'Breaking Dawn' castings: Maggie Grace vamps it up, Renesmee found

maggie-grace-mackenzie-foyImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Kelsey EdwardsAs we reported yesterday, Lost‘s Maggie Grace has joined The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as Denali coven vampire Irina, and newcomer Mackenzie Foy, a nine-year-old model/actress, is thisclose to signing on as Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s child. Grace is an interesting choice. She’s already a polarizing presence, thanks to her best-known role as the spoiled Shannon on Lost, so it’ll be easy to dislike her when she goes to the Volturi and tells them that Bella and Edward have created an “immortal child,” which is a no-no. But because it’s so easy to turn on her, it’s all the more effective when she softens and is apologetic, which will work well when she pays the ultimate price for giving the Volturi false information.

As for Foy, she really does look like the child Robert Pattinson joked Kristen Stewart was carrying when Oprah Winfrey asked them if they were an off-screen couple. Renesmee is a bit of disturbing character, and there’s something naturally unsettling about young models. I think it’s because we like to think of children as innocent and uncalculating, but watching them pose for a camera, turning off or turning on their emotions, you realize what manipulation they’re capable of. Watch her action in a fan video below. Yes, she already has fan videos dedicated to her on YouTube:

What do you think of the castings?

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  • Karate Pants

    So, question for those of you who are, um, vigilant in your quest for Twilight scoop and spend ample time on the fan sites…in the BD screenplay, has there been any talk of Renesmee’s character being age-progressed beyond where her toddlerish-age at the end of BD?? Someone in another article threw out the idea of using this actress’s likeness and doing some Benjamin Buttons type magic to age her beyond her natural state. I just think the story would take a welcome turn if audiences would see her with Jacob, at the same ‘age’. Any validity to this??

    • StewyFan

      I don’t know. But let me say this. I have heard that Summit had been specifically looking for a young girls between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. I don’t why, but maybe because the way she acts so maturely in the book, they couldn’t do with a younger Renesmee. *shrugs*

    • skorpy

      crawl out of your rock. Its been around for the last two years and has been a cultural smash like star wars,harry p etc. Its in the series of 4 books. By stephanie Meyer. Dude-ask any teenager. Most will own ALL of them,they can let you borrow em. BTW,the books are Teen level and very easy to read.Like candy.Much better than the movies of course. You get into Bellas head.

    • KatieLynnLee

      I kind of agree with you. I think its a little creepy that Jacob ends up falling in love with Edward and Bella’s kid who is like 12 years younger than him. It’s creepy so maybe it would nice if he falls for a person his age or at least close to it. Not having such an age gap in between!

  • Emma

    She looks like Rob and Kristen. She also looks like a vampire. It’s good casting.

    • yelhsa

      *She looks like a Twilight vampire. Just add sparkles.

  • Jersey Jeff

    Maybe they can do something about this.

  • Sara

    I think both of these casting choices are perfect! Mackenzie is exactly what I pictured, perhaps a little old but I think for movie purposes Renesmee will age faster than she did in the book, so it will be okay.

    • Bella

      I agree with you same here :)

    • kelly

      I agree! I think that the choices that they are making is perfect. But don’t worry they are getting older girls that way they CAN look and do Ben. Button type visual effects! because no one who is a fan of twilight and loves and read Breaking Dawn would believe she is 9 yrs old two days after her birth. It’s UNREALISTIC even in stephanie meyers world. I think by the end of the movie she will look like a four year old or older toddler just like the book. Unless if they do a fast forward sequence.

    • john stamos

      I agree. Both casting choices seem really good and both actresses look like I imagined the characters to look. I don’t know what they’re doing with the story to make Reneesme 9 though.

    • Jordan

      i totaly agree with you they are both completly perfec!!!!!!!!!
      MACKENZIE FOY is perfect 2 to play Renesmee. She has edwards skin tone and bellas hair even though her eyes are not choclate brown.
      I love her!

      • T

        Maybe they should put contacts on
        Her eyes and she will look exactly like Bella and Edward baby

    • Jordan

      i totaly agree wth uu!

    • Angie

      I don’t think Mackenzie was a good choice because I don’t have a feeling she was perfect for the part.

    • nica valdez

      She is good but I thout she should be yonger like the book saids.

  • julie

    I thought Renesmee only ages to look like she # in the book not ( lookin I think Suri Cruise would be better for the part than anyone else she has those ics blue eyes that are able to stare right thru u and She also has reall dark hair like bell and I think she would be perfect really!!! All in favor of Suri Cruise say I or really think about it how I described her!!!!!

    • Michelle

      Except in the book, Renesmee has Bella’s chocolate brown eyes. Even Charlie pointed it out to Bella when he said he knew the baby was hers because of that.

      • Mary Ann

        Remember vampires eye color changes. So, maybe them being blue at first then brown won’t make a difference.

      • Michelle

        They change colors because of hunger. The ones that feed on humans are red in color. The “vegetarians” are more amber/gold. No where is there blue.

      • nica valdez

        I agree wat the hell is up with the eyes I thout they had to be like bellas there not even close if there going to make the dam movie they might as well do it right

    • Michelle

      and it’s say “aye”

      • Jordan

        vampire eyes do change because of hunger but Renesmee is half human and can there4 live on human food.
        her eyes beening brown are apart of her human part so they will stay brown like bella’s did when she was human>

    • Frannie

      You would have to pull that bottle out of Suri’s mouth first. Too old to be dringking from a bottle!!

    • skorpy

      NO NOT SURI!!! she looks nothing like them. This girl is perfect!!

    • gaby

      but renesmees eyes are supposed to be brown like bellas

  • john

    maggie grace is a horrible actress

    • mscisluv

      Then she’ll fit right in!

      • Kim

        I had to LOL at that.

  • nikki

    i think Mackenzie Foy, is too old to be playing renesmee clearly as you can see, from what i have read in the book yes she ages rapidly, where the baby and toddler that going to be playing renesmee, from what i can gather from the book i would think the oldest age that can be playing renesmee is 5 years old with her brown eyes and long brown hair too wouldnt you agree??

    • nica valdez

      I agree but I thout from wat I read that she should be 3 cause they make it sound like that

  • js

    I think she looks perfect for it.

  • Becca

    Both choices seem pretty solid.

  • Makeith

    The little girl does look like how I pictured Renesmee to look like when I saw her smile in that video.

  • faye Prewitt

    I have always pictured Suri Cruise as the perfect Renesmee.

  • lefty

    Mackenzie Foy is about to grow up way too fast. In real life, not just as Renesmee.

  • sandra

    What’s a lovely girl, she really beauty! But… as I know Renesmee look like a five years old kid. She’s a bit older. Besides, why some news said at the end of story Renesmee is 17 ???? Anyone can tell me what is the correct version (due to I still not yet finish read all books :p)

  • Storm

    Wow, so many people jumped on this. Yeah Twilight is going downhill FAST. And with the worst book being turned into two movies-Im sure it will just explode in the box office. Keeping the birth scene the way it is and what not. Yeah…right. Its okay though fads come and go all the time.

    • juliet

      i want to watch storm

    • skorpy

      sorry to burst your bubble-but its gonna EXPLODE with success. Theres a huge fanbase and although people arent on the blogs-its NOT because theyre not interested. Theyre patiently waiting for the movies to come out. The twihards know everything. Theres no need to consantly obsess like they did in the beginning.

  • beatriz

    i think she is a beauty, but to old. And what is all this talk about them making her 17?

    • gaby

      idk but i hope in the movie they fast forward a couple of years and we see renesmee as a teenager and so in love with jacob im gona be jealous of the girl but still ha!

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