Eminem doesn't allow swearing at home? Holy $@#%!

The venerable 60 Minutes will air Anderson Cooper’s interview with Eminem this Sunday, but they already teased what will surely be the most newsworthy clip: that the proudly potty-mouthed rapper does not allow profanity in his house around his daughters. At one point Eminem says, “I mean, how would I really sound, as a person…walking around my house [saying] ‘Bitch, pick this up…” At which point we all think: You’d sound like one of your videos! Interview clip after the jump:

We could get on his case for the hypocrisy of the statement. I mean seriously, how many kids have uttered their first swear rapping along to his tracks? But honestly, I reacted as I often do when I hear about his discordant life as a dad — I find it kind of endearing. Eminem as a hardass at home? Do you buy it? Perhaps you find it less endearing than I?

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  • krayzeman

    Is this really news? How many parents do NOTHING BUT curse around their kids? I mean REALLY, EW?? Is this news???

    • lakerfan

      I am kinda surprised he’s conservative in that area… And my parents did curse in front of us kids. I was raised to believe in bad words.. To them words were just words, they can’t be bad or profane.. It was what we did & actions that were all that counted. Right or wrong that’s just what they believed..

      • lakerfan

        Sry I mean’t “wasn’t” raised

      • Emma

        It’s one thing to hear parents swear at home. It’s another to listen to rap. There’s a line. As a parent he has to behave differently from the way he behaves as a rapper. I find that very mature.

    • Jeff

      Eminem- Set a Guiness Record, Known as the only man who never smiled.

      Even Hitler smiled!

      • Chris

        Would you smile if doing your job brought the scrutiny of millions of Americas upon you? How would you feel if every word you said at work was analyzed and written about.

        I for one would hardly ever talk.

  • Elena

    “Eminem doesn’t allowing swearing at home?” ??????

    Um, EW…where do you get your “reporters”? Grammar-Is-Us?

    • RyanK

      You seriously think that’s grammar? Jeez people make mistakes from time to time. I think Kerrie knows when to put “ing” on a word…

    • Nan

      OMG chill Elena. Damn!

    • Marcus

      Are you complaining about the heading? If so, then you shouldn’t because it is proper. They are questioning it in shock. They aren’t just stating it.

  • Joseph

    You’re right Elena, what happened with EW with their grammar usage. So embarassing!

  • Xena Warrior Princess

    Noun: A person who indulges in hypocrisy

  • Dave

    I mean, I guess we could say it’s hypocritical, but wouldn’t a lot of people say the same thing as him? I tend to swear a considerable amount, but when I’m around my young niece, I don’t at all because I don’t want her to be talking like that at a young age. I’m sure a lot of other people are the same way.

    • David

      I think a recent Modern family quote sums it up nicely:
      Claire: Your kids don’t need to know who you were before you had them; they need to know who you wish you were, and try to live up to that person. They’re gonna fall short, but better they fall short of the fake you than the real you
      As many things as he can be criticized for, he seems to try pretty hard to be a decent father, which isnt a bad thing whether he is being hypocritical or not

      • Shannon

        There’s plenty of swearing in rap songs. Em’s certainly not the only one.
        Many kids start swearing because of what they hear in music, but their greatest influence will be what they hear (or don’t hear) at home.
        Eminem may not be the world’s greatest role model, but ateast he’s trying to be a good father.

  • ‘k

    So he doesn’t mind corrupting other people’s kids, just not his own. I know, Iknow…it’s up to those kids’ parents to monitor what they listen to. And I do agree with that. But still, he knows full well who his audience is. Pretty hypocritical.

    • Dave

      Like you said, it’s up to those kids’ parents to monitor what they listen to. He’s not responsible for someone else’s bad parenting. He’s a grown man. If he chooses to swear in his songs, that is his choice and he is allowed to. And there is nothing hypocritical about that.

    • Jebus

      Apparently, kids can’t read “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”

      This songs are for mature audiences… Duh. Not his fault kids listen to his songs..

      How is he any more responsible or hypocritical for this than a director who directed an R-rated movie that some preteens snuck into.

      Also. adults swear to express felling, not in front of their kids. Music is a form of expression.

      • ‘k

        Yeah, that’s what the labels say, because they are required to do so. But he KNOWS who his audience is. I don’t really hold him responsible. But I don’t have much respect for him either. And, as the father of a young girl, one would think he would be more respectful of women in general.

      • Adam

        He KNOWS who his audience is? Okay, maybe some young kids listen to his music, but a majority of his fan base is older teens and young adults. So just because some younger kids listen to his music, he has to tone down his act? No, he shouldn’t have to. They shouldn’t be listening to his music in the first place.

      • ‘k

        As I’ve said already, I don’t hold him responsible. He isn’t. I know that and I know who IS responsible. I just can’t respect the guy, though. And, again, I say the father of a young girl (who will soon be a young woman) he should be promoting respect for women rather than otherwise.

      • A-K87

        K, please stop commenting. You obviously don’t like the guy. You cannot blame Eminem for bad parenting. Should McDonald’s employees quit their jobs because some irresponsible people eat too much and become obese. k, you are being ridiculous. Just look at what you have typed!

    • Ck

      you are a dumb fool,Eminem is showing an example of good parenting…Em forever

      • ‘k

        Ah, but at least I have not resorted to calling the other posters who disagree with me ugly
        names as a feeble attempt to make my own point.

  • RyanK

    If he’s a hypocrite, then so is every single parent on the planet. Parents can do things kids can’t. We are adults and we do what we want to do. They are kids, and they have rules. My daughter might be restricted to three Oreos, but that same restriction does not apply to me. Why? Because I’m old enough to decide for myself. Jeez this is parenting 101 people. Are all you people condemning him saying that you live by the same rules your children do?

    • ‘k

      But you presumably aren’t filling other people’s kids full of oreos. Again, I totally believe that it’s up to the parents to set the rules. But, also again, he is fully aware of who his audience is.

      • mikeyyd

        A website developer would have every right to limit their kid’s time on the computer, even if they are on it 10 hours a day — its their job. Eminem’s initial audience were adults, they made him famous, its the appeal he has to kids that made him at the level of fame hes at right now though, and he shouldn’t quit his day job because of it. Should people quit McDonald’s because they’re contributing to obesity and heart attacks? Swearing isn’t harmful, just morally debatable.

      • David

        Unless of course you make oreos at the oreo factory, in which case YES you do fill other people’s kids with oreos

      • A-K87

        @ ‘k

        What does, ‘he is fully aware of who his audience is.’ mean, ‘k?

        That’s like informing a succesful director of adult films that some underaged children have been watching his or her movies illegally over the internet…. and the director deciding to exclusively director Disney/Pixar movies in the future because he or she is ‘fully aware of who their audience is.’

        ‘k, you really have nothing to back up what you are saying. I don’t know how many analogies we are going to have to come up with to show you.

      • ‘k

        A-K87, there are no number of analogies that you can come up with that will convince me. These things are apples and oranges. I look at, and listen to, the world around me and that shows me what I need to know. Just look at all of the violence that follows so many rappers and those who look up to them. These guys may hide behind personas but that changes nothing. You have asked me to quit commenting, calling my opinions ridiculous, but continue to adress statements to me. I won’t demean you or your opinions. I think you and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Wishing you well…

  • TMNox

    Where’ the hypocrisy? 1) Eminem is an adult and writes and performs songs for ADULTS. Whether or not other parents care enough to monitor what their children are listening to is not his problem. 2)He clearly wants his children to behave as children, especially in his house and in his presence. Cursing, obviously, is not what he finds appropriate for HIS kids, thus, he regulates the use of profanity in HIS home. His work life in no way overwhelms how he is at home, obviously. I think he’s being a good parent.

    • aleksa

      Well put.

    • Becky

      Exactly what I was going to say. I respect him for it, and I see nothing hypocritical about it.

  • Gator

    I see nothing hypocritical. This is the same as many adults. Just b/c he curses outside the home doesn’t mean he does around his kids. Same as any actor in a movie that has curse words. Just b/c they say them there doesn’t mean they bring them home. His music is his job, you don’t act the same at your job as you do around your kids, at least most of us don’t.

  • starr

    actually, Em also points in the interview (not in this clip) in response to AC’s question about kids who learn bad language as a result of his songs…that it’s not his fault and says “I feel like it’s a your job parent them. If you’re a parent, be a parent.”
    I will definitely be watching this interview. Eminem is an extremely fascinating person.

  • Jennifer

    He raps about sex too. Would it make him hypocritical for banning his pre-adolescent children from having sex?

  • BJohnson

    When are people gonna realize that some celebs aren’t the same loud, alter egos you see on TV?
    The writer of this article is acting like that’s a big thing. Like I’ve said about kids hearing his music, do the 5 and 7 year olds make the money to buy the CDs and listen to them or do the parents buy them and play them around their kids? Come on now. Slow news day indeed.

  • Lili22

    I’m looking forward to this interview,he usualy doesn’t share much of his private life and I find him a very interesting person in addition to the fact I appricate him as an artist.

  • ‘k

    OK, to each his own, and all that. But rap, almost by definition, is perfectly vile towards women. His music, or whatever, is no exception. As the father of young girls, soon to be young women, should he not be promoting respect for women instead? How does one rationalize that attitude?

    • Vince from NYC

      If you listened to his music, as a fan, you would realize he only raps disrespectfully about specific women. If he is “dissing hoes” in general it’s usually toung in cheek. He has plenty of songs speaking well of a specific woman. His most recent have been stories about messes up relationships. He doesnt really rap about being a pimp.

      • ‘k

        Wasn’t one of those specific women the mother of his child? She probably is not Mother-of-the-Year material, but the mother of his child nonetheless. I’ve heard some of the terms for women that have become part of our everyday language as a result of the rap mentality. Tongue in cheek or not, as a woman and a mother of a young lady, I am not amused.

    • A-K87

      ‘k, have you ever listened to a Will Smith record. Not ALL Rap is disrespectful to women. You are being small minded and prejudice. Rap is an artform and Eminem is a persona of Marshall Mathers. Would you condemn Michael Connelly and other crime authors who depict paedophilia and rape in their novels? ‘k, I think you have gotten it in your head that Rap is Real Life. It’s entertainment.

      • ‘k

        A-K87, that is why I said ALMOST by definition. There are exceptions to every rule. Eminem is not that exception, though. But you are right about one thing. I don’t like the guy. And I honestly don’t see rap as much of an art form. Having said that, I don’t know that the problem is me, so much, thinking it’s real life. The problem is with the many who actually are fans and have a hard time making that distinction. In which case, it becomes real life. We see them around us every day. And, yes, crime authors do depict the things you mention. But I don’t wouldn’t say they glorify them.

      • A-K87

        ‘k, Eminem is a persona. If people cannot see the distinction between the Eminem we see on TV and Marshall Mathers at home, they have a BIG problem. Think of the actor, Tobin Bell (who plays Jigsaw in the Saw movies), do you think he is a hypocrite because he doesn’t murder people when he’s not in character?? ‘k, what you are saying is seriously baseless and illogical.

        I understand that you do not view rap as an art form and I’m not a huge fan of Eminem but I know one thing: He is very popular and ‘Art’ is subjective, (to use your words) by DEFINITION.

      • VB

        ok so i have to disagree with you for a second, ak-87… because rap is a FORM of enatainment in which most rappers base it off of their real, everyday lives and experiences (therefore i strongly dislike your Jigsaw analogy because he’s an actor for a living). but to stay on topic, anyone can call it hypocritical or not hypocritical, to tell you the truth it doesn’t matter because that’s eminem’s decision. Yes cursing is all up in his music but that’s his home and his family. now if he has no reguard for anyone else’s kids that’s also on him, because he in fact DOES know his audience and the influence his music can possibly have on people. All in all it’s hard for parents to monitor their kids, they’re not with them every minute of the day and the profanity in his music doen’t help, but im sure he’s fully aware of that.

  • Superman

    This is just stupid to say. Most kids learn how to curse from other kids or the parents. My dad and his family would curse no matter what. If my dad was driving or if he’s mad better get a notepad out because you’re going to learn some new words the didn’t teach you in school. So it’s good that he doesn’t curse at home.

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