'Australia's Next Top Model' host announces wrong winner

On the live finale of Australia’s Next Top Model, host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong woman as the winner. Yikes. Somewhere, Ryan Seacrest just woke up in a cold sweat.

Murdoch initially announced Kelsey as the winner, but then a minute later said that she’d been fed the wrong name. “This is insane,” Murdoch sighed. To Kelsey’s insane credit, she seemed really gracious. “It’s an honest mistake,” she said. And she sounded like she meant it! Congratulations, Kelsey, on being an incredibly decent human being. (The show wound up giving her a trip to New York and $25,000. Everybody wins!)

Geeze louise, I wish something this interesting would happen on America’s Next Top Model.

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  • Jeff from Jersey; yes New Jersey

    As the noted social commentator on the E network would say, *Whoopsies.*

    • Jimmy

      Why are Australian women so hot? Do they have some kind of genetic engineering program there? Cause if so, we should do that too.

      • lindsay

        make up your own standards for beauty you sad, culturally manipulated, little person

      • Alan

        Lindsay forgot her meds today it seems.

      • Ryan

        Poor lindsay, you must have fallen off the ugly truck…

      • Hannah

        As an American woman, this idea does not offend me. lol

      • Ben

        We just don’t put the plain ones on TV?

      • untkay

        They`re not.Come and live here and you will see just as many bow wows as anywhere else.And most of them are man hating feminist gorgons.

    • David T

      I wonder what her father-in-law thought? I bet he was disappointed she admitted to the mistake, because no one on his news network has ever done such a thing…

      BTW – She appears to be an accomplished person, so this was no dig on her honest mistake….

    • ?????

      …and if you listen carefully, you can hear Sarah whisper “f*ck” right before she announces the correction. Gotta love live TV!

    • Nenya

      The video has been removed from youtube. Hate when articles link to one and that happens!

  • Mr. Holloway

    Two things I learned from this post:

    1.) Apparently, Austrailians celebrate April Fools’ Day in late September.
    2.) The finale of “Australia’s Next Top Model” is a MUCH bigger deal than their American counterpart. (Live studio audience > overgrown conference room with Tyra and three judges.)

  • Josh

    Yikes which of the three do you feel the worst for? It wasn’t exactly the hosts fault. She was fed the wrong name and then she had to tell the other girl…boy what a horrible mess.

    • slick

      There may be more here than meets the eye. Often the runner up gets announced before the winner. Perhaps the host DID screw up. We can’t really know.

  • Dean

    You think any given winner of ANTM would be as gracious? The young, whiny, bratty girls who populate our version would throw a fit. Which is why I stopped watching that trainwreck years ago.

    • jewels

      Have you watched Australias next top model? I am Canadian and we get both America’s and Australia’s here…and the Aussie’s girls are actually WAY more bartty and whinny…last years second runner up was a mess, and a girl this season told the judges off when she was eliminated

  • Carrie #2

    Oh my god, that’s hilarious. XD

  • Mojo Jojo

    Wow, 25 grand. That’s less than a fry cook would make in a year. Whatever happened to the Million dollars these shows used to give out?

    • lefty

      That’s for the runner-up…

    • lalala

      Um, I don’t know what shows you watch, but these kind of shows never gave out millions of dollars. Also, also lefty mentioned, $25 grand is for the runner-up…

    • alli

      I want my voting money back too.

  • susie

    Shouldn’t the host already know who the winner was so those things don’t happen?

    • Megan

      voting was open up until the end of the finale when the winner was announced.

    • Kelly

      I bet they will do that from now on!!! LOL

  • Sourabh

    I hope this gets on this week’s The Soup.

    • jmb

      LOL! Every time I see something funny on TV I think that to myself! When the watermelon hit the girl in the face on Amazing Race the other night, after I fell off the couch laughing, I thought to myself “I can’t wait to see Joel McHale rip into that!”

      • Sunny

        Me too!!

  • Nik

    @ Dean, young girls whine (no matter the country), not just models.

  • BetterMum1

    I read an article recently about Sarah in a Melbourne Newspaper and she said…

    “I’ve aged 100 years in 3 months”.

    “… I know I don’t have to work and there are plenty of other mums who have to go back to work and have no choice about it but, for me, I like to have my own thing going on.”

    Sarah didn’t “need” to go back to work when her Baby was 3 weeks old.

    She married into the very wealthy “Murdoch Dynasty”.

    She made a choice to get pregnant again, when she she had signed a new contract for Australias Next Top Model.

    Hopefully this will remind Sarah of the priorities in Life.

    Most Mothers DO NOT have that choice.

    Maybe SARAH should just try to be a Better Mum?

    Even Puppies have to stay with their Mother until they are 6 weeks old.

    My opinion was formed after reading Sarah Murdochs recent comments in a Melbourne Newspaper

    I didn’t fabricate anything…

    • Ambee

      Ok, but how does that make her a terrible Mom. Whether she is working or not, she may be an excellent Mother.

    • Liz

      Are you like her bitter mother-in-law or something? Women work now, it’s not 1753. Get over it. Just because you have an option to quit working when you have a child doesn’t mean you have to.

    • meh

      Wow, someone needs to get off their high horse…

    • Erin

      Seriously? Get off your soapbox ‘BetterMum1’!!! So are you alluding to this stuff up happening all because Sarah returned to work 3 weeks after he baby was born? Seriously!? Yeah she married into a wealthy family – I applaud her for going out and doing something for herself. I love that she’s not one of those useless gold digging skanks that live off their hubbys money and become a lady of leisure. She signed a contract and she stuck with it. It’s her life, her baby – she can do what she wants. And who is not to say that her kids are not her number one priority just because she has her own career? Certainly not you! Everything I’ve ever read on Sarah has been positive.

      I pity your kids for having such a bitter and bitchy close-minded mother. Better mum? Don’t think so!

  • Zakry

    I actually watch this show! Thanks to the writer not actually spoiling who DID win!

    • paula

      yes, me too I need to find it online now

  • Some fancy guy with a puppy in his purse

    America’s Next Top Model would be interesting if it didn’t keep churning out winners like Tyra’s poop.

  • Teresa

    Wow. That was a moment.

    I am very impressed with the poise and graciousness of both women involved.

    I’m also wondering if the two male judges modeled themselves after Howie Mandel, or if he’s modeling himself on them.

  • The Good Doctor

    The girls on ANTM are NEVER this pretty. And, the likelihood that one of the so-called models on ANTM would ever be so gracious – it’s impossible to imagine that ever happening on that excuse for putting catfights on TV.

  • Kenny B.

    Totally staged….but by the producers. They’ve always wanted Kelsy to win…problem is that the public in Australia determine who the winner is.

    These producers are smart. They produce different versions of this show worldwide. Kelsy really has a VERY unique look and this was a really smart way of getting her national and worldwide attention. It benefits her and at the same time gets around the fact that she actually didn’t win the popular vote.

    • Danielle

      Just to correct you there Kenny B., most of the experts were in agreement that Amanda should win because Kelsey is “too short”. I don’t know where you get the idea that Kesley was the favourite to win – both the public and the majority of judges stated they wanted Amanda because was a fantastic all-rounder. Interesting side not, Kelsey was actually 2cm shorter than the minimum requirements for the competition.

      It was a genuine mistake. There is no way that “Saint Sarah” (as Sarah Murdoch is often referred to) would purposely put a teenage girl through this level of public humiliation as part of a stunt.

      I don’t know if it’s in this video but when I was watching it live I noticed that Kelsey grabbed her earpiece midway through her speech and said “is my mic on?” so they’ve obviously kept her in the dark until Sarah announced the mistake.

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