'The Bachelor': Brad Womack's back; it's deja vu all over again!

bachelor-recycledABC just announced the new Bachelor, and as we all expected, it’s Brad Womack, a.k.a. The Most Hated Bachelor Ever, and this time he’s totally going to pick someone, okay? Seriously, no joke. Upon hearing the news, my mind was filled with myriad burning questions, including, “Wow, how pissed is Jake right now?” and “Why am I not surprised that Brad’s still single?” and “Why am I surprised that he lacks the judgment to realize that he did the right thing the first time around and that the only thing dumber than going on a reality show to find a wife is going on a reality show to find a wife TWICE???” and “Did he come crawling back to ABC or vice versa?”

My questions remain unanswered, except for the last one. According to ABC, Team Bachelor had been in touch with Brad on and off since 2007 about possible appearances on various Tell All specials, and during those talks, sad Brad lamented that he always believed in “the process” and that seeing his brothers settle down and start families made him long for a second chance at the reality TV spotlight love. Seriously, how could ABC walk away from the opportunity to put this truly Toxic Bachelor back in the spotlight? The only thing better than having a Bachelor everyone loves is having a Bachelor everyone wants to punch in the face repeatedly while wearing lots of heavy rings. (See: record-high ratings for Jake’s season.) It’s not like execs at ABC need to worry about protecting the integrity of the franchise.

So, rose lovers, what do you think? Are you ready to give Brad a second chance? Post your thoughts/screeds/howls from the depths of your soul below. And won’t you please help ABC pick a subtitle for the new season? Thanks so much.

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  • Broadway Baby

    Will they recast all his original Bachelorettes too? We all know Deanna is not married – yet – maybe Brad can get her to change her mind – again.

    • wakeforce

      Never understood why it is more honorable to pick someone publicly and then break up them a few months later.
      One of the reason Jake’s season was so high rated was because of RealtySteve, Everyone wanted see Vienna and call her nasty names, but when their break up happened everyone suddenly chose Vienna’s side.

      • wakeforce

        Reality Steve.

      • monday

        I didn’t choose her side – she is a drama queen – I saw right through her. If she kept interrupting me, i would tell her to shut her pie hole. That doesn’t mean I am on Jake’s side – he used his bottom head chose that walking std viena over other decent girls.

      • KC

        Oh stop with the Reality Steve is a god crap.

      • Esme

        Reality Steve is a god.

      • Henry

        I’m not excited about the premise. I’m even less sure why ABC thought I would be.

    • dd

      I thought Brad (and his twin) was great! He took a lot of grief for his (non)choice. Brave of him to come back!

      • Sue

        I agree, Brad is an awesome person and i believe he should be given a fair chance and a second chance. I hope he can find a girl that sweeps him off his feet.

    • LOL

      No one cares about this crap.

      • Marci

        Hi, LOL! I was wondering how long it would take you to appear – you might actually be right about this one.

      • Al

        The one time you are right…..

    • whoopseedaisy

      Deanna got married last weekend to the brother of one of Jillian’s rejects, I think.

    • Brooke

      Makes me sick! they should give him the same 25 women again. FACE! So many other people they could have chosen :(

      • PatA

        You’re hilarious! Give him the women who are “left” from the season he was on. The ones who haven’t moved on. Let him pick them. Since they all know him for who he is, that could be fun!

    • badbaum

      Deanna IS in a serious relationship with Steve Stagliano, the brother of Mike, who was the breakdancer in Jillian’s season. Jenni is engaged or married, I think…

  • Bren

    Well, I guess this is the excuse I have been waiting for – I am officially done. It’s bad enough watching these people make fools of themselves but to watch this bozo try again – AND all the girls who must all know he’s not a finisher – really jumps the shark.

    Sorry, ABC, I am breaking up with you on this one………

    • candi

      I agree with you! I’m done too. It’s back to CBS funny shows for me!

    • Michelle

      Am I the only one who thinks this man is gay?

      I’m with you. I can’t watch. He’s going to choose some random contestant just to make himself look good. If he chooses a woman, it will be a lie so what’s the point of watching? Even those of us who are skeptical watch these shows because of the tiny chance that we will witness a real connection. There is no possibility of that with Womack. They’re really treating the audience like we’re idiots. They always do, but now they’re taking it to another level of insulting.

      I’m not mad at Womack for refusing to choose one of the women last time. I thought that was an honest, legitimate choice. I’m annoyed because I think:
      1. He had his chance. He doesn’t deserve our attention anymore. Move on to somebody, ANYBODY new. He was boring the first time. Now, he’ll be insufferably dull. 2. He’s not looking for “love,” he’s just trying to redeem himself and improve his image because everybody hates him so much for hurting those women. So basically he’s just exploiting the audience because his bad image is bad for his businesses. 3. Again, I think this guy is gay. I never bought him as a straight man, and I still don’t. He needs to come out of the closet, accept his sexuality, and stop wasting women’s time and the audience’s time.

      What happened to Chris, the cute guy who was first runner up last season?

      • Heather

        Chris, the runner-up from Ali’s season, REFUSED to do The Bachelor. I (and many others over on the ABC Boards) think that Fleiss screwed himself this time around. He was SO confident that he could get Chris to cave and do TB that when Chris repeatedly turned them down, they had to scramble to find someone to do it last-minute. Hence, the Recycling of Brad.

      • wombat

        michelle i completely agree — but i was afraid to say it in case i was called politically incorrect! but setting him up as the bachelor with female contestants is like having david gest as the next bachelor — oh crap, i just gave the producers an idea for next season!

      • Iakovos

        Do we have evidence that Brad Womack is gay? I am not sure a redo is good for the franchise. I applaud Chris L for refusing the bid to “bach.” After watching the PAD in the late summer, I am not sure anyone “is there for the right reasons.”

      • argiris8

        …not that there’s anything wrong with Brad womack being gay…it’s just so painfully obvious. He’s got zero connection with these women, except as an actor. I’ll bet he’s a rice queen, or a big ol’ bottom. Anyway, get a *real* straight guy, and maybe develop a gay bachelor show.

    • Shannon

      Yeah, ditto! I’m done. I was really looking for a good excuse to get out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette business. and here it is. I didn’t watch the Brad Womack season and I don’t want to watch it in redux.
      Yes, he’s definitely gay and why doesn’t he have a career by now?!?! His 15 minutes didn’t get him what he needed!?!?!?
      ABC, tisk, tisk for such laziness.

      • Me

        Just curious: what’s the evidence that he’s gay?

      • Lisa

        Shannon, you ask why he doesn’t have a career by now? You mean other than the successful bars (4 different ones, I think) he owns in Austin? I’m thinking that’s a pretty good career. Not that I like him and want to watch him again…I was just sayin’….

  • Emily

    Who the f*ck cares? Why does anyone watch this crap???

    • Sky

      Obviously Emily – you care. Your adamant attempt to promote yourself to a level above the viewers, belies your avid interest in reading this blog and then responding to it. Pretty obvious for all the rest of you who do the same. You are not fooling anyone.

      • Tee

        I read news on bachelor and dancing with the stars even though I never watch either of them. My grandma loves them and loves to talk about them and get the latest news so it makes her happy. You never know what someone’s motivation is, Sherlock!

      • etm

        It is so sweet that you do that for your grandma! :)

      • Katja

        I agree with etm, Tee, that’s really sweet of you. Though it does seem like Emily’s motivations are maybe not so generous, given her aggression. :)

      • karen

        MORONIC TV FOR MORONS…… Oh yeah, the Networks save hundreds, thouands of dollars not having to pay for good quality scripts/actores. This is why AMC, HBO and other cable programs rule. ABC, NBC,FOX… TAKE A LESSON FROM CABLE!

      • jeep_gurl

        @Tee….that is sooo sweet that you do that for your grandma. I used to read the National Enquirer and Star tabloids b/c my grandma liked that stuff. Finally, someone in this crazy world who does something to contribute something to another person’s life! Thank you. (I miss my grandma.)

      • Regan

        Uhm, why isn’t anyone calling Tee on her bull and giving her the obvious response: Whatever your motivation Tee, you ARE here because you CARE. Even if it is on behalf of your ‘grandma’.

    • sunsetsnow81

      I like how you so eloquently worded your response Sky. Well stated.

    • D. Bag

      Emily, a voice of reason.

    • Rose

      They tried to get Chris. Unfortunately he refused because he was not going to bear his heart to someone on tv again.

      • RK

        Maybe The Bachelor should have a job…what would they do, live in his dad’s house?

    • shawn olsen

      Why do people watch the Kardashians, the Osbornes, the Gene Simmmons show, the Tori Spelling show, a lot of garbage out their but someones must be watching these shows there still on.

    • PatA

      Ems, you call the show “cr*p”. If you haven’t watched the show, how can you review it for us? Ems, I think you’re here to start a fight. Good luck with that.

  • Susan

    I won’t be watching this season…no one else available to take a chance at love? A new face is better than an old one.

    • D. Bess

      I agree fully! It will be like watching a rerun. Been there, done that.

    • KRibbons

      Yes. completely agree. I didn’t even really enjoy him on his season. I’m ready for an African American bachelor. Someone smokin hot like Taye Diggs or Blair Underwood

      • bella

        It’s a total joke that there hasn’t yet been an African-American, Latino or non-WHITE Bachelor. It’s the most racist franchise in network history, if you ask me.

      • Sandy

        But the rest of us aren’t interested. Majority rules and that can’t be legislated. If it’s that important to you, get one of the many black businesses to sponsor a new show geared toward that end.

      • Pinky

        I liked to refer to Bachelor Pad as “The Other White House.” I mean, come on!!! And PS, say good-bye to majority rules really soon, when “minorities” outnumber the “majority.” It’s got certain political parties running scared. . . .

  • Julz

    I really don’t understand why everyone hated him so much. Rather than almost all of the other couples that break up afterwards he decided that no one was his match and didn’t want to put them through the bs and lies. Why is that bad? He’s probably the most honest bachelor they’ve ever had.

    • aBc

      I totally agree. I always wondered why people thought it was so bad that he chose no one. I thought it was the most upstanding thing anyone could do on that show. Why pick someone just for the sake of picking someone to then break up with publicly at a later date. Not sure I want to see him do this again, but he certainly made the right choice the first time around.

    • Andy

      it’s not that I hated him. it’s just that he was very boring. I just don’t see the appeal of bringing him back again.

    • Casey

      That’s what I always say. He was probably the most sensible bachelor I’ve seen. Well, until this announcement.

    • bsheer

      I think it was because of the way he led the girls on. He told Deanna she was the one, basically, and had her family flown in for the proposal, then at the last minute couldn’t do it. He never did much for me the first time around so I’m not thrilled w/this casting news. Kinda boring guy if you ask me.

      • Margot

        Brad wasn’t responsible for the producers flying her dad in…

    • Genie

      I agree, Brad was honest, and I thought a pretty likable guy.

      • Denise

        He does seem like a normal guy.

    • B Johnson

      I agree. I think he did the honorable thing and was crucified for it. I look forward to watching him search for love again and this time I hope they give him a better selection of women. He needs someone more mature than a 20-something bimbo.

      • Bev

        yes, i agree too…. he did the honorable thing and was certainly cruicified for it! I think he needs a better selection of more educated women to choose from – although anyone better educated may not agree to go on the silly show – but I’ll still watch, ’cause it’s just silly and no one is shooting or killing anyone!

    • Brooke

      Not good looking and boring. It’s Bachelor suicide for ABC.

    • wombat

      i watched the pilot, found him boring and unattractive (and probably gay), and never even watched the season. i’m sure some people hated him for rejecting both of his final choices, but i hated him from the first day. so now i don’t have to watch his second season, either. sorry producers, but your ratings will suffer.

    • Juneau

      ITA, but that doesn’t make him any more interesting to watch AGAIN. Now a cringe-worthy season with the Weatherman would be interesting and fun to watch.

      • PatA

        You know what? The “weatherman” was a decent and honest kid. He eventually figured out that people were “playing” him and he accepted it. I think he would bring a certain element of fun to the show that we haven’t seen in ages……probably the show where Trista picked Ryan. I know it’s not Bachelor but they all have the same producers/goals.

    • Pinky

      The thing is, Brad really did love Jenni. You could tell. He was just a coward. He didn’t love Deanna, so it was easy to let her go. He let Jenni go first because it was hardest. He was just a coward who couldn’t accept his emotions or fear of abandonment. That’s why he was hated. He didn’t let both girls go because he hadn’t fallen in love. He let Jenni go because he had. And that’s the truth.

  • Roy

    I’ll most likely watch bc how can I not, but ew.

  • gabic

    Not going to be watching this season. Why can’t ABC start fresh with a new Bachelor that has nothing to do with previous seasons. I am soo tired of them recycling Bachelors & Bachelorettes.

    • 246

      I agree!!! So right – stop recycling eveyone. Gross.

  • gigi

    Hey Kristen! Welcome back and congrats! As for Brad…I actually liked Brad. I’m glad to see him back. Hopefully this go round it will work out for him.

  • CBL

    The Bachelor: Hope Triumphs Over Experience…

    • Bumblebee

      Haha! That should definitely be a subtitle option

  • TF2345

    How boring!! He made the right choice the first time, better to pick no one then pick someone and break up 2 weeks later. He should have moved on. What about Reid from Jilliam’s season or Chris from Allie’s season? They couldn’t get anyone else or how about someone totally new?

    • Kerri

      From everything I have heard and read they wanted Chris and he turned them down…and can I say Thank Goodness he was still normal I fear becoming The Bachelor would have changed him (like it did Jake). Who am I kidding I will watch. Others smutty drama is a nice escape :)

      • PatA

        What happened to Jake? Did his big “movie star” life take off? Did Hollywood embrace Jake? :-) :-)
        :-) :-0 Is Jake a STAR yet? Wake me when it happens. :-)

    • KRibbons

      Yes. Reid please. I would dump my boyfriend of 6 years in a reality show minute to be on Reid’s season.

      • Karen

        I LOVED Reid!!!!!!!!!

    • badbaum

      Reid is dating Miss USA. For real. AND before they started dating ABC did ask him and he turned it down, just like Chris Lambert did. All the best ones know better. Which is why they won’t go back on the show…

  • angelpops

    Hey I like Brad (ducking flying tomatoes). The worst bachelor IMHO was Jesse the crappy pro football player. He was so empty headed!
    I wonder if they’ll bring back Deanna for a confrontation. Of course they will!

    • Jen

      They’ll bring back her and the guy she’s engaged to or whatever, to help Brad decide which girls are there for “the right reasons” or something like that. Standard Bachelor operating procedure.

      • Or….

        …they’ll bring back Deanna and the guy she’s engaged to help Brad decide which one he’s more sexually attracted to.

    • Meg

      They already had the confrontation–it was on some 20/20 special that whatsherface bachelorette who’s always around hosted. Deanna basically said she understood why he did what he did and she wasn’t angry.

    • PatA

      Jessie has a HOT NFL job now. He could not have been that empty-headed..

  • mike

    So, he’s already agreed to choose someone – so, no matter if he feels something or not, he’s going to wind up with a fiance at the end. Way to be genuine.

    • Sky

      Okay, so Brad did the “right” thing by not picking anyone the first show because he wasn’t feeling it. Fine. So now Brad is clairvoyant? He knows that the next group of ABC 25 randomly picked women will have the woman he wants?
      Perhaps the twist to final for this one is that he will fall for 2 women. And then, he will not be able to decide which he loves more and gives both engagement rings. Got to mix it up a bit – right!

    • Leigh

      You are EXACTLY right with your comment. This fake show just got faker!! I will not be watching.

    • badbaum

      You know, while I am guessing he might be contractually obligated to choose someone, I am thinking they might not make him do that, because half the reason I am going to watch is to see if he, in fact, chooses someone. ABC would be smart to play it up as it is a chance he won’t choose someone.

    • Brigitte

      and have seen every reincarnation I could find since then. I have a copy of the scrpit, the Alvin Theater Playbill and am a Company! junky. Loved Raul Esparsa in the 2006 revival, but it lacked the full orchestra Sondheim deserves (Angel Desai strained to sing Another Hundred People ). This cast solves every problem I’ve seen in previous reincarnations and NPH pays great tribute the the Late Larry Kert, while Martha Plimpton and Stephen Colbert are awesome. No one else could be Elaine Stritch, but Patti Lupone holds her own. Bravo!

  • Jed

    Now this show needs to be canceled once and for all. When you’re using repeat Bachelors to chalk a rating, you’ve got problems at ABC.

  • Andrew

    At least it’s not a contestant who was previously eliminated.

  • Jill

    I first saw the weatherman in the audience of dwts & thought UGH! NO! Still thinking UGH NO!

    • Leapy60

      I knew I saw the Weatherman…I even went on rewind on my
      dvr to make sure. I went ewwww I can’t believe it. Then the next moment they must of switched them out. I once again went ewwww. Of all the single guys in America, they had to recycle an old loser? UGH!!

      • Mrs M

        I did the same thing! I rewound just to make sure it was the Weatherman and sure enough….tricky. Although last time with Jake I knew he was the bachelor before they announced it because I saw him sitting in the audience next to CH.

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