'Paranormal Activity 2': Paramount's super-creepy viral marketing campaign

Well played, Paramount. Yesterday, I found a small padded envelope in my EW mailbox. It was hand-addressed to me in black sharpie. The return address read: 40 University Dr, Rindge, NH 03461. Hmm… No one I know lives there. When I opened it, there was nothing but an HP flash drive inside. No note, no explanation, nothing. Uh, creepy. No thanks.

Well, it turns out the drive contains a scene from next month’s Paranormal Activity 2. It’s one of seven new videos making the Internet rounds today as part of Paramount’s viral marketing campaign for the sequel, which the studio is keeping under extremely tight wraps. The videos (all embedded below) shed a flicker of light on the actual plot — and possibly confirm my worst fears that it’s all about a poor, helpless baby who gets tormented by a demon. How am I going to make it through this movie?

Oh, and that return address? According to Google maps, it’s Franklin Pierce University. Something tells me that’s no coincidence. I guess we’re dealing with a college-educated demon here.

Check out the videos and tell me what you think it all means. Do we have the makings of a plot here?

Video #1 (a.k.a Creepy footage in the nursery.)

Video #2 (a.k.a. Even creepier footage in nursery. This is the video I received.)

Video #3 (a.k.a Dog snoozes in the living room…Is that you, Katie?)

Video #4 (a.k.a Baby channels Regan by scooting backwards down the stairs. Eeek.)

Video #5 (a.k.a. Living room, no dog, but walking baby.)

Video #6 (a.k.a. The pool.)

Video #7 (a.k.a. Frightening, nightmarish nursery footage. Someone gets dragged out! Make it stop!)

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  • Joey Jo Jo

    Wish the movies Paramount made were better than their viral campaigns.

  • jmo

    I’m sorry. WHY is this scary??

    • Lucas

      I’m sorry, WHY are you posting comments about something you clearly don’t even like?

      • trisheina

        Coz we wana 2

      • tanya

        i think u need to learn how to spell and form a complete sentence before u criticize a movie u havent even seen yet.

    • alex

      ok.. i hate scary movies but fortunately i just don’t get tehse.. so don’t find them scary.

    • jmo

      Jeez Lucas, my comment is not any type of troll. I’m with Alex, these are not scary. The viral for The Last Exorcism was creepy and scary. So I ask again. Why is this scary? Will someone that doesn’t want to harp on my @ss explain it to me please?

      • fior

        the last excorcism was a stupid movie, not believable at all.

      • BGal

        @JMO – if you don’t know, then no one can explain it to you. You just don’t feel it.

    • lucy

      Ohkay this is scary, cus it does happen!

      • craig

        This happens? Really? Where does this happen? Please tell me because there has never been a real documented case with video footage showing this sort of thing.

    • Bungo

      I thought this was supposed to be different from the first one. It’s the same movie with different actors. Slow, boring, unscary.

      • Teddy

        “It’s the same movie with different actors.” Hm? Would you prefer the got rid of the entire ghost/demonic presnece theme and made Paranormal Activity 2: Robot dual?

      • Sonny

        Ok, that was funny.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t care about the baby; just don’t let anything happen to the dog!!! :-P

    • RSYY

      Hahahaa!! Well put!

      • Carl

        you guys are a bunch of ANIMAL FREAKS that put a dog’s life above a human life. IDIOTS!!!

      • Anonymous

        Of course a dog’s life is more worthy. Dogs are loyal and good by nature :D

      • Teddy

        “Dogs are loyal and good by nature” That’s probably why you have a dog instead of a kid.

      • Teddy

        But then again, what do I know? I have a loose vagina for a penis.

    • Michele

      I thought the exact same thing!!! I was afraid to watch because I didn’t wanna see the dog get scared and/or hurt. And these clips are really not that freaky at all.

    • whatevs

      WORD! Poor doggie. :(

    • Tessie

      I rather not see a baby get hurt but I guess that’s just me…

      • scott

        me either!!! if this movie is about a demon who tortures a baby… its going to be very hard to watch.

      • Esmi

        omg i knw!!!! if i see that baby get possesed ima probably cry

      • Teddy

        I know right, we must be crazy to value a human life over an animal’s!

      • Teddy

        But again, I have a very small amount of knowledge on anything at all.

    • Jenny

      haha it must be the name that makes us think like that!

  • bruno

    annnnd with all these clips i’ve seen the movie now i’m sure. thank you paramount!

  • Jen

    Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Omen, Paranormal Activity… Why do these things only happen to people in really nice houses?

    • Disappointed

      nobody cares about the poor.

      • BGal

        Okay, that was kind of funny right there….

      • Lawlipop

        Not even demons care about the poor. That’s gotta suck.

  • MiaS

    didn’t see the first one so I didn’t find this scary at all.

  • Jonathan F.

    holy mother this looks good

  • Shane

    The first one scared me so much I almost started to cry- the first viewing. The second was just good fun.
    This one….as long as that dog is okay, I don’t care about anything else!!! Walking, floating, spinning babies- whatever. Just make sure the puppy is okay!!

    • RSYY

      I’m nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about puppies.

    • Fluffatu

      Totally agree with everything you wrote, Shane!

      • inverted frown

        lol. yea to Shane!

      • Teddy

        I agree about the viewing thing. The most fun thing to do after watching the first movie was watching OTHER people watch the movie. And the other thing, well, I didn’t see a puppy. But the fully grown dog seems to be okay. Is it too much too ask for both of them to be alright?

      • Teddy

        Actually, I changed my mind. I hope they both die.

    • Lolita Hansen

      1. That was a full grown dog not a puppy.

      2. Hurt babies dont bother you but a hurt puppy does? Um, ok.

      • yayme

        some people like dogs, a lot, and find that they are as family as a baby… i for one find babies annoying and would cry if something happened to my dog.

      • Plastix

        You’ll feel different if you have a child pf your own.

    • dennis

      I noticed in 2 different pics of the same picture that has the dog and the baby in the same room one picture has the mirror effect of both the dog and the baby then in the same pic it has the baby in the crib and in the mirror its like he’s not there but the dog is

  • CMS

    You put an unknown flash drive in your computer? Dear god I hope you used protection…

    • Me

      exactly my thoughts

    • Me

      This so sounds like something else. :)

    • Mystakyn

      This has to be the best comment yet!!!

  • Brad Man

    Christ, I’m just glad I watched this at work and not tonight at home… crreeeeeeeeeepy!

  • Season

    They did everything but show that baby on the roof.

  • ES

    when does PA2 come out?

  • Dave-O

    a baby on an airplane might be scarier…

  • Todd

    I don’t know how anyone with any sort of brain power found the first movie scary at all. The time clock was on the screen the whole movie and when the time clock slowed down or stopped, something “scary” happened. It was obvious that things would happen when the clock stopped and I found it infuriating that Entertainment Weekly gave the movie an “A” when such an obvious plot device was used to alert audiences of upcoming “horror”. I’ve never been so pissed off for spending $12.50 for a movie ever!!!!!

    • Frank

      Of course everyone figured out that when the clock slowed something bad was going to happen – it was the suspense of waiting for something bad, that you knew was going to happen, that made it scary. It’s like going on those big drop rides at amusement parks – once you’re at the top you know that you are going to drop, but the suspense makes it the scariest part.

    • Bubba

      Thank god for Netflix! I think I just flushed something scarier than this movie will be….

    • Teddy

      Whoa, I was scared. Did you sit down expecting every single scare to be a jump-out shock? That’s okay every once in a while, but not all the time. It’s the suspense.

      • Teddy

        But still, I don’t know. I don’t really know anything anymore. Not after getting my salad tossed in prison…

  • Lucas

    I don’t understand why people who A) didn’t like the first one and therefore B) have no interest in the second one are even bothering to post comments about it.

    • Kay


    • S Wall

      I have to post because the first movie had nothing to do with paranormal… it was demonic in nature and WAS Horrible as I’m sure the second one will turn out to be.BAD MOVIE… BAD BAD MOVIE!!! ANY ONE WHO PUTS KIDS IN MOVIES LIKE THESE CAN NOT BE UPSTANDING PEOPLE!!!

      • Great Parent

        I know what your saying.. I just let my baby cry until he shuts up..

      • Elizabeth

        So…demonic is normal how?

        Definition of paranormal: Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.

        I would say that would cover demons as well, unless they are a fact of every day life for you.

      • Voodoo

        @ Elizabeth The demon part was one of the reasons I could not get into the movie. It just wasn’t scary. I guess I don’t believe in demons. Not that I believe in ghosts but the idea of them scares the sh*t out of me.

      • Teddy

        Heh, listen to S Wall. It had nothing to do with the paranormal! All it was, was a demonic presence that denies science and all our known facts of reality. Huh? And anybody who puts kids in movies like these can not be upstanding people. Yeah! Anybody who puts kids in movies like these aren’t upstanding. They’re just ambitious and daring.

      • Teddy

        But… I really enjoy getting my jollys with my dog.

    • Elizabeth

      Lucas, if you ever find out, let me know. It seems to happen all over the internet with various subjects. If you don’t like it, why would you even go to a website about it??

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