CNN's Rick Sanchez calls Jon Stewart a 'bigot,' suddenly not employed at CNN anymore

Rick-Sanchez-Jon-StewartImage Credit: CNN; Comedy CentralEarlier today, an audio clip of CNN’s Rick Sanchez landed online that may have just cost him his job. The clip was an interview with Sanchez on Pete Dominick’s Sirius radio show during which Sanchez — who’s been the frequent butt of Daily Show jokes — called host Jon Stewart a “bigot.” When Dominick pointed out that Stewart was Jewish and a minority himself, Sanchez dug in even deeper, saying, “I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.” (Listen to the audio embedded after the jump.)

Well, CNN has just responded, issuing a statement saying Sanchez “is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.” What do you think — after Sanchez’s inflammatory comments, are you surprised it happened that fast? Or surprised that it took all day?

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  • taz

    I think rick was great for cnn.
    He will be back.
    Keep your head up Rick

    • Dede

      This guy was an idiot. He thought it was too cold in Iceland for them to have volcanoes.

      • Tash

        Yeah, it’s called Iceland and ice puts out fire, right? It just makes sense!

      • Anna

        I’m sorry but anyone who reads “Ad-lib a tease” on air from a telepromter deserves to be called stupid regardless of race, sex or sexuality. He is just a cry baby with hurt feelings.

      • klw

        It’s a common misconception. Iceland is green island and Greenland is icy.

      • molly

        @klw I learned that from Mighty Ducks (3, I think?). And they say pop culture isn’t educational… :)

      • jrsygrl

        This man is an idiot. The fact that he was not fired for the things he has said on CNN as a news reporter has stunned me. I figured he had something on the bosses.
        Stewart would point out the idiot remarks Sanchez made. If that make you a bigot, then he has changed the definition.
        I am glad he is gone from CNN – let him go to FOX where intelligence, facts, or commons sense have no place. He will feel right at home.

      • A

        @Molly Bonus points…the explorer Erik the Great named it Greenland to attract other people to the island since he was exiled from Iceland for murder

    • Jeremy W.

      He’s a dirty one, that Sanchez…Jon Stewart was able to get Crossfire taken down a few years ago. Once he’s done, Mr. Sanchez will be able to work in cable news again.

    • Mac

      Rick Sanchez will land at Fox News, where comments like that are perfectly acceptable

    • Melissa

      Jewish people are a minority? Really? I know you cannot discriminate against someone based on their religion, but a minority? So all religions are a minority if they are not what??? Christianity? Baptist? Assemblies of God? Methodist? What? Someone help me out here, cuz I am confused. And, if most of the tv people are jewish, isn’t an absolute truth ok to say?

      • Garry

        Jews make up about 1/2 of 1% of the world’s population. I’d call that a minority. Sorry you’re so confused, Melissa.

      • sarah d

        judaism isnt only a religion it’s also a people.

      • Scotty J

        Well the quote says oppressed minority. I’m not Jewsish so I can’t really say if they’re opressed or not. But my eyes are telling me not.

      • Matt

        I’ve never met any Jewish person who claims to be oppressed, so there ya go.

      • Happy Go Lucky

        Jews only make up 2 percent of the population in the US, so yeah, they’re certainly a minority.

      • Dede

        Jews are also an ethnic group (the Israelite Tribe of the Eastern MEditerranean). I know several Jews and have seen firsthand them being harassed and bullied. There are also still synagogue vandalism, anti_semitic hate crimes, and discrimination in both the U.S. and worldwide.

      • Mjay

        Back when I was 12, I was walking home from my Temple when I was beaten up by two older kids because I was Jewish and it was Yom Kippur. So please do not tell me that Jews are not a minority,

      • Annette

        Jews are not a minority they run Hollywood! Just watch any show on TV and they have a Jewish character so really Jews are not a minority they get a part and talked about constantly.

      • Luddite

        Yeah, Annette, they have A Jewish character. Just like they might have A gay character or A black character. The MAJORITY of the characters will still be white, straight, and (at least implicitly) Christian.

      • M

        @Annette, even if a minority group “runs” or has a big influence on an industry, it still makes them a minority– minority is the number of people, not prominence in culture. Black people have historically had a HUGE influence and prominence in the music industry, from jazz to hip hop. I don’t think anyone would argue that they are not a minority.

      • thin

        @Mjay as someone who was a nerdy kid who got beat up in grade school a lot, I sympathize with you, but you need to understand that getting beat up does nothing to prove or disprove whether Jews are a minority. Being in a minority population of some kind is what proves you a minority, not angry kids.

      • Carnage

        I have red hair and was teased as a child. There are sayings out there like “Beating you like a red-headed stepchild”. So I guess that makes me a minority too.

      • Juanitaville

        So, you think Jews are not a minority? Think again! In Chicago
        the majority of people used to be
        African-American. Now, the majority is Latinos. Jews are indeed a minority, especially since six million died at the hand of Hitler.
        Jews, by and large, are raised with the value of education. That’s why they are such high achievers, and, as such, rise to the higher levels of business.

        I always liked Rick Sanchez, but I have no tolerance for people who blame Jews for attaining success in the business world.

      • Melissa

        Ok, so if you are a white jewish person, you are 1/2 a minority? I’m sorry, just I thought of it has funny? I guess years ago, I really stopped thinking about labels on people. I guess by the comments, some people still label themselves.

      • Diya

        I once spoke to my Indian Grandmother about a Christian woman marrying a Jewish man and she was shocked because for her entire life, she always thought that Jewish people were a social caste, lower than everyone else. Apparently, it’s a common belief in India. I know the Jewish-Indian population isn’t even remotely heavy (less than .05% of Indians), but just because it isn’t happening in your suburb or on TV doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all. So yes, I’d call them an “oppressed minority”.

      • Annette

        If your white and Jewish your not worse off then let’s say blacks and Hispanics because people aren’t looking at who you are on the inside their looking at who you are on the outside.

      • JenD

        there are plenty of people in this country who are anti-semitic and use epithets that are as nasty as the n-word, usually with the adjectives dirty, greedy, money grubbing, etc. also anytime you see a swastika, that’s anti-semitism. there are places in this country where it isn’t acceptable/safe to be jewish– parts of pennsylvania, parts of idaho, and other places. would we elect a jewish president? the oppression is very real.

      • Aly

        Melissa, I think you stopped thinking period. There’s a big difference between people labeling themselves things superficial things like jock or emo, and people taking pride in their heritage, which includes things like race or nationality.

        Also, do people not realize there are fair skinned Hispanics? One of these days you are going to say something to the wrong person because you are judging them by their outward appearance.

      • alan

        And where do you get your “information” that most people in TV are Jewish ? It is amazing that bigots spout ignorant things and have no clue that they are revealing their bigotry and stupidity. Just like Sanchez calling Stewart a bigot and in his next few sentences reveals himself to be…a flaming BIGOT. It’s hysterical and SAD at the same time.

    • LOL

      Another blowhard gone! Now it is time to get some of those Faux News pigs off the air.

      • Jimmy

        I know – saying the Jews own all the media, so crazy. Now excuse me, I am going to watch Larry King interview Natalie Portman about the new Facebook movie – I hear Jesse Eisenberg really does a good job playing Mark Zuckerberg; I read a great review of it in the NY Times while waiting in line to buy Adam Sandler tickets – Sarah Silverman opened for him, they were both great but not as good as Lewis Black…

    • Steve

      Typical liberals. They only believe in free speech when you agree with them. Jews control the media and it was just a matter of time until they got Sanchez fired for speaking the truth about Jews and the media.

    • Alan

      Rick Sanchez was a TOOL. He dumbed down the entire network. He was like Moose from the Archie Comics. I really think its a great thing he’s gone. His “news” was just a collection of Jackass and Youtube videos – buses crashing, home videos of people doing stupid things, etc. Good riddance, sorry to say

      • Tracy

        I agree with you as he did dumb down the CNN network. Another blowhard Glenn Beck! After listening to him initially I have always changed the channel when he came on. CNN you can do better.

    • mike

      @ Steve – you can still say what ever you want, but speech does not occur in a vacuum. What you say has consequences. Most people who talk negatively about their employer – no matter what line of work you are in – usually don’t get to keep their jobs when the employer finds out.

    • Jeff

      What ever happened to free speech in this country?

      • j

        Rick Sanchez can say whatever he wants. But there is no right not to be ridiculed for his asinine comments or not to get fired for his comments. Free Speech protections only apply to Government

      • Miller

        It’s alive and well. He’s not in jail, is he? That’s what free speech is about. You don’t get punished by law for speaking your mind. But free speech does not mean you get to rail against your employer or make prejudiced comments and keep your job.

      • jason.

        Miller’s right. He wasn’t prosecuted for being an idiot. He just lost his job for being dumb enough to further sully his (former) network’s reputation by not watching his mouth while out in public.

        CNN was well within its rights to step back and take measures.

        And those of you blaming the Jews for this? Well, that sort of completes the weird, little circle of your arguments that they’re not being persecuted.

      • thin

        Thank you, Miller. It’s always refreshing to see that there are actually a few people around who understand the meaning of the phrases they use, unlike Jeff.

      • Colleen

        Seriously, why don’t people understand that whole Free Speech amendment? Dear Dr. Laura and anyone else who thinks that to get fired for saying a**hole things about your boss is a violation of government protected rights, or who thinks that people getting mad at you for saying a**hole things is a violation of these same rights….it’s not a violation!!! Being prosecuted by the government, having laws passed limiting free speech rights, etc, THAT’s what we’re talking about! It’s about being able to assemble and protest the GOVERNMENT!!! Not getting fired after you publicly insulted your CORPORATE bosses. Read up on the Bill of Rights people!!!!!

      • Kim

        Why do people think free speech means you can say whatever you want without consequence? The Government cannot restrict your speech. Your employer, however, can fire your @$$.

      • BLT

        he bit the hand that fed him. cnn was right to fire him. talk smack @ your employer, you’re gonna get canned. what happened to common sense?

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Whatever happened to free willy in this country?

    • Michaela

      thanks, Steve, for enlightening us all on the state of liberals and Jews in the media. as a liberal Jew myself, I’m so happy to have you there to give me the dirty truth about people of my political leanings and religion.
      think before you speak (or post), please. you’ll save yourself from sounding awfully disrespectful.

    • KRibbons

      Thank you Steve for adding to the already huge amount of canon fodder liberals have against Conservatives. As a Conservative I would like to apologize for the generalization Steve made and please do not attach his point of view to the rest of us.

    • Colleen

      I’m pretty sure he got fired for insulting his bosses and calling them names…I am not so sure it had much to do with Stewart. I know if I were to go on national TV and call my boss a bigot Jew, I’d be canned.

    • frank wright


    • Tom

      @Jeremy W. – maybe 1/100 people got that reference, but that killed me.

    • Jake

      For the record, saying that Jews aren’t oppressed because Jon Stewart is a TV star is like saying that black people aren’t oppressed because LeBron James is an NBA millionaire. Sometimes the stupidity of people in this country is suffocating.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Especially if that stupidity is holding a pillow over your face.

      • JSebastian

        Jake, if blacks didn’t have 2% of the wealth despite being 15% of the population and if Jews didn’t have , well, at least 15% despite being only 2% of the population, this wouldn’t be an issue, now would it?

        The truth is as Rick Sanchez stated, they are not an “oppressed minority”. How are they oppressed? Is it the high net worth and great educations?

    • js

      Finally! So glad to see this loud-mouthed Ken doll off CNN.

    • Bungo

      I’m dancing in my underwear! Sanchez was the biggest idiot on TV. I mean he was seriously intelligence deprived. I could get past the fact that he was an extreme whitey-hating leftist, I expect that from CNN. But this guy was just plain dumb. Did he even attend college for any length of time? Good riddance :)

      • Skip182

        hey now, there’s plenty of righty commentators on fox who never went to school, but does that make them dumb?…ok, bad example…

    • mitch

      This sounds like a bad case of sour grapes. Sanchez will NEVER be as successful as Stewart and he knows it. If you call someone out, you need to have something to back up the claim. Sanchez had NOTHING.

    • Ap


      You’re right…and for some reason people are forgetting this.

      Sure you have the freedom of speech but if you call your boss something like that – expect to get fired.

    • Marcus

      @mac: are you kidding? have you ever actually watched foxnews? what would lead you to believe that the commentators there would agree with sanchez’s moronic statements? if anything, it’s liberal extremists and fundamentalist muslims who continue to believe in irrational conspiracy theories about jewish world domination. it’s the oldest lie in the book – scapegoating a tiny minority to explain your own failures or inadequacies.

    • Ben

      Sanchez ran a good show. He sure wasn’t some Republican blowhard like some think. I wouldn’t have called Stewart a bigot. I would have called him an unfunny polyp deep in the colon of America. Stewart is just flat out…boring. Much like Bill Maher. They think they are comedians and political pundits…and they fail at both.

    • Fred

      to KRibbons: welcome to the club! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been embarrassed by proxy, and there isn’t a lot you can say to convince people they shouldn’t generalize, you’re not like that particular idiot, etc.
      The thing is: all human groups have hateful nitwits, most also have well-intentioned, straight-thinking people. The former tend to make more noise, though, don’t ask me why. (Actually, I know why: screamers are ruled by their emotions, while thinkers are too busy trying to formulate rational arguments to listen to their gut and spurt out nonsense.)
      Peace, amigo.
      P.S. Now don’t tell me you’re of the Bill O’Reilly school of conservatism.

    • JenD

      @JeremyW It had to be said. Maybe you should apply at the Daily Show :)

    • Jeremy W.

      @ Tom and @JenD – Thank you! I wish I could write for Daily Show. I have a feeling the tag line for their inevitable bit about this will have something to do with a – *ahem* unclean Sanchez…

  • Dean

    Great news. I couldn’t stand this guy. CNN was totally unwatchable when he was anchoring. Good riddance.

    • Marty

      I agree completely. I stopped watching CNN altogether when he got his own show.

  • T

    Can TJ Holmes get his own solo show now please???!!

    • Dede

      Love TJ Holmes. I second that.

      • Donna Rose


      • Maureen

        Fourth!! The man is fine as hell. Oh and he’s a good journalist too. ;)

      • Kelsey

        Fourth. That man is gorgeous (and a good anchor, too, has great presence).

    • dee

      Yeah, let T.J. have his own show. I like him as well!

  • david

    Ha! He always seemed like an idiot.

  • vibecat

    Hang in there Rick. I will miss you on CNN but you will land somewhere good.

  • BrandonK

    I never watched him on CNN, but The Daily Show was certainly able to find a lot of clips of him being a doofus, so…adios, Sanchez!

    • Frank Anderson

      Agreed. The few times I watched him he came off like a total ass.

  • Topper

    Wow, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out. Oh, and grab a dictionary and look up prejudice and bigot while you have that extra time, Sanchez. My dad’s Mexican-American, so I can “relate” to you, and I still think you’re an idiot.

    • The Jackal

      Not surprised, everybody is so sensitive.

  • jmcg

    What a nitwit. I keep thinking of Stewart playing that clip of Sanchez getting tasered. He wasnt the brightest bulb in CNN’s socket. What was he thinking?

  • Joseph

    How about that babe Sanchez is always talking to on the air. Let her anchor the news.

    • Dan Uff

      I second that!!!

  • Luke Sassypants

    You’re spot on Rick, thanks for telling the truth and saying what so many other won’t. Jon Stewart is an biased idiot. How in the world did this commedian get to a position of power and influence in the liberal party? He is worse than Beck or Limbaugh because he acts as if he is better than them while doing the same thing, they do. Typical liberal mentality, “I am better/smarter/more caring than you because…”

    • JennieO

      Did you, like Rick Sanchez, forget that “The Daily Show” is a comedy show on a comedy channel? It’s not the real news, it just makes fun of it–smartly.

      • Becca

        @JennieO, that’s what I was telling my sister…the guy is a comedian and comedians can get away with a lot of stuff unless they call someone the “N” word…then all hell breaks loose!LMAO! Sanchez, plainly, lost it.

    • jason.

      …because he’s the jester, you spellcheck-ignoring nitwit. It’s the fool’s prerogative to show the truth. Since Fox News’ public faces make the most noise, they get the most attention. No pity for them if someone shows their alleged elixir is snake oil.

      And Stewart, as an admitted “fake journalist” keeps winning awards and accolades for showing us all what has become of “real” journalism in this terrible age.

      If guys like Sanchez weren’t so laughable, they wouldn’t find themselves on Comedy Central.

      And that’s what sets him apart from guys like Beck and Limbaugh: Stewart’s show is supposed to be a comedy.

    • Ken

      I will give you that Stewart is more liberal but if the left does something stupid he has no qualms about making fun of them as well. Bill Maher is the same way. But Beck and Limbaugh will never make fun of something the right does. that is why insane people like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell, and Carl Palladino are considered “legitimate” candidates.

  • WatchesEverything

    Cheer up, Rick. There’s always Fox News.

    • forrest

      Call it an audition for Fox news. He’ll be picked up immediately.

    • KRibbons

      Well than he’ll be a lucky guy considering 49% of the Nation considers it the most trustworthy news source with the lowest level of distrust. Trashing Fox News is getting incredibly old.

      • sfday

        Read “Outfoxed”. Just because people watch and trust it doesn’t make it high quality journalism. That’s like saying that, just because a lot of people eat it, junk food is good for you.

      • K

        Amen sfday – that’s the truth.

      • Aly

        49% of who?

        Most people I know don’t trust ANY news sources. They also haven’t been asked their opinion.

  • Barry

    Typical Jewish reaction. They are always “right” & are an “oppressed” country.

    • JennieO


      • Steve

        The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

      • Sandra Daneshinia

        Hi, I’m trying to find out what was the exchange that Sanchez and Stewart, that cause Rick Sanchez to call Jon Stewart a bigot. I want to know the facts not personal feelings or speculations, because I do like both individual.

    • Shlomo

      uh, no

    • Matt

      “Jewish” is a country now? Cool!

    • Tash

      Excellent! I want to live in the Jewish country! Do you mean Israel or Brooklyn?

      • Barry

        Both. Anywhere in NYC since Bloombucks controls it.

    • jason.

      Wow, Barry. For a guy named “Barry”, you really have some disdain goin’ on for the Jewish people.

      You do realize that by posting that kind of contemptuous statement, you are, essentially, persecuting the Jews?

      Add to yours several other comments on these boards, and yes, I’d say that there’s some oppression going on.

    • DT

      Jews are an ethnic group. Israel is a country. Why don’t don’t you go throw stones with your buddies in Palestine?

  • Jed

    CNN is really going down the drain. Good luck getting out of third place now. What a trainwreck!

  • Fatima

    Not to mention that he also made some rather insensitive comments about the gay bullying suicides this month. He said there was no law against being mean and that bullys are a “psycho babble media creation.” Good riddance!

    • 4rocket

      If that is indeed true, then shame on him. Obviously he was never bullied at school in order for him to make such an insensitive remark. Perhaps if one of his own children were the victim of bullies, he would sing a different tune. I’m glad CNN let him go, now if they let go of Blitzer, Cafferty, and King and start hiring real reporters, they may become a respectable enough network for me to start watching again.

      • FlyHigher

        His parents immigrated into the country. His stance on immigration is for strict border control. Yeah, I don’t think he’ll change even if that happens.

    • lorraine

      He said something like that a couple days ago and I was really suprised by the comment cause Rick seems like an awesome guy.

  • Colin

    He was fired for being “too” truthful.

    • Michael

      True, Colin. The truth about Iceland being too cold for volcanoes and the true location of Hawaii was not covered by the rest of the lamestream media. He thought he’d get away with telling us, but the geologists and cartographers conspired against him.

      • LOL

        Carl Paladino and Meg Whitman = “Down goes Frazier!” LOL Teabaggers are imploding all over America!

      • Season

        To be fair he saw the episode of Lost where Ben moved the island and got confused about where Hawaii is.

      • Lucy

        Damn those geologists and cartographers and their “science”. Without Rick Sanchez and his commitment to truth, how can we refudiate them? We’re all doomed.

      • Skip182

        i miss lost references!

    • Colleen

      He was fired for insulting his boss. Publicly. There ain’t no coming back from that.

    • Juanitaville

      There’s a difference between being honest (in this case it’s subjective) and saying bigotted statements. Rick crossed the line.

    • KNi

      Yeah, like my cousin was fired for being “too good”. Somehow, we knew there was more to it than that.

    • will

      you got that wright

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