'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo': Christopher Plummer to play Henrik Vanger

Christopher Plummer has joined the cast of David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The mighty acting veteran (oh, Captain my Captain von Trapp!) will play Henrik Vanger, the ailing tycoon who hires Daniel Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist to solve the mystery of his niece’s disappearance.

Plummer seems like ideal casting to me. He’s got just the imposing presence to portray the patriarch of a family with dark secrets — and the silver beard will fit right into the icy Swedish landscape. Much as the words “American remake” usually make me want to run for the hills (that are alive! with the sound of music!), I have to say that so far, I’ve been pretty impressed with the casting on this particular American remake. Robin Wright is playing Erika Berger (Mikael’s colleague and lover) while Sweden’s own Stellan Skarsgaard is portraying Henrik’s nephew, Martin Vanger. The Social Network‘s Rooney Mara, of course, landed the much sought-after role of Lisbeth Salander. That’s a fantastic cast. Here’s hoping the rest will be as impressive.

What do you think of Plummer as Henrik Vanger?

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  • Dan

    I like the casting so far, but this post is incorrect. Henrik is Martin’s uncle, not father.

    • mrkittysmom

      Ijust watched the original Swedish version – it will be hard to beat – gritty, terrify – wonderful.

      • Caro

        If you read the book, you would know that that Swedish movie is terrible. I hope that the American verison stays true to the book more then the Swedish one did. The book is excellent and needs a movie to do it justice.
        Also I support this casting choice..

      • deegeezee

        @Caro, thank you for your sanity! the Swedish movie completely altered the book, including Salander’s character.

      • Caro

        I know!! The scene in the movie where she gets beaten up in the train station never happened in the book!! Why did they have to put the scene with Salander as a child in the first movie? Salander is such a complex and rich character and they really did her a disservice in the Swedish film. Also, the relationship with Berger and Blomviskt was very important in the first book, which was nonexsistant in the movie.
        I hope all these things are addressed in the American Film.

      • Alicia

        I saw the Swedish movie first before reading the book. Standing on its own, as cinema, I thought “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” was a thriller worthy of Hitchcock. To be honest, I liked the 2nd and 3rd books better than the 1st, but I loved the first movie.

      • Jennifer

        You can’t possibly expect the movie to do justice to a 700+ page book…really?!?!?!

        I’m a firm believe that you cannot, and should not, compare the book to the movie. Not only will you will be disappointed every time, there are very seperate art forms and shoud be treated as such.

      • Maria

        As Jennifer says, it’s very hard to fir everything that’s in the book also in the movie.

        Lisbet did not get beaten up at the train station during the time period depicted in the movie, but she did get into an altercation in a pedophile when she was younger, at a train station. That event is mentioned often in the books. Not sure why they included that scene in the movie as they did, I don;t recall it being linked to anything else in the movie.

        Nevertheless, I liked the movies, except in number 2 the interiors and the lightning in the scenes taking place in Stockholm looked like the movie was taking place in the 1970s or the 80s the latest. Everything looked more drab than it really is there.

      • deegeezee

        @Jennifer. the point isn’t that they didn’t fit it all in; the point is that it wasn’t true to the book. Salander is supposed to be a deadpan, anti-establishment girl with Asperger’s. the movie had her sobbing “it wasn’t your fault” to her mother. (also not in the book.) it wasn’t a good movie.

      • Mean Girls fan

        I fully agree with Caro. The actress who plays Salander was hands down great! However, the movie as a whole did the book no favors. I also agree that the relationship with Kalle and Berger should have been addressed. Also they could have gone in to the Worstromn affair more also. I know that it was alot of book but there were major plot points missing from the movie. Also, they could have gone more into Salanders relationships with the men around her.

      • A-K87


        Most people who have read the book worldwide loved the films. The fim received 5 or 4 stars from every major reviewer here in Europe. If you Americanos don’t like it because there aren’t enough explosions don’t come out with sweeping statements like ‘if you read the book you would know that the Swedish movie is terrible’.

      • Tiff

        I agree with Caro. And what the heck is up with this statement: If you Americanos don’t like it because there aren’t enough explosions don’t come out with sweeping statements like ‘if you read the book you would know that the Swedish movie is terrible’. Get over yourself. Caro isn’t the only one whjo feels this way and it has nothing to do with explosions, thankyouverymuch. I am an avid fan of the books and found that the movie didn’t build up the suspense like the book…that’s a pretty integral part of the story – the gradual build-up of the plot. I am also a lover of all things Tolkine and found that Peter Jackson did a fantastic job in keeping with the books – sorry, but the Swedish version had serious faults in this respect. Noomi Rapace was fantastic though, and I do hope the US version captures the violence and intensity of that “one scene.”

      • Scrubbie

        come on, what a worse adaptation than the Twilight books?? its horrible, at least Kristen & RPattz make credible all that chessy awful script

    • Tina

      “…while Sweden’s own Stellan Skarsgaard is portraying Henrik’s nephew, Martin Vanger. ” Isn’t that what she is implying here? Did I miss something?
      Good cast, although I already thoroughly enjoyed Noomi Rapace’s turn as Lisbeth. She is going to be a tough act to follow!

      • Scrubbie

        Noomi was amazing in the role…i have no words! i don’t think the Rooney chick is a good casting, she is too pretty & not talented enough for this role.
        Noomi owned Lisbeth & the movie was a very good adapatation, at least it was not lost in translation..I really could live without a remake..whatever…

    • familymember

      It says very clear on the post that Stellan Skarsgaard will play Henrik’s nephew, Martin Vanger, not his son.

      • Lynn

        Um, these posts can be EDITED you know. It’s possible that the original post did say that Henrik was Martin’s father, and then EDITED it when someone pointed out the mistake. They’ve done that before.

  • maggie

    i think alexander skarsgard needs the role as young martin vanger. its only fitting, and the world demands it

    • amber

      i agree the alexander should be in the series, i saw as lisbeth half brother from the 2 and 3rd books.

      • A-K87

        I noticed that he had the height in Generation Kill but he’s not built enough

    • Leigh

      Amen, if there’s one Skarsgard, why not two!?!

    • cr

      Actually, I think Alex is a little old, if they go with book age.
      However, he does have brothers who are closer to right age.
      I wouldn’t mind ASkars for a smaller role in either of the next two films.

    • andrea d

      If Alex S. is not in this I will cry…

    • Celia

      I agree, especially since Alex’s (Stellan) is playing older Martin.
      I’m so excited about Christopher Plummer. He’s the perfect Henrik. I didn’t picture anyone else while I was reading the books.

    • A-K87

      Hold on. When was there a young Martin Vanger in the book?

  • Rock Golf

    Max von Sydow wasn’t up to it?

    No disrespect to Plummer, who at over 80 is still at the top of his game. A game at which he was already a grandmaster. Perhaps, this will get him the Oscar he so richly deserves.

    • denny

      Seriously! Was von Sydow not available or something? Not that Plummer won’t be great, but… Max von Sydow would have been PERFECT.

      • @denny

        Max is exactly who I pictured while reading the book. I still think Plummer will do an excellent job.

  • Lyn


    • Elizabeth

      Second that!

  • Stella

    Perfect casting choice! This cast is really shaping up to be something special. I’m still not completely sold on the Swedish accents. If it’s an American remake let’s keep the accents “American” (despite there being a Brit, a Canadian and a Swede in the cast). Which reminds me a Brit, a Canadian, and a Swede walk into a bar…

    • Maggie

      Which bar…I’m there!

    • Scrubbie

      i don’t think is a perfect casting for Lisbeth, the rooney girl doesn’t scream GREAT actress to me, she is sort of cute-bland girl..an awesome choice; NATALIE PORTMAN, she literally got lost in a role..

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    I love Christopher Plummer, so this is awesome news to me!

  • Stormy

    Happy with Plummer as Henrik, not best pleased with Daniel Craig as Blomkvist. I think Ann Margaret should play Isabelle Vanger and Diane Lane should play Cecile.

  • Henry

    This is shaping up to be a formidable cast. Plummer is a f*ing icon. I’d sit and listen to him read the phone book if they sold tickets.

    • Kevin

      But I’m not happy to sit here and read cliches like that….

  • JLC

    Without spoiling, the payoff pitch will come when the mystery is revealed. If he pulls off that scene – and I’m 100% positive he will – an Oscar nom is in the bag.

  • Troy

    The Swedish language version was great storytelling. I just hope the American remake doesn’t screw it up too bad. I really wish people would learn to read subtitles so we wouldn’t have to waste time and money doing remakes of perfectly good foreign movies.

    • Stormy

      By that logic we would not have The Magnificent Seven and would have just watched The Seven Samurai with english sub-titles.

    • mrkittysmom


    • Karine

      I don’t think an American remake is a “waste” nor is it about lazy Americans not wanting to read subtitles. One of the most interesting things about adapting these books into movies is that there are SO many ways to interpret the books on screen. I really enjoyed the Swedish movies, but I also saw so many different avenues that COULD have been taken in adapting it. I have faith that David Fincher is not going to attempt a hackish scene by scene recreation sans subtitles but a unique film that will, unfortunately, be doomed to perpetual comparisons with the Swedish ones. If they’re awful or great, they’d be that way regardless of the Swedish films.

    • thin

      The Swedish film may have been great storytelling, but it was a poor adaptation of the book. This isn’t a case of making an English version for people who don’t want to read subtitles, it’s a new adaptation of a book that deserved better.

  • angeljake

    I loved the swedish version it will be hard to top noomi…that said I am so glad I have read the books ahead of all the press…

  • Mandy

    Yes! I love it. Christopher Plummer is perfect. I love that he’s still acting and still really good at it!

  • phyllis sells

    Can’t wait to see this movie, I have read two of the books, and looking forward to reading the GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST.

    Good casting so far.

  • matthew

    Oh, boy! Another American-Bastardization of a foreign classic. I still haven’t decided to watch “Let Me In”…since I love the original Swedish “Let the Right One In” released in 2008. I blame the Go-Green movement in this country. We’ve been told to recycle and reuse for so long, that Hollywood can’t come up with an original idea, they have to recycle foreign movies…just like they did with recycling foreign TV shows. America, home of the remake.

    • matthew

      We used to drive the motion picture industry, leading the way, innovation and all that. Now we’re just sniffing around for scraps. Remaking old Hollywood movies, even remaking bad movies, just to cash in on the idea. The really sad part, is that today’s short-sighted (mostly) young Americans don’t even realize they’re watching a remake. Run down a list of all the Hollywood movies made over the past 10 years or so, and try to find an original movie…they’re out there, but they are in the minority (especially when you count movie adaptations of TV shows (Dukes of Hazzard), video games (Resident Evil) and graphic novels (pretty much every other movie anymore).

    • Chele Belle

      ‘Go-Green Cinema’ has a certain ring to it…does basically describe Hollywood these days…for anyone over 30 every day is Groundhog Day in regards to mainstream pop culture.

    • Olive

      Are they remaking the Swedish films or the books? I hope the books because the Swedish films didn’t do the books justice and they made unneccessary changes.

    • thin

      If the term “bastardization” has any appropriate use here, it would be to describe what the Swedish movies did to the books.

  • emmerywb

    this is the first bit of casting for this movie that i actually feel good about-other than Stellan, who I guess fits the role pretty well. Nothing will ever compare to the original versions, in particular Noomi Rapace’s character defining performance, but at this point if they just took Daniel Craig out of the equation they wouldn’t be doing half bad by me!! Maybe this won’t be a train wreck after all..

    • mrkittysmom

      He cannot be any worse that Kenneth B trying to be Kurt Wallender in the Henning Mankell series….pffft.

      • Rory T

        The joy of opinions is that they are yours only and always right. Kenneth B’s portrayal as Wallander has been a joy to watch. See, now we have different opinions, but we are both right – only I am more right. pfffffft.

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