Ridley Scott meets with Noomi Rapace, Carey Mulligan, and Abbie Cornish for 'Alien' prequel

Noomi-Rapace-AlienImage Credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images; Everett CollectionEver since it was first announced that director Ridley Scott would, at long last, be revisiting the sci-fi franchise he launched with 1979’s Alien, we’ve been as giddy as schoolkids. Over time, little teasers and tidbits of intel have trickled out: Like the fact that the film would be a prequel (not a sequel), that it would be in 3-D, and that Scott was on the lookout for a fresh actress to play the younger version of Sigourney Weaver’s indelibly kick-ass heroine, Ripley. Now EW has confirmation from Scott’s camp that the director has been busy lately meeting with several young leading ladies for the juicy part, including An Education Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, Aussie actress Abbie Cornish (who appeared in Scott’s 2006 Russell Crowe flick A Good Year), and fresh-faced import Noomi Rapace, star of the Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Rob Brunner, Rapace hinted at this development, albeit a bit cagily:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Who are some of the people you met with when you were in L.A.?
I met Ridley Scott. I’ve seen his films since I was a young teenager.

Which Ridley Scott movies are your favorites?
I’ve seen the Aliens [movies] many times. I love them. I saw Thelma and Louise maybe ten times when I was a teenager. I think I’ve seen all of his films over and over. I think he’s one of the great ones — one of those people who are always looking for a new road, a new way of telling stories.

Were you meeting about the Alien prequel?
No, he had seen my film and wanted to say hello to me. It was not specifically about anything.

Is that a part you’d be interested in?
I can seem myself in all good parts. I can see myself playing a 50-year-old as well. If it’s a good script, then I can fall in love with almost every character that attracts something in me.

Well played, Ms. Rapace. But now that Scott’s spokesperson has confirmed that she was indeed one of the actresses the director met with to play Ripley, what do you think? Who would you like to see in the part? – Additional reporting by Rob Brunner

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  • Mr. Holloway

    Rapace could work.

    I think Mulligan was wonderful in “An Education”, but i haven’t seen anything from her on-screen that indicates she could channel the bada$$ in Ripley. (Then again, maybe this would take place before Ripley was a bada$$.)

  • Karate Pants

    Sigourney Weaver’s underwear looks…bulgy.

    • Karate Pants

      Before I read the headline, I thought it was Tim Curry. :(

      • Mr. Holloway

        I can totally see that. (“That” being the Curry resemblance AND the bulginess.)

      • nodnarb

        Hey, it was the late 70s. People had ‘fros growing everywhere!

      • Mr. Holloway


        Thanks for the simultaneous lol and EWWW.

      • Karate Pants

        I’ll have to watch the credits next time and see who the fluffer was…they deserve mad props for creating such a mighty, poofy bush. Probably teased it.

    • UGH

      You could see bush.

  • Kevin

    What would the movie be about since in the original she clearly didn’t know what an alien was?

    • Quirky

      I know, this plot idea is starting to really worry me. This is starting to sound like the Star Wars prequels which only weakened the original trilogy instead of adding to them.

      • Mr. Holloway

        If Ripley mentions midi-clorians, I’m walking out!

    • jodipo

      this is my worry as well. How can you write a prequel about aliens and the main character from the originals if the first movie is when they discovered the alien. If he ruins the original with some stupid memory lapse thing or some such I am gonna be seriously angry

    • Mike

      Hopefully is just a small part at the end of the movie. Seems like a waste of an actress of this caliber, but I just can’t see involving the Ripley Character in a prequel. Something like the super brief appearance of Tarkin at the end of Attack of the Clones. You could do more than that, but something in that vein.

  • Tym

    Wow, Noomi in a Ridley Scott (authentic) ALIEN movie! How perfect would that be! I hope that happens because it would make a great thing even greater.

  • Noomy indeed

    In terms of looks, out of the names mentioned, Rapace looks the most like she could be Weaver’s younger self. She has the lips, the jawline, the no-nonsense gaze. But she would have to do an incredibly accurate American accent.

    • Heidi

      i think any of those three actresses could do an excellent job. Carey has her eyes (shape), Noomi has her structure and Abbie has her height and posture…plus they are all great actresses. I’d be happy with any, just hoping for a great script to go with the casting.

      • Heidi

        Oh and Abbie has her voice – a bit lower, slower way of speech.

  • patrick

    well, if they are going for a young Ripley, at least that probably means they are not pursuing the Alien: Harvest script. God, that thing was awful.

    • patrick

      But what the hell is she doing in a prequel to begin with? Hopefully just the last minute or so of the film as they introduce the Nostromo to lead into the first film….but why even bother then? Unnecessary.

  • Bob

    To all these great actresses: Don’t do it! The Alien franchise was two great films–a horror film and a war film. After those two, they started becoming bad, cynical, tired movies. Why a prequel? Would anybody care if it’s a young woman figthing a killer alien, like it has been in all the films, excepting the truly atrocious Alien-Predator junk. Ridley Scott should move on to do something like Blade Runner or what the first Alien was: a brand new, original, intellectually interesting and ambitious piece of work. Not retreads of frackin Robin Hood and Alien movies.

    • ks


  • Mad Man

    I don’t get it. How is a prequel going to work with Ripley? She didn’t meet the Alien until this movie.

  • waya

    There is no way Ripley could be in a prequel. That’s just stupid talk to get folks interested. It has to be all new characters or it won’t work.

  • Mike

    Please not crappy plot twist like she was in on it the whole time or some other dumb S*%t.

  • tbrittreid

    What’s the point of a prequel if it involves Ripley? By definition it can’t involve the alien species at the center of these films because she (and everybody else on the Nostromo except for Ash, the droid) did not so much as know it existed until the events of the first film. It is possible to make a film depicting an earlier incident of the Nostromo and her crew OR one about prior events involving the aliens, but not both. I don’t see any real point to the first option–what would they call it to tell the audiences that it ties in to the Alien films, “Before Alien”?–and little more to the second. I see this as a very bad idea.

  • A-K87

    I read that it was set 30 years before the first film and that the lead is definately NOT Ripley. I think EW has some misinformation.

    Anyway, I can’t see Mulligan or Cornish doing this. I’ve got the feeling Rapace is going to be HUGE. In every interview I watch her in, I get the impression that she is an absolute professional and incredibly intelligent. I hope she gets the gig!

  • Captain Average

    Noomi Rapace would make the best Ripley since Sigourney Weaver.

  • Paul

    Noomi Rapace would be fantastic! I hope it happens.

  • CMD Fifteen

    Please, Please leave out humans in this movie, a pure alien movie thats a war documentary of a time past…

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