German accent) are two of the finest actors working today. Period.

        I think we can agree that Rooney Mara hasn’t quite achieved that status. I’m sure there’ll be some people in the cast who pull it off better than others (although I cringed sitting through seven seasons of Joely Richardson’s American accent on “Nip/Tuck”), but I’m still dubious.

      • Ricky

        You never know…the actor can and will surprise you.

        I remember hearing Leo DiCaprio’s Boston accent…quite authentic in The Departed.

        And, I believe that was his first try with that accent…

      • The Cynical Optimist

        DiCaprio’s South African accent in Blood Diamonds was a pleasant surprise.

      • Mr. Holloway

        It’s true, you never know…I also thought DiCaprio was great in “Blood Diamond.”

    • pam

      @Mr Holloway: hear, hear

    • lilian

      Is he still doing that? That is the stupidest idea ever! I don’t care how smart he is, that choice simply does not make any sense. If they are all supposed to be playing Swedish people, why oh why would they have an accent? They’re not English-speaking immigrants, for crying out loud! No no no.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Last I heard. Kinda hoping he changes (or changed) his mind, but I wouldn’t hold my breath since principal photography has apparently begun.

      • Terry

        Even dumber was the americanized version of The Vanishing. For some reason(since it was based on a norwegian film) they have Jeff Bridges play the role with the typical SVEEDISH accent. Couldn’t figure out why they did that since it was set in US.

  • Terry

    The actress that plays Salander in the Swedish films is wonderful. I am nervous that after reading the books and seeing the foreign films this adaptation will fail to impress. We’ll see

    • Stephanie

      I agree! There’s definitely a high bar set for this movie.

      • Mea

        Has the full cast been announced?

    • Lily

      I agree with you, Terry. I LOVED the books, love the Swedish films and think Noomi Rapace is flawless. She IS Lisabeth Salender. Awesome performance. I loved the first film best but have yet to see the 3rd. Anyway – I wish them luck but don’t see the need for an “Americanized” version of this Swedish masterpiece.

      • thin

        That would be because the Swedish films are very mediocre adaptations, and Noomi Rapace is the only really good thing about them. There’s no guarantee that the American versions will be better, but there is certainly room for improvement.

      • deegeezee

        @thin, you’re so right. i made the mistake of purchasing the DVD, thinking it would be great… it’s fine that they’re not 100% faithful to the book, but the movie was just AWFUL.

    • j

      yeah – Noomi Rapace is freakin’ hard to beat. She was OOC amazing in that role and she embodies Lisbeth in my mind now so…good luck, Rooney!

  • StewyFan

    I will judge once I see her performance. I definitely have faith in David Fincher that he would make the right choice for this role. But making her look the part and her becoming that part on screen are two completely different things. The one problem that Rooney has to contend with is having to inevitably judged by her incomparable predecessor, Noonie. I do wish the best of luck to her though.

    • llevinso

      Totally agree with you StewyFan.

  • Esme

    This may be trivial, but I sort of wish she’d be platinum blonde, like Salandar was.

    • Sarah

      I believe Salander was described as “raven haired”.

    • jamie


    • Mea

      What book did you read? Salander’s hair is black.

      • A-K87

        Naturally ginger hair but dyed jet black

    • RyanK


    • Ryan

      She was never platinum blonde unless she was in disguise in one of the later books. In GWTDT she had black hair and was described as almost goth looking without being goth. Might wanna re-read that one

    • M

      She had a blonde wig at one point as a disguise but that’s it.

      • foureyedmuggle

        i guess esme’s referring to Sally’s borrowed identity “Irene Nesser” but that would still be on the 2nd book right?…

      • thin

        She used it in the first book as well. But that’s beside the point that she was only blonde when in disguise.

    • jj

      Lisbeth occasionally wears a blonde wig.

    • Karen

      She wore a blond wig when she became Irene Nesser

  • Stacie

    I remember googling her when the news broke that she got the part. I was dubious about her range, but I there was a scene in Social Network when her eyes blazed in fury and I thought, Fincher may have a point there.

    • Spencer

      Excatly what i thought when i saw that look in the social network. i thought now i can see it

  • Llz

    I just saw the Swedish film and I can’t imagine an American version even coming close to it. I also can’t imagine anyone playing Salandar better than Noomi Rapace.

    • Gabby

      Are you serious? The film was an extremely flawed adaptation – in fact, I think Noomi Rapace was the only pitch-perfect part about it.

      • Delon

        Gabby, i so totally agree with you.

      • olive

        Agree Gabby

      • KWise

        Oooh, I disagree. I thought the Swedish film was a fantastic adaptation. They streamlined and removed the appropriate parts (Erica Berger, for ex) yet stayed true to the book. I don’t see how the Swedish version can be topped – especially given Noomi’s performance.

  • angeljake

    Noomi looked exactly as I pictured Lisbeth and her performance was amazing…

    • aleksa

      I just started reading “Dragon Tattoo,” and was surprised how well Noomi Rapace fit the description of Lisbeth in the book. She could’ve walked straight out of the novel.

      • thin

        Then you both must have missed the repeated descriptions of how young she looked and how small she was.

      • foureyedmuggle

        definitely agree on this one,..Noomi Rapace had done a really amazing job playing the part of Lisbeth Salander she just doesn’t have the 14-year old look which was frequently described in the book as Salander’s distinctive characteristic.

  • melissa

    That is not how I pictured Lisbeth hair at all. I always pictured like Noomi’s.

  • TJ

    I forsee this having similar success to Let Me In…

    • Mr. Holloway

      Ouch! For what it’s worth, I thought “Let Me In” was actually pretty fantastic.

      • ashley

        yeah, it was. Saw it on opening day and it was fabulous, if a little short. Sometimes money isn’t everything.

      • Mr. Holloway

        It’s actually one of my favorite movies of the year…of course, there were only about five other people in my theatre.

        Too bad, people are missing out.

    • Joe

      In terms of box office success or quality of the film?

    • llevinso

      I disagree. I think it will actually be really successful. For some reason Let Me In was marketed as being from the “same director of Cloverfield!” which turned lots of people away. This movie is bringing a big star (Daniel Craig) and is based on a huge huge huge bestselling trilogy. And Fincher is well known, and not for some dreck like Cloverfield.

    • thin

      You need a better crystal ball.

  • joe

    I thought Noomi looked a little old in close up shots of her face. Salander is described in the books ad nauseum as looking as though she could pass for 14. Noomi looked a little rough and old in the face. But still a fantastic performance and film.

    • Sarah

      I thought Noomi’s body was too “regular” considering like you said, Lisbeth’s body is described as looking like an anorexic 14-year-old boy. But Noomi’s performance made up for not looking exactly like Lisbeth.

    • thin

      Not only does she look much too old for the part, but she’s much too large. I don’t say that to take anything away from her, because she did a fantastic job with the part, but I see people on here talking about how perfectly she looked like Lisbeth as described in the books, and it’s just not correct.

  • tina

    why did they shave her eyebrows off? you can see it in other pics in the link.

    • J

      I was wondering that myself. I don’t remember reading that she didn’t have eyebrows.

  • Celia

    Looks promising. I still won’t be convinced until I see her in action.

  • mark

    I thought Rooney Mara was really good in The Social Network. She was only in two scenes but made such a impression on me.

    • Woot

      Totally agree. Her few minutes of screen time were amazing.

  • Paul

    Freaking trust fund baby getting this plum role because of her wealthy family. She’s gonna be the Hayden Christensen of this trilogy; it should’ve been Kristen Bell as Lisabeth, not this Razzie nominee in waiting for her stellar performance in the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.

  • m1

    I think she and Daniel Craig will be able to snag their first Oscar nods if they play the characters well (which I’m sure they will). Looking forward to seeing this!

    • Mea

      Craig is absolutely wrong for the role of Blomkvist.

      • jj


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