'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes sounds off on tonight's premiere: 'I usually watch it with one eye open and one eye closed.'

NENEImage Credit: Quantrell Colbert/BravoTonight is the third season premiere of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which returns with two new cast members in model Cynthia Bailey and lawyer Phaedra Parks. Of course, NeNe, Kandi, Shereé, and Kim are back, too, with loads of drama. (NFL wifey Lisa Wu Hartwell is not returning.) If tonight’s episode is any indication, this season is going to be a doozy. And what better way to celebrate the craziness than to have ever-hilarious mouthpiece NeNe Leakes preview it all for us? Here, NeNe talks about what’s coming up for her (entertainment reporting!), her dynamic with all the other ladies, who’s doing her wrong (Dwight!), and who’s recording a single this coming season.

On her storylines: “You see a lot of ups and downs with me. I am working on my career. I’m working on being an independent woman these days. Besides being an author, I am trying to do talk show hosting bits. You’ll see me do an entertainment segment. You’ll see my relationships change with the girls throughout the season. I think you’ll see a more business NeNe. I’ve always been very business savvy, but you haven’t had the chance to see that side of me. You’ll still have the fun, outspoken, loud NeNe — that will never change — but you’ll see the business side of me.”

On her dynamic with Kim: “I think when you say ‘NeNe’ and ‘Kim’ in the same sentence, you need to end it with drama and some exclamation points! We will be friendly this season, but we will also have challenges to overcome.”

On her dynamic with Shereé: “I do talk to Shereé and we are okay, but I think that Shereé and my relationship just is what it is. We will never be friends because of things that we’ve gone through in the past, and I don’t know if it’s ever come across on television before. It’s very hard for me to have something to do with somebody that’s not very loyal as a friend. Unfortunately for Shereé and I, we don’t view friendships the same way.”

On her dynamic with Kandi: “What I don’t think people know from last season was that I had met Kandi for the first time, and I just didn’t know her. I didn’t know her mom or anybody! So this season I will get to meet her mom for the first time. We’re not like besties. We don’t get that close. We’re just regular acquaintances, that kind of thing.”

On new cast members Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks: “I think they will bring an interesting dynamic to the relationships that are already on the show. One of the girls, Cynthia, I talk to her quite regularly. We form a rather nice friendship, so I think you guys will like seeing that. Phaedra is one of the other girls. I don’t talk to her very much on the show. She was around, but it’s almost like she wasn’t around. I don’t really think her personality stuck out that much. It was weird for me because Phaedra and I are from the same hometown. I met her back in high school, and so it was really different to see her come on the show. It was just odd to me. My opinion is, maybe they could have found two other castmates that were really exciting.”

On who’s recording a single: “We have a surprise for you! One of our gay friends that’s always with us on the show is going to do a single. Honey, one of them is going to really give it to you and you’re going to love it. It’s fabulous! He’s going to debut it in a nightclub, and we’re all going to attend, and it’s going to be fabulous. You’re going to be surprised which gay guy it is.”

On Kim’s follow-up to “Tardy for the Party”: “When we talk about Kim releasing a single, let’s be serious here: Kim is playing around. She’s not a singer by any means. So there you go. It’ll be a song that you never hear Kim sing live — I doubt it — ever, ever in your life. She’s not a singer, she’s just giving us a talent show. She’s like, ‘I’m releasing my single,’ like she’s really singing. Girl, you are not Lady Gaga, let’s be for real.”

On her brewing fight with gay BFF Dwight: “I’ve heard we were having World War III! I think a lot of that is rumors, but our relationship does take a turn, I will say that. But it’s not as bad as I’ve heard in the media, like we had a fist-fight or something. Like, I’m way too ladylike and way too fabulous, even if I have on jeans, so I’m not doing a fist-fight. Me? Now, I will get up in your face and let you have it verbally, but when you start talking about touching one another, that’s a whole different story. First of all, I would snatch Dwight a new ass if he even touched me, so that has not happened.”

On her mindset going into the season: “Going into each season is scary to me because, first of all, we’re curious to see what they’ve done in the editing room. Then I’m curious to see what the viewers are going to think. I’m always scared. I usually watch it with one eye open and one eye closed.”

Are you planning to tune in tonight, PopWatchers?

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  • Nicole

    NeNe is trash and will only ever amount to being trash. She talks way too much about other people and about how “fabulous” and “tough” she is. If she had thicker skin then she wouldn’t have gotten that plastic surgery during the season break.

    • KC

      I agree she says she’s a lady but she’s just loud and obnoxious. I love how they all talk about their “careers” which amount to books about their life or their appearances

    • leeny

      I can tell she had plastic surgery around the nose area, she was on the Wendy Williams show this summer, thats when I noticed the different nose and facial change. She really seems to be all up in peoples face, that is not classy at all. The fame and money has definately went to her head. Very embarrasing to me, I don’t think all that drama is cool especially if you are all that. “When she steps into a room, she own’s it”, “wow”! Greg looks so sad. I hope they can make their marrige, work. I heard her say “When she met Gregg he bought and gave her everything she ever wanted, so if she has to pull the weight she would,” I she didn’t forget those words. I’ve other couples say their marriage was good until they agree to do reality shows.

  • tori

    i love NENE she brings excitement to the show, and she keeps it real, yea she talks about the other ladies but she don’t be lying. she calls it as she see’s it.

  • lyn

    I so redy for the new season. The housewives of Atl are my fave out of all the housewives. I hate that Lisa Wu isnt gonna be on the show. but i’m 100% team NeNe! whoo hoo…..new season finally.

  • Illeria brown

    I love the show… NeNe girl keep doing ur thing!!!! I will b tuning in tonight.

  • Jeanna Smith

    Check out how Nene Leakes wears her Wrap Dress on the Season 3 opener of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”! The custom maxi length is stunning on her. Get your very own @luxediva.com today!

  • Monn

    I am loving the new season. The housewives of Atlanta always got something for you. NeNe is my girl. She is going to keep it real but she needs to learn and relize there is a time and a place to handle private matters. Kandi is so humble and layed back. Kim is a true blonde!!!!! Sheree, i don’t know what to say about you. I like your fashion’s though. Dwight, what is going on with you????

  • were the cash @

    I like NE-NE she is gone keep it real she is not fake in she not acting I think this how she really is,But for Dwight you need to get it together because you talk about everyone you need to get that nose in lip fix.

  • Allison

    Dear NeNe,

    I admire you so. You wear your heart on your sleeve. There’s nothing superficial about you; you aren’t afraid of putting your all into relationships that are important to you and voicing how you feel. You don’t play games.(takes one to know one!).
    You need to hold back a bit to protect yourself and not get so hurt, my dear.
    You are passionate about the things that you believe in, such as battered women project. You put yourself out there and work hard to make a positive difference in the world, without seeking recognition.

    Any friend of yours is very lucky. They have a true friend for life.

    NeNe, you don’t deserve to have to put up with the current state of affairs. You’re attractive and an extraordinarily lovely, vivacious person.

    You deserve so much more, my luv.



    • Tresha

      I really like what you put about Nene…she is a wonderful person and some people don’t see that in her…they just see what they watch on tv…and think she is a wonderful and beautiful person…who keep it really…Go Nene…Antrica Graves

  • betty lee

    The housing market has affected Greg’s job and income,and NeNe has spoken loudly that she is the one making the money now. What difference does it make that the husband or the wife is making more or less than the other? When Greg was paying the bills it was their money now it seem that NeNe’s money is NeNe’s money. A word of warning NeNe, the grass always appear greener on the other side, that is until you get there. Our husbands sees us inside and out, without the make-up, weaves, wigs, the clip-ons and etc. The world only sees our covered flaws. I truly believe that NeNe wants out of her marriage because someone has wispered a lie in her ear. I do not believe that she will ever come across another Greg. A man who will put on a pair of high hills to help others is a real man. I have witness women and men throw away good relationship only to find themselves along and miserable in the end. One thing for sure Greg will not be on the waiting list very long and NeNe’s celebrity train will not be a long run. PlEASE, PLEASE, NeNe think long and hard before you walk away from your children’s father and their role model. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and I have lived long enough to understand the hand writing on the wall.Isn’t it strange that the Atlanta House Wife no longer wants to be with the one who made her a House Wife.

    • Allison

      Betty Lee, Out of everyone’s postings I hope that Nene listens to yours.
      You are right.

    • LOVE

      I couldn’t agree more with all you said..I doubt she will read these but just in case, I hope she pays attention. He brought her from nothing to where she is now and just because he is on hard times and reacting to them she should be supportive and understanding from where it comes. She has been there not too long ago before he came into her life. NeNe needs to come a bit back to reality from her “reality” show.

      • Kishia

        Ne-Ne you really need to look n the mirror, booh booh it’s hard times for everyone,and the way u put your business out like that. wasn’t cute @ all.support cha MAN.before you in up like kim CONFUSED behind. NE-ne the other side wouldn’t suite you sweetie. You have to much goin on. Get yourself together. Still love yall.

    • leeny

      I agree 1000%. NeNe is letting it be known she’s the money maker now, when she met Gregg she had nothing, had been abused and left with a child to raise, this loving man took her under his wing, nurished and gave her the best life she ever saw, now she wants out, I think she is making a mistake, the grass is not greener on the other side as I said she has let this little bit of fame go to her head, it shows on her face.
      This the best I’ve seen her dressed
      but she does not know how to wear her clothes, they wear her. she’s always tugging with her clothes. I think she is embarrassing.

      • KimG

        I am not falling for that it may be a scheme of the show for viewers to feel for Greg thinking NeNe mistreating him. Nene being as flip as she is would be giving it tm Greg if she felt like it appears. All of these women are drama to me and I love them all, especially my girl, NeNe

    • Tresha

      @Bettyn lee…you have said the most powerful word a teenager could hear..i will keep these words in my head…becasue you have made a life changing to everyone on here…and whenever i get married one day i will work it out with him…i will remember that the income coming in our house is for the both of us and not about who make the most money….Nene need to really listen to you….because you are the best person on here that she need to listen to….Thanks for everything Betty Lee….Antrica Graves

  • Stephanie

    I luv the show…..i don’t care for the newbes on the show…but all is well as my grandfather use to say

  • Barb

    Atlanta Housewives is goind down hill. After last night’s episode, I don’t want to see any more.

  • DJ

    I am interested in seeing more of Kandi and the new Attorney is beautiful. Too bad she is a shallow superficial,materialistic braggart!
    Don’t they understand it is in poor taste to brag on yourself and your money when over half of our nation is suffering from a recession!
    It was also real laughable that Kim plays the moral police with her daughter-plz give us a break Kim is as slutty as they come with her trashy sex life all over the tabloids as if it is as natural as apple pie to be a married man’s whore and a lesbians play thing!

  • paige

    ne ne has alot of class,,,,,,,,,,,, all low,,, greg is too good for her,, shes ugly,, loud and horrible,,, poor greg is in the poor house cause of her antics, pretending to be rich when shes really a popper,, lol whos fake??? only her

  • leeny

    I think all the drama on the show does not represent the ATL, or does it? Some people are just not
    happy with their lives and it shows on the show, I LOVE Kandi, she is the most realist on the show
    who has accomplished great things on her own. Phadrea seems to be real I hope she stays on the show with Kandi, I hope NeNe finds peace with herself, Kim is full of suprises, Sheree is doing things, Cindy, I hope she finds true love.
    Kandi is the best one.

  • shelia

    nene, i think you are the most realest person on the show. you show your true emotions and everyone needs to so get over their selfs just because you got money they think you should not get out of line so to speak. i think you are fab. and keep on keeping it real girl. dont let no haters like that get you down. wonder how many times the other house wives only wished they could be as real as you.. nene god bless baby and lots of blessing sent your way. i love you god bless.. keep it real..

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