Rick Sanchez to Jon Stewart: My bad.

Rick-SanchezImage Credit: CNNLooks like Rick Sanchez and Jon Stewart are BFF again. The freshly-fired CNN news anchor released a statement today apologizing to Stewart for calling him “a bigot” during an interview on a Sirius radio show last week. (You know, the same interview in which Sanchez claimed that the media was run by Jews.) In his statement, Sanchez says he’s “had a very good conversation with Jon Stewart, and I had the opportunity to apologize for my inartful comments from last week. I sincerely extend this apology to anyone else whom I may have offended.”

The apology comes two days after Stewart skewered Sanchez on The Daily Show with a devastating clip job comparing him to The Office’s doofus boss Michael Scott. Funny thing is, though, if you watch that Daily Show segment beyond The Office parody, it didn’t seem like Stewart was really all that upset with Sanchez. He graciously included other clips of Sanchez denouncing anti-Semitism (via the pretty easy target of a neo-Nazi lowlife criminal) and declared his belief that Sanchez was not himself a bigot. The real target of Stewart’s wrath seemed to be the sensationalistic media that blew up the whole story in the first place (sort of like what we’re doing now).

In any case, PopWatchers, we put the question of the day to you: Should Jon Stewart accept Sanchez’s apology?

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  • Nshi

    Everyone is racist!

    • Jeremy W.

      Just a little. And only sometimes. Doesn’t mean we go around committing hate crimes.

      • Melissa M.

        Yeah. Just look around and you’ll find that no one’s really color blind.

      • Lola

        Maybe if Rick Sanchez had sung, “the Jews have all the money and the whites have all the power and I’m always in taxi cab with driver who no shower” there would be less of a hullabaloo.

      • Dwilhm

        I can’t even GET a taxi!!

      • Kate Monster

        LOL, didn’t expect to see so much Avenue Q love here! Awesome!

      • Bob

        To be truly color blind would be ignorant and naive. There are stark differences between many races. Like Jeremy said, though, that doesn’t mean you commit hate crimes. It doesn’t mean your racist, either, it just means your aware. It would take a book to write about why there are differences, but they’re mostly social constructs. At birth our minds are the same (generally).

      • Bear

        I’m not racist. I just don’t like Eskimos, Greenlanders, and Pirates.

      • IAA Evan

        Oh My Goodness – It’s an Avenue Q Thread:)

    • Brian

      We’re all individuals!

      • Thom

        I’m not.

      • KS


      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Yeah…good luck explaining that one to Boba Fett

    • AC

      Everyone’s a little been racist … sometimes. Doesn’t mean we go around committing hate crimes!

      • Jeremy W.


    • Wickeddoll

      Why are people discussing race in this thread, anyway? Jewish people are *Caucasian!*

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Everyone is weightless!

  • sixwhirled

    Thanks Ben for pointing out that there was more to the Sanchez story than just the “The Office” comparison. I also appreciate your wry, self-effacing wit. Cheers.

  • ishN

    Racism is a state of being which resides inside noone but the humble.

    • Kelly


  • susan

    When is Stewart going to apologize?

  • wood

    Sanchez comments were accurate regarding the Media and the management. Thats the Big Elephant in the room, half of you are in Denial.

    • Sip

      I think the elephant in the room is your lack of a coherent thought process. At least it’s crowding out some of the more interesting thoughts in here now. And if half of us are in denial…wouldn’t it be overflowing its banks and inundating the delta by now?

  • S.O.

    ok, he apologized & Stewart accepts. ok fine by me, time to move on.

  • UnBeLievaBo

    It is unreal to me that for someone who has always been a responsible newsman, one whom I liked immensely, the networks et al are screaming about his opinion. Stewart skewers everyone – and this has given him tremendous boost in the ratings. He is hardly a choir boy and will milk this for all it is worth. Just because Rick Sanchez pointed out the obvious I don’t understand why he was fired. Apparently The Emperor didn’t like having someone point out that they had no clothes. So many of the so-called comics have said much much worse. If what he said was not true, they would not have fired him.

    • just a thought

      “responsible newsman”….now there is a double negative!

      • bugsby

        I think you meant oxymoron. A double negative is something that in the end turns out to be positive or true. I do like your use of “responsible newsman” as if it were an oxymoron though.

      • RG

        I think you mean oxy-moron

      • RG

        @ bugsby – didn’t see your comment before I posted. sorry

  • steph

    You know I’m really sick and tired of this country claiming to have “freedom of speech.” It is complete BS. So someone speaks the truth and there’s nothing racist about it. Why does everything have to go back to race? He made a true statement about the media being run by Jews. Wake up people! Of course when someone says something true, they have to immediately fire him don’t they.. of course! Welcome to America and it’s BS media!

    • Happy Go Lucky

      The First Amendment is to allow people to express yourself in public without fear of being shipped to the gulag or marched in front of a firing squad. Its not designed to act as a shield from facing the consequences of blurting out hateful or stupid things in public.

      • BP

        Thank you. People seem to forget that Freedom of Speech does not also guarantee Freedom from Consequences of Freedom of Speech.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      If there was no freedom of speech in this country then there would be no way for me to say, Steph, get stuffed.

      • kaspi

        Happy and Chaz, you just made my day.

  • jim

    No point trying to blame this on long hours and being tired. He spoke what he felt was truth, period. Stick with it, save what integrity you have left.

    • bugsby

      He didn’t say it wasn’t true, he said it was inartful. I agree that it is a conversation worth having, but in a more artful manner. I wish we would talk more openly about cultural differences and stereotypes in this country.

  • just a thought

    I love how this judgmental liberal newscaster is now on the other side of the news stories he so famously built his career on. “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones”. Serves him right for his holier than thou attitude…..LOVE IT!!!!

  • ActaNonVerba

    American Jews make up only 2% of the population of America. Yet: 46% make over $100,000 per year, they make up 15% of the U.S. Senate, 13% of the U.S. House of Representatives, 67% of members of the Board of the Federal reserve, 33% of the U.S. Supreme Court. Media: Just taking CNN only, 55% of corporate officers for TBS, which owns CNN, are Jewish. On air, Larry King, John King, Howard Kurtz, Eliot Slpitzer, Jeffrey Toobin, Paula Zahn, etc.. Rick Sanchez has nothing to apologize for.

  • Eddie

    Jewish people do control the media. So what? Why is the racist if it’s true?

  • Raymond cruz

    Freedom of speech,whats the big deal,the man spoke what he felt.

    • Kate Monster

      Freedom of speech means the government can’t prosecute you. Doesn’t mean your bosses can’t fire you if you’re stupid enough to badmouth them in public!

      • fish eye no miko

        Exactly. How many of you think you could go on national radio and insult your bosses and then still expect to have a job the next day? Sheesh.

  • grammy

    IF Jews control the media, and that’s a big if, what does it mean? It has to mean they are the most qualified. With the smallest percentage, this group has earned respect for intelligence and hard work and the perks that go with it. You don’t like it? Then, go back to school, complete your education and get out there and do something with your career!@

    • Anon

      Same goes for you.

    • bugsby

      The media is the fourth estate; there’s always going to be concern for who “controls” access to information.



    • BP

      wha? cho really crajy, man

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