Idris Elba considering a Luke Cage movie?

Idris-Elba-Luke-CageImage Credit: Stephane Danna/Getty ImagesIdris Elba is coolness personified. He was cool as Stringer Bell on The Wire. He was the coolest thing about The Losers and Takers. He’s a DJ: that’s cool! But is he cool enough to take on the role of Luke Cage, the Harlem-based superhero? We might find out soon: In an interview with Total Film, Elba, who’s co-starring in Marvel’s upcoming Thor movie, says that he has a picture deal with Marvel and hints that he might be interested in a film about the original Hero for Hire. “Luke Cage is… very interesting” is all he admits (he also expresses some interest in a rebooted Blade franchise), but it’s enough to get my head spinning.

I’ve always been a big fan of Luke Cage. Even if he’s always seemed a bit outdated since the ’70s, there’s something adorably no-bull about the former Power Man (especially considering how many superheroes have genius-level IQs or billion-dollar-fortunes or robot buddies.) Maybe they could pair up this Luke Cage project with the proposed Iron Fist movie, and make a film that was half-blaxploitation romp, half-kung fu action flick? Paging Quentin Tarantino?

PopWatchers, do you like Elba for Luke Cage?

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  • therealeverton

    Isn’t he ruled out of any Marvel produced movies because he’s in Thor? I thought all of the Marvel produced films were going to be in the same Universe, the “Marvel Movieverse” meaning that Luke Cage can bump into Iron Man ot Hulk or S.H.I.E.L.D and of course Thor & Elba’s Heimdal.

    That aside Elba is an excellent actor and very cool, let’s not forget his role in the excellent Ultrviolet. (We’re still puzzled over here that after 1 series they sold the show to American TV and it was never heard from again. What a watse.

    • Sam

      Chris Evans is and has been the Human Torch in not one but two Fantastic Four movies. Now he is Captain America, not only in that but the upcoming Avengers. That ought to tell you everything you need to know right there. I agree it’s an absurd policy and one of the reasons I HATE Evans for Cap.

      • Billiam

        Except that Fantastic Four was made by Fox and not Marvel, so it’s not really the same universe. Playing two characters in two of these Marvel-produced movies is different.

      • therealeverton

        Like Billiam said Fantastic Four is a Fox movie and has nothing to do with the Marvel Movieverse. Like Xmen, Dardevil and Elektra are Fox films and Ghost rider and Spiderman are with Sony & Blade at New Line (Warner Bros now?). In Theory Chris Evans or Hugh Jackman could play Wolverine, human Torch, Hannibal King, Spiderman, Ghost Rider and Daredevil at the same time and still be in any one of the Marvel movies. They shouldn’t however be able to appear as more than one charcter in any Marvel movie, Hulk, Thor, Cpt America, Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D, Black Widow, Iron Fist and all of the others. It’s effectively the same as having Robert Downey Jnr play Dr Strange in The Avengers or William Hurt as Zeus in Thor or The Avengers.

  • therealeverton

    Oh but yeah, to answer the question he’d be pretty perfect for Luke Cage. Could we get Nicolas Cage in a cameo meeting the superhero he named himself after in real life.

  • wino

    I wanted him as a black James Bond, he has the international appeal, strength and charm to pull it off. He wouldnt have a problem playing Luke Cage….if he can survive a movie with Beyonce, he can do anything!

    • llevinso

      Oooo, that would be awesome (though I do have to say that I love Daniel Craig as James Bond, but if they for some reason decided to recast it, Elba would be great!)

    • gigi

      I think there are a lot of people who want him to be the next Bond…imcluding me! I’m just excited to see Idris in anything. He’s got a great career ahead of him.

  • Brad

    I always thought Tyrese should have been Luke Cage, but Idris would probably do a good job. Cage shouldn’t deal with thugs or low rent crime. He should go up against the Absorbing Man. Crusher Creel and Cage could have been in prison and while one was hardened the other was falsely accused.

  • john

    yall dont read comics at ALL. Terry Crews= Luke Cage. He is th best option for the part.

  • George

    Black Panter

    • Mel

      No, Chewetal Ejiofor is the Black Panther and Frema Agyeman is Storm. That’s just how it’s got to be.

      • therealeverton

        ~If the make a Panther movie in the next 5 years it’ll be Djjmon Honsou, that’s pretty much set in stone. Unless it ends up being co-produced by wesley Snipes of course. Not that Chew isn’t an excellent choice.

  • Lisa

    I will see him in anything, he’s gorgeous and I love when his accent peaks through!

    • the girl


  • Lou

    Man, I do like this choice. Anytime someone from The Wire get a role an angel gets its dust. I’d prefer Terry Crews for this, but I’ll take Stringer.

  • Katja

    Awww, Isaiah Mustafa will be sad.

  • Billiam

    While the old comics are pretty dated by our standards, Bendis has done some pretty great stuff with him in recent years (but he doesn’t really have much for recent solo stories, he is always with either the Avengers or his wife Jessica Jones).

  • harry

    I thought tyrees was going to be Luke Cage?

  • lino

    MICHAEL JAI WHITE AS LUKE CAGE!!!! but I do like the idea of Terry Crews also by the way isnt Tyrese Gibson playing the part and john Singleton directing?

  • DD

    no..Idris has to be the Black Panther..he would have his own storyline in Wakanda, and be part of The Avengers. Luke Cage is a C list hero in the Marvelverse at best. Idris has the build and would be able to rock the Panthers African accent. Djimon is way too old.

  • therealeverton

    We’re all Idris fans, but @I think Djimon’s African accent (as far as there is such a thing on such a large and diverse continent) is a tad better than Elba’s no?

    Also there’s only 8 years between them so age isn’t a cncern at all.

    Blade was a low level Marvel hero 12 years ago and hardly anyone outside of comics knew Iron Man. Pirates of The Carribean was a Theme Park ride that most people only knew of from a Jeff Goldblum line in Jurrasic Park. Idris could own Power Man, who is also an Avenger by the way and with a possible Iron Fist partnership (with say Lucke Goss, 6 years older than Elba)in the role.

    Truth be told both Elba and Honsou should both be too old for Panther as his intro works best as the son recently returned from studying abroad and forced to take over from his recently assassinated father. Chiwetel Ejiofor
    may only be 5 years younger than Elba, but I think he can pull off the early to mid 20s look needed and then the older more mature “Avengers” Panther.

    But here’s the real deal breaker. Marvel may very well be planning to make “heroes for hire”, or whatever it will be, outside of their Marvel Movieverse. That being the case anyone, including Elba, Terence (unlikely) Howard or Robert Downey (Tropic Thunder) Jnr can play Luke Cage. BUT The Panther HAS to remain part of the Marvel Movieverse in which The Avengers et al exists and he can cross over or join The Avengers and Iron Man Hulk etc can pass through a Panther movie. That being the case then Elba surely cannot play the Black Panther as he is already playing a significant role in the Marvel Moviverse as Heimdal, guardian of Bifrost “The Rainbow Bridge”. It would be very poor form to have him play another character who interacts with Thor and maybe other Avengers. It would be like seeing Gwyneth Paltrow as Wasp or William Hurt as Jarvis welcoming Bruce Banner into Avengers’ Mansion or The Triskellion or wherever they’ll be.

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