'Dancing With the Stars': Week 2 is liiiiiiiiiiiiive!

DWTS-judgesImage Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABCWelcome back, DANCMSTRs! It’s week 2, Michael Bolton’s draped in animal print and in a startling turn of events, Under-Enthusiastic Bongo Guy is sort of smiling while Enthusiastic Chimes Lady is so super-focused on her chimes that her face has almost no expression whatsoever! WTF, ECL?! Anyway, I need to go focus on the show. Come back in the morning (a little sooner, if you’re an insomniac or simply insane) for my full recap.

Update: Recap is liiiiiiiiiiive!

Discuss the week 2 performances of Dancing With the Stars here and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week in the comments. And don’t miss Derek’s weekly EW.com check-in!

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  • kt

    ECL sighting!!!! Need I say more?

  • Jenn

    Never knew Brandy had such huge boobs. That outfit accentuated everything!

  • Jill

    Weatherman in the audience with Chris Harrison! BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    • Kathy

      What’s wrong with that? Seems like a lot of fun to go to that show. Chris is probably friends with a lot of the Bachelor/Bachelorette former contestants.

      • Nan

        It was all for show publicity, that’s all…

    • Sara

      I think they were faking us out to think he was the next Bachelor–I was worried for a while there!

  • Brenda

    Brandi needs to SHUT UP and listen to MAX….HE”S THE PRO!!!!!

    • Lorie

      I totally agree. She’s getting on my last nerve!

      • It’s a fact

        maybe she should stop- “acting” and be a human being for once. It’s not all about you honey. . .hope you love being a D-lister. Michael Bolton is higher on the food chain than you.

  • kt

    Gems so far:

    The naughty school girl look needs to be official retired from the DWTS stage. First Lacey—now Brandy? Give it a rest!

    Chris Harrison and The Weatherman from The Bachelorette sitting next to Ray-J. A possible bromance being formed over tales from cheesy dating shows? Perhaps, perhaps…

  • Lisa Simpson

    Did Michael Bolton even move during that dance?

  • Colleen

    12 for Michael Bolton?!?! We haven’t seen a 3 or 4 in years!!!

    • kahuna

      Not since, Master P., I think. I got home and turned it on when they were doing the wrap-up. When I saw Bolton’s dance, I said, Bye bye, Michael! Bye bye! :)

  • Jenn

    Brooke is the WORST. I can’t believe I miss Samantha. Go Len for putting Bruno in his place! I know they need to be honest, but Bruno was just mean.

    • WheresSamantha


    • E

      She says the same thing over and over again. And is just bad at the whole spontaneous question thing. I love this show, but she isn’t my fave.

    • queue55

      Jenn, you said it. Never thought I’d miss Samantha but Brooke is an automaton in voice and personality.
      And, Bruno, there’s criticism and then there’s brutality. So wrong!!

    • Merin

      You know what’s mean? Making a grown man crawl out of a dog house in front of millions of people.

  • Colleen

    Chris Harrison is probably teasing and trying to fool America into thinking Weatherman is the next Bachelor…I’m on to Harrison! We all know Brad is the next Bachelor!

  • Amy

    Poor Michael Bolton. Was it really necessary to crush his spirit like that? At leas Carrie Ann threw him a bone.

    Brandi, way to throw Maks under the bus! I didn’t like the solo either, but she could’ve been a little more supportive. She needs to be quiet when the judges are commenting. It is not a conversation – they deliver their remarks, the dancers listen. Both weeks she has interupted constantly.

    • Mr. Holloway

      “threw him a bone”…I see what you did there!

      I don’t know why I expected Michael Bolton to be good at this show (or at least not completely terrible) – just seems like something he’d be good at.

      • Mr. Holloway

        (I realize it’s a bit irrational, but with the combined cheesiness of Bolton and the show, I at least expected him to not look like a cadaver out there.)

      • orville

        If he doesn’t go home, it will be a crime. I think they fished out the #3 paddle to ensure that. Chelsie did a radio interview in this area and you could tell that she was *so* not thrilled with the partnership. She can’t hide it very well when she doesn’t like her partner much.

    • WheresSamantha

      Brandi is a biatch, appaently. Sucks up to the judges, slams her partner. She’s not a nice person.

      • Svetlana

        She is a murderer so yea, she isn’t a nice person.

    • sam

      They were really cruel to him. He was clearly ill and he is not a very good dancer, but that wasn’t necessary. She is too young a partner for him anyway.

  • Debbie

    I think the judges r being a little harsh especially with Michael I’m sure he worked very hard n I agree he’s not a good dancer but please!

    • Svetlana

      I cannot stand the judges anymore. Brisol Palin gets an 8 from Len? Seriously? She was awful again. A complete stiff with zero rhythm but gets nothing but praise from the judges? How is it possible that she was third? I am somehow supposed to believe she was better than Rick Fox, Kurt Warner, Brandy & Kyle? I guess they must think the fans are idiots and can’t see through their ploy to keep Sarah Palin around as long as possible. I’m not sure if this is some kind of weird Republican agenda pushing by ABC or what but I’m officially done. I get the same visceral reaction to seeing the Palins’ as I did when they had Tom DeLay & Tucker Carlson on(nausea). I am really not a conspiracy theorist at all but why haven’t there been any dems on? I just find it very suspicious.

      • makeji

        And you are a blind liberal hater. Bristol is adorable and she was quite good last night. Get used to it, she’s going to be around for a while.

      • makeji

        Because most of the Dems you love so much are too elitist to be on DWTS. They aren’t real or willing to poke fun at themselves. No sense of humor – you have to have a sense of humor to be on this show. They all mirror their boss – thin-skinned and arrogant.

  • MSD

    In my opinion, two very off-putting celebrities in a row. Brandy for overreacting and trying too hard to be likeable, and Michael Bolton for doing- well, the exact opposite.

  • Jenn

    Can someone tell me what Jennifer Grey is on tonight? She’s acting all crazy.

  • Colleen

    Loved DNCMSTR’s “Sev-vehhhhnnn”

  • Elaine

    Is Sarah Palin dancing? Is Bristol Palin a star? Many women get pregnant in High School. They are stars because they take care of business without a national platform or People magazine or a Mother running for President. God save the USA.

    • WheresSamantha

      Let’s buy her a Segway.

    • ann p

      i couoldnt agree more elaine. i wont watch till palin and sorrentino are gone.

      • makeji

        See you next year – Bristol may be in the semi-finals if she keep improving.

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