New 'Harry Potter' posters aren't playing around

Harry-Potter-HermioneI don’t know if I’ve ever been as invested in a movie as I am Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. I’ve already teared up reading about the cast talking about how it looks like a war film with the massive destruction done to Hogwarts. The new posters, featuring Harry, Hermione, and Ron on the run with their wands drawn and the tagline “Nowhere is safe,” preys upon that intense reaction (which was echoed by more than one reader). They’re dirty and bruised and looking over their shoulders in a way no teen should ever have to. We’ve built such a relationship with those characters over seven thick books and six films that I almost feel like this will be a new 3-D experience. An emotional one. We’ll have the urge to reach out to help them — or run. Check out Harry’s and Ron’s posters below. Effective marketing?



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  • Maria

    Am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this movie!!
    My ticket has been booked for weeks!!!

  • Michelle

    Those are fantastic. Nice to see WB pulling out all the stops for these final films!

  • mary q contrary

    I find Ron’s picture kind of odd. He looks, though I’m sure this is just because of the angle and lighting, a lot less dirty, and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in the background is kind of weird, too.

    • fish eye no miko

      Yeah, the power plant in the background puzzles me, too…

    • Penny

      Why does Ron never look serious?!?!! Throughout all of the movies they’ve made him into such a joke that I can’t see him growing into the hero that he becomes in the 7th book.

      • Samantha

        Penny, I agree. Ron got the shaft as the movies go, mostly because Steve Kloves is a diehard Harry/Hermione fanboy. Ron’s lines and important scenes have often been dropped or given to someone else in the films. It’s kinda sad.

      • Gazza

        True. Ron was best in OOTP, which was written by Michael Goldenberg.

        Also, Kloves gives half of Ron’s lines in the books to Hermione.

      • Josh

        For the movies, Ron’s been used as comic relief. There’s nothing wrong with that-it’s Rupert’s strength, I think.

      • Samantha

        I like Ron in the movies, but only as comic relief. I ADORE him in the books, he is a fantastic character. It is frustrating that so many of his lines were given to Hermione because Kloves loves her, especially because I don’t like Emma in the role. I also think Rupert doesn’t have the range to handle some of this-or he hasn’t been given the chance. Sometimes I think his diction hurts him (his voice is muffled). I do wish the Ron I loved in the books would come out more in the movie. Looking forward to his horcrux scene!

      • KCC

        ron is suppose to be the funny one…? Ron is the joke?! I mean he is suppose to have a humoruos sense about him…i thought ron was funny in the books and hilarous in the movies!! I feel i am the funniest person out of all my friends but i have a smartness about me too…

      • Celia

        Ron isn’t ever serious. He’s immature and he’s always joking around. Why do you think him and Hermione fight all the time? He loves his friends but Ron is the last one to mature in the trio and it doesn’t happen until this book/film probably right after he returns after he ditches them. It always confused me that people seem to think Ron is this serious, non-joking part of the trio when he’s the exact opposite. He’s got a mean temper but that doesn’t make him serious. He’s still the comic relief and the heart of the trio and that’s how he’s portrayed in the movies.

    • Nikki

      classic Simpsons reference.. showing my age, I thought 3 Mile Island when I first saw it. But I’m totally confused as to why Ron is at a power plant.

      • Jo

        Nikki, since I live near TMI, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the poster.

  • noam

    i saw a bus ad of this (well, rupert’s) and i got so unbelievably excited. i think for people my age (early twenties) especially, these films are an end to an era. my stepmom gave me my copy of philosopher’s stone when i was in second grade after a business trip to london. (her comment at the time was “it’s what some little english boy was reading on the tube. but at least you’ll have something your friends won’t.” ha.) the second installment of deathly hallows is coming out the weekend of my wedding.

    • Jaine

      I know what you mean. I remember goin to see the first movie when I was nine (and then rushed home an immediately read all four books that were already out) and I can’t believe its almost over already. At least when the final book came out we know there were at least a few more movies to come, but this is really the end of Harry Potter now. I never cry at movies, but this might be the first one, if not for the plot, just because something that was a huge part of my childhood is over.

      • Penny

        Harry Potter will never be over as long as those who are loyal to him remain. I will never let Harry Potter go quietly into oblivion.

      • Ashley G.

        I know what you mean. I actually taught a lesson to my high school history classes drawing comparisons to what happens in deathly hallows and what happened during WWII, the kids loved it and I got to talk about harry potter all day and get paid to do it!

      • Ashley G.

        I will always talk about harry potter if I can and I will cry when the credits roll after part 2 comes out. It makes me feel like someone I know is about to kick the bucket when I think of the end of HP

    • Liza

      Same. I’m about to turn 21, and I just feel like I’ve grown up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I was nine when I first read it, a few months after the Sorcerer’s Stone had been published in the U.S., and I was hooked. It’s like so many years of my life have been invested in awaiting the release of the next book or movie, and now it’s actually ending. Ah!

    • LAJackie

      The last movie is coming out on my birthday next year! My 50th and it’s going to be a HP celebration. I can’t wait for November.

      • bamalam

        my birthday too!!! I’ll be turning 21…so instead of getting drunk…I’ll be the ultimate “nerd” and see a midnight show!

      • yay50

        That’s funny, my Mom’s 50th is this November when part one comes out.

        Side note: For some reason the tag-line “Nowhere is safe” sounds grammatically incorrect to me. Am I wrong about this?

      • KCC

        ur reading it now-where…but its right, its no-where (nowhere)

    • Melissa

      Ha! Love it. My older cousins brought me back the first HP book after a trip to London as a fun British book. That book now sits locked away of course but to see where it’s gone is amazing.

      • uhhwtf

        I love how you say “of course” when mentioning it being locked away as if that’s my first assumption…I would be displaying that puppy!

    • marebear0479

      I got married the day that Deathly Hallows came out in 2007–read it on my honeymoon!!

  • Brian


  • Kiki

    I was so confused when I read this post. I took the title (“aren’t playing”) to mean the posters aren’t playing well with audiences. I guess it is supposed to mean they aren’t messing around. Either way, so excited for this movie!!!

    • Chey

      I thought the same thing!

      • Matt

        Haha same here!! I thought she meant the posters weren’t doing well. But then (after reading how pumped she is), I realize she meant the posters “aren’t playing around”.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, I thought the headline was awkwardly phrased, too.

  • Peter Vee

    I’m cool with them, except… at what point in the book does Ron visit a nuclear power plant?

    • Kat

      In the movie, the go to the edge of the Forest of Dean and fond a group of Dementors roaming in the cooling towers. Harry conjours a Patronus but it’s weak because of the Locket Horcrux. They get away though.

      Btw, I got that from someone who saw a early screening of the film in Chicago.

  • Neoavatara

    Really pumped. This book is a war book…and it looks like the director has nailed that reality. Can’t wait.

  • Betty Draper

    I agree that the posters are cool, but I don’t think the ones with Hermione and Ron are nearly as effective as the one of Harry. Dan is instantly recognizable; while the extremely angled shots of Emma and Ron make them look oddly strange. Good tagline, dramatic tone, not so great photos…

    • J

      Yeah me too. The posters are great but Ron and Hermione’s faces are a little off. Harry looks fantastic.

      @Penny-Harry will not be forgotten!

    • Psac

      I disagree about Hermoine’s posted. She looks really beat up. Just seeing it makes me want to go get whoever did that to her. :)

  • sara

    So excited for this movie.. but its bittersweet.
    Don’t want Harry Potter to end :(
    But it’ll never end for me.
    I’ll still read the books/watch the movies no matter what.

  • izikavazo

    You notice that they’re shying away from the Deathly Hallows? They keep calling it HP7. Granted it would be a huge title, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Deathly Hallows took a backseat to the character drama.

    • Celia

      The deathly hallows are very much in the movie to about the same capacity that they’re in the book. In the book, Harry is the only one focused on the Hallows while Hermione and Ron (but only because he’s trying to stay on good terms with Hermione) are adamant that the Hallows are a myth and want Harry to focus on the horcruxes. I think I heard somewhere that the “Tale of the Three Brothers” will be told with an animation narrated by Hermione.

  • Don’t Whine About The Oscars Missing Dead Celebs


    • Sara

      well, you already know about it, so what’s it matter to you?

  • Liza

    Just gonna come right out and say it – Dan looks hot. And even though his poster kind of reminds me of Inception (the background, not the wand), I think setting each of the posters in a totally modern/urban environment is brilliant, because really, no where was safe, not even the Muggle word. These are dark. They give me chills.

  • Brad

    I think the posters should the degree each character feels in this situation. Harry, being the one who has faced danger in every book is the most ready to look behind to protect himself. Hermione the next. Ron, probably believes all of this is much Harry’s fault, but at the same time has no choice but to live up to what is coming down the pipe, so to speak.

  • Huh?

    What’s with the subliminal “nuclear energy is bad” message? Must everything be a means to forward an agenda???

    • Kat

      What the hell?

      • TCC

        i think you mean what the ‘bloody’ hell

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