Jon Stewart, David Letterman mock Rick Sanchez

Rick-Sanchez-Jon-StewartImage Credit: CNN; Comedy CentralJon Stewart has responded to the Rick Sanchez controversy with some typical snark. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it happened Saturday night at the Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education event held in Manhattan. In an on-stage bit asking for donations, Stewart referenced the former CNN anchor’s infamous anti-Semitic comments: “If you went on radio and said the Jews control the media…you may want to hold on to your money.” He also joked that if Sanchez’ nasty remarks were in fact accurate, “All he has to do is apologize to us, and we’ll hire him back.”

David Letterman reportedly joined the pile-on during a surprise appearance later in the show, saying he’d just been “helping Rick Sanchez clean out his office.”

Were any of you at Night of Too Many Stars? What did you think of Stewart and Letterman’s jabs at Sanchez?

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  • Emma

    Mazel tov!

    • kevin

      The chip on Ricks’ shoulder has resonated thru his work for years. Yet, he still fails to see it.

      • yourname here

        your an ass

      • my name



      • Mike

        What did he say that was stupid? He was 100% correct. Jews are more powerful as a group than any other in America. You can’t so much as mention them in a negative light without suffering accusations of anti-Semitism and subsequent punishment. And while they are liberal in their politics, they are bigoted in their personal lives, usually hiring their own kind and looking down on anyone not like them.

      • retirednotdead

        yes! i have tried to watch his show so many times and can’t do more than 5 min. he is so annoying! no, im not jewish!

      • @ Mike

        Dead wrong- circus strongmen are the most powerful group in America, followed by robots. The Jewish Hollywood mafia don’t even make the top 10, douchebag.

      • Jolie

        Bottom line, it was unprofessional to say what he said, and he should be fired.

      • Anonymous

        Mike, we aren’t accusing you of anti-Semitism. We’re accusing you of being an idiot.

      • Niix Starkyller

        The hate and vitriol directed at the oft-persecuted circus strongmen is disappointing and disgusting. Have we learned NOTHING from history? The 21st Century will see either an end to the human race or a new beginning … depending on how we learn to get along with each other.

        Robots, however, are still evil.

      • David Weise

        that’s what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you!

    • John

      god, so tired of you chews

    • slash

      up yours chew

    • OopsyDaisy

      I never liked Rick Sanchez in the first place. But, with the abrupt firing at CNN and these snarky remarks from Stewart and Letterman, I’m starting to empathize Rick much now than before.

      • MichelleR.

        Stewart had to address it and only did a couple lines on it at the autism event. On his own shoe he had some fun, but was ultimately nice and forgiving and in a humorous way said he believed Sanchez was better than all this and that it was just a bad moment.

    • Carola


      • The Fact

        In repsonse to your comment about who and what race is the problem in the world. You obviously show that you too are part of the problem. How dare you go into stereo types. If you are allowed to make stereotypical remarks than do not get offended at stereotypes directed towards you. Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink what the hell is that? If you really want some stereotypes I can tell you alcoholism is rampant among Jewish communities. Just pay a visit to a any random bars in Brooklyn, NY and I garauntee that you while find a Jewish rabbi there lurking in the corners drunk out of his mind. Let me not go into what happens in the bath houses in Williamsburg or the synogogues. And SECOND, you are right Christians Rule!!! There is only one God and One Body of Christ. Bottom line we all are HUMANS and have flaws… you just made one toom many bigotted remarks and you are forgiven now forget about Rick Sanchez and his supposed anti-semetic remarks. Nothing in what he stated was at all racist or negative towars Jewish people. In Brooklyn, most property is owned by the Jewish people, that’s a fact. In Brooklyn, Jewish people have their own ambulances and polica task force. Black people are a minority, Hispanic people are a minority and soon to be the majority, asian americans are minority, American Indians are Minority…. Jewish people (Caucasian People) as per the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, the constitutional census, and all other trusted government agencies are the MAJORITY… Accept the facts. Peace and Love….

  • Swichkow, Rita

    I’m not so sure we’d accept his apology. This is not his first stupid remark!!

  • christina Astorga

    Jon Stewart and Lettermen are just proving that they are what Rick Sanchez told their ilk to be. You show the kind of person that you are in the way you treat another person who is down and out. When
    you still kick someone who is already on the ground, you diminish yourself as a human being. CNN should give Rick Sanchez another chance, as all of us do sometimes say things at the spur of a moment. If the CNN people proves to bigger in humanity than Jon Stewart and David Letterman, then they are deserving of our respect.

    • jim

      Gimme a break, this clown is a Jew-Hater and it’s unacceptable. Maybe he’ll team up with Mel Gibson and go job hunting…

      • susan

        Look how Rick is being slimed. They are now accusing him of saying things he didn’t say at all. Thank God the full radio interview is available for everybody to hear. Once you listen to it, you will see that Rick said nothing racist or bigoted. He just made a comment that they disagree with, one that does not validate their victimhood.

      • John

        No, he accused Jon Stewart a bigot and then when asked to show an example, used the fact that he was Jewish.

        Stewart never accused him of being anything but a bit psychotic.

      • Jamal

        They proved him right by firing him…

      • susan

        John I suggest you listen to the full interview and stop spreading lies about what Rick said. He never brought up religion. The host did, in an attempt to make the claim that Stewart could not be a bigot because he, himself, was an oppresed minority. Rick said that Stewart was not an oppressed minority and that nobody of Stewart’s background would ever be denied a job.

      • Bill Philip

        Didn’t he just tell the truth, the media, the money, the government, all these comedians aren’t they Jews. They are the whole problem in this world.

      • Jason

        I agree Bill and Christina

      • C

        @Jamal The same thing would have happened if he had made a slur against any minority. HE is the bigot, and CNN is well rid of him.

      • jazzman

        Oh, sure… bring Mel into it. Everyone here who thinks Mel actually needs a job, raise your hand and shout, “i’m a dope’!

      • Jon

        Jewish people are hateful whiny elitists. There are several good reasons to hate Jews!!

      • Ian

        Comments like Jon’s winner above me hear just makes me bigoted against dumbasses. Good thing they;ll never run anything.

      • Ian

        HERE, not *hear.

      • wino

        how is he a jew hater? saying the jewish community runs hollywood, the media or wallstreet is an obervation/opinion, its not an expression of hate. this is being blown out of proportion. btw, very ignorant to compare him to Mel Gibson. wth

      • Carola


      • The Fact

        MAybe thery should go job hunting together… I bet that sounds just sooo funny to you. You are what you say they are, a beast. A beast that feeds on human sorrow.. I live in Brooklyn, NY and you know very well that in your Jewish home, you are guilty of making racist remarks.. That is why you can not live around anyone or group that do not look like you… when was the last time you had Black people in you neighborhood? Like I said to your friend earlier, there is nothing wrong with saying Jewish people are not a minority. I guess we should fire the Constitutional Census that labels you Caucasian (AKA Majority), and the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization while we are at it… I just think people just love to chew away at other… it is horrible .. God help us all…

      • David Weise

        I completely agree! Jew haters should not only be fired but exterminated.

    • Leanne

      I agree, Christina.

    • It’s a fact

      The reality is that he said something that was always part of his thought process and mental DNA. Was it necessary to fire him. . . did CNN make it’s point about how they think personal opinions should be delivered? He should go to FOX who will welcome the one sided view of the world and allow this type of speak to infiltrate their so called unbiased news. Live on Reality TV.

      • Dave


      • JonG

        He’d fit right in at FoxNews.

      • Mad Mike

        I was going to say he’d fit right in at MSNBC…

      • Buffy Freak

        He already burned his bridges at MSNBC.

      • Ashley

        He used to work for the local Miami Fox channel. We weren’t sad to see him go but we were sad when he tried to show back up with his own local show. He’s been a moronic anchor since day one.

      • Brian

        Wonder why the fox ratings blow away CNN’s….just wondering

    • Amber N

      They’re comedians. They were just doing their job. As for Sanchez … Hey buddy, if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

      • TQB

        exactly – what frustrates newspeople in dealing with Stewart is they forget that there is a reason why he gets to make jokes and they don’t. His job is to make jokes. Theirs is to report news. Sorry it isn’t as fun, but feel free to try and change careers if you really want.

      • susan

        I would say that the same should apply to Jon Stewart. He hides behind the title of ‘comedian’ so that he can attack without having to explain or defend what he says. He’s a little bully who is afraid to criticize the current administration, so he goes after straw-man targets like Sanchez. But Rick didn’t just passively take it, he hit back.

      • TQB

        He’s a comedian. He’s on Comedy Central. His show comes on after a half hour of cartoon children singing songs about Christmas Poop. If he’s “hiding” that’s the worst hiding job ever.

      • Kate

        susan, you just showed that you don’t watch Jon Stewart at all, but form your opinions of him based on what you read/see in the media. He is VERY critical of Obama’s administration, and all politicians right now regardless of affiliation. Try a little factual information, I think you’ll like it.

      • Anne

        Susan – you’re kidding, right? Have you see The Daily Show? Yes, it is left leaning (what media doesn’t have a bias, one way or the other?) but he doesn’t just go after Republicans; he goes after idiocy, no matter what side it is on.

      • Cynthia

        @ Susan: Tucker Carlson, is that you?

      • Mary

        Kate is right. Jon Stewart “attacks” both parties-and everyone else.

      • Marcy

        Rick Stewart is just too thin-skinned and sensitive. He did remind me a little of Mel Gibson. It’s sad that when some people encounter disappointment in their lives, they immediately turn to a scapegoat, and once again, the Jews are there for the picking. He will probably get hired somewhere eventually. Does he really think that he got to where he was solely on talent? looks? charm? hard work? Everyone who has achieved success had someone along the way give them a chance. There are plenty of hard-working, good-looking, talented people who never get on TV. And as far as his “poor father who washed dishes, who still can’t speak English,” I wouldn’t be so proud. My relatives made it their business to learn English. No one offered them the option of selecting Spanish or English when calling a utility.

      • Marcy

        I agree, since when do comedians have to censor their remarks for fear of “offending” any group? It’s ridiculous. I listened to the entire show and if memory serves me correctly, even when the topic was changing, Rick went back to his tirade, digging himself deeper into a hole. I feel very sorry for his family. There’s obviously a self-destructive part of his personality; he did it to himself.

      • DTS

        SUSAN: Yeah, but Sanchez’s “punch” landed smack dab in the middle of his own forehead. Talk about stoooopid! :D

    • carol sonnenberg

      I totally agree with your comment.

      • David

        You’re an idiot Susan. Stewart criticizes the current administration all the time. Stop speaking out of your 2nd piehole.

    • jay

      Down and out? He slit his own throat. Bet you didn’t know that Sanchez hit and killed a man while drunk years ago. He also fled the scene and never did time. Anyway the creep probably made those remarks on purpose just to sell a few more copies of his. p. sthetic book.

      • Jay

        So did Ted Kennedy( rumours of affairs and skirt chasing abound)- drank, drove and it ultimately killed a young woman (waited nine hours to report it). When Mr Kennedy passed, he seemed to be remembered with almost saint like reverence.

    • bruceben9

      christina, you are wrong. people say things like he said because he believes it. for example: you couldn’t get me to talk like that about another group of people without at least a gun to my head. rick simply showed his true colors.

    • LG

      Please, you take a shot at a comedian you get what you deserve.

      • susan

        So now hacks like Jon Stewart are untouchable?

      • Nelda

        Not for his work. Sanchez is free to criticize his show or call him a hack if he likes. It’s when he generalizes about his ethnic group that people call foul.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Jon Stewart is a hack, Susan? Left-leaning, liberal, media critic, and poop disturber? Sure. But, a hack? Ha! Oh, man. Here’s a napkin. You’ve got little bitter stain on your clueless jacket.

    • Alki

      Christina, I agree with you…….they shouldn’t be kicking the guy when he’s down. However, its important to not that this isn’t the first gaffe Sanchez has made. Actually, he does it fairly frequently. Add to the fact, his ratings have never gone anywhere and I can imagine CNN has been looking for an excuse to fire him. And he gave it to them nicely wrapped in a pretty ribbon.

      • JS

        Reading the full script of what he said, I felt like the worst things he said were actually about CNN. If I publically bad mouth my employers, I’ll probably pay consequences too. His remark about Stewart was a catalyst toward more unfortnate remarks. I sort of feel like firing him for practicing his own free speech was overreacting. But, I also think if you bad mouth your employers and other people and use their religion as an insult, you kind of are asking for whatever cr*p comes your way. His ratings have been lousy. Personally, I think CNN was secretly celebrating the fact he gave them such an easy way to get rid of him without having to pony up money.

    • Jeff

      Christina—How is Rick Sanchez “down”? Just because he is Hispanic? Please…the man had an eponymous show on CNN, he was near the top of his profession, and he was too arrogant to know when to shut his yap. Racist comments don’t fly. Period.

      • Marcy

        You’re 100% right.

      • Marcy


      • Gale


    • sharon

      Isn’t it funny that the same guy who whined so much about people being prejudiced against him as a child is a prejudiced hater himself? Shouldn’t he reap what he has sown? He didn’t like Jon’s comments about HIM and mouthed off, and now says people should ignore his comments about Jon? LMAO! You people are such hypocrites!

    • Jeff

      Rick Sanchez was known as “Rick the Dick” when he worked on TV in South Florida. He had a long-standing reputation for being inappropriate. How he got to CNN is anybody’s guess.

    • fish eye no miko

      Jamal, you do know that Sanchez took shots at his own network, right? Last I checked, insulting you boss(es) was a really bad move, job-wise…

    • JustMe

      Are you kiding? Down and out? Rick Sanchez makes millions. He’s not down and out. If anything he’s regretting his words because they got him fired not because he regrets what he said.
      Fox News will roll out the red carpet for the likes of Sanchez.

      • Jerry

        Are you kidding? FoxNews has a viewing audience 10 times the size of CNN and they don’t hire left-wingers like Sanchez. You’ve obviously never seen Sanchez’s show.

  • jim

    Any hateful antisemite deserves to be fired and humiliated and blacklisted. Good riddance Sanchez!

    • gabriel

      I listened to Rick’s comment and and surprised that some comments he made on in an interview not on his show will be used against him like that. So where is the freedom of speech that we all so much cherish. I can understand if he had used CNN resources and time slot to make comments like this. It such a shame that even CNN will tow this route. I am sure Rick will do well. He made himself CNN didnt make him. Nobody makes you, you can only make yourself. It even seems as though that the interviewer was leading him on to get him into what could be a trouble for him. The shame of it all is that a man cannot be honest about how he feels even off duty without losing his job. I think CNN is the loser in all of this. Not because Rick is indispensable, but becuase even CNN could not stand for what they seem to preach. It SAD. To Rick! I wish you success, I know you’ll be fine

      • TQB

        So if you made similar comments about your boss or the company you work for, do you think you’d get to keep your job? It’s called Private Action – you don’t have a first amendment protection against your employer.

      • Cole

        We didn’t keep him from saying anything. He was perfectly free to speak his mind, and we are perfectly free to condemn him for it.

      • lmej

        Gabriel, journalists are held to a different standard than everyday citizens when it comes to their First Amendment rights. Journalists give up much of their right to free speech/expression because it is their professional duty to be objective and not express personal opinions about the people or subjects they cover.Rick did this in a public forum and identified himself as a CNN journalist. CNN was perfectly within its right to fire him, just as any other news organization could suspend or reprimand a journalist for displaying political bumper stickers on his or her vehicle.

      • ernie ball

        I’m sorry that’s just illogical. The fact that he wasn’t on CNN has absolutely nothing to do with it. Every employee of a major corporation represents them on and off duty. If he made volatile politcal statements in his free time they’d still fire him because it’d reflect negatively on the network. This is absolutely not a free speech issue. The government didn’t fire him, CNN did. Simply put Rick costs them business and created a press nightmare, what has he earned? He earned getting fired. And if not for this, what about for his DUI resulting in a man’s death.

      • bruceben9

        he can say what he wants. these people have clauses in their contracts that they are supposed to act like decent human beings even when he is not at his job. too bad for him.

      • Brian

        People always seem to forget. The First Amendment protects one from the government from punishing them for saying certain (not all) speech. If you walk into work and call your boss a douchebag, expect to be fired. There’s no reasonable expectation of free speech at work, school, any private place of business, or on private property.

      • Lars

        “..where is the freedom of speech..” Rick does have freedom of speech. Is he in jail for what he said? No. But cnn does have the right to fire somebody for what they say.

      • Kate

        UGH!!!! Freedom of Speech does not mean you can say whatever you want without consequences. It means you can not be legally restricted or jailed for speaking your mind. He’s not in prison. He insulted his employers and was fired. Much as I would be.

      • Socal budy

        I always like comedy shows and I think they should not be called bigot just for the type of jokes they make. Having said that I totally agree with Rick that they should have responsibility to show that their jokes do not contain stereotyping in anyway. I think any show should have a mission established, I wonder if these folks can define their mission to the people. As for CNN, they just proved that freedom of speech is just a myth, they proved that freedom of speak that they believe in is the one that should not tell the truth and should not disagree with their mission and nature. I am not surprised that CNN acted the way they did and they are not alone in this philosophy. They have their own version of freedom of speech!! So CNN is showing to the people that their news and all their business are based on no truth to be served and no freedom to be recognized.

      • maryann

        thumbs up for gabriel!!!!

      • MikeH

        First of all, though it’s a common misperception, the 1st Amendment free speech clause only guarantees that GOVERNMENT shall not have the right to abridge free speech. It says nothing about having the right to have your speech financed by someone else. It says nothing about having the right to not be judged by your speech. It says nothing about guaranteeing a platform for your speech. It says nothing about an employer being required to keep you on the payroll to support your free speech.

        When I first heard that Rick Sanchez had been fired, all I heard was that he had called Jon Stewart a bigot. If that was all he had said, I would have been shocked if he had been fired. The man is certainly entitled to his opinions, and if one of those opinions is that Jon Stewart is a bigot, that should not be a terminatable offense. But once he veered into ‘the Jews control everything, it’s ridiculous for the Jews to be considered a minority’’, that got him into the territory of racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

        Hispanics are about 16% of the U.S. population. Jews are less than 2%. Sanchez obviously has nurtured his scapegoating to a high art.

        Sanchez complains about not being given a shot at the top tier in his profession. In fact, he was in the top tier as most people in his profession go. His personal fatal flaw is failing to consider that if CNN wouldn’t promote him and no one was trying to hire him away from CNN, maybe he just wasn’t good enough to go further.

        It’s always a bitch when you have no one to blame but yourself.

      • bruceben9

        thumbs down for maryanne.

      • Tae

        Freedom of speech means you won’t be censored. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t repercussions to what you say (whether against you, as in this case, or against others as with those who incite hate). I think that’s what those of you who go around spouting off about freedom of speech don’t get. The question is *can* you say it. It is *should* you say it.

      • fish eye no miko

        “So where is the freedom of speech that we all so much cherish”

        What freedom of speech means:
        The government can’t infringe on your speech, by, say, arresting or fining you; or forcing your employer to fire you for what you say (unless they are your employer).

        What freedom of speech does NOT mean:
        You can say whatever sh!t you want and not get fired (by a private company), criticized, made fun of, etc.

        Learn the difference, people!

      • AntonioSaucedo

        I’ll be honest with you Gabriel: you’re a fool!

    • whiteysooks

      Are you German Jim? I thought you would of learned after the first time, shame on you.

      • Marcy

        Some people never ever learn. Pathetic.

    • John

      I got news for you Jim, most of us in this country are getting fed up with Jews

      • bruceben9

        well, so what are you going to do about it? i’m rather fed up with douchebags like you and i just try to stay away from the likes of your ilk. yuck!

      • UsualSuspects

        And many of us are pretty damn sick of all bigots!

      • Marcy

        It’s really interesting that you think you are speaking for “most of this country.” You’re obviously a total loser blaming all your problems on a convenient scapegoat.

      • Brian

        The man was an idiot. You don’t talk smack about your boss and expect to get away with it.

      • Carola



  • deniro11

    rick sanchez is a cheese ball and stinks

  • Geri Barron

    Why do some like Russ and the like get by with their raw and inaccurate comments and others don’t?
    I don”t condone any of them and choose not to watch or listen to them. But they earn millions doing what they do. Limbaugh should have been fired years ago. Why not him as well????

    • AFV

      His name is Rush.

    • tim333

      Sadly Rush is employed by his own company and so is unlikely to fire himself. One can live in hope though.

      • Joseph Guevara

        What goes around comes around. Rick has always used rumors to bad mouth Rush. Now he got his. Eventually the left will all eat each other, there are too many disfunctional groups all spreading lies. Have you ever listened to Rush or read anything he’s written. Eventually you have to grow up. All said in Love.

    • Chuk

      If you never listen to him how do you know he is always making raw inaccurate comments? Are you trusting the liberal biased media to tell you the truth. They all lie; both sides. To sell their agenda. The SAD thing is if Rick Sanchez had made a negative comment about Christians…no one would have had any problem with it. If any did complain; the response would be, ” quit being so sensitive, he’s just expressing his 1st amendment rights!”
      Liberals are all the same, scream about first amendment rights and then if you say what they don’t wanna hear. Those rights aren’t for you. By the way I think Jews are great! If it wasn’t for one specific Jew we all would be in serious trouble.

      • Bill Philip

        They killed him I think cause he didnt like thir money practices

      • dpiranha

        Wow…this is what I think…because of the Jews the world has been chaos!
        …this one big example of what’s going on in Gaza!!!!

  • Rob

    Sanchez was correct in his comments about the Jewish controlled media. Its unfortunate that he was fired for speaking the truth. Stewart and Letterman have again taken to the gutter and made a joke about what we all know to be the truth.

    • Marcy

      Thank God most people like you, Rob, are in the minority.

  • AFV

    Sanchez is really just a big dummy. I saw a clip of him asking someone what 9 meters is in English… Just a big pretty faced dummy. Go away. Dumb America rejects you.

  • marjorie hall

    Sanchez has always been like that. Just ask the Miami, Florida crowd. He always manages to put his foot in his mouth when he worked at the local Channel 7 station. Nobody liked him in Miami. He will never work in the television industry again. NEVER, NEVER. Calling President Obama a cotton-picking president – well, well, has Rich forgotten that he’s half black? He doesn’t want to admit it in this country but he should own up to it

    • James

      Where would you get the idea that Sanchez is black? You assume because he is Cuban he has to be black? Cuba has blacks, whites and a mix. Sanchez is white.

    • fotodigitalmiami

      So being black is something you should own up to? Like you have to confess because it’s a crime or some how a bad thing. Interesting and revealing choice of words

      • Jay

        Encore! Brilliant! Yes, it was a bit like “‘Fess up and admit you have black in you”. Sorry Marjorie, but your words betrayed you.

    • u

      Cuban is a nationality, not an ethnicity. A person of Scandinavian descent could be rightfully considered Cuban if they were born & raised in the country. Really, your comment as akin to saying that someone who’s American is by default white.

      • u

        * your comment IS akin.

  • hobby farmer

    The left can’t help themselves and eventually the Hollywood/media elite start to eat one another.

  • Santos Ray Victorero, II

    That is so arrogant of both of them! As a Cuban I feel offended by these comments since they (Stewart and Letterman) are trying to denigrate the only Cuban American Network Anchor in the nation. If they think they threat Cubans like they do to Palestinians they are going to find themselves in big trouble.

    • Kevin

      He’s not a Cuban American Network Anchor.

      He’s a _former_ Cuban American Network Anchor.

    • Joan

      I can’t stand when people defend someone simply because they are of the same background. I am hispanic as well, but there is no way I would defend this douche even if his skin is the same color as mine. Adios Sanchez!

    • Marcy

      Let me guess, you’re probably not at the top of the food chain.

  • Freddie

    So Stewart mocking Sanchez for getting himself fired by going on a radio show and essentially slandering his employers = Stewart diminishing his own humanity. And CNN hiring Sanchez back after he told an international radio audience that the people at CNN are bigots = CNN showing humanity.
    What about accountability? Sanchez is/was a reporter. He should be aware of the impacts communications and media have. As a grown man, he should realize that actions have consequences. I don’t know any bosses who would respond to being publicly called a bigot by keeping that employee around. And Stewart is a comedian. He’s not allowed to poke fun at someone who dug his own grave? Not even when he was the target of that person’s hateful and ill-informed barbs? Is this the Twilight Zone and no one told me?

    • Marcy

      Couldn’t have said it better. He was fired for the same reason Michael Richard’s career is over. Freedom of speech is one thing, but what about the right of an organization be it private or government to have itself represented by professionals who don’t spew hatred.

  • allyson

    So no one can give their opinions or speak their minds about the Jews “WOW” So Sad!!!! CNN bad decision his show is the only show that is interesting on your Network…

    • Shark

      People named Allyson are all idiots. You are right, speaking your mind is fun!

      • Tony B

        If Allyson was your boss, she could fire you now! But you still spoke your mind and you won’t be arrested for it. I love America ;)

      • Roob

        It’s just my opinion that allyson is an illiterate dishwasher, probably an illegal immigrant or a muslim. In my opinion her life is directed by cruel S&M masters and her business cards claim her occupation as “Gimp”

        I don’t need to fact check to state my opinion. this is fun!

      • Marcy

        I’ll second that!

      • Marcy

        To call Allyson an idiot was too kind.

    • JS

      No, allyson, you can give your opinions or speak your mind, small as it is, about jews as much as you want. What you can’t do is call your employers bigots and expect not to lose your job. I don’t understand why such a simple concept seems so hard for people to grasp.

      • susan

        Stop trying to rewrite what happened. Sanchez wasn’t fired for calling his employers bigots. The headline on over the weekend was that Sanchez was fired for saying that the Js control the media. Of course, he never really said that, but whatever.

    • Brian

      If you don’t like CNN then don’t watch…turn the station.

  • American

    I am happy that Rick Sanchez is gone … fired … I never liked the guy … he was such an idiot … Like most Cuban Americans and Hispanics they think they are white but then they are reminded that they are NOT … bye bye bye Ricky boy !

    • Bobby’s Robot

      You’re as bad as he is.

    • whiteysooks

      “american”, you are what is wrong with this country, Rick said some inappropriate things but if you look at his main point he’s right, you can’t compare the jewish “struggle” to the latinos because like the “american” idiot said we will never be seen as equals, Stewart is jewish but the last name and his look is WHITE. America is white, easier for Stewart to succeed rather than Sanchez. America caters to it’s audience, turn on the tv, look, whenever you see a latino on tv it’s usually some bad stereotype or a latina being exploited.

      • susan

        His real name is Jon Leibowitz.

      • TQB

        So now we’re going to play the “which minority is more oppressed” game? Lame.

      • American

        Again, I am glad that Ricky boy was fired and he is gone for good. I never liked him. He was always full of himself with had nothing to back it up. Typical Cubans / Hispanics feeling entitled … they should all be sent back to Cuba and other parts of Latin or South America. I like when white americans remind Hispanics that they are not white they are second class citizens … that is my story and I am sticking to it …

      • Tony B

        Jewish is a religion, not a race. The Jewish religion originated with the Hebrew people, same as Christians.

      • sharon

        OMG, and poor Rick is good looking, so he’s had it easier than ME!! Give me a break. If you think people like you dont discriminate against Jews you are just completely stupid and not worth any more typing effort.

      • Perez

        White and Hispanic are not interchangable labels. One could be Hispanic and white or black or native or asian at the same time. Rick Sanchez is of Spanish descent which makes him white but also hispanic. There are people who live in Argentina who are of German, Italian, Welsh descent but only speak spanish and have live in Argentina for generations are they not White because they only speak Spanish? Fidel Castro parents both emigrated from northern Spain, is he not white.
        This is not only an issue with white hispanics but also with
        Many Black Hispanics who still worship african(yoruba) gods and have african traditions. Are they not Black because he speaks spanish, and you can’t say it because they are not “pure” black because Obama is only half and is still considered black.

        The fact is America and as in the majority of the Anglosphere there has always been an anti-Hispanic sentiment. First due to rivalary with Spain, the English and USA painted the Spaniards as horrible conquers even though they were just has bad and as greedy. They were jealous that Spain was so powerful. This anti-hispanic seniment is still alive now due to immigration from latin america.

      • Marcy

        While I don’t agree with “American” you obviously have a giant chip on your shoulder, same is Ricky boy. He and you need to get over it. Anyone who isn’t a total WASP has experienced some kind of discrimination. I have always wondered how Jews got the reputation of owning and running everything! I have nothing against any group, but you have to notice that when dialing any type of utility, governmental agency, credit card company, etc., how is it that I am never offered to proceed in Greek, Italian, Russian, etc. but we are offered to proceed in Spanish. I don’t mind it, I just wonder why people like Rick don’t acknowledge the benefits they get in this country.

    • bruceben9

      i am glad he’s gone as well but you suck, too. please be gone.

      • Brian

        Racist remarks youch.

    • Paul


    • Arnold

      Are you white? Are you Irish, Jew, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Northern African, Portuguese, French, Russian, Slavic,etc. if you are, for your information, you are not idiot. Only in America, people like this are consired white. In America to be white all you have to do is use the N word. You should read, How the Irish Became White. Do you use think Adolf would have thought of you as white? Remember WWII and what he wanted to do with the non-germanic people? as far as who controls this country that’s a given.

    • Sybrena

      Wow Hana, how racist was that.

    • melchior6

      How is he not White or the same race as a mexican mestizo?? Where is the logic? He is obvious Spanish descent which is European. If Italians are White, the neighboring French and the freaking Norh Africans ar White, why in the hell wouldn’t he be white?? Race is about genetics and phenotype. It’s not some crap you make up depending how you feel. That’s ignorant.

    • mike g

      it is my belief that the only true americans were here before the white man ie. indians and mexicans. how ever i will grant you that the first people of the united states were of anglo origin.

  • Hana Dahaya

    My husband and I never liked Rick Sanchez……..he was always so “full of himself,” that he was hard to listen to and in the end we just turned him off and listened to something else. Now, we see a more concrete example of why we never liked him. And, now’s the time to get rid of him.

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