'Glee' co-creator Ryan Murphy talks tonight's controversial episode

Spoiler alert: Tonight’s episode of Glee is one of the series best and most emotional hours to date. When Finn (Cory Monteith) sees a religious vision in his grilled cheese (the episode ain’t called “Grilled Cheesus” for nuthin’), he inspires the other New Directions teens — and even Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester — to contemplate their own views on spirituality. “I love when people see Jesus in bird droppings on the windows and then there are lines out the door and that seems to happen so often now,” says co-creator Ryan Murphy. “To me, it just shows everybody in our society, particularly young people, are just desperate to believe in something.”

“Grilled Cheesus” is also the series’ most provocative episode to date, and is almost certain to spur controversy. Murphy has always been able to push buttons (hello Nip/Tuck!), but he says that he (and his co-writers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan) really wanted to provide a balanced depiction of faith and spirituality. “We went through and counted it word by word and line by line,” says Murphy. “Every time somebody said something anti-religion, we made sure somebody said something pro.”

For Glee fans, “Grilled Cheesus” will be a turning point for the season and a timely lesson in tolerance,  given the recent rash of gay youth suicides. “This episode starts off our arc about tolerance and respecting other points of view,” reveals Murphy. “That’s what the whole season, particularly the first 10, are about: All our kids rallying around the different people in the glee club who are persecuted and bullied. It’s a very powerful subject, but also we’re doing it with humor.”

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  • Bethany

    Used to love this show-but refuse to watch something that mocks my Lord Jesus-will not longer watch…sorry the show had to come to this…

    • samara

      Well, obviously you’re not ready for a balanced exploration of faith and spirituality, so maybe you should be attending Vespers at 8 p.m. each night anyway instead of watching a TV show.

      • Real Jersey Jeff

        Do you have a Gay site for me and my friends?

      • Daniel

        Very well said!

      • hungryjerks.com

        Marry me, Samara! The smarted comment I’ve EVER read on EW.

      • Bethany

        That response made me laugh-and you are right-it probably would be a better use of time!

      • Sabrina

        Maybe we ALL should be attending more church and watching less junk on TV period!

    • blaaaake!

      Jesus, christ Mary… please stop taking things so serious and blowing it out of proportion. Christianity isn’t the only religion and it isn’t exempt from parody. Deal with it.

      • The Real Dustin


      • BlackIrish4094

        Actually it’s the only religion it’s acceptable to parody. It’s funny, I don’t see Muslims or Jewish people being mocked. Why is Christianity the only acceptable one? I’m ok with mocking religion (although I am a Roman Catholic) but be even handed.

      • Javabooknut

        I’m not offended by it but I think the horny guy with the Jewfro is a bit of a parody. But what do I know.

      • Marie

        So, according to BlackIrish4094, there are only 3 religions in the world.

      • eliott256

        @BlackIrish4094 I take it you’ve never seen South Park, American Dad or Family Guy then?

      • NanCeE*

        BlackIrish has a point. When Christianity is mentioned in any media, it is either made fun of or questioned. It is RARE when Christianity is handled in a balanced way. As a Christian I was dreading this episode, but I’m interested to see what they do with it. Tolerance is tough for everyone, and I understand why people don’t like my religion based on what they see on TV and in Congress, but people should realize that, just like everything else on the news, it isn’t an accurate representation, just the most salacious, ridiculous, ratings-getting crap that makes the news. Getting into a mini-rant here, but I’ll be watching tonight.

      • NanCeE*

        eliott256 you named three shows…add those three shows to every other show on the air and that’s who is making fun of or questioning Christianity. Okay, these conversations never go anywhere good, so I’ll stop commenting now….

      • BlackIrish4094

        @marie, I gave examples involving the largest religions, insert another if it makes you feel better, @elliot023 I have seen those shows and they are a rare exception and also are animated (which somehow seems to give more license) but even South Park kept the image of Muhammed inside the costume, no? I’ve never seen those Dutch cartoons either, have you?

      • eliott256

        Yes, but those 3 also make fun of other religions and religion in general was my point

      • red

        The Real Dustin your right and Its Always sunny was hilarious!!!

        Im in love with a man. His names God.
        Does that make me gay? Am I gay for god?
        You bet I am!

      • sam

        I don’t agree with you one bit, BlackIrish4094. I’m Jewish and Family Guy makes fun of Jews constantly, and I actually laugh hysterically at the jokes. Learn to laugh at yourself.

      • santana

        @BlackIrish4094 Jewish people are mocked on TV all the time. It’s just about being able to laugh at yourself.

      • rainbow rouge

        Even Glee has poked fun at Jews last season. I mean Puck sat down with his family to eat Chinese food and watch Fiddler on the Roof. That was around the time that he noticed that Rachel was one smokin hot Jew and the good Lord wanted him to get in her pants.

      • Joyce

        You guys crack me up reading your comments..I’d like to have a party and invite all of you. BYOB

      • Voodoo

        @BlackIrish4094 and all others. For once and for all, the cartoons were DANISH and the film director that got murdered by a muslim for making a movie was DUTCH. Danish=Denmark, Dutch=Netherlands(a.k.a. Holland). Capice?

      • Maria

        Parody = hostility in many cases. What one can’t or won’t understand, they have to mock. Sad.

    • Applescruff

      Which part EXACTLY was the offensive/mocking part?

      • Real Jersey Jeff

        That this show is still on the air.

      • Applescruff

        Oh come on, that was too easy.

    • jenh

      You haven’t even seen it, so you really can’t judge. There’s a difference between mocking Jesus and pointing out how crazy some people are out there. And yes, I am a Christian too.

    • Jamie

      As far as I can tell, it seems like there is no mocking of god. The impression I get from this is the worse you will see tonight is that Glee will make it look like some people in the world don’t believe in god. And guess what? That’s true. Don’t be offended because they have a character who (like some people in the world) doesn’t beleive in god. Btw, where in the bible does it read “If a TV show ever has one line that isn’t ‘Go God’ boycott it?” If it does say that, then your doing the right thing by not watching this episode.

    • Petunia

      Did you get to see an advance screening of this show? If not, hold your verdict until you watch it. I would not judge you as a religious nut job…..

    • gah

      you have absolutely no idea what the show is gonna be like. watch, then judge. oh wait, YOU shouldnt judge.

    • Dalla

      Sorry Bethany, but it’s fantastic that Ryan Murphy and his writers are addressing the whole issue of tolerance and respecting others points of view. This is one of the most important things occurring in our society at this time. I respect him a great deal for addressing this subject in one of the most popular shows on TV.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Oh yeah, it’s great because he hasn’t been shoving tolerance message down our throat every freakin episode that it is not a “theme” episode.

      • Gee whiz

        First off, this show is terrible, so I don’t know why I’m reading any of this because the mere mention of the show makes me angry.
        But what, BlackIrish? You’re offended by the tolerance message of the show? I don’t understand how one can be offended by something so inclusive. Are you just tired of it? Do what I did- stop watching.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Gee whiz, I’m only offended by the constant preaching, shove down my throat tolerance. I have no problem with IRL but I watch shows to be entertained not preached at. Additionally, the empathy tends to go one way. Where’s the empathy for the lack of regular American heterosexual male perspective on the show? I’m pro tolerance, anti one way tolerance and preaching.

      • b

        You’re right, there are way too few American heterosexual males on this show. I mean, aside from Will, Finn, Puck, Mike, Burt, and Dr. Carl. And we know that we NEVER get to hear ANY of those characters’ points of view or see their perspective on ANYTHING.

      • Gee Whiz

        I’m going to repeat my earlier statement- uh, stop watching. I think you’re going to be able to find some normal hetero male stuff if you… I don’t know, simply turn your television to any channel? Open a window? Life is so hard, I know.

    • Javabooknut

      Way to miss the point. It’s not about mocking Jesus. It seems to be about exploring the issue of religion and tolerance. He said he’s balancing all negative comments with positive comments. Why can’t we have genuine dialog in this country? Sheesh?!

    • jga

      How do you even know they are mocking anything? That’s the problem with Christians. They jump to assumptions and are closed off to anything but their “truth”.

      • allie

        I’m Christian, and I can’t wait to see how this episode is handled. Don’t lump everybody of a religion together.

      • Jimbo

        That’s the problem with non-Christians. They jump to assumptions and assume everyone that is a Christian is a whacked-out nut job.

        Silly statement, yes? Don’t generalize. Read Don Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz”. It’ll show you how Christians are not just one in the same!

      • Annie

        That’s because the whacked-out nutjobs are the ones we see everyday screaming about intolerance and hate. Sorry, Jimbo – you’re totally right. It IS unfair to lump, and I have plenty of Christian friends who are not whacked-out nut jobs. Point taken. That said, I wish Christians (as a whole) would develop a sense of humor about their religion…

      • jga

        who said that I wasn’t a christian? I’m not jumping to anything. It’s been personal experience so don’t tell me what I am doing or what I am not doing.

      • anonymous

        Jga, if you don’t like the way you’re coming across, then pay attention to what it sounds like you’re saying than insisting others are reading it wrong.

      • alice

        And you just jumped to the assumption that all Christians are the same! Way to be a hypocrite.

      • Julia

        Please do not lump all Christians together. This Christian is not afraid of this episode nor am I expecting to be offended by it.

      • walkingfree

        That is a huge lump of assumptions. Just saying.

      • Reagan.Renee

        Now really. All christians are not like that and you lumped everybody from one religion together. It is exactly the same as saying “All muslims are terroists” which is completely untrue.

        Also this show i don’t think was making fun of Jesus, but just showing how different people explore religion and what not. I actually enjoyed it. So don’t make statements clumping a group of people together because we believe in Christ.

    • Bob

      wow….just wow. Way to have an open mind there. you’re just proving the point about religion, refusing to look at it from an objective point of view and instead get defensive every time someone tries to look at it from a whole society point of view.

    • LAJackie

      You haven’t even seen it yet – why are you presuming they are mocking religion? Shouldn’t you be more tolerant?

    • Margie

      If Finn saw Jesus in his grilled cheese, then Finn needed Him. That is a message any person of faith can get behind. We don’t need to be afraid of the discussion. I can’t wait to see the show.

      • Matt

        Oh shut the hell up, you religious nut jobs are too much some times. There is no god. end of story

      • Flip

        Margie, you need help. Your belief in god is ridiculous.

      • Melanie

        Matt and Flip are kinda mean. They are allowed to believe what they want, but they shouldn’t tell you that you are ridiculous. There comments were completely unwarranted. I’m with you Margie :)

      • Melanie

        “Their comments,” sheesh, can’t believe I made that typo.

      • not a religious nut

        Just because FINN sees the face of Jesus in a grille cheese sandwich, it doesn’t mean that the face of Jesus was IN the grilled cheese sandwaich. I agree with Margie – Finn must be in a space where he needs to contemplate his spirituality, so he saw Jesus in the sandwich. Kind of like how we might need money, and suddenly we find $20.00 in our pants pocket. It was there when we needed it. Not enough to really do much, but enough to help us along.

    • john


    • Steve P

      Bethany, first you watch the show, then make an informed opinon on it. Like how I read your post and came to an informed decision that you’re a narrow minded moron with no idea how to make an opinion…

      • Bethany

        Love ya Steve!

    • Libby

      Its not mocking…its clearly saying that people want to find spirituality in their lives in whatever form or fashion because we all need it. Besides the show hasn’t even aired yet. Maybe you should watch it to see how they handle the subject matter before bashing it?

    • Larry

      You obviously only see what you want to see. Judging the episode based on the promo and not for the context of the message contained within is just pure stupid. If you read this article clearly you see that the show plans to show both sides equally. Just because you don’t agree on how the conversation begins doesn’t mean it won’t be an important message to have. But I suppose you take everything literal. I’m sorry you are such a judgemental, intolerant person -exactly the type of person who does need to watch tonight.

    • Zakry

      See? She hasn’t even SEEN the episode and she’s talking like this. That’s the problem with Christianity. There are no sacred cows. There is nothing that is above discussion, exploration, dissemination, parody. Nothing. Christians see this as an affront when they really should see it as an affirmation.

      You’re acting just like the crazy Muslims who got upset about South Park’s treatment of Mohammed. Good company to keep, eh?

      • Abbie

        I don’t want to argue. But I’m a Christian (longing to convert to Roman Catholicism, actually), and I don’t make assumptions. I love ‘Glee.’ It’s one of my favorite shows, and I was quite excited for the episode when I saw the preview.

        And since when does Christianity have “sacred cows”? I think you’re confusing us with Hindus.

        I’m fine with parody. I think it’s absolutely hilarious when radical evangelicals are made fun of and exaggerated. It lightens my mood and reminds me that the world is not entirely dark and gloomy and hopeless.

        And not to insult you or make you angry, but you spelled “Muhammad” wrong. (Just thought you should know, lest you offend more Muslims. Take it as constructive criticism from a friend.)

        Really, I’m not trying to bring you down. One of my best friends believes there is no God, and we have theological discussion whenever we’re comfortable with it.

        So, just to let you know, we Christians are not all the same. And I’m not going to make assumptions and ridicule you for your beliefs.

        Peace be with you!

      • Maria

        Why is it crazy to defend what you love and care about? That’s the problem with the world today. NOTHING is sacred, everything is meaningless and people have become hardhearted, jaded, bitter and depressed as a result. Anti-theism, atheism is killing this country and destroying our young people…and yet you folks still want to laugh and laugh and like. It’s like Nero fiddling while Rome burns! You ought to be ashamed.

    • Templar

      Deliver us from the spiritually certain.

    • aughra

      I don’t know if it’s mocking Jesus–it sounds to me like it’s mocking believers, and their stranger practices. I’ll watch the episode so I can tell.

      And, as a believer, believe me: some of us are great material for comedy! :)

      • Abbie


    • Jeneva

      Typical Christian, judge before you see it. I bet you don’t like Harry Potter too?

      • LauraT

        I was about to comment on the above post, but decided to comment on yours.

        What you said is pretty damn offensive. The moment you start making generalizations about any religion or culture, you’re straying into bigot territory.

        I’m a Christian who knows a lot of Christians that are NOT as you describe, thank you very much. We are as diverse a group as anyone else. Please think next time you paint any group with the same brush.

      • Maria

        I don’t like Harry Potter because it got boring by book #4. I was like “come on, KILL Voldemert already!” LOL

    • Traci

      How do you know it mocks Jesus? You haven’t seen it?

    • DCD

      so Bethany, did you even read the article? you take a superficial interpretation of the article and make the assumption that the episode “mocks” YOUR Jesus (didn’t know he belonged to you). Without actually watching the episode to see what it really entails, you judge it prematurely and without knowledge of the content…even though the article points out their effort to “provide a balanced depiction of faith and spirituality.” …or is only your one side acceptable?

    • jake

      you, my dear, are a closed minded religeous fanatic..we don’t need your kind…by the way he isn’t your Jesus, he’s everybodys..please just watch your religous programming…have a nice, boring life.

      • Bethany

        Hey Jake: He is my Jesus because he resides in my heart through the Holy Spirit-the bible says if you believe in your heart and confess with your tongue “Jesus is Lord” you will know him for sure!

    • and the penny drops…

      just knew this was going to happen…make fun of Christians & the gooey happyness and joy we got out of this show diminishes ..there is no need to go there – but they did – its all to make Chrisitans look like crazies — its dumb move by them ..and on a larger point ..saw a list of Celebrity atheists which included George Clooney (women think I’m a god already) Brad Pitt (ditto that – tho I’m better lookin than you Georgie) & Tom Frickin – lets watch another video of a guy getting hit by a ball in the nads – Bergeron – really you goofy dufus? instead of them counting their blessings ..they take themselves waaay too seriously….and now Glee the fun is over..thought you were a great one but I guess not

      • Ben

        Please look at yourself. Now youre not even judging people based on their religion, but their profession, and how they look! Thats ridiculous! Not to mention, like many already have to Bethany, that they have pro AND anti religion comments in it! Please look at yourself, and think of how others will undoubtedly be judging you based on this post! That isnt necessarily something that completely represents you, but many will most likely be judging you on it, and not in a positive light! Being judged is never fun, so please, strive to avoid it, and encourage others to do the same!

    • Now that is just silly

      @ Bethany, You are a ridiculous person. Honestly, just because someone is going to talk about some ideas that you may not agree with, which is perfectly fine, doesn’t mean you are going straight to hell by watching it. And what the show is going to do tonight is not making fun of god. Religion is a touchy subject and I applaud Glee for doing this episode. I think it is healthy for our society to have more knowledge of other peoples beliefs to help understand where they come from. For example, look at how some Americans are reacting to the Muslims nearly ten years after 9/11. Yes the people the did those horrible things were from the Middle East, but they are hardly different, then the crazy white dudes wanting to burn their religious scripts. But how many people know anything about the Muslim faith besides what someone else might have told us and likewise do you think they know anything about Christianity. I am guessing the answer is not a whole lot. That is why I think this episode is going to be great. If you are worried about this episode weakening your faith, then I would start praying a whole lot, and not be watching Glee in the first place. Because it is no innocent show to begin with. Judging with how Glee took on the teen pregnancy issue, I for one think that this new theme is going to be done very tastefully.

      • Maria

        At least Bethany has the courage of her convictions. Enough to sign her real name. Can you say the same Mr or Ms irreverant pseudonym?

    • AJ

      You need to unclench.

      Good grief.

    • Barry

      Um, but you were ok with it when it mocked disabilities, race and sexuality. How very Christian of you!

    • pully

      I totally agree! It is not surprising though is it?

    • Michael

      the only reason someone would not watch a show just because it challenged religion and spirituality is because you are not secure enough in your own beliefs. i thought the people with the strongest faith were the ones who would not only welcome a questioning of that faith, but they would question it themselves.

    • grace

      It wasn’t even mocking it. it was just contemplating it.

    • Ash

      How did it mock Jesus exactly? It was an open-minded dialogue on what religion means to different people. If you’re referring to the grilled cheese, it didn’t glorify the fact that Finn prayed to it, it showed how sometimes people are so desperate for something to believe in that they end up having a bit of a wonky perspective on what religion is and is not.

  • John C

    I have a crazy idea…let’s watch the show before making judgements on what or who it’s mocking.

    That being said, I’m watching this one alone. I feel a good ugly cry coming on…

    • Flip

      Because you know it’s going to be God-awful, too?
      I think I might just skip this episode. I can get caught up next week with the “Here’s what you missed on Glee” recap.

      • JK

        I imagine they crying will be caused by Kurt’s father unconscious in a hospital bed. It was shown in the preview last week.

      • JK

        I imagine the crying will be caused by Kurt’s father unconscious in a hospital bed. It was shown in the preview last week.

  • Elizabeth

    I wonder how ‘controversial’ it would actually be if we all weren’t already told it was and put in that frame of mind before it even aired… “God forbid” we were all allowed to think for ourselves.

    • Kelly

      Agreed, Elizabeth! It’s all about hype. People see the word “controversial” and immediately want to read/watch/listen. I admit, I was suckered in – I don’t watch Glee, but I wondered what this special episode could be about.

    • Carol

      Wow Elizabeth, good catch. I don’t watch “Glee” either, but as soon as I saw the word “controversial”, I read the article. Good marketing.

    • santana

      I completely agree! That was the first thing I said when I clicked on this article. In what way is this already controversial? It hasn’t even aired yet and this article was the first time I read what the episode was going to be about.

  • Rob

    I like how he said they made sure that for every anti-religion ther was a pro. Hopefully when the show airs this is true. I wonder how controversial it is though.

  • Margo

    Bethany – Talking about religion is not mocking it. If you read Ryan Murphy’s quote, he says that for every anti-religion piece of dialog, there is a pro-religion statement. I’ll watch this show no matter what.

    • Bethany

      Saying you find Jesus in bird poop isn’t mocking?

      • Jennifer

        It isn’t mocking Jesus, it’s a comment on people who “find” him in bird poop, grilled cheese, fungus, etc.

      • Bibi

        And then sell them for big bucks on Ebay. I’m always amazed how intolerant supposed Christians are when Jesus was the absolute model of tolerance. His message has been so distorted by those who yell the loudest. I’d bet he had a great sense of humor. Joy and laughter are two of our greatest gifts.

      • ALM

        Hey Bethany, Jesus loves you, even when Christians don’t.

      • Libby

        “Saying you find Jesus in bird poop isn’t mocking?”…it might be if there weren’t people all over the world who see Jesus in a potato chip and stuff all the time! Real people do this all the time!

      • Dave

        Bibi, I love you!

  • Nicole

    Good, maybe this will be the turning point for Glee to go back to plotlines and character building instead of celebrity guest appearances and unoriginal music video re-dos.

    • Belle

      Can I have an AMEN please? I really do like Glee but I do not want to see video re-dos. Madonna episode was okay. Lady Gaga okay I get it Gaga is “an innovator” Britney Spears okay, lets get back to story telling & character development(Cheyenne Jackson is the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline) and not an advertisement for Britney’s music.

    • Laurie

      AMEN! Plot development would be nice. Tired of the parade of guest stars and tributes.

    • Amanda


  • Kim

    Sounds like it’ll be a good episode. Maybe one of the Glee kids will turn out to be an atheist , that would reflect my opinion and cover all points of view.

    • MargotW

      AMEN TO THAT KIM! (fellow Atheist here and hoping to see some normal representation rather than just doctors (Dr. House or nerdy scientists like Temperance on Bones)

    • Annie

      THANK YOU. It seems like the media is terrified of putting atheist role models on the airwaves…I guess they’re scared that people would see that many (if not most) atheists are peaceful, hard-working, charitable, happy people.

      • Lilac

        Absolutely agree! I know many, many atheists and we are all just normal people with everyday jobs. We drive our kids to soccer or ballet, hit the park on Saturday, go to PTA, etc. We just also sleep in on Sunday. Personally, I use my time for “prayer” to volunteer in the community and be a Girl Scout leader. Doing is better than wishing :)

  • Laurie

    There goal is a balanced look at religion. Some of them won’t be religious others will be. That’s reality. How is that mocking? I respect them for doing this.

  • Flip

    This is going to be awful. I don’t want to sit and watch an hour about stupid Jesus. Why are they turning Glee into this religious bullsh!t?

  • zygote

    souns like another cheesy ep.

  • BlackIrish4094

    I wish they stayed awayfrom religion, just my own opinion. Why split the fan base. Plus, tolerance is preached heavy every episode, hope it balances the entertainment factor vs. Ryan Murphy personal pulpit.

    • Amber

      Exactly. As an agnostic, I really resent his comment that “everyone” is desperate to believe in something. No, Ryan, NOT everyone needs to believe in some omnipotent being. Some of us are fine with science, and what I can see around me. Way to generalize.

      • Zakry

        You totally missed his point. He was talking in the context of people finding pictures of Jesus in bird-poop. Why you took personal offense to that is your own problem… maybe you see Jesus in Nutra-Sweet packets or something.

      • Rachel

        Doesn’t believing in “something” include science and what you can see? I don’t think Murphy meant that we are all stiving to find faith in a god or higher power, but rather that we all want to put our faith in something.

  • Bosco

    What’s wrong with depicting “tolerance and respecting other points of view”? I don’t see a mocking of Jesus, religion, or anything else here.

  • John

    Why are you all reacting to aggressively when you have not even seen the episode? Don’t be so prejudiced!

  • Jody

    To BlackIrish4094 – why are you watching this show if it upsets you this much? Lots of other TV to watch – just change channels. Simple as that.

  • Mike

    More anti-Christian bias from Hollywood. I almost banned it after last week’s sex sex sex episode. I will not allow my teenagers to watch this anymore.

    • Flip

      You’re a freak!

    • dntbstpd1

      And u are apparently a crazy right wing christian whack-nut-job prude, lol, and your children will most likely grow up repressed and forced to act out since you won’t let them experience life and make their own choices. I however do not recall any ‘sex sex sex’ in last weeks episode.

    • Bounce

      Seriously? I DVR Glee, watch it, then watch it with my children. i skip maybe one scene in every episode. Sue’s forcing the “touching” wasn’t appropriate for them to watch, as was the butt sweat scenes, but the rest of it allows for discussion and an open dialogue. Don’t be afraid to talk to your kids!

    • Strepsi

      Save all your comments like this, print them out, and put it in an envelope you can read in 10 years called “Why they left home, moved to the city, and won’t call”.

    • Maria

      @Mike Good for you. @Strepsi. Maybe you should consider not being a parent if you can’t rise to the challenges with falling like a house of cards. Parenting requires saying no sometimes. It’s time parents started BEING parents and start monitoring the kids TV viewing more instead of trying to be “best friends” with kids all the time. If the kids leave home move to the city and don’t call, it’s because they’re being narcissists who reject good values. Your kids respect you more when you are THE parent, not when you’re a pushover.

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