Katy Perry laughs off 'Sesame Street' controversy on 'SNL': What do you think?

katy-perry-elmo-shirtKaty Perry was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere this weekend, just in time for her to address that silly Sesame Street cleavage scandal from a few days prior. Perry dropped by SNL‘s Bronx Beat sketch in an Elmo t-shirt cut even lower than the outfit she wore on Sesame Street. She was playing (ha) a children’s library volunteer who’d gotten in trouble for her revealing attire. Perry didn’t say much of note, mostly just letting her clothing and the chatty Bronx Beat ladies played by Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler get all the laughs.

And then Maya Rudolph got real. “Who cares if kids are looking at boobs?” she asked rhetorically. “Boobs feed babies…I turned on CSI the other night, and there’s a dead guy with a worm in his eye. But we can’t look at the tops of boobs?” Delivered in a goofy voice or not, it’s a pretty good point. Why do some Americans freak out so furiously about body parts — even harmless, mostly covered body parts? There was really nothing inappropriately sexual about what Perry wore on Sesame Street, unless creepy adults chose to read it that way. This whole non-issue is ridiculous, in my opinion, making a ridiculous SNL sketch the perfect way to respond.

But maybe you’ll disagree. Watch Katy Perry’s SNL skit after the jump if you haven’t seen it yet (clip via E!), then let us know what you think. Was this an appropriate way for Perry to respond to the Sesame Street controversy or not?

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  • Meg

    The Sesame Street thing was overblown. She was basically in a Tinkerbell costume, and the actual Halloween costumes are way more revealing than that.

    • Futurama

      Not a bad comparison.

      • Big Walt

        I for one feel she was wearing too much.

      • boobs 4 sho

        I like boobs

      • Nathan

        Big Walt is correct, I too believe she was wearing far too much both on Sesame Street AND SNL, those tits are proof that God may actually exist!

      • James

        I like boobs too!

    • Windy

      I agree , Girls wear much less then that on Halloween..

      • Sara

        That doesn’t make it okay. I’m rather appalled by the sex kitten type of outfits that so many little girls wear on Halloween, and this kind of performance on Sesame Street makes it just seem normal to kids that women wear clothes that hide nothing. She was on Sesame Street, for crying out loud. For one day, would it have killed her to cover the girls? Really?

      • Mike

        Girls in college wear much less than that on Halloween. Four-year-old girls who watch Sesame Street and walk around the block with their parents while it’s still light out do not.

      • mh2365

        Makes you wonder if Sara has even seen the video … I think people like Sara are everything that is wrong with parents these days … I have an idea let’s blindfold them and put cotton in their ears so they can’t see or hear anything … also since you aren’t going to let them compete in anything why even bother having them play sports … just take them to an empty field and let them run in circles blindfolded and then give them a ribbon (not a trophy because it would have to be non-gender specific) …

        It doesn’t surprise me at all that we have raised a bunch of 18-21 y/o’s that would elect the President based on his appearance in Star’s best beach bod issue …

      • Leslie

        I’m with Sara on this one. And I *have* seen young girls in inappropriate costumes (not to mention teeny bikinis) that parents think are adorable because they look so “grown up.”

      • susan

        I totally agree with Sara. Katy is no dummie. She should have dressed more appropriately for that one show. Rock star or not, she should have known better.

      • susan

        I agree with Sara. Katy is no dummie. She should have dressed more appropriately for that one show. Rock star or not, she should have known better.

    • Mark

      The difference is … SNL is on in the evening, as is CSI, and aimed at adults. Sesame Street is a KIDS show. I can’t believe people don’t seem to understand that. And I’m not blaming Katy for that – Sesame Street should know their audience. Katy was just being Katy.

      • Vandelay

        “Dancing With the Stars” features WAY more revealing outfits, but most parents don’t seem to have a problem letting their kids watch that. We live in a weird society.

      • reason

        CSI is on at 9, and when an 8PM family friendly show is followed by an opening of CSI which features footage that rivals the Saw series, that is a problem.

      • TaMara

        Mark, she was fully covered, what was the issue? It was basically a princess/ballerina costume. I have no problem with my kids seeing that. There was nothing sexual about it – especially if you’re a 3 year old. Sheesh.

      • Juneau

        What a moronic thing to say. women wear much less at the beach. Are you trying to tell me that we don’t take pre-schoolers to a swimming pool or to the beach because bikinis are too revealing? The puritans are alive and well in the USA.

      • wino

        but its just boobs! we live in a very odd, prudish society when it comes to a woman’s body. its only when adults react so strongly that kids pick up on the negative coorelation to a certain subject. i highly doubt any kid saw Katy as a sexual object. sheesh.

      • Shannon

        Well, more kids might have been flocking to CSI recently due to the appearance of Justin Bieber on an episode last week.
        But, of course you’re right. There’s certainly a difference between a show aimed at kids and one aimed at adults, not to mention the obvious scheduling differences.
        No big deal about Katy’s own sweater puppets, though.
        Cookie Monster’s been a sugar gluton for years, Oscar has a terrible attitude and lives in a dumpster, Burt and Ernie are a gay couple that aren’t the least bit eager to protest against prop 8…
        Get a life, parents.
        If you don’t like what’s on TV, take your kids to the library. And if you don’t like what is or isn’t on the librarian, bury your kids eyes in a book. But, I’m betting there are going to be boobs there too.

      • sarah

        is no one pointing out that they must have given her that outfit? not like she walked in with her own wardrobe. those shows don’t work that way.

      • rainbow rouge

        I doubt little kids would have paid much attention to her boobs and it wasn’t really like they were popping out or anything. Sheesh.

      • Meggi

        just because u mum and dads are pervs and nocite a tiny bit of a breast doesnt mean your kids inheritted your perviness and its not like they would even care there is nothing wrong with this video i say we start a potision 2 get this music video on another episode of elmo thumbs me up copy and paste this on different videos about this if your a part of this potiston!

    • XSE Drake

      Best product placement ever. Drink milk.

    • Long Balls

      I’d like to kiss Elmo on the nose …

    • chloe

      Tinkerbell is not on Sesame Street.

  • Ayn

    Loved it!!! I think that was an awesome way to address this ridiculous controversy. With the amount of crap, violence, foul language and nudity already on PRIMETIME television, why make such a big stink about Katy Perry’s dress? It wasn’t worth all the flap and I thought the skit was cute. I did not think she was dressed inappropriately. And there are plenty of producers, censors, costume designers, network people, etc… on-hand at the Sesame Street studio that would and could have easily made the decision to dress her more conservatively if they so felt, but the didn’t. There are so many REAL ISSUES to address in this world, do we really need to pick on this particular artist just because you may not care for her personal choice in clothing on the red carpet or her videos?

    Loved the skit, SNL!

    • princess

      Pre-school kids don’t watch the crap on primetime television now do they?

      She was more conservatively dressed in a Proactiv commercial for crying out loud! Whoever directed the Sesame video obviously did it to enjoy Ms. Perry’s assets – hah.

      • Jaded

        I agree. There are much worse things on tv–they just aren’t aimed at preschoolers. Since when do 3-5 yr olds watch CSI??? The whole issue is definitely way overblown, but Katie Perry was in the wrong and the Sesame Street directors even more so.

      • rmb

        pre-school kids don’t care one hoot about boobs. have you seen the curves and cleavage in the disney princesses now? puh-leez. Katy Perry did absolutely nothing to apologize for. Neither did Sesame St. The real corruption of kids’ minds is happening through those people making big, negative, angry issues out of nothing. Kids learn from that.

      • Kevin

        When I was three, I so wanted to be Horatio Caine for Halloween. Unfortunately, it was the 1970s, so nobody got the reference.

    • Indy

      You’re both out of your minds. Kids of all ages watch TV at all times of the day. Katy Perry is being used as a scape goat. This is something that a bunch of up-tight whiny anal wind bags decided to make a big deal out of.

      It’s not a big deal. I guarantee your preschoolers are getting more than an eyeful of scantily clad women and their bosoms at the grocery store check out line than they are of Katy Perry and her Elmo video.

      • Paulie

        A big enthusiastic “you got THAT right” to Indy. Kids are watching TV at all different times of the day, and the commercials advertising CSI and other shows of that ilk are on all day, too. You don’t have to just see the show itself to be exposed to the gore and blood. I’d MUCH rather my kids see a breast than the bloody commercials that pop up during “family hour”.

    • ew-bot

      What a great way to turn melons into melonade!

  • Mr. Holloway

    What I never understood about this whole thing was, whether Perry showed up with the outfit on her own or whether the show provided it, isn’t it on the director (or someone else on set) to take a look at her costume, see that it was, at the very least, borderline, and tell her to change into something else?

    Yeah, Perry’s an easy target, but it seems like someone should’ve stepped in.

    • Vanity Feral

      I’m almost certain that nobody of Sesame Street thought the outfit would be a problem, as it shouldn’t have been. They’re just responding the reaction they’ve received since posting the video.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I totally agree with you…I just never got why Perry was getting the lion’s share of the flack.

      • D’s Advocate

        @Mr. Holloway

        Because OMG KATY PERRY is a headline with more interest than OMG PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN SESAME STREET PERSON.

      • Mr. Holloway

        D’s Advocate-

        Too true. (Although, personally I’d click on a story with the headline “OMG PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN SESAME STREET PERSON”…I mean, what’s THAT about?)

    • caryn

      Maybe that’s why in the clip she said the library told her to wear that outfit. My guess is the Sesame Street provided her with the costume in question and she’s taking the heat.

      • mytwocents

        no–the clip says that the library told her to wear looser fitting clothing (1:32).

  • Caitlin

    I don’t like Katy Perry, but that skit was funny. Also, I think the whole thing with her outfit on was really stupid. It wasn’t too revealing at all.

  • john

    yeah the only person looking up or down her outfit were the puppet masters and the camera crew

  • Linda

    Why DO people get so uptight over boobs? Between the addiction to boob jobs and Nipplegate and Elmogate they have some sort of mythical importance in our culture, I swear. Stop it, America. They’re just boobs.

    Plus Katy Perry was really quite awful, as far as SNL musical guests go. Like, laughably bad. Gotta love that autotune, making stars out of people with very little talent.

    • llevinso

      Agreed. It’s ridiculous. They’re just boobs!

      • va

        Katy Perry’s? or the people criticizing them.

      • Fiona

        Imagine the uproar if she had shown her penis.

      • Samuel

        Parents:If your Sesame Street watching child even knows who Katy Perry is, trust me, they’ve seen and heard much MUCH worse than a lttile cleavage. Sesame Street has always kept up their standards! Watch some of the morning animated Disney Cartoons; they’re FULL of sexual innuendos. And what about Tinkerbell and all the other fairies? They show cleavage and have short cut dresses. You should actually be thanking Sesame Street; listen to the actual version of Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold .

    • truthtell

      THANK YOU!! I heard her and thought geez..she is horrible! But then no one else seemed to think anything about how bad she sounded. I guess that’s why she wears such costume clothes all the time – to distract from her actual voice!

      • echodoll

        That is the best point made on this topic – maybe she wears revealing clothes to distract from the fact she can’t sing live. I’m sure she loves all this attention talking about her especially since the majority of it is about what she looks like and not the fact that she has no talent. She’s a great deflector.

      • Fiona

        Katy Perry also sucked when she performed on season 8 of American Idol.

        She is just a pair of singing boobs, so of course she’s going to show them. What else has she got?

        I have never been bothered by the amount of skin she shows. As for alleged singing, I find that incredibly offensive.

      • Todd

        I had been complaining that Katy Perry was overexposed and that was before she exposed herself on Sesame Street. However, the SNL sketch was hilarious.

    • bgl

      I have to agree. Women have boobs, have always had boobs, and will always have boobs. What’s the big deal? There isn’t a big deal. The character of Wonder Woman wears a cleavage bearing outfit. Not to mention Tinkerbell. Nobody cares about them. And had adult perverts not made a big deal about it nobody probably would have noticed. This is a b.s. controversy blown way out of proportion.

      • Jaye

        What about Ariel, Pocahontas, Miss Yvonne from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, even Miss Piggy! All show a little cleavage (especially Ariel!) and all are specifically aimed towards small children.

  • poindexter

    Pretty sure my daughter saw more at swim lessons this summer than Katy Perry showed on Sesame Street. Tell the Baptist Taliban to go outside occasionally

    • Windy

      Two thumbs up!!!

    • orville

      Exactly! It isn’t as if most toddlers who watch Sesame Street have never been to the beach. They’ve probably seen their own mothers in much more revealing clothing.

    • Nathan

      poindexter FTW!

    • De

      Poindexter: Thank you! I thought the whole this was absurd.

    • saint of E. 69th st

      two nipples up!

    • You’ve got to be kidding

      Um, where exactly did these swim lessons take place? The Best Lil Whore House in Texas?

      • Dave

        Are you serious? Look again at the outfit in the Elmo video. Girls wear less at the mall.

    • Howard

      Hippie liberals v. Baptist Taliban

    • Brett

      Really? Your daughter was face to crotch with a small red furry critter?

  • Steve

    Let’s talk about the real crime that night….Katy Perry trying to sing live. That was horrible. Here is one person who seriously benefits from post-production.

    • JasonInDFW


  • Eric

    I’ve been laughing off her career anyways. How should this be any different?
    What an annoying attention wh?re.

  • Paul

    After I saw it, the only thing I could think about was how amazing Katy Perry’s knockers are. And I’m a gay dude.

    • djm

      I go to Paul’s church and I agree – they are pretty spectacular. Not that I want to touch them or anything, but wow – FABULOUS IS FABULOUS!!

      • JasonInDFW

        I will agree with my sisters.

      • bb

        I think her boobs are spectacular and I’m a friend of Dorothy’s.

    • Kendra

      ROTFL you guys!! :)

    • sparkle the gym bag

      yep I’m straight with gayest nick ever but i think the gay dudes said it best….man katy’s rock so hard….i have to excuse myself to watch C girls for 80th time..damn out of baby oil again…

  • Brian

    I wonder how many of the people who thought her Sesame Street outfit was inappropriate take their kids to the swimming pool or the beach where there are women wearing *far* more revealing clothing. Seriously, get over it. And quit blaming Katy-– I’m quite sure the SS producers had a say in what she wore.

    • Lauren

      You’re right; I also don’t understand why people trying to prevent their kids from viewing things like clevage to take their children to the beach. Also, the Sesame Street producers probably did have something to do with Katy’s outfit. However, people can blame her because she can do and wear what she wants, and she clearly had no problem wearing that outfit-even with the knowledge that she would be displayed that way in front of little kids. What’s wrong is that she is that little kids do interperet that stuff, and when one show starts showing it, another one follows. She’s a role model to so many young people, and is influencing them. She’s putting the thought into their heads that it’s okay to show your
      “private parts” to strangers. I think that’s disgusting…if girls just went around showing their boobs to everyone, then people start to notice. They can’t help it, it’s not there fault, so of course they’re going to look. The girl is then, sending out a signal, and some people may take it wrong. The signal is “Hey, I want you to look at my boobs because I am a slut,” Well, what if she’s really not a slut and she just wanted to dress up like Katy Perry, and then some creepy old dude goes up and makes a sick comment or tries to touch her? Is that okay?? Maybe she does it because she actually is a slut though, which means that either the same situation could happen to her, or maybe…she runs into you. Let’s say you guys start talking, and she asks you if you want to get out of there and is inferring that she wants to sleep with you. You’re either going to think, “no, this girls a slut and she’s probably slept with a bunch of guys considering she’s asking me to sleep with her after a couple of minutes…” or “hell yeah, this girl is so hot, LET’S GO!!!” well if you choose option 2, then you could either have a grand old time doing her, or catch her disease that she never told you she had from one of her other participants. Well, some diseases show, and some you cannot get rid of…let’s say it’s herpes, which other girls can see on your mouth, which makes them not want to kiss you nevermind go further, which prevents you from having sex for the rest of your life. This all started with the slut, who was showing her cleavage. Hopefully, the chances of that happening are slimmer than I am anticipating, but as a girl, I know they are not omitted. It also, explains exactly why girls should button up and have self respect for themselves instead of showing the world that they are either sluts, or wanna be sluts like almost every other girl already is. I’m sure if you have a precious little girl one day, you won’t let her leave the house dressed with her boobs half way out of her shirt knowing what other guys will think when they look at her.

      • Brian

        Are you serious? If your line of reasoning were anywhere near reality, then places like Europe would have astronomical rates of sexual assualt and STDs, when in fact they have equal (STDs) or lower (rape) rates of both.

  • Peter

    Perry’s aren’t even the biggest boobs Elmo has danced with


    • john stamos

      Haha you aren’t kidding! Just re-emphasizing the wtf is the big deal argument.

  • tomm

    Some these days want to de-sexualize everything and go back to thinking babies grow on trees.

    What next, women in burkas?

    • Peter

      Well, there’s a confusing comment. The idea here is that viewing breasts purely in a sexual context is silly, yet you’re complaining that everything is being de-sexualized.

    • john stamos

      Babies don’t grow on trees?

  • TV_Pete

    Sesame Street did not have a problem with her outfit, but chose to honor some of the parents concerns by not showing it on the regular show. I did not have a problem and thought it was kind of funny.

    My favorite was the response by Katy’s fiance: Today, Sesame Street will not be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.

    • Ben

      Brand has his own problems. He can criticize the censorship of his fiance’s boobs on Sesame Street, but then beats up a photographer who tries to take a photo of her at an airport. Uh…what??? What’s she got up her skirt that she hasn’t paraded in people’s faces in her videos, etc? Or was she not wearing undies? The good news is that Brand will probably get his arse kicked back to England by the ICE authorities now. Good riddance to no talent.

      • Dave

        “What’s she got up her skirt that she hasn’t paraded in people’s faces in her videos, etc?”

        Her vagina.

        The difference is permission. Sharon Stone has been nude in films, but with her consent. If Perry didn’t give consent to the photographer, it’s a violation. Incidentally, no still means no.

      • saint of E. 69th st

        jealous much?

  • Mike J.

    Breasts are bad, but guns and violence are good. The double standard continues. My parents were the same way. We could watch gore galore, but when it came to anything sexual, it was taboo. Let your kids watch violence, but keep sex a mystery. We are a stupid, stupid nation.

    • Adam

      Pretty sure there aren’t a lot of gunfights on Sesame Street.

      • AngieLam18


      • sicktomystomach

        AGREED. Would it have been that big of a deal for her to be dressed a little more conseratively? I guess the producers are trying to attract the stay-at-home-Dad to watch. Give me a break. Shame on them!

      • Billiam

        An SNL skit about gang violence and drivebys on Sesame Street could have potential.

    • Peter

      Yeah, that’s about the strawiest man I’ve ever seen. Where do you get that the people complaining about Perry would be cool with violence on Sesame Street, if it ever had it, which it doesn’t?

    • John Q.

      So how much violence and mayhem is usually on Sesame Street? Not much I’m betting. So keep the sex in the evening shows with all the other adult entertainment.

      • D’s Advocate

        ahem-soap operas *cough*

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